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Found 222 results

  1. Nonewposts

    2016 Mercedes E-class (W213)

    Looks amazing and like a s class. This is going to be a seller in singapore Ultimate luxury
  2. How much does it cost to complete a 2B course nowadays?
  3. inlinesix

    Mercedes G Class

    Gen2 G Wagen will be unveiled in 2018 Some shots of interior https://jalopnik.com/the-2018-g-wagen-is-different-and-mercedes-really-means-1821235895
  4. The new A-class sedan will be positioned slightly below the CLA, which will get another generation next year and whose swoopy styling means it’s classified by Mercedes as a four-door coupe. While the new CLA is likely to be closer dimensionally, for comparison’s sake the current version of that car is 3.2 inches longer than the 2019 A-class sedan, yet the latter offers greater interior room. The US version's A220 sedan peaks at 188 horses and 221 lb-ft from its turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four, versus 208 horsepower and 258 lb-ft for today’s CLA250. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/2019-mercedes-benz-a-class-sedan-the-first-of-a-new-generation-of-baby-benzes-official-photos-and-info Mercedes has confirmed that the A-Class saloon will be offered with just two engines when it goes on sale, although further units are planned once production is ramped up. The launch options are a turbocharged 1.3-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with 161bhp and 184lb ft (badged A200) and a 1.5-litre four-cylinder diesel with 114bhp and 192lb ft (badged A180d). https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-mercedes-benz-class-saloon-rival-four-door-audi-a3
  5. This is what I call class! The dad has it and made good to right a wrong, regardless! https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/valet-driver-jailed-for-stealing-client-s-s-15-000-hublot-watch-14061142
  6. BabyBlade

    Class 2 Bike Choices

    Moving forward... The 899 seems like such a perfect choice for a Class 2 bike. 848 Evo vs 899 Panigale
  7. I started smelling fuel outside of my car after a full tank refill. The smell is strongest at the wheel arch on the passenger side. THe smell would go away after the fuel levels goes below 3/4. I thought this was an isolated issue but doing a google search, people in the US are filing a class action suit to get MB to issue a recall. Has anyone in Singapore had this problem and has MB fixed it? The repair cost in the US is around the region of $2000 USD. Not sure of the price in Singapore but I shall be going to the dealer very soon. Check out the websites. If we can get more publicity then perhaps MB singapore will assist. http://jalopnik.com/...-from-customers http://www.prweb.com...rweb9725192.htm http://www.sandiego-...complaint.shtml Forum discussion: http://mbworld.org/f...11-e-class.html
  8. Hi all, some of you might know that i used to drive a Lexus Gs450h , bought 2nd hand 7yrs old with 117K km. Although i did choose lexus for reliability , it gave me 2 big big issues one being the hybrid battery and another being the engine blew up, hence have decided to scrap the car. with the lexus , i have learnt a few things : - 3.5 road tax can die - horsepower not worth in SG, although car is silky smooth - dont buy a old hybrid car hence, I've been looking around for the next car that will not give me so much problems ( at least not so expensive ones) and have come across a friend that drives a W204 facelift model. so far since day 1 of owning the car, the car had no major problems other than a few cheap wear and tears that were very minor. anyone can share any opinion regarding the reliability of the w204 model, buying 2nd hand , and also, after the expiry of COE, will it be worthwhile to renew COE on this model? i have yet to test drive the car, but overall looks and interior quality are pretty nice IMO any opinions regarding is appreciated, or even other car suggestions are welcome too. looking at c180 or c200 model
  9. How to tell if someone is high or low class? Poll gets interesting replies from Singaporeans What sets the “high class” and “low class” populations apart in Singapore are their jobs and income, housing and education levels, as well as whether they consume brands that are associated with either classes. This was the finding from an opinion poll commissioned by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP). What was "most interesting", researchers said, was that the problem of social inequality, while fretted about by the Government as a cause for concern, was “simply not central to citizens’ views of life in society”, when compared with other countries. One of the study’s researchers, Dr Jennifer Dodgson, said: “While Singaporeans may like or dislike their own place on the social ladder, they do not necessarily see this as a problem inherent in the system itself.” Titled Cars, Condos and Cai Png: Singaporeans’ Perceptions of Class, Wealth and Status, the study had looked at the open-ended responses of around 538 people who had taken part in an online poll in February. It was conducted by Vox Dei, a research start-up based in the National University of Singapore and founded by Dr Dodgson and fellow LKYSPP researcher Pei Junjie. In the questionnaire, respondents were asked to describe a person of high and low social class, as well as to define their own social class that they feel they belong. The results, which were published on Thursday (July 18), showed that around 66 per cent of those polled believed that what determines class identity is income — either from jobs, capital gains, welfare, or the absence of it. Other factors — in the order of how frequently they were mentioned — are: Housing, education, family, car, holidays, language, networks and domestic helpers. For example, one’s family links may be seen as having an effect of adding to one’s wealth or poverty, the study said. Around 9 per cent of respondents identified language as a signpost of class status. Those who speak mainly English are seen as belonging to a higher class, particularly when they have a foreign accent. Researchers also noted that respondents had indicated fluency in a language as a more important characteristic than the language being used, with two respondents saying that the ability to code-switch between English and Singlish is a sign of having a high-class status. BEHAVIOUR LINKED TO CLASS The majority of the respondents — 61 per cent — saw class only in material terms, while 3 per cent saw it only in behavioural terms. The remaining 36 per cent considered both material and behaviour as factors in defining class status, with some drawing a link between personal qualities and material prosperity. One 59-year-old male respondent described someone high class as a “well-to-do business owner, lives in a landed property, appreciates fine arts, is socially respected and responsible for others’ livelihoods”, as well as contributes to societal development. Not everyone had positive sentiments about people who are high class. A 24-year-old male respondent said that such a person is “out of touch and locked within one’s ivory tower”, while a 21-year-old female respondent wrote, “18 year old but has a car. Eats at expensive restaurant. Flex every day on Instagram about their stuff. Generally useless, too.” The researchers noted that even among those who had demonstrated resentment towards the wealthy, “no one took an explicitly ideological view” and few saw the survey as a chance to express “overtly political views” despite its open-ended nature. Instead, there was a tendency among the Singapore respondents to associate the high class with positive traits, and the low class with negative traits, the researchers said. Around 21 per cent of respondents described the high class as having positive behaviours, while about 4 per cent commented on negative behaviours. Conversely, positive traits were used to describe the low class around 8 per cent of the time, while negative traits were used in around 28 per cent of the answers. “It implies a relatively low degree of resentment toward the wealthy, and thus, that the majority of people are broadly content with the ways in which resources are distributed within society,” the Vox Dei researchers said, adding that such a view has important political implications. It was also noteworthy that only two of the 538 respondents referred to foreign workers when asked to define low class, they added. The researchers said: “Their apparent invisibility, despite recent attempts to raise the profile of issues surrounding (foreign workers’) rights and treatment, indicates that they are simply not factored in when most people think about Singapore society.” BRANDS AFFECT PERCEPTION The survey also found that respondents named a number of brands as a marker of class, though certain brands were associated with both high and low class. For example, ride-sharing firm Grab, Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo, as well as luxury fashion houses Louis Vuitton and Gucci were seen as symbols of those who are both high and low class. “The mentions of Louis Vuitton and Gucci would seem to indicate that the prevalence of forgeries on the market has — as the companies themselves feared — contributed to lowering the cachet of the originals,” the study said. As one 30-year-old female respondent put it, the low class are people who have “grown up in small HDB (Housing and Development Board) flats, speak more Chinese or mother tongue language, own tasteless luxury or wannabe brands but fail to look good and put together”. Dr Dodgson said that artificial intelligence was used to skim through the qualitative responses to generate quantitative statistics. The research technology, which is still being patented, would allow large-scale qualitative research to be feasible. The study, which was commissioned by LKYSPP, came about as the researchers were intrigued by the controversy surrounding an social studies guidebook last year, Dr Dodgson said. The unauthorised guidebook had described certain activities as those typically done by people from either low or high socioeconomic status, for instance, a person with a lower economic status would "speak Singlish, play football or basketball, and eat at hawker centres", while those of a higher economic status "speak formal English, play golf or tennis, and only eat at fine restaurants". While Dr Dodgson acknowledged that the sample size was relatively low, with a 4.25 per cent margin of error, she told TODAY that the open-ended nature of the survey “gave greater nuance and accuracy” than multiple-choice questionnaires.
  10. Stanley30949

    COMAND APS for Merc S Class (2011)

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know where I can retrofit an original Mercedes GPS system to a W221 FL S350 CGI (2011)? It already has a bluetooth telephony factory fitted but it would be nice if it came with a GPS and BLUETOOTH audio. If anyone knows who can do it please let me know! Thanks!
  11. Carbon82

    2017 Mercedes Benz X Class

    Bro Mustank, specially for you. Since it is from MB, sure got Diesel option. Daimler's Mercedes-Benz arm continues the development work of their first mid-sized pickup truck and our spies were there to catch them in the act. Just like the Renault Alaskan, Mercedes’ new pickup truck is based on the underpinnings of Nissan’s NP300 Navara and will reportedly enter the market under the GLT moniker, starting from 2017. The car you see in the photos is a test mule still carrying a lot of the Nissan’s body panels but we can clearly notice the wider front and rear wheel arches. Unlike other re-badged examples we’ve seen, the GLT is being developed and designed solely from Daimler to meet the specific needs of its customer base in Europe, Australia, South Africa and Latin America. The company gave us a good idea of how the final car will look like by releasing a teaser sketch image last year, along with the promise of high levels of utility combined with “the comfort, safety, and design of a Mercedes-Benz passenger car”. Mercedes still considers offering their new pickup in the US and if they do, the GLT will probably be made at Nissan’s factory in Mexico to avoid tarrifs. The company is also going to build it in Renault’s Argentinian facilities and at the Nissan plant in Spain for the regional markets respectively. Expect a range of four- and six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, with entry-level models getting a six-speed manual and the rest a seven-speed automatic gearbox, with power sent to all four wheels permanently.
  12. Carbon82

    Emerging Fault Lines in Singapore

    By mean of fault lines, I am not referring to NSL, EWL, NEL, CCL, DTL, etc. (we are seeing less service disruption lately right?) Neither am I referring to any new geographical discovery that might put us at risk of natural disasters such as earthquake or volcano eruption, but... Majority now aware of race, religious issues, but study flags new fault lines A large majority of Singaporeans are aware of the seriousness of race and religious issues, and feel the Government has done enough to manage these divisions. But fault lines have emerged on class, immigration and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights, where more Singaporeans, especially younger ones, want to see greater state involvement and public discourse. These emerging issues, if mismanaged, are also seen to affect Singaporeans' trust in the Government the most, compared with race and religion. These and other findings from a study of public opinion on fault lines in Singapore, carried out by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), were released yesterday. Besides Dr Mathews, the other researchers were IPS research associate Melvin Tay and research assistant Shanthini Selvarajan. Based on a survey of about 4,000 citizens and permanent residents last year, the study noted that about a third of the respondents identified race and religion as having the potential to result in violence in Singapore if not managed properly - significantly more so than class, immigration and LGBT issues. Yet only about a quarter tied race and religion to trust in the state and politicians, compared with almost 40 per cent who said trust levels in the Government would likely fall if class and immigration issues are mismanaged. Close to half of both younger and older respondents felt there should be more state involvement in immigration, reflecting possible higher levels of xenophobia and job insecurity in recent times, regardless of age, said the researchers. These results could mean that citizens now accord the Government more responsibility to do more to manage class differences and immigration issues, they added. "People may feel that the Government already has clear policies and frameworks that are fairly robust when it comes to race and religion. But perhaps for immigration, socio-economic status and LGBT issues, people might want the state to be more involved in managing those issues," said IPS senior research fellow Mathew Mathews. This is unlike in the early years after independence, when the focus was on surviving communal politics. YOUTH LESS KEEN ON MORE GOVT INTERVENTION ON RACE AND RELIGION Just over a fifth of young people aged between 18 and 25 surveyed wanted more state involvement in race issues, compared with one-third of those aged above 65. Similar results were observed for religion. This could be due to the lived experiences of the older generation, who experienced the Maria Hertogh and 1964 race riots, said researchers. The former took place in 1950, after a court decided that a child who had been raised by Muslims should be returned to her Catholic biological parents. In 1964, clashes took place between the Malays and Chinese amid rising ethnic and political tensions. For older Singaporeans, these events drove home the need for a robust state apparatus to intervene and keep the peace, added the researchers. Significantly more Malays and Indians (about 40 per cent each) wanted greater state involvement in race issues than Chinese (24 per cent) - a sign that ethnic minorities are more likely to perceive or experience discrimination than the majority. A similar trend was seen for religion. In addition, people of minority races with a university degree and above desired more state intervention than their less-educated counterparts, showing that increased education results in greater awareness of, and desire to resolve, racial and religious issues, said the study. MINORITY RACES, YOUTH MORE LIKELY TO PROBE POTENTIAL DISCRIMINATION When asked how they would respond after getting an e-mail or phone message that a business had refused to serve people from a certain race or religion, nearly half of both Malays and Indians said they were likely to investigate the issue, compared with 37 per cent of Chinese. About 30 per cent each of Malays and Indians were also more likely to take the allegation seriously by reporting it to the authorities, compared with 13 per cent of Chinese. Younger Singaporeans would also be more proactive in tracing the source of such a message, with two-thirds saying they would check with their friend who sent it, compared with only half of respondents aged 65 and above. This could be because younger people aged 18 to 25 are more sensitive and concerned about discrimination. Being digital natives, they are likely to investigate matters further, said the study. Overall, the study showed that an overwhelming 92 per cent of respondents believed the Government had done well to improve racial and religious harmony. An example of vigorous state intervention to combat social divides, it said, can be seen in the area of religion - where a range of hard and soft legislation like the Internal Security Act, Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act, and the Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circles has prevented potential discord and wider conflict. But while seven in 10 aged above 65 agreed that the Government is responsible for racial and religious harmony in Singapore, only half of respondents aged 18 to 25 felt this way, it added. The researchers said this shows older Singaporeans may attribute greater responsibility to the state, or believe these fault lines are most effectively managed by strong government intervention. But going forward, younger generations could prefer a more community-driven approach to race and religion. Aiyah, why waste time and $$$ to conduct such survey, just sit at neighborhood coffee shop, food court, or even surfing HWZ, MCF, etc. will get you the same results. May I add that this is a typical example of people at the top loosing touch with people on the ground...
  13. hi, would like to check if any of you sign up for such gym membership? yesterday is the first time i went to such gym, truefitness located at parkway. the exercise class really enticed me, full of energy and life. membership is $89 per mth over a year, personal trainer is around $90 per hour session.. thought of signing up the fitness-plus located at changi business park as it's really much affordable. $60 per mth however, the down side is not night classes but they have a 25m swimming pool. cool! i'm more keen into the exercise class compare to weights, free time would be after 7pm to 10pm. any gd advise?
  14. therock

    Mercedes C class 2018

    New model out: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/918852/Mercedes-Benz-2018-C-Class-new-car https://www.motor1.com/news/232656/mercedes-benz-c-class-refresh/ My rep says it will be in SG in the third quarter.. Maybe they will have some sale of the current model...
  15. Five Speed Motor CLASS Lawsuit Hi all , many of you have heard about this company . no need any introduction. I am inviting all the parties affected by this Motor shop to come forward and file a CLASS lawsuit against this company. In Singapore , there is no clear law that govern "Hire purchase agreement" . CASE and Small claim do not cover this as its a " hire purchase " i am confuse as your're too. We have panel of lawyers and few affected parties that have came forward. Pls message me , if we have lawyers here willing to look into this welcomed too. We should not let this kind of dishonest trader active in market. if you have know anyone who had issue with them before pls direct to me too. thank you. Can the admin or moderators help me to edit the title to remove the word "Trading" . thank you.
  16. 50,000 units in 8 months [*]More than 50,000 new S-Class sedans delivered to customers worldwide since market launch in September 2005 [*]US and Germany top performing sales markets for the luxury sedan [*]S-Class is also the world market leader among diesel-powered luxury sedans Only eight months after the European premiere of the new S-Class, sales of the sedan have topped 50,000 units.
  17. Hi all, Tried searching but can't get a comprehensive ans on this. Only managed to get bits and pieces of info here and there. I'm looking at getting a new E Class, not sure E200 or E250. Definitely PI as i find the sales service at CnC not that great and it's too overpriced compared to buying from PI. I have bought from PI before but only jap cars, never continental. I understand the general feedback from most people is that conti cars run on more electronics so there's a higher tendency for conti cars to have abit of electronic issues/replacements that need to be done from time to time even though Merc is supposed to be the best in terms of reliability for conti cars. So i have a few questions as follows: 1. Which workshop has one of the best equipment, experience in servicing Merc cars? Can they handle it if there are real serious issues or under what situations can i only turn to CnC for their help? (i hear names like MBM, Auto Spritz, Star Black etc) 2. If i turn to CnC, is the admin fee still $500 or has this changed? What other docs would i need? 3. Is the warranty and the workshop basically the same? Which warranty coverage is generally the most reasonable? 4. I'm not looking to pay the cheapest but just want to pay reasonable pricing to service the Merc. Which workshop would be best? Lastly, is the E250 worth getting over the E200? Seems like from Merc SG website, the specs look rather similar. Thx all
  18. Nonewposts

    2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe

    In a few weeks the Geneva Car Show will open its gates, but today we can show you the first photos of a car that
  19. Fishy

    Martial arts for children

    Hi, has anyone sent their chidren for martial arts class? I wish to send mine to learn some discipline and strengthen himself. Anyone has any recommendations? Prefer weekend at Sengkang Punggol or Tampines.Thanks.
  20. Wind30

    Regardless of Class

    I was reading this article which is quite interesting. There was this survey done and the respondents were asked to rank the three most important things for a person to get out of poverty trap from the third most important to the most important 1. most important 2. 3 third most important The choices were a. Education b. Ability c. the people you know d Hard work e Luck What is your answer? The answer you choose say something about you... Mine is 1. Ability 2. Education 3. Hard work
  21. Can find any thread related to the new A class (W176). Any bro or sis can share your review?
  22. Don't you think it's quite chio... Although is a bit bland, but I think it's classy. The interior is just super nice and techie. I'm quite excited for the A class Saloon.
  23. I promised him I will start a thread for him so here goes. Congrats bro in your quest for your Class 2B license which you have embarked on since........... 11 November 2013 And I am not proud to say that you are currently still at Lesson 1 to date. Take this thread as your "hall of shame" (kidding la) for being the King of Procrastination or you could use it as a motivation and channel it to your advantage now that you have so many others here rooting for you (I am sure they will) haha. Will be documenting his whole progress here. @kobayashigt
  24. SGCMHello

    7 seater Mercedes B Class

    After BMW had an unrivalled 7 seater MPV, hopefully MB will launch too, saw the extended 7 seater B class in google. There're few MPV with following criteria: - Euro NCAP 5 star - Less than 2.0L engine to avoid hefty road tax & petrol. - Petrol engine, do not wan to polllute even if disel engine is cheap. - reasonable 3rd row space. The choices are: Orlando, Touran, BMW G Tourer, Zafira, C4 G Picasso. That's it, so few!!! None of the above is appealing, can't wait for MB to launch their 7 seater!!!
  25. Hi Bros! Need some advise on where to change shock absorbers for my W169 A Class. My car shock absorbers are squeaky when I go over humps. Car has done around 80,000km. I brought to C&C for regular servicing and they want to charge me $180 to check the shock absorbers (just to check and not do anything!). They also said my undercarriage could be in bad condition and the shock absorbers could cost up to $10K to replace - naturally I declined, sounds way too expensive. Any suggestions on where else I can go? Thanks in advance.