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Found 28 results

  1. Sdf4786k

    Time to invest in Australia?

    With the currency still at a low level, is it time to exit Japan property market and go with Australia in Sydney and Mel ?
  2. Parked some in unit trusts ard 3 years back but find the returns quite CMI - average onli ard 3%. Juz curious if any bros got good tips on what to invest in wif ur surplus SRS funds?
  3. boonhat_91

    Noob questions on property

    Starting a thread for noob questions you always wanted to ask, but didn't dare to or didn't know how to. Let me start the ball rolling. Why does property appreciate? Does it not experience wear and tear like any other material possession? Is it because of demand vs supply and inflation?
  4. Hi all, Needed some advices as me and my wife couldn't decide which way to go. I shall tell my story in point form. 1. Currently living in a 5 room flat in woodlands. 2. Bank loan left 8 years to clear about $52K. 3. Applied for a 4 room BTO flat and was lucky enough to have slected a flat next to Bedok Mall and opposite Bedok MRT. 4. We had paid the the $2k option fee. 5. Pending to pay $52k(10% downpayment) + $15k(3% stamp fee). These 13% going to cost us about $67K. 6. We have $50k cash on hand. Another $15k from my wife CPF. 7. Wife just became PR 2 years ago. Therefore her CPF OA was little. 8. My CPF OA was used to service the bank loan of our current flat. 9. The amount was just enough to service the monthly loan. 10. New BTO flat in Bedok TOP 2021. 11. Selling our current Woodlands flat in 2021 need to pay HDB $50k levy. 12. Expected bank loan left around $30k in 2021. 13. I am using a safe amount to calculate. Let's say we only managed to sell our Woodlands flat for $400k in 2021. Minus levy and leftover bank loan. we can get back $320k from our Woodlands flat. 14. I knew out of the $320k that i get back. About half need to goes back to my CPF OA. But these money that went back to CPF OA will be used to pay for our New Bedok flat in 2021. 15. New flat left $470k after the downpayment. HDB able to grant us about $150k loan. 16. Therefore we have no problem for the new flat. We only need to save another $50k - $70k to renovate our new flat in 2021. Option 1 1. Thinking of investing our $50k cash on hand on oversea property. Wife is from china Hainan Dao. 2. We are thinking of buying a small condo unit about 40 square meter that cost about 400k - 500k RMB. 3. Why small unit? We only have $50k SGD on hand. Plus small unit maybe easier to rent out to single professional. 4. Downpayment needed about 30%. Therefore downpayment for an average 40 square meter condo unit about 120k - 150k RMB which is about $24k - $30k SGD. Option 2 1. Shall we go ahead with the Bedok BTO flat? (We like the location very much as it is next to Bedok Mall and opposite Bedok MRT). Capital gain from the new flat will be much better as compare to other flat that is not near to mall and mrt. OPtion 3 1. Apply for another 4 room BTO in other location which cost around 280K. I believe after selling our current 5 room flat in Woodlands. We should have enough cash for other investment. Hope that the expert here will give us some advises. Thanks in advance!
  5. just now i was in Toa Payoh central when i was waylaid by an AIA agent having their road show. to cut to the chase, he told me that from middle of Sep 18, we cannot use the CPF SA to invest anymore ... is this true ?
  6. i thinking of buying 1,000 sgd, ya i poor man lah. lol anyone buy opet coin liao ma?
  7. Hi Am a noob in ppty, only got 1 ppty....HDB. Anyway, thinking of getting one landed at Penang to retire cos wife nag nag about life here and wanted to retire in a lesser pace with her siblings and relatives there. Anyone bot landed in Penang? Went there a few times over past few years and it seems there's some appreciation. But am a noob in ppty so all views welcome.
  8. Do you prefer Made in Thailand or Malaysia Toyota?
  9. Hi Chaps, I am interested to know more property investment members on the forum and discuss about your your property investment approaches, how you manage your property etc. Just a sharing thread where everyone can tap on each others experiences/know how. Feel free to chip in or even if you are not vested but want to find out more. I am currently vested in residential and industrial properties, I will kick off with the below. What I look for in no particular priorities - Focus mainly on districts 3, 5, 10, 11 - Areas with upcoming MRT stations - Old properties with unused plot ratio - Areas near schools or business parks. Issues faced till date - Termites - Air Con breakdowns - Stuff stolen on property belonging to tenants - Bad maintenance by the tenant Keen to find out more about - Retail Property investment - Overseas investments - Property Auctions - Medical Suites - Districts you believe with upcoming potential
  10. Recently saw this very new stock... Went to recee abit. . . Polaris Ltd., formerly CarrierNet Global Ltd., a holding company. The Company is engaged in active in the distribution and retail of mobile phones, consumer electronics, and related services and accessories. The Company’s business consists of four subsidiaries, of which three are wholly owned and one is a joint venture: Polaris Device Pte. Ltd., which is regional mobile handset distributor; Polaris Network Pte. Ltd., which is a M1 distributor with a network of M1 retail shops in Singapore offering mobile handsets and services; Polaris Telecom Pte. Ltd., which is a SingTel distributor with a network of SingTel retail shops in Singapore offering mobile handsets and services, and Polaris KKC Holdings Pte. Ltd. (70%:30% joint venture between Polaris Ltd. and Koko Capital Ventures Ltd), which operates a network of e-city retail shops in Myanmar offering mobile phones, tablet computers and related accessories. In March 2014, it announced that it has incorporated Polaris Digimedia Pte. Ltd. https://www.google.com/finance?q=SGX:5BI Think can buy and keep?
  11. Hi All..... I need feedback on this company Nuradee Bros....if not convenient can PM me.... my dad wants to lump all his hard earned savings into an investment by this company...Please help if u have any advice
  12. Looks like China car is going to be every where but different names... http://www.todayonline.com/business/dongfeng-eyes-se-asia-s14b-peugeot-citroen-deal
  13. Wondering what to invest with just $5,000, i know not a lot but put in bank the interest is really pathetic =( so i would rather go invest something. I have been investing in Silver but now the price drop like s--t -.- So any advice???
  14. Seems like Johor is going to fun place, rumor going to be twice the size of legoland. What's happening to Singapore. Why all the interesting investments going to Johor, even Peter Lim chose to invest the race track in Johor. Must add another set annual passes to my collections. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...e-park-20130109 Six Flags Entertainment to invest $484m in Iskandar theme park NUSAJAYA, JOHOR (THE STAR/ANN) - United States-based theme park operator Six Flags Entertainment is planning to invest between RM1.2 billion (S$484 million) and RM1.5 billion to set up a theme park in Iskandar Malaysia. Sources told StarBiz that the theme park, which will be double the size of Legoland Malaysia and the company's first theme park in Asia, would offer more than 40 rides. According to Wikipedia, Six Flags Entertainment is the world's largest amusement park corporation based on quantity of properties and the fifth most popular in terms of attendance. It maintains 19 properties throughout North America consisting of theme parks, thrills parks, water theme parks and family entertainment centres. Iskandar Investment (IIB) president and chief executive officer Datuk Syed Mohamed Syed Ibrahim, said an announcement would be made by an investor within the next six months on the matter.
  15. Wow. New and modern way of believing god. Did GOD tell them so? The gov must be worrying this growing particular group. Mega-Chaurches
  16. How the heck did he get my mobile? Someone from overseas call my mobile trying to interest me with a investment idea, saying this counter has very good potential to rise up moderately(ok he knows who would believe had he said phenomenon). I return question him if he is so confident why did he call me, he could have dump and even borrow every $$$ he have? He replied to share and share alike, even citing religion practice.
  17. I had slogged in a low paying s--t job for the past 7 years, I do not buy expensive cars so I can save more money, I finally saved up about $300K. I decided to keep $100K as my emergency fund and retirement fund which I will not touch. So I am left with $200K to invest, I hope and wish to grow this money into $400K in the next 3 years, since I heard that there are many experts and gurus here, I sincerely seek your advice to grow my $200K. Trolls, please do not flame me, this is my real life story and I heard that they are many rich people here so I am just seeking advice.
  18. Today Straits Times reported that USD on low at 1 USD to 1.22 SGD and many buy currency for investment or spending abroad as rate hits S$1.22. One advice if you are just buyng to spend on holiday than it's ok.. if it is for investment.. please think again.. In case you still do not understand what is happening around the world.. Please read the 2 topic I posted not too long ago. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...p;#entry3736919 http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...p;#entry3732497 After reading through carefully.. hope you people understand why USD keep dropping and dropping.. and infact.. the currency will never bounce back to what it is in year 2007 anymore.. USD will keep drop till the US currency crisis comes and that's it.. I am writing this to made people who still do not understand what is going on.. to make sure these people do not make big mistake in investment.. I want help you all and not to see one by one end up.. lose alot of $ in near future.. Good luck..
  19. Tudou IPO soon, says CEO 15 Sept 2010 Today SHANGHAI - Tudou.com, China's second-largest online video website, plans an initial public offering soon to raise funds to compete against market leader Youku.com in the world's biggest Internet market. "It's something that's inevitable. It should happen fairly soon. I can't talk about specifics," chief executive Gary Wang, the 37-year-old founder of Shanghai-based Tudou, said of a possible IPO in an interview yesterday. Tudou will sell shares in a "Western market," he said on Bloomberg TV, without elaborating. Tudou and Youku both have said they must invest in bandwidth to broadcast videos and in copyright for professional content that the companies say makes up about 70 per cent of their sites. Youku commands about 18 per cent of China's online-video market, while Tudou has about 13 per cent, according to a survey published by Analysys International, a Beijing-based research firm. "Youku and Tudou share a similar strategic layout and operation mode," according to the Sept 9 Analysys report. While both offer user-generated content, they are also "purchasing film copyrights actively so as to widen the gap with other independent online-video websites," the report said. Tudou started its website in 2005 and has raised US$135 million ($177 million through five rounds of funding, including US$50 million last month, of which US$35 million came from Singapore's Temasek Holdings. Tudou's vice-president for marketing and business development, Ms Anita Huang, told MediaCorp last month when it raised funds from Temasek that it would use the investment to woo more Chinese mobile phone owners to its portal. China has 420 million Internet users, of which at least 277 million access the Internet with their mobile phones.
  20. What would you do if you happen to have spare cash amounting to SGD400k/- SGD500k/- lying around? Banks are offering good fixed deposit rates for foreign currencies,is it any good? Should you invest in a few properties in Msia and rent it out? Buy a small size condo near town and rent it out? Seriously,im thinking of low risk investments here
  21. Application9999

    How come Tamasick don't invest in EPL?

    SINGAPORE - The investment group linked to a multi-million pound takeover of Newcastle United has refused to comment on reports of the bid which would turn the Championship side into a Barcelona-style trust. "We are aware of the reports but we have no comment at the moment," John Gaunt, Chief Executive Officer, Profitable Group, told Reuters when contacted at his Singapore headquarters on Wednesday. The investment group had contacted advisor Seymour Pierce to conduct the sale, the Financial Times reported. Former Liverpool and England midfielder Steve McMahon is on the board of Profitable, which told the Newcastle Evening Chronicle that it had spoken to Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley and was putting together a plan. Ashley officially put the recently relegated club up for sale on Monday for 100 million pounds. The Evening Chronicle reported on Tuesday it had seen the company's initial blueprint for a takeover and that a source had outlined some of the groups plans including: * Turning the club into a trust where fans have a major say * Increasing St James' Park capacity from 52,000 to 60,000 * Retaining Alan Shearer as manager Profitable Group is the company behind Liverpool's visit to Southeast Asia next month. The Premier League giants will play games in Bangkok and Singapore during the tour. According to its website, the Profitable Group "exists to increase the wealth of its clients, its employees and its owners, through the provision of strategically selected investment opportunities". The group says its aim is "to be internationally recognised as a premier provider of strategic global investment and a responsible and ethical builder of wealth". McMahon is not the only football connection the investment group boasts. Former Celtic, Liverpool and Scotland striker Kenny Dalglish is listed as UK Operations Advisor while ex-Birmingham City player Paul Masefield is listed as a Sponsorship Manager. Since they lost money...should now focus on other money making investment...
  22. Hi guys, Just wana have a rough sense who are the traders and who are the investors in this forum. Maybe we can share knowledge with one another to make more money. Also, who's still making good money from the stock market? I incurred a bad loss recently. Maybe I should just convert to investment than trading...