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  1. Osiris

    MAZDA 6

    I will suggest doing the whole 9 yard. Claybar the rear windscreen to remove any contaminants. Then apply rain x, let it haze for 15 mins and wipe off. For new car, I suggest reapplying it again a week later without claybar but after washing. After that i usually apply after 4-6 months or even longer
  2. Osiris

    MAZDA 6

    Not much difference from other sedan I drove. I applied rainx or equivalent. If u can get use to the auto dim rear mirror with no on off feature, raining is ok
  3. Osiris

    MAZDA 6

    I'm using high quality non original cable and it works.
  4. Osiris

    MAZDA 6

    It happens to me everyday during the morning. So much so that I'll mute my music just to hear what other sound. Mine's a sub 1k odo car. Also occurs if I park else where for 1 hrs and hit the same scenario. MSCP going down turn. Or down and there's a hump. This is even at very low speed
  5. Osiris

    MAZDA 6

    Still have the knocking sound. Shifted from passenger to driver side.
  6. Osiris

    MAZDA 6

    I just went to LK for this issue among others. They tightened the front suspension joints. Will update if this occurs tomorrow morning. Updated mazda connect firmware due to freezing. PS they didn't tell me standard reboot procedure. It's press and hold mute, Nav and back button until screen reboot
  7. Osiris

    MAZDA 6

    Thanks. using android. Problem with Hella is that the user guide is really brief.
  8. Osiris

    MAZDA 6

    Totally understand. Connected to the hella ssid. And open app. Just couldn't find the button for live view
  9. Osiris

    MAZDA 6

    Yes, using the phone app
  10. Osiris

    MAZDA 6

    Anyone figure out how to see live view on the free Hella 820? Some how dont have the live view button.
  11. I believe a correctly tuned car speedometer is more accurate than gps. I was at Melbourne driving with cruise control set at x km/h. There's a speed display install above the road for road safety. It accurately display my speed when I cross it. While the GPS (both in car and my garmin) was a few km off in a wide open space. Your car speedometer has to be accurate with correct tyres for u to comply with laws. That experience let me to believe civvy gps speed is a guage. Not accurate.
  12. Osiris

    All new Altis 2014

    I happened to wash car with another altis owner. We are complaining how much we dislike the bad sound proofing, soft suspension etc etc. And when colleague ask me. I tell them all the negatives they have to bear for have spacious back row.
  13. Yes, Daiso sell those. What to do... I bought a striped down car sold by Borneo.
  14. Already done that using Daiso glow in the dark stickers. If anyone have better solution like replacing the entire button with lighted buttons let me know
  15. U are on blackvue right?That's the alarm for "collision" Change in setting