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Found 124 results

  1. Hi All, i had recently purchased a 'new' 08 kia cerato variant 2, intending it to service my needs of ferrying my family and kiddo around. Everything seems well and fine, until i went for a fan belt, water pump change 2 weeks later, as i want the car to be in perfect running condition. After the change, things starts going haywire.. the car temperature gauge starts to creep up past 1/2 point mark, till 3/4 to 'Hot'. This happened when i drove the car for some time (30 mins or so?) and when the car is idling either from traffic lights, or parked in the parking lot. Rev-ing the car in neutral, or moving off will result in temperature dropping. Fan is spinning when aircon is on, fan is spinning when aircon is off as well, hence mech said its isnt the issue. Went back to garage the next day, was advised to changed out radiator and refresh a few hoses, as the radiator were kinda chocked with, and it even choked several hoses as well. Thermostat had been removed as well -.- Sadly, after doing all the changes, the issue still persist. Noticed during the testing of car after installation done, air bubbles were present in the coolant reserve tank. Mech said most likely head gasket is gone as well. Curious any bro or sis or gurus had any similar experiences on this? how much roughly will the repair cost be this time? Sigh :/ Thanks!
  2. Hi guys... For those using starhub broadband (cable/fiber) , in case you wondering why your connection to international sites is crawling, you are not alone. Look at this, all the complains and kpkb all there: https://www.facebook.com/StarHub?filter=2 Myself have been experiencing slow and intermittent access over the last 1 week. Have to use mobile broadband 3G instead of fiber for some important net access. Simply ridiculous. Anyone knows the starhub CEO email? If you have it, please PM me.
  3. jayz89

    Car alarm issue

    Make/Model: Hyundai Avante 09’ AT Issue: Alarm will go off when I tries to lock my car Summary: Recently changed my alarm system to after market “spy brand” from jb ah wee shop newr ksl. It was all ok until current, when I lock my car, the usually beep and signal will come on and the car is locked. Ut after 3sec or so, my alarm will go off. What I have done: Check all doors are closed. My dashboard dont have the door icon when all doors are closed so I can confirm this. And also check boot and hood, although no icon but i slam them hard down. Also check window all up, dont know if this will trigger but i am sure all is up. Then I went to check youtube and google, seems like maybe some cache sensor faulty, especially the hood’s. I am pretty sure my alarm is working as intended bcos it will lock and beep. Just the alarm randomly goes off meaning some sensor sot sot that triggers my alarm. Right now My car is in unlock state and I use my key to lock and unlock. Thank god for old car hahahah Any pros can give advice? Many thanks
  4. Hi, I'm driving a Toyota Altis Elegance 2008 model ZRE141R with Dual VVTI. I have been having acceleration issue since I bought my car around a year ago. Found out that my car rims were 17 inch {225/45/17}. Went to Borneo Motors to try to resolve it and seems like they found my car in good condition. They recommended me to downgrade back to original rims which is 15 inch. I noticed the acceleration issue occurred after I changed from PS3 tire to Yokohama Blue Earth AE50. I have already tried decarbonizing, engine cleaning and throttle valve cleaning but seems the issue resurface after a while again. This issue was slightly improved after filling 2 tanks of V power consecutively but I think in the long run it wouldnt solve this problem. I am thinking of a few options. 1) Downgrade back to 15 inch tires which mostly likely restore some power back to the car. 2) Downgrade back to 16 inch. 3) Keep my 17 inch rims, instead change tires to Michelin PS4S Or Primacy to improve pickup 4) Do ECU Reflashing to try change and tune the engine to correct the problem. The previous owner installed a voltage stabiliser which I am not sure why, so I'm not sure if this is related. Any advices from my experienced Bros?
  5. I have tried to search for similar issue in this forum, but couldn't find any. So I decide to start a new thread, hope someone can advice me. The issue with my 2009 Kia Cerato Forte steering wheel is when travelling at highway speed (eg. 100km/h), whenever i need to make a slight adjustment to the steering wheel (eg. 5 degrees to the right), the steering wheel seems to stuck, and I need to use a bit of strengthen to turn it. This has nothing to do with the steering wheel getting heavier at higher speed. I don't encounter the same issue when travelling at low speed. I think my car's steering wheel is electric powered, as when I open the bonnet, I don't see steering fluid reservoir. Anyone has any idea what's wrong with the steering wheel on my car?
  6. My Honda car, side mirror will fold when car alarm lock. Unfold when car alarm unlock. But today the folding failed. It stayed in the open position when I lock the car. Even I manually pressed the fold/unfold switch in the car, also cannot fold the mirror. I don't think suddenly both mirror motor can spoil at same time. So it might be the third party auto-fold module is spoilt. But then even if spoilt, the manual switch should still work separately. I did not move the wires, so I don't think the wire might be loose(most likely the reason). Before I send in to the workshop. I wish to seek your comment n experiences, on this matter. Thanks.
  7. jayz89

    Alarm issue

    Hi all, I fix my spy alarm brand in jb recently. It was ok till now. When I press lock, my door will lock and the alarm will beep. Then 5 sec later the alarm will go off and I need to unlock my car. Meaning to say cannot lock at all. The only thine i can do now is manually use my car key so still ok la, cos old car avante 09’. At least i got alternative now. Anyone face similar issue and got it fix? Any sg shop specialist for car alarm to intro me? Many thanks
  8. VellfireS

    Alarm and Lock issue

    Bros, I recently am having this problem whereby when I unlock the car, the side mirror opens but door doesn't get unlocked. I've been to the agent twice. Bo use. Since it cannot unlock. I have to manually open using the key. It's very troublesome. The best part is.. sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Really a heng suay situation. Anyone know where can I get it it rectified? Or should I go back to agent to screw them? P.S Car is 2 years old. Mileage coming to 80k..
  9. Like many I have issues with the atrocious footages of my 5-month old BV DR400G-HD II. The footages were crystal clear initially but now deteriorated untill There were another problem which was the out-of-sync date and time on the unit but i managed to solve it with the help of our resident cam guru Adrian (read post http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?s=&...t&p=4771472 onwards) The poor video image was initially thought to be the defective lens and there was a suggestion to find a replacement lens machiam what I did for my faulty internal battery. Curious I dismantled the unit for the 1,000th-time and this time I unscrewed the two screws securing the lens to the unit and found out the real cause of the poor image: the internal lens surface was simply covered with dust!!! So I just took a medical alcohol swap to clean all 3 surfaces: both the external/internal lens plus the tiny rectangular film-like surface on the unit (is this the CMOS thingy?) like shown below: Once done I assembled the entire unit and tested it out to see if I was right.
  10. I am one of the unfortunate car that have both side mirrors and assembly (left & right) stolen. It happened yesterday 21 Nov 2012, parked at zone 2 area when I returned to my car approximately 6.30pm Car make & model - Honda Civic 2L (FD2). My observation on the carpark surroundings definitely a easy target for theft. Please think twice if you're driving to Legoland.
  11. I was considering buying VW........ The sales people tell me if my new VW headlight is conventional light, I cannot change to LED, the workshop will replace parts exactly in accordance to the specs i first bought the car, zero modifications will be done. Go outside change, void warranty. And worst, sales ppl tell me VW parts are NOT sold to outside worshop. This means after warranty, we must continue to go back to AD, very inconvenient & expensive. Like that I scared buy VW. Is servicing an issue for VW? Quite few VW renew coe.
  12. I started smelling fuel outside of my car after a full tank refill. The smell is strongest at the wheel arch on the passenger side. THe smell would go away after the fuel levels goes below 3/4. I thought this was an isolated issue but doing a google search, people in the US are filing a class action suit to get MB to issue a recall. Has anyone in Singapore had this problem and has MB fixed it? The repair cost in the US is around the region of $2000 USD. Not sure of the price in Singapore but I shall be going to the dealer very soon. Check out the websites. If we can get more publicity then perhaps MB singapore will assist. http://jalopnik.com/...-from-customers http://www.prweb.com...rweb9725192.htm http://www.sandiego-...complaint.shtml Forum discussion: http://mbworld.org/f...11-e-class.html
  13. Relaxbrother

    Remort control issue

    Hi all bro, Recently after overnight parking have some problem opening car door using remote control next morning. Have to try a few times about 2 to 4 mins then it works. Is it sign of weaken car battery? After driving on this problem seems OK.( Remote works immediately) Last car battery change was September 2013. Battery at car remote is new one.
  14. Suhaimiebrahim

    Remote key issue

    Hi all bros, Recently face problem to open car door in the morning after overnight parking. Need about 3 to 4 mins repeated pressing on the remote to activate the door. Only happen in the morning and after that no issue. Is this sign of weak car battery? Last replace was September 2013. Did replace remote battery but not effective. Do advice
  15. Suhaimiebrahim

    Mildew smell from the Aircon

    Hi all bros, Recently when switching on the aircond, there is stale like mildew smell coming from the vent. This will be over after about 5 mins. Sent the car to a workshop and the technician mention that the cooling coil might be leaking and proceed to check the pressure by using some kind of pressure gauge. While doing that another older guy take a look and mention that the compressor is weak. At this point I'm a little confuse to which is the real problem. It was mention that replacement cost about $600+ to rectify the problem. Any bros here encounter such problem and who should I listen too? Car is 2006 Camry.Cheers.
  16. Theatreofdreams

    Toyota Camry 2.0L (2007) Braking Issue

    Hi need you guys' inputs. Car in issue here is the 2007 model 2.0L Camry, basically the current model minus the minor facelift. Sometime back while on the road the traffic light turned red at a not-here-not-there point (you know la) and I had to brake hard to a stop. Travelling speed was probably around 60-70km/h. Note: hard braking, but surely not sharp emergency braking. Road condition was dry but slightly bumpy. What I experienced was a rather violent vibration from the brake pedal and steering wheel, or basically the whole car. It did not happen immediately when I applied the brakes, but midway through the braking. Whether braking ability was still present or not I can't recall, as I was kinda shocked momentarilty (luckily there was no other vehicle in front). I remember instinctively stepping in more and the vibration went away, and everything went back to normal. Following so I was wondering whether it was ABS. However in this scenario the road was dry and there wasn't any loss of traction. I've experienced ABS on another car before and I don't remember it to be as 'violent' as this. Furthermore, it wasn't as it was sharp emergency braking. Eventually I gathered it could be the road bumps that 'confused' some sensor or whatever during the hard braking. Just recently, my dad seemed to have experienced the same issue. This time he was on expressway around 100+. I don't know how hard he braked this time relative to my experience, but his description of the vibration was similar to mine. I am planning to go to Borneo Motors for this. But before that I'd like to consult you guys on what could be the problem, and if there has been any similar experience. As you know, it may not be possible to emulate the same thing to the Toyota guys. Not saying that they will not believe, but it's also hard for them to diagnose without a first-hand experience. Hence I thought it might be helpful for me to gather some intelligence from you all first. Thank you, and may all drive safe.
  17. Hi Kakis, Need advice from fellow MCFers regarding my hyundai getz 06'. Been using the car over 1.5 yrs now since bought second hand, no problems so far. Just lately, the steering makes a clunk clunk noise when i turn full left (left in particular cuz it doesnt make the sound when i turn full right). any fellow getz owner face same problem and would u know of any possible remedy? Or any recommended workshop that i can to to check it out? Thanks!
  18. Kakabobo

    Braking issue

    Hi, Any recommend workshop to check on braking issue on my honda. wanna check if it master cylinder faulty or caliper issue ? had bleed many time and it soft pedal to ground again. after bleeding good for a few day, afterwhich same issue again. Thanks in advance Regards Terence
  19. Hi all, Recently realised that the car air flow keeps changing from internal circulation to allowing air from outside to enter and then back to internal circulation. When it is switched to the later, the coolness of the aircon drops. It is normal?
  20. Park88

    Doctors .... the issue

    are we patients'getting tight a s s or are doctors getting dangerous who is this Dr. Chan Mui Yoke anyone got a picture of her and expert bro with CSI skills understand this is a PRC family Leukaemia boy's death: KKH settles suit 2 June 2011 Straits Times THE parents of a 14-year-old leukaemia victim and the KK Women's & Children's Hospital (KKH) have settled an alleged-negligence suit out of court. The terms of the settlement are confidential, but the parents of the late Cao Yuanchi had sought $1.8 million in damages in the statement of claims supporting their suit; this included the loss of whatever money their son, a Raffles Institution scholarship student, would have have given them from his eventual earnings to support them in their old age. The defendants, the hospital and Dr Chan Mui Yoke, had asked the High Court last month to assess the compensation payable to the boys' parents, on condition that the hospital and the doctor are not found liable for Yuanchi's death. But the parents, Mr Cao Shengfa and Madam Ma Wenying, objected to the application, describing it as a 'complete farce' in court documents filed. Assistant Registrar Ang Ching Pin then threw out the application, which sent the two parties into private negotiations. Lawyers said there have been medical negligence cases in which the medical defendants were allowed to settle for damages to be assessed without admission of liability on their part - but it was possible because the suing party consented to it. Dr Chan had sought to appeal against the Assistant Registrar's decision, but withdrew the move last week after both parties resolved the matter. Yuanchi died five days after being admitted into KKH in January 2009 with bruises on his right leg, rashes and fever. The diagnosis, that he had a rare form of blood cancer known as acute promyeloctic leukaemia (APL), came two days later. A course of chemotherapy and a treatment using all-trans retinoic acid (Atra) were lined up for him. But the treatment, discussed with his parents on Jan 15 along with the diagnosis, could not start immediately, as the boy was also battling a bacterial infection and the treatment for his leukaemia had to be pushed back. Yuanchi's parents were told he faced a high risk of bleeding because of the APL. The boy never got started on chemotherapy on Jan 19 as scheduled. He died the day before from massive bleeding in the brain caused by the leukaemia. His parents claimed they were not informed of the risks tied to withholding treatment for APL for the four days while their son was treated for the bacterial infection. The hospital said through its lawyer Kuah Boon Theng that Dr Chan had taken into account the risk factors associated with the treatment when setting up the treatment plan. Lawyer Lee Mong Jen, representing Yuanchi's parents, declined comment. A hospital spokesman also declined comment on the grounds that 'the matter has been settled with a view to the suit being discontinued in due course'.
  21. Ingenius

    Steering wheel issue

    Anyone has ever experienced steering wheel has a wobbly feel when turning ? Like a loose belt like that. What could be the cause ? Where can repair ? Thanks.
  22. Zvicki

    Issue on braking

    When pressing brake at higher speed ( about 60 km/hr and above), can hear "ge ge ge" sound and steering wheel vibrating. some time can also feel brake pedal push my foot intermittedly. would you suggest what is the problem? I am driving honda stream thanks.
  23. Hi, i am driving Vios NCP93. I have recently replaced my shock absorbers to KYB in JB. Now whenever i go over hump, it makes noise especially when going over at a faster speed. No noise issue during cruising. Please recommend me a experience workshop locally that could solve this issue. Thank you guys.