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  1. Intel

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    I have the application number. Tried calling yesterday and today. LTA say someone will call me back, still waiting. Application submitted 1st week of last month... until now haven approve.
  2. Intel

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    Hi Guys, anyone called LTA before to get an update on the new car inspection status before?
  3. Car sold. Someone paid deposit already.
  4. Last post for this car, good car for 8 months drive. Still in good condition. If there is a buyer, won't be dekitting headunit, strut bar, speakers etc. All go together PM me if interested. Want to let go soon. Make: Toyota Model: VIOS 1.5 Manual Colour: Red COE Expiry Date: 28 Feb 2017 Actual ARF Paid: $12,668 Minimum PARF: $6,334 COE Rebate: $8xx 15" Sports RIM (SSR Type-C RS) + Tyre (Michelin PS3 changed last year) Air con compressor changed Suspension changed (original Toyota) Pioneer HU Helix blue Speaker with tweeters Original Toyota boot tray Strut bar **Throw in extra set of Original headunit, original Speakers, wipers, air-con filter, air intake filter etc (I need to search for these)
  5. Intel

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    Not very sure where u can find this info. But I know Facelift Petrol X w sensing OMV is around 20300-20500... At least that is what I was told Your calculation is wrong. CEVS can only deduct from ARF. Minimum u still have to pay $5000 for ARF. So it should be 24,000 + 5,000 + 4,800 + ,2,016 = $35,816
  6. Intel

    [Error] Mazda & Vezel Thread

    If the base cost is 20.5k, this will be the calculation OMV = 20,500 ARF = (1.0 x 20000) + (1.4 x 500) = 20,700 Excise Duty = (0.2 x 20500) = 4,100 GST = (0.07 x (20500 + 4100)) = 1,722 Total = 47,022 (This is the cost of the car before CEVS rebate) If the dealer is selling at 53,000 and CEVS rebate is 10,000 Their margin will be (53,000 - (47022 - 10000)) = 15,978 But also take note of the stuff they give u, car will come without head unit, reverse cam, leather seat, cae cam etc All this will be fitted locally, so you subtract accordingly.
  7. Make: Toyota Model: TOYOTA VIOS 1.5 M Colour: Red COE Expiry Date: 28 Feb 2017 Actual ARF Paid: $12,668 Minimum PARF: $6,334 COE Rebate: $8xx 15" Sports RIM (SSR Type-C RS), Tyre (Michelin PS3 changed last year), Air con compressor changed, Suspension changed Pioneer HU and Speaker with tweeters (Forgotten which brand) changed. Able to transfer this month.
  8. Intel

    Season Parking @ IBP

    I think I better find season parking, else mind not around during work.
  9. Hi bros, anyone working in IBP and drives to work. I am working at Nordic but it seems the season parking there is full. Where is the next nearest recommendation or solution, and how much is the season parking there generally. **If not convenience to post a reply, you can PM me too. Thank you in advance!
  10. Intel

    Recommendation for remote controlled standing fan

    get the Philips 1 during their warehouse sales. Mine serving me for years and the wind is still strong.
  11. Just upload to youtube and send them the link will do. Note when reporting you need the following information. Send to SPF_TP_Summons_Processing@spf.gov.sg 1. The full registration number of the vehicle of which the driver/rider is alleged to have committed a traffic violation 2. The date, time and location of the alleged offence 3. The nature of the alleged offence 4. Confirmation of willingness to testify in court should the offender dispute the alleged offence 5. Full particulars of the feedback provider 6. Photo/video evidence or particulars of independent witness(es) Note (4) in bold. You must be willing before they will take action. I just send in a video 2 weeks ago. All on the video, good luck to him.
  12. Intel

    ITB100HD feedback

    Nah, not for installer. Just asking about switch.
  13. Intel

    ITB100HD feedback

    Cos I won wan it to record 24/7 specially when I park in the open under the hot sun in my company carpark. There is no other car beside me. I PM u bro =) Thanks
  14. Intel

    ITB100HD feedback

    Anyone added a on off switch for the ITV-80?
  15. Intel

    ITB100HD feedback

    Bros who install a switch using ITV80. Any idea where the installer/you tap the switch? I went ahead to order a HD + ITV80. Thinking of installing the switch between the constant voltage wire and the ITV80 so when I off my vehicle, I have the option of turning on or off the ITB100HD. Is that where you all install the switch too?