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  1. SGCMHello

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    I asked him already. He said he smart already, next time he will laugh and then run away.
  2. SGCMHello

    Hi brothers, anyone has comments on KIA Cerato

    BlackAngel, may be your name brought u bad luck, change it to holy angel. Anyway, if I’m looking to buy your car, I will tell you it is an accident car. No amount of talk or evidence will convince me. Unequal gaps and misalignment between metals are clear signs of accident repair. Get C&C to fix for you, this is manufacturing defects if it is a brand new car. Is this brand new or demo unit/management unit? If brand new and not fix, please circulate via forum and social media how C&C treated you (be factual).
  3. SGCMHello

    Buying mattresses from Furniture Mall at Toh Guan?

    Try Magic Koil. Singapore brand. Their high end model natural latex, plush top are just a fraction of the price of brands like Simmons etc
  4. Never buy expensive watches without original box, will affect resale value.
  5. Why nobody thank PAP for luring these big companies into Singapore which creates job for our people? Even Trump pointed his finger at Singapore for stealing American’s job. Google, Amazon Prime just to name a few who have set up offices here. PAP is not perfect, but thank you PAP.
  6. SGCMHello

    Cars@expo 2019

    1. Those who cannot make 30%/40% down payment, try Hyundai Avante. Its downpayment only $12,888. They inflate car price and give high over trade. Interest is 2.18%. Apart from this, prices have gone up for all cars, and will continue in the near future with yet another round of COE cut. 2. Armourall products 50% discount, dirt cheap. Sonax wheel cleaner, 3 bottles @ $25, this is the best rim cleaner in the market at very cheap price. Bosch aero twin wipers about 50% cheaper compared to usual price. 3. Car cam - Thinkware launched Q800 Pro at $699 Quad HD resolution, to compete with blackvue’s DR900S 4K UHD resolution.
  7. SGCMHello

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    Hmmmm....... The hypocrite car cam driver condemned the Axio driver. What about you? You are the same. You condemned the car cam driver for being hypocrite. What about me? Same. I condemn you for condemning the car cam driver. Anybody wants to condemn me, for condemning Turbofat, for condemning the car cam driver, for condemning the Axio driver? On the roads, we see accidental chain collision. On the forum, we see accidental chain condemnation.
  8. SGCMHello

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    Cyclist, putting on your brains is more important than putting on your helmets when cycling on road! The VW is clearly deliberate in driving so close, telling the cyclist not to take up 1 lane to cycle. If an accident happens, the VW driver goes to police station, then goes on bail, then goes to court, then goes to jail, while the cyclist goes straight to hell. Cyclist, why cannot cycle single file ? Are u afraid the cyclist in front fart ? Are you more afraid of fart than death? Or are you really so good friend with your buddy that you must be side-by-side with him on the road? Good buddy? Try borrow $50K from your buddy, and he will never cycle with you again and neither will you cycle with him again. What are you trading your life for, do you know? U were dumb to risk your life taking 1 lane to cycle. That triggered another dumb who reacted with a fatal speed brushing beside you. Have you not first considered who is the ultimate loser before cycling frivolously into the ferocious and merciless roads? Remember to put on your brains before you set out to cycle. Stay alive, stay happy. Considerate people makes happy people.
  9. Any SE able to explain if these terms mean the same thing? If different, what usage had these types of units undergone? There’re times I see advertisements using these terms that give some discounts. 1. Demo units 2. Display units 3. Event units 4. Management units 5. Have not seen advertisement saying “Test drive units”
  10. SGCMHello

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    U would know of social gatherings where friends, colleagues, relatives who are going to drive home after drinking. Refuse to take your advise on being responsible. Will you report them such that they are arrested while on their way home? These so called b**tards are your friends, relatives etc, will you report?
  11. Yes, not only taxi companies. As early as 2017, when I shop for cars, dealers already said expect some more tax on disel cars, due to their pollution based on a more robust measurement of their pollution. Dealers already advised me not to buy disel cars..... a few ADs gave same advise. This announcement is no surprise.
  12. SGCMHello

    THINKWARE / INAVI Users, Come In

    New launch.... 2K resolution only?? How come ?? Should minimally be on par with competitor blackvue’s 4K resolution.
  13. SGCMHello

    Cheapo rider accused Gojek driver of kidnapping

    Cannot remove lah, then jam how. When I drive along ERP routes and there is no jam, I kept thanking Mah Bow Tan for implementing it. At least now there is jam route and non-jam route to choose. Without ERP, any route is heavy/jam traffic..... worst when in real hurry like trying to catch a flight. ERP is a solution. Satellite charging is even better solution. People with low mileage don’t need to subsidise those with high mileage.... this is fair.
  14. SGCMHello

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    Show us the video. Show us his number plate. Expose him.