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  1. 10am to 1pm - 50 slots 1. Crazybugger 2. Spinelli_ck 3. Solar 4. Naimed 5. Yan66 6. Mits_jc 7. Jumpmanz 8. Eclipse1 9. Quriky 10.furrynadz 11. eugn86 12. spyder79 13. Bleahx 14. leontan 15. Matthewvince06 16. hsl118 17. Sdf4786k 18. Joji 19. 20. 21. 2pm to 5pm - 50 slots 1. rliewky 2. Kklim 3. Glyuen 4. dcb 5. alex976 6. Simpleonly 7. aukang 8. Darthrevan 9. Chuapcd 10. Jayy25 11. Internazionale 12. Nine_eleven 13. Hyundai8818 14. Bilsteiner 15. Victorco 16. Shadow6447 17. Kurty 18. Luvalive
  2. Luvalive

    A Rant on Shell Petrol

    Wah after reading through all the enthusiastic responses, I am of the view that each car may react differently with the different fuels in the market. As such, I am looking for fellow 2006-2013 Toyota RAV4 2.4L 4-speed owners. Please share with me what fuel you use for your car, and any particular reason why? I just visited Shell again yesterday and really la, their RON 95 going from bad to worse!
  3. Luvalive

    A Rant on Shell Petrol

    Agree! Shell's RON 95 really seems to make my car sluggish! Never really calculate but I think it's between 7.5 to 9. Reason being, normally I pump fuel by myself and stop at the first "click" where the nozzle stops and visit the pumps when I have around 1/4 in my tank, hence difficult to determine actual consumption. Old habits die hard, unless when I'm in Malaysia but that's another story. My fuel card can pump vpower, maybe because it has a cap of $450. Err I think SPC bought over BP's stations when the latter wanted to exit the channel fuel business. BP is British Petroluem, SPC is now owned by PetrolChina, not the same.
  4. Luvalive

    Looking for that Perfect Car...

  5. Luvalive

    Looking for that Perfect Car...

    What is plastidip? Paste black sticker over the chrome parts? Didn't know Citroen uses Jap 6-speed! But wary of the French's reliability la! Sorry don't be mistaken, I'm looking at first-gen XC90 la. Can afford new one maybe will go for Macan liao, small never mind.
  6. Luvalive

    Looking for that Perfect Car...

    So far I have got the following inputs, let me put it down in point form for easier reference... Kia Sorento Ford S-Max Hyundai Sante Fe Toyota Estima Nissan Elgrand Honda Odyssey Nissan X-trail In my mind, I also have the following considerations. Toyota Fortuner Volvo XC90 Actually 7-seats quite important to me la, but I don't want to lose the sportiness. Truth be told, I am 29 years old and don't want to be driving an 'uncle' car.
  7. Luvalive

    Looking for that Perfect Car...

    Kia Sorento looks awesome! Plus it has all the bells and whistles, although the badge may not be appealing to some. I read somewhere that the car is quite heavy on petrol consumption, wonder if it's true? Thanks for your detailed analysis! Haven't really seen the Sorento yet but so far the car seems promising. Wonders about the fuel consumption. Mazda 5 is abit too small, I am not considering Wish / Stream kind of size at the moment. Yeah Estima is not bad but abit too expensive for my liking. Love the new X-trail. Will find out more about Elgrand. I also agree Ody seems like the most obvious choice so far. Yeah I second the new X-trail! Not sure about the drive. I was at Ngee Ann City earlier and had some private moments with the Forester and also Outback. Forester has grown up alot and is more likeable now than the past especially with its huge sunroof but somehow something is still lacking. Maybe subconsciously I don't like Subarus. New Tuscon abit too much chrome leh. Seems like a little heavy on the chrome, would love to see the car in the flesh since there are so many recommendations! Good idea! Let's start with below $17k depreciation! Correct me if I am wrong, most Jap makes do not have NCAP rating? Speaking of which, the first generation XC90 seems like a great car! Anyone has anything to share about its reliability and fuel consumption?
  8. Hello everyone, My car is going to expire in approximately one year and I thought that I should start narrowing down my search for that new/pre-loved car. This is where I will enlist all of your collective wisdom in the search for that perfect car, please find my criteria as follows. Any age Prefers Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and newer Kia vehicles but open to trying other brands Car type: SUV, or sporty-looking MPV, or better-still 7-seater SUV At least 2L for NA engines, no preference for Turbo; automatic transmission Rear air con Sunroof or Moonroof or Panoramic Roof Automatic headlights and/or wipers Keyless entry and/or start Spacious 2nd row and huge boot Automatic sliding doors (least important) Appreciate your inputs and sharing, best is if you have first-hand experience! Would love to hear about the drive, fuel economy, reliability, and other pros and cons. Thank you in advance!
  9. Luvalive

    A Rant on Shell Petrol

    My car is the RAV4. It's not too bad, but I work in sales and drive alot everyday. Haha!
  10. Luvalive

    A Rant on Shell Petrol

    Wah thanks for the response, I would have praised you but I run out of points liao. Will do so tomorrow. Thanks also because I learnt about the compression ratio today, never paid attention to those things when I read about it on Torque mag. Appreciate your response, especially the part whereby I should try the brands myself because everyone is different. I think there are many people who finds it weird that I rant about Shell when it's paid for by the company, reason is my company gives me a fuel card for $450 and does not entitle me to any discounts - meaning, I pump at the pump price. Generally I visit the pumps once every 4 days for about 50 litres, so on average I will pay another $200 out of my pocket for fuel. Now that I have tried RON 97, I just want to find out if SPC's RON 98 is any good. Because if SPC 98 is cheaper yet comparable to say, Esso or Shell, or Caltex, then it's really a no brainer. But if SPC 98 is cheaper because it is indeed inferior, then I should reweigh my options. Yes, I can solve my own problems by trying out the different fuels myself. What I am trying to do is to gather the intelligence of the members here so that I don't have to walk the 冤枉路, so to speak. By the way, I can pass my card to someone who pumps Shell, hence this discussion.
  11. Luvalive

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    Wah piang, 109 litres. Jin elite. On second thought, why RR pump 95 sia?!
  12. Luvalive

    Car Stereo System & Snow

    Wah the bass so strong the boot also tremble!
  13. Luvalive

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Videos

    In my opinion, it's the ROC that is obviously at fault here. I do not think that the bike is riding fast. Granted, the rider wasn't practising defensive riding even though the silver Lexus has indicated his intention to switch lane for some time. But did you see how fast the ROC switch lane? In his haste to overtake quickly, he failed to notice the bike and gave the bike little chance to avoid the accident. Sorry, but I don't understand how you can decide that the rider is in the wrong.
  14. Luvalive

    A Rant on Shell Petrol

    Looks like Shell isn't really popular among our friends here! I also read from many sources that the car only requires the minimum RON to work and to pump a higher RON is just wasteful. My car requires minimum RON 91 but recommends RON 95. I pump Shell RON 95 but the car feels more and more sluggish. I pump Petronas RON 97 and it is really quite a difference! Now my question is SPC RON 98 good anot? Has anyone tried the various brands' RON 98 before and has any feedback when comparing to SPC?
  15. Luvalive

    CX7 / RAV4 / Murano / CRV

    In the end I bought the Toyota RAV4 2.4l Borneo Motor version. Loves the car but lack the sunroof. Till now I think it's the CRV 2.4l that captured my heart as I keep thinking about it, much like committing adultery I didn't go for the CRV back then because the CRV became more expensive suddenly, and I didn't feel that the added depreciation cost would be worthwhile. I believe I have made the right choice. My next car can be a CRV. Or the new X-trail.