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Found 63 results

  1. So you have a few days free.. europe is too far, too expensive and well too much to organize now you check out Scoot and then you scope out $50 tickets to Penang and you have the perfect excuse for a getaway 👍 its only 55 min away and you can be in the land of good food for not too much money 💰 so come join me for a weekend jaunt ! firstly where do you stay ? well despite it being officially frowned upon, you can get Airbnb or other options for a short stay or just stay in the hotel. You can stay in Georgetown where the food is or the Tanjung Bungah area with the fabulous sea view. Or Batu Ferringhi and eat durians until your eyeballs fall out. Take your pick !
  2. The Escape Theme Park in Penang is going to have the world’s longest water slide. Measuring 1,140m long, the waterslide is already 80 per cent complete, and is expected to be ready by next month. The theme park’s chief executive officer Sim Choo Kheng, said: “It is expected to be the longest in the world, longer than the water slide in New Jersey, USA, which is 602m long. “It can go into the Guinness Book of Records. “It is a challenge to build due to topographical factors and lack of machinery. “It is expected to open to the public in early August after a security check is carried out,” he said, after a site visit with chairman of Penang Development, Heritage, Culture and Arts Committee chairman Yeoh Soon Hin on Sunday (June 23). Visitors will slide down from the hilltop and cross Jalan Teluk Bahang to the suspension bridge and end up at the water theme park. The hilltop is also the start of other rides such as luge (sleds down the hill), zip coasters and sliding tubes. The theme park already has a 300m long water slide that was launched last year. Mr Sim said a 400m long cable car ride with 30 seats would also be completed at the same time as the water slide. “The cable car connects between the foothills and the water slide. “It is unique as it goes through the jungle,” he added. The theme park is listed in the international holiday assessor site, TripAdvisor.
  3. If everyone here can have a opportunity to drive any car up from Singapore to Penang, what car will you take up and drive? With over 700km of road for you to drive. What car would you choose? I will choose BMW M2 Competition.
  4. Durian lovers, you know of any good stalls in Penang. I am going next week, hope the season is right. Appreciate your recommendation.
  5. Welcome to Penang ! Today we explore Georgetown's Chew Jetty from the skies. A serene village within the bustling city of Penang. Where time stood still for a moment as you explored and chill. https://youtu.be/6D00ID27Y-0
  6. Long way around Malaysia road trip. SG->Kuantan->Kota Bahru->Penang->KL->SG Decided to go for a long road trip, to somewhere unfamiliar in MY that I have never been before and may never visit again. Wife said ok but must stop at KL for her to shop. So I did all the planning and the places of interests to visit. 21st Jul 2018 Set off from home at 6am in the morning. Reach Woodlands Causeway at 6.20am and there was a queue already formed. Same thing at MY side. Time check, 7.20am and we cleared both custom and immigrations. Exactly 1 hour to clear both sides. First stop, heading to Kiang Kee BKT for breakfast. It has been a while since I travelled on Tebrau highway. There were some changes in the scenery, more urbanised but basically the roads still the same. Was driving at a leisurely pace and just follow the cars in front. Reached Kiang Kee BKT around 8.30am. Not too crowded, there are still seats behind the stall. So we settled sitting behind. First look, it is the same old familiar piping hot claypot BKT. But after tasting it, the familiar taste is gone. Sad to say, IMHO, the taste has declined since my last visit couple of years back. Standard has dropped. The meat on the bones does not fall off easily already. You have to yank it off with your teeth. Very sad. I guess, with increased business, quality also suffer. But what to do, just eat lor. It will not be a must eat for me anymore, go into the “optional” category liao. After breakfast, 9am, set off to East Coast Mall, Kuantan on Route 3. The roads to Mersing was the same, up and down with left and right twisty bends. Took it slow as I don’t wish my passenger to vomit her breakfast on to my car mat. Was doing 80 to 90km/h. The scenery was the same old plantations and the odd kampong here and there. It was until Rompin a sleepy fishing village that the roads are finally clear of traffic and twisty turns that I can allow my car to stretch her legs. 120km/h was the norm now, woohoo. The passenger did not ask for a pee stop and I don’t need a pee stop. The car was more than ready to continue on the journey without stopping, thatz the advantage of having a 70L fuel tank that I had it full tank from SG. Pekan town flashed by and at around 12noon, we are in Kuantan city already. It was slightly hazy when we arrived. There was a strong smell of burnt forest in the air. East Coast Mall in Kuantan was one of our planned stop for rest, food and shopping. Had lunch, pad thai and proceeded to shopping in the mall. Then we crossed over via the back entrance to the mall next door, Kuantan City Mall. This mall was quieter but as modern as East Coast Mall. East Coast Mall attracts younger crowd cos it has a cinema within the mall. We did some grocery shopping at Giant, looking for lower priced household items and some necessities for the road trip like stocking up on mineral water to hydrate ourselves. They wanted to charge us for plastic bag but lucky we had our recycle bags with us.
  7. Anyone can advise on this? The shortest way, the recommended R&R along the highway, the actual Exit from NSH heading all the way up to Penang. Thanks for sharing and any inputs appreciate!!!
  8. Babysaint

    Car rental in penang

    hello. any idea how much does it cost to rent a car in penang per day? thinking of gg end may but lazy to drive up.
  9. A short film made in Penang Enjoy and do give me your honest opinion. Happy Lunar New Year ! https://youtu.be/afV44Lz8QO8 Why so many Penang filming ? Because I always travel to Penang.
  10. Hi Am a noob in ppty, only got 1 ppty....HDB. Anyway, thinking of getting one landed at Penang to retire cos wife nag nag about life here and wanted to retire in a lesser pace with her siblings and relatives there. Anyone bot landed in Penang? Went there a few times over past few years and it seems there's some appreciation. But am a noob in ppty so all views welcome.
  11. Ender

    Serial Killer in Penang?

    http://www.tnp.sg/news/headless-body-woman-discovered-floating-island-penang http://www.tnp.sg/news/second-headless-body-three-days-found-penang
  12. KARTer

    3D4N.... Penang+KL (with pics)

    Took a road trip recently, here are some pics........ if its true that a picture tells a thousand words, these pics may be under performing.. but who cares, here goes..... early morning, all 'fall-in' and smelled each other 'fresh' breath, but we suspect few were rushing for time, forgot to brush their teeth (joking)
  13. SOURCE: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/penang-flood-at-least-7-dead-as-authorities-issue-heavy-rain-9376756 Penang flood: At least 7 dead as authorities issue heavy rain warning, military mobilised GEORGE TOWN: Seven people have been killed and over 3,000 evacuated after a storm triggered serious flooding Sunday (Nov 5) in Penang. Northeast district police head Anuar Omar confirmed the deaths of Chew Eng Lean, 78, Amanullah Shabib Kalandir, 75, and Lau Guek Jee, 64 on Sunday afternoon. Another victim, 97-year-old Chong Sin Thon, was found in his home. "The sixth victim identified as Tan Ah Peow, 45, was found by his neighbor at 2pm today while the seventh victim, also a man, was found by a member of the public at 2.40pm," Anuar said. A Bangladeshi man was also killed while his friend was missing after a tree fell on their rented house in Kampung Perlis in Butterworth on Saturday night. Meteorological Department has forecast that the rain is set to continue after it showed signs of easing on Sunday (Nov 5) afternoon. In an update on Facebook, the department issued an "orange" alert warning, which indicates expected continuous rainfall with strong winds in the northern states of Kedah, Perlis and Penang. Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/penang-flood-at-least-7-dead-as-authorities-issue-heavy-rain-9376756 Anyone with plans to visit Penang in the coming weeks, please reconsider or take necessary precautions.
  14. carloverguy2017

    Beautiful Wall Murals Of Penang Malaysia

    Penang Heritage City - a fitting title bestowed to this fair island. It is now part of UNESCO's World Heritage Cities Program. I know that most of us associate Penang with the beaches, the iconic Penang Bridge and its glorious food. However, the capital city, George Town, has the most number of pre-war buildings in all of South East Asia which are still intact. That is why, the island is known as Penang Heritage City. The place is so rich with history. Since Francis Light drew out the plan of the city, it had born witness to the rise and fall of governments and ruling parties. The city was coveted by many as a strategic and natural port. It was also the guardian to the northern entrance of the Straits of Malacca. Discover the beautiful Wall Murals Of Penang Malaysia, film along the Armenian Street. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfPtqIs1_Uc
  15. A stretch of Penang Lane, just a stone’s throw from the Istana, was temporarily closed on Friday afternoon (3 November) after a suspicious grenade-shaped item was reported in the vicinity. Police said that the item was actually a toy resembling a hand grenade. Yahoo News Singapore understands that the item in question was found on a patch of grass along Penang Road. Authorities were alerted to the item by a member of the public at about 2pm. Police sent out an alert via social media at around 4pm, advising members of the public to avoid the area and not to speculate on the matter. More at https://sg.yahoo.com/news/false-alarm-penang-lane-closed-suspicious-item-found-101440671.html
  16. Need a driver of van or mini bus for hire to ferry 6 persons for sighseeing and eating places.any recommendation.
  17. SuPerBoRed

    Slained Penang datuk

    3 killed, 2 injured in Penang expressway shooting: Datuk's bodyguard arrested Posted on 02 December 2016 | 5,144 views | 0 comments Three people, including a Datuk, Ong Teik Kwong, 32, were shot dead on Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway in Georgetown, Penang at 7.30pm on Thursday (Dec 1). According to The Star, the three people were in their cars when they were shot and there was four others injured in the shooting. George Town OCPD Asst Comm Mior Faridalathrash Wahid confirmed the shooting, adding that they were still investigating at the scene. A fourth victim, said to be a woman, was seriously injured after she was shot. She was then sent to Penang Hospital for treatment. RTM cameraman Muhamad Amirul Amin Amir was also hit by a stray bullet in the shoulder when he passed by the area in his motorcycle. He was said to be heading towards the Pesta Pulau Pinang with his friend Mohamad Iskandar Osman when the shooting happened. Traffic was almost at a standstill heading towards Penang Bridge. The suspect who fired the shots has been arrested. Penang CID chief Senior Asst Comm Zainol Samah said the shooter was the personal bodyguard of the Datuk and was travelling with him in his car. He told a press conference on Thursday night, "Another passenger in the car tried to escape on foot, but the suspect continued firing shots at him." SAC Zainol said police are still investigating the motive for the shooting. GreatDaily 新聞 家庭 生活 奇趣 興趣 其他 註冊 登錄 首頁 » 新聞 » 大馬 © GreatDaily 原創文章,版權所有! 再次勁爆!檳州總警長親口證實,被神經保鏢槍殺的拿督王德光,曾經是一名惡名昭彰的EO扣留犯! GreatDaily 再次勁爆!檳州總警長親口證實,被神經保鏢槍殺的拿督王德光,曾經是一名惡名昭彰的EO扣留犯! 檳州總警長拿督阿都嘉化證實王德光是一名黑道老大,曾經多次涉及私會黨歐鬥仇殺,被警方援引緊急法令(Emergency Ordinance,簡稱EO)扣押在柔佛新邦令金扣留營! GreatDaily 拿督阿都嘉化說,王德光生前是一名慣犯,曾經多次遭警方逮捕,但每次他都有辦法脫罪,警方總是沒辦法掌握十足證據將他定罪。最後在沒辦法之下,警方唯有援引緊急法令將他直接扣留,送到柔佛新邦令金扣留營關押。 他說,直到2011年緊急法令被廢除之後,王德光才恢復自由身。 5年前王德光也曾涉及一宗謀殺案而潛逃,雖然後來被警方成功逮捕,卻同樣由於證據不足而獲得釋放。 GreatDaily 另一方面,拿督阿都嘉化表示,警方將繼續申請延長扣留保鏢兇手和另一名嫌犯協助調查王德光謀殺案;警方將會在調查工作完畢之後,援引刑事法典302條文將保鏢嫌犯控上法庭;一旦罪名成立,唯一的判決就是死刑。 GreatDaily 不過,由於保鏢兇手行兇時是在精神不正常的情況下開槍殺人,因此一旦醫藥檢查報告證實保鏢確實患有精神病,警方提控他的《有意圖謀殺》理由便不能成立;在這種情況之下,他將會被無罪釋放,或改為押送至精神病院囚禁。 簡單的說,殺人的保鏢很可能逃過死刑,不需要為被他奪走的3條人命償命。 GreatDaily Slain Datuk was EO detainee GEORGE TOWN: Businessman Datuk Ong Teik Kwong, who was shot dead by his bodyguard at the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway, was detained under the Emergency Ordinance (EO) before. Penang police chief Comm Datuk Abdul Ghafar Rajab said Ong was arrested several times by the police before and was one of the EO detainees in Simpang Renggam. GreatDaily 「Although he was detained by the police before, he was never charged with any crime. 「He was released after the EO was repealed in 2011,」 Comm Abdul Ghafar told a press conference after attending a Retired Senior Police Officers Association gathering at the Penang Officers Mess here. He said that those detained under the EO were usually connected with cases involving violence, but they were not charged in court as police did not have enough evidence. Ong, 32, and two other men were killed by Ong’s bodyguard, who is believed to be mentally unstable on Dec 1. Five other people were also injured in the incident, which took place at 7.30pm that day at the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway. Comm Abdul Ghafar said that the remand period of the bodyguard and another suspect, who was Ong’s business partner, will end tomorrow. He said police will be seeking an extension of the remand for both men for another week. He added the case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder. He added the gunman was the bodyguard to a 「Tan Sri」 in Kuala Lumpur before he started working with Ong. Comm Abdul Ghafar said the police have so far recovered 11 bullet shells at the scene, and they will return to the crime scene today to complete investigations. When asked if the police will carry out vetting on armed security guards and bodyguards, Comm Abdul Ghafar said the police would usually do a background check for any drug abuse or criminal activities, but not for their mental heatlh. Apparently.. this is a huge saga ongoing in penang.. where the 32 yr old datuk was supposed wanted for suspicion of murder at age 27... recently got his datuk status... rumour is the police actually wanted to take him out.. (but no legal avenues hence....) thats why no shots was actually fired on the killer... There is a video even.. of the guy who intro the killer to the datuk.. kenna whack on this tattooed back... dont know if any other bros here have seen it? Reading these news.. machiam like gangsters in the 50s~60s singapore... now our gangsters go out fight use penknife... other people still bring parang..
  18. SG-Ipoh-Penang-KL-SG road trip : 20/09/12 (Thu) We set off from Singapore at 5am to MY thru EDL onto NSH. 7am first pee stop and pump petrol, at Ayer Keroh rest stop. Then we turned off at Nilai to bypass KL to Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh (under the flyover one) at Klang for breakfast. It
  19. Hi MCFers, I am talking a cruise to penang and has about 5 hours in George Town. Wondering what are the places to go within this time frame. I have in mind Kek Lok Si temple, Chew Jetty, Fort Cornwallis and Penang street art. Is this overly ambitious ? And I would appreciate if you could advise the taxi charges. I heard can book them for a few hours on a fixed rate...
  20. Our food's better than Singapore's, says Penang Chief minister The Star/Asia News Network | Wed Jul 25 2012 Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng questioned survey results that placed the state
  21. Hi all... Planning to do a driving trip to Penang during the Hari Raya and NDP holidays... Scheduled to leave home around 4am and head north early.... Assuming commencement of crossing of causeway by 5am and average speed of 120km/h, I will reach Ayer Keroh or Seremban around 7am to 7.30am.... any suggestions for breakfast around that area???? Kluang Railway, Ayer Hitam Big Pao and Muar Glutton street probably not so ideal due to early move out.... Lunch will probably be Duck Drumstix Noodle at Bidor....... unless there are better suggestions..... Anyone tried crossing to Penang by Ferry? Target to launch crossing by 4pm..... After that a good spa treatment before taking car of stomach..... That will be D day..... D+1 & D+2 will be spent in Penang.... Assam Laksa BKT CKT Seafood ANything else must try???? Head south and stay one night in Ipoh on D+3 Food at Ipoh will probably be: Tuck Kee Yong Tau hu under the big tree.... One of the hor fun... and maybe dim sum.... Back to homeland on D+4
  22. Who says they can't learn from us? But not learning the right things! http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2014/10/04/Friday-downpour--40-years-Penang-exco/
  23. Jman888

    i bet nobody will against buying FT for this sport
  24. chitchatboy

    1,700km in the Ignis Sport (Part 3)

    Day 3 of the trip. Woke up around 9:00am to great weather. (You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 for previous entries on this trip) Before setting off, I took one last stroll around the hotel's vicinity and the beach. One thing I learnt from this trip was time was way too tight. Even though I had a nice pool and a beach at my disposal, I never found time to go for a dip. Upon reaching the car after checking out, I was flabbergasted to find some dog poo on my windscreen. Great start to the morning I guess... Decided to go pass the dam and back on Jalan Teluk Bahang for one last blast of the B-roads as I wanted to try out the newly built second bridge that starts from Batu Maung which will then lead us back to the main land. Saw some gravel and did some unnecessary stuff while no one was looking... Doesn't the road look inviting? Note the drop on the right side of the road! More scenic views while descending from the hills.. Alas, bad luck struck again. Seems like the bridge was closed for some last minute maintenance upon arrival. Back to using the old bridge then. From then on, it was the long drive home. It rained at times, making the driving a bit dreary as visibility dropped and so did the speed. At least the occasional supercar and a good lunch brightened things up. Overall, the trip was a success and I would recommend everyone to try going up at least once. However there are a couple of things I would like to highlight to all readers. Firstly, it is a pretty long drive. Eight hours to be exact for a one way trip. Having another driver or stopping over at Kuala Lumpur would be a better idea. Secondly, a 3D2N stay at Penang is too short! I missed out on quite a few other attractions like museums and temples that were said to be worth visiting. Lastly, do a full check up on your car first before you do a trip. Unfortunately, I forgot and halfway through, I was out of gas for the air-con. Needless to say, it got pretty warm at times.