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Found 142 results

  1. jhtm71

    Car Alarm

    Hi, I am planning to drive monthly into JB. Anybody can recommend a good car alarm to be installed in my car. Thanks
  2. jayz89

    Car alarm issue

    Make/Model: Hyundai Avante 09’ AT Issue: Alarm will go off when I tries to lock my car Summary: Recently changed my alarm system to after market “spy brand” from jb ah wee shop newr ksl. It was all ok until current, when I lock my car, the usually beep and signal will come on and the car is locked. Ut after 3sec or so, my alarm will go off. What I have done: Check all doors are closed. My dashboard dont have the door icon when all doors are closed so I can confirm this. And also check boot and hood, although no icon but i slam them hard down. Also check window all up, dont know if this will trigger but i am sure all is up. Then I went to check youtube and google, seems like maybe some cache sensor faulty, especially the hood’s. I am pretty sure my alarm is working as intended bcos it will lock and beep. Just the alarm randomly goes off meaning some sensor sot sot that triggers my alarm. Right now My car is in unlock state and I use my key to lock and unlock. Thank god for old car hahahah Any pros can give advice? Many thanks
  3. jayz89

    Alarm issue

    Hi all, I fix my spy alarm brand in jb recently. It was ok till now. When I press lock, my door will lock and the alarm will beep. Then 5 sec later the alarm will go off and I need to unlock my car. Meaning to say cannot lock at all. The only thine i can do now is manually use my car key so still ok la, cos old car avante 09’. At least i got alternative now. Anyone face similar issue and got it fix? Any sg shop specialist for car alarm to intro me? Many thanks
  4. VellfireS

    Alarm and Lock issue

    Bros, I recently am having this problem whereby when I unlock the car, the side mirror opens but door doesn't get unlocked. I've been to the agent twice. Bo use. Since it cannot unlock. I have to manually open using the key. It's very troublesome. The best part is.. sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Really a heng suay situation. Anyone know where can I get it it rectified? Or should I go back to agent to screw them? P.S Car is 2 years old. Mileage coming to 80k..
  5. Guys, I am thinking of changing my alarm to 2 way type, budget under $300. I google awhile, the most common people recommend in other car forum is SPY alarm. But never say much about the pros and cons. Some talk very highly of them while some say the SPY alarm gone haywire or the remote spoil and warranty does not cover the remote. Anyone using this alarm? I see this SPY C1-808 look quite nice. Any bro using? Any feedback/review/complain on SPY 2 way alarm? Trying to find out more from those that are using before deciding.
  6. Hi all, My Mazda 3's stock central locking system (do you call the thing that locks your car doors that?) does not come with an alarm and I would like to add an alarm to it so that I can try to find my car when I forget where I park it. I am interested in the Viper alarm sound . My question is can I just add the sound to my existing system? Such that whenever I press my stock Mazda remote the sound comes on? The second question is any brothers here can recommend a reliable workshop to do the above? A search on old threads and google didn't really give many options. Many thanks for your help!
  7. A stretch of Penang Lane, just a stone’s throw from the Istana, was temporarily closed on Friday afternoon (3 November) after a suspicious grenade-shaped item was reported in the vicinity. Police said that the item was actually a toy resembling a hand grenade. Yahoo News Singapore understands that the item in question was found on a patch of grass along Penang Road. Authorities were alerted to the item by a member of the public at about 2pm. Police sent out an alert via social media at around 4pm, advising members of the public to avoid the area and not to speculate on the matter. More at https://sg.yahoo.com/news/false-alarm-penang-lane-closed-suspicious-item-found-101440671.html
  8. Hi, Need some help here.. I recently purchase a Viper 3305V Alarm and it stopped chirping when i lock or unlock my car. The lights still flash though. I read up and it seems that it is due to my car in valet mode. I have tried many options suggested: 1) press the aux and open button together 2) press door open and close together while slightly hold 3) press and release the aux button followed by the door open They all dont work. Any ideas ?
  9. Hi all, I watched a Youtube video on Legend and they have this feature that I thought is pretty useful. It works this way: 1.The door lock automatically release without the need to press the remote key when you are near the door. Helpful, if your hands are occuppied and digging out the keys from the pocket is troublesome. 2. The door will not be locked if you place your car keys in the car. Good feature if you accidentally left your car keys in the boot and you close it without noticing it. Just wonder whether got such feature that we can get from 3rd party alarm system? Do you know? Thank you. Regards,
  10. Gilahonda

    Car Alarm

    My fren just lost his car alarm fob. His is the aftermarket type which is not integrated into the key. Any good lobangs to have his car alarm fix? He is thinking of getting a new set altogether. Thanks!
  11. Hi to all, anyone can suggest good Workshop in the west to install all the car accessories? Use to visit soon lee at geylang area, cheap & good, but nowadays my work schedule really don't allow me to visit workshop that far, therefore hope that someone can introduce any good & reasonably priced car workshop. Thanks in advance.
  12. raymonnnn

    Toyota car alarm system

    I just bought a Toyota wish 06 model to renew Coe. I realized when one of the car door is not closed properly/not closed at all and I locked the car, the alarm won't go off. Is it normal?
  13. Hi guys, My car remote not able to unlock my car despite remote control still having light when press. When i try opening the car door,the alarm keep going off. It is a after market alarm and i have no ideas how to deactivate it. Any suggestion on this? Another friend suggest that i cut the wire connecting to the alarm speaker. Was wonder if there other better way. Thank in advance.
  14. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement remote for the Magicar alarm? Or where I can get it repaired as the remote's LCD is broken, so I need to get it fixed. Thanks!
  15. Anyone knows the owner or anyone related to the above mentioned car? It's alarm was activated and its blasting its horn continuously(throughout the day and night) for the past few days. It's parked at ball 124 Geylang East Ave 1 car park. The police came but they only took down the numbers and nothing else. And it's causing a nuisance to the residents.
  16. Any place to duplicate aftermarket car alarm remote. And what is the reasonable price? I live in the East.
  17. Deckbuild

    Car proximity alarm

    Anywhere I can get this alarm?
  18. I just installed mine last week. The remote start doesn't work to my expectations. The problem: the cranking is too long and continues for about half a second after the engine is started. Not good for starter motor. My question: Is it an installation issue, or is this an inherent problem of SPY alarms? Something to note: I brought this up to the installer, and he said SPY alarms are like that. Somehow I don't quite believe him. A 5 pole relay was included in the package but the installer did not utilise it, instead he told me a 4 pole relay was used, citing incompatibility with my car (Avante). Anyone using the SPY alarm here as well? Please help to feedback. Thanks
  19. Hi All I've just acquired a car that came with a CARSCOP FM CAR ALARM, unfortunately, it didnt come with the user manual nor did it come with the spare remote. Does anyone by any chance happen to know how to fully operate this model of the car alarm? I've managed to find out how to open the trunk by chance, but thats about it. Would really appreciate some assistance. I've heard pretty good reviews about this alarm system. Cheers
  20. Due to wear & tear the plastic cover of my alarm cover no longer can be fasten together. I need only to replace the cover as the electrical components inside are all working well. When back to Hyundai Ubi & was quoted $40 to replace 1 complete set, as the man attended to me told me they do not sell cover only. Anyone know where I can replace only the cover? Pls advice.
  21. hi , i have encounter this problem . my alarm seems to have problem when i have use my alarm to lock it , but after a few minute my vehicle will auto unlock it without using any alarm . anyone know the issue and where to repair it? thanks !
  22. Obscurest

    PKE alarm system

    Folks, I'm currently using the pke alarm system and I need advices from existing users on the reliability and responsivmess of ur pke system. My current pke system at times cant even detect the alarm even when I get real close to the car and I mean so close that I'm standing next to the car door but the sys refuse to unlock the door till I dish out the remote and press on the unlock button. This really bothers me else I won't go for the pke system. A lot of times i carry my boy or hand are full of stuff. Most importantly the system actually assist to lock the door after I move away as i am the forgetful type that keep forgetting to lock the car in the past. Thus need recommendations on your pke system. Thks
  23. Hi anyone here knows where and how much for a replica dummy car key with alarm function?
  24. Wonder if I got the term correct...... Anyway some of the alarm remote comes together with the key in one, as compared to one key + alarm remote separately. Borneo Motors still provide the alarm remote n keys separately, I find it a hassle. Any bros/sis know where to get the aftermath alarm remote with keys in one and how much? Thanx....
  25. Mysportwish

    Kopel KR-8800 Car Alarm

    hello, anyone using Kopel KR-8800 Car Alarm?