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  1. M3e92

    Toyota MRS-Good car?

    So? Is it your car? What would you give a shit? He has the bucks he can do what he want to please himself....dont be an eyesore
  2. M3e92

    Toyota MRS-Good car?

    I wanna buy a 2007/08 Toyota MRS, please pm me if you wanna sell yours!
  3. M3e92

    CX7 / RAV4 / Murano / CRV

    I drive CX7 on a daily basis. I can tell you that the power is undeniable. Changing lanes have become more about accelerating to overtake rather than brake to undertake and change lane. This is something I'm not able to do in bnb cars (which have about the same power to weight ratio as the crv and rav 4). The turbo kicks in and is the strongest at about 2500rpm to 4500rpm. But this car has a lot of blindspot so its not advisable if you just got out of p-plate. Despite daily driving, I have to turn my head and glance very frequently as the wing mirrors are too "zoomed in". However, this thing is a joy to drive in malaysia, it can keep up with bmw 330i and still feels powerful and responsive at 180kmph, this is where most cars feel breathless and are not accelerating anymore. The rear seats are a little cramped as the handrests on the doors are fairly huge. Seats do lie flat and the boot is huge, even when the seats are not. However the rear seats are also not adjustable. The manual gear overide lags badly but the auto mood is responsive, maybe a little too responsive. A slight depress will result in a gear knockdown, and in the CX7 the knockdown is pretty violent, got a powerful surge. Pedal spacing is very good and can be driven in slippers easily. However be prepared to spend a lot in petrol as the turbo kicks in in normal city driving rpm, I did JB-malacca-KL-malacca-JB across 3 days and spent $800rm+ in petrol. This is ron 97 btw. Dont ever pump 95 or 92 in malaysia if you drive the cx7. Ask me if you have other queries Oh and, 6th gear cruising is very relaxing in the highway. This car is also very quiet. The steering wheel is very heavy, but has a lot of feedback, but you'll be able to every rumble and vibration through that steering wheel, and I think that is a good thing, unless you're a woman.
  4. M3e92

    Ban on idling engines

    people drive truck so xin ku u still wanna make them pay from their own pockets. Really zek ark, PAP mentality. You will get your karma one. People do heaven see.
  5. Haha yup, if I do that speed in Singapore sure overturn...the roads in Singapore is worse than malaysia's
  6. Err...pretty sure is stock. I opened up engine bay and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Lol I tell you the car is stronger than you think. It can travel at such speed, I drove for 8 hours to Ipoh at such speeds the car is still fine. Maybe you can argue that it's an isolated case but i have done it about 15 times with different cars...it's fine one cars are stronger than you think
  7. Why not? even Vios can do 190... Okok u jin satki mens Updated with pic. I didn't take pic for camary, that day traffic quite heavy hard to drive at 200 and take. This is Vios taken 3 weeks ago. Even Vios can do 190 lol
  8. Rented a camary, lol u think I only drove before 1 car is it Just following the flow of traffic ma
  9. Neck rotation check is actually dangerous on expressway...I remember was doing about 200 on nshw and did a neck rotation check before hanging lane cause I saw a few bikes in my rear mirror, when I turned back i had to e-brake cause almost hit the car in front. A few secs makes a lot of difference...
  10. My point exactly. I don't see why driving is 'playing' with the car. I'm just seeking a way to earn an income for my university funds and all sorts of weird conclusions are being derived here. Driving is just going from point a to b safely so I can't see how you view it as having fun
  11. Wow there's so much bashing in the comments. You guys really think I would so easily kantong my license by committing driving offenses? I just got it for such a short period of time and I value it preciously. Many sarcastic and geh gao comments in this thread. I don't see what's wrong with using some privileges I've obtained to earn some money.
  12. idw leh, everything is pretty good so far for me...never crash never scratch, parking usually no need correction. These few things I'm glad I'm able to do it without much difficulties Another way to put it is that im too full of myself, but i havent encountered any major issues so far. sounds like a good deal. I will take up the job if all other aspects is reasonable. Awaiting your pm