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  1. pChou

    Tim Cook at Tiong Bahru Market for breakfast

    Tim Cook is less influential vs Steve Jobs. I think people wont really bother when they see him...?
  2. pChou

    Any good and reliable home aircon service to share

    hi, bumping this thread. Any recommendation for home aircon servicing? xie xie, i trust brothers here more rather than google/facebook reviews
  3. totally agree with your comment. i like to go chatuchak because things are cheap! $100 SGD can buy tons of stuff from there.
  4. didnt thought of using this to check! thank you!
  5. pChou

    11.11 and Black Friday Loot 2019

    If you found good one, let me know!
  6. pChou

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    hahaha! dont write so much complains ok, else i'll fire up!
  7. pChou

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    we are looking at the issues, i suspect due to we modify the homepage thus it causes this problem. We will get it fix asappp
  8. pChou

    11.11 and Black Friday Loot 2019

    Hahahaha! i will try my best to use as often as possible... i will tryyyy
  9. pChou

    11.11 and Black Friday Loot 2019

    Bought Tefal multicooker this morning from $199 after discount is $109, now waiting for the item to be delivery https://www.lazada.sg/products/tefal-home-chef-smart-6l-multicooker-cy601-i345438674-s786086311.html?spm=a2o42.searchlist.list.1.4a365f75mDKRtR&search=1
  10. pChou

    Ho Ching wants everyone to own a HDB flat

    Hahaha how is this connected with my comment?
  11. pChou


    Hello bsswan, we are not hiding/removing any posts on the page, the video ads appears in between posts that you are browsing.
  12. pChou

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    thanks for always be understanding... the adjustment list is still quite long, hopefully we can clear it within a month!
  13. pChou

    Ho Ching wants everyone to own a HDB flat

    Everyone has voice in policies, just how strong their voice are. ehem..
  14. pChou

    <Bloomberg News Leak> SPH Retrenchment Coming

    haha so far dont hv this direction yet, so we are still safe to TCSS here.