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Found 142 results

  1. Ysc3

    Hdb flat renovation

    anyone did renovation to their flat in the past six months ? got reliable renovation company to recommend ? not doing fanciful reno ... eg no customized furniture except the kitchen cabinet, so dun really need ID but more like a supervisor to get the job done. alternatively, can also tell me which company to stay away from.
  2. utterly disappointed with HDB (whats new?!) Long story short: collected BTO flat keys Feb 2016, punggol along waterway area recently spotted master bedroom toilet door starting to split at the edges from the bottom. first noticed in July 2017. called HDB and was informed past warranty period. nothing can be done. gave me contractor's contact for quote, contractor bo huh me. fine few days ago, spotted common toilet door starting to split at the edges from the top. emailed into HDB feedback. received call from the same officer who spoke to me the first time and regurgitated the same "out of warranty" story. when i refused to budge, another lady spoke to me and said it may be due to the owners not doing proper maintenance and due to usage issues. seriously? how to use until the edges split? bang the door daily as a hobby? if its only one door, fine, i suay. now its both doors. obviously its quality issues! we topup for optional components for inferior products! kaos. (no idea why after attaching the picture was rotated) any bros encountered anything similar and managed to get HDB do something about the issue? can share? im so sorry for starting in the wrong section.. how can i move it to non-car related! sorry!!
  3. LoverofCar

    Flat foot problem

    Daughter has flat foot pain recently.....she don't have this pain when young but as she growth up and into teenage...the pain started when doing sport..I know this happened to quite a number of people.....did bring her to sport medicine clinc for dynos and pysio session......any kind soul can share a place for reasonable price custom insole?
  4. Hi, anyone knows if my son who is one of the named occupier for a 3G unit is still eligible to apply a BTO for his own family after a certain period of years? We are due to attend and select a unit this friday 26 April. need an answer b4 we decide whether if we still want to proceed to take up a 3G or not. TIA
  5. Installed iRoad X9 in my car last year. Had set the voltage threshold to 11.8 V. Went for a vacation for 7 days. When I came back I could not unlock the car with smart key and could not start the engine. The iRoad had drained the car battery. So it looks like after it detects 11.8 V it does not disconnect the power. It still draws power from the car battery. Lesson learnt. Remove the power plug and USB cable from the camera if you are going on vacation. I don't know which workshops can install the battery pack that is discussed in some forums.
  6. what was your deciding factor when you chose your HDB flat in your block ? not talking about location as in road, but how you made your choices on the level and either corner or center of beside lift or staircase ? all this - if you had a choice during your selection ? I would hope to get a corner flat so only the door is the only accessible point of entry. so that I can keep my hall or room windows opened all the time without worry of my neighbors/stalkers walking past my unit and looking inside.
  7. Jeffrey

    Run Flat Tyres

    Would appreciate if anyone could share his/her experience with run flat tyres. Checking thru the Falken catalog at Stamford, I noticed the ZE 512 is available with the run flat feature on some sizes. Is this a worthwhile option for cars that don't carry a spare tyre on-board? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Are they much more costlier? Thanks for sharing.
  8. Hi all, Needed some advices as me and my wife couldn't decide which way to go. I shall tell my story in point form. 1. Currently living in a 5 room flat in woodlands. 2. Bank loan left 8 years to clear about $52K. 3. Applied for a 4 room BTO flat and was lucky enough to have slected a flat next to Bedok Mall and opposite Bedok MRT. 4. We had paid the the $2k option fee. 5. Pending to pay $52k(10% downpayment) + $15k(3% stamp fee). These 13% going to cost us about $67K. 6. We have $50k cash on hand. Another $15k from my wife CPF. 7. Wife just became PR 2 years ago. Therefore her CPF OA was little. 8. My CPF OA was used to service the bank loan of our current flat. 9. The amount was just enough to service the monthly loan. 10. New BTO flat in Bedok TOP 2021. 11. Selling our current Woodlands flat in 2021 need to pay HDB $50k levy. 12. Expected bank loan left around $30k in 2021. 13. I am using a safe amount to calculate. Let's say we only managed to sell our Woodlands flat for $400k in 2021. Minus levy and leftover bank loan. we can get back $320k from our Woodlands flat. 14. I knew out of the $320k that i get back. About half need to goes back to my CPF OA. But these money that went back to CPF OA will be used to pay for our New Bedok flat in 2021. 15. New flat left $470k after the downpayment. HDB able to grant us about $150k loan. 16. Therefore we have no problem for the new flat. We only need to save another $50k - $70k to renovate our new flat in 2021. Option 1 1. Thinking of investing our $50k cash on hand on oversea property. Wife is from china Hainan Dao. 2. We are thinking of buying a small condo unit about 40 square meter that cost about 400k - 500k RMB. 3. Why small unit? We only have $50k SGD on hand. Plus small unit maybe easier to rent out to single professional. 4. Downpayment needed about 30%. Therefore downpayment for an average 40 square meter condo unit about 120k - 150k RMB which is about $24k - $30k SGD. Option 2 1. Shall we go ahead with the Bedok BTO flat? (We like the location very much as it is next to Bedok Mall and opposite Bedok MRT). Capital gain from the new flat will be much better as compare to other flat that is not near to mall and mrt. OPtion 3 1. Apply for another 4 room BTO in other location which cost around 280K. I believe after selling our current 5 room flat in Woodlands. We should have enough cash for other investment. Hope that the expert here will give us some advises. Thanks in advance!
  9. dear bros here. i need some help for my mum's old HDB 4 room flat. existing: spoilt casement aircon in 1 room that is rented out *planning to install system 2 aircon for the 2 other rooms. any recommendations for aircon brands/models?* Criteria will be: not too expensive. is it possible for system 2 to be below $2000? low energy consumption. reliable. as the house doesn't come with any existing aircon except the casement aircon may i know an estimate of the labor cost to fit in a system 2?
  10. Karoon

    treadmill in hdb flat

    Thinking of buying a motorised one for my flat but will the pounding affect the neighbour downstairs? Any bros with experience? Dont want to end up with exercise machine you can only use when neighbours are away.
  11. Ronnieseah

    Flat tire sealant

    anyone here has use those flat tire repair kit that come in a spray can? if encounter a flat, just connect into the valve and spray into the tire. want to know whether this work? as I feel getting this is better than having a spare tire.
  12. https://mothership.sg/2018/05/married-couple-divorced-buy-hdb-flat-as-single/?nlarticleid=11561273 Husband and wife agree to a divorce of convenience A husband and wife in Singapore had apparently agreed to divorce — just so that they can each own a HDB flat. This was after they figured marriage is just a status, and by divorcing, they can unlock their Central Provident Fund monies in a different way. Wife bought another flat under singles scheme The couple originally bought a HDB flat together when they got married. It was paid for using the husband’s CPF. The husband is now a cab driver. He is likely to be 54 this year, or somewhere in his mid-fifties. He claims he cannot withdraw his CPF money by next year because it does not meet the Minimum Sum, or Retirement Sum, which is the minimum amount of money needed in your CPF account when you turn 55 before withdrawals can be made. The wife too will not be able to withdraw any CPF money in a few years’ time, since she also does not meet the minimum sum. The plan Husband and wife then divorced. On paper. But they are obviously still very much together. This frees up the wife to buy a HDB flat of her own as a single under the Single Singapore Citizen (SSC) scheme. She is able to get a housing grant for the flat as a second-timer single Singapore citizen applicant. She can pay for it with her CPF — which otherwise would be locked in once she turns 55. The man now owns the first flat as a single. Rental income Since he has lived in the house for longer than the five-year Minimum Occupation Period, he is able to rent it out. The husband then proceeds to live with his now ex-wife in the new flat, while both enjoy the passive income from the rental of the first matrimonial flat — said to be about $2,500 monthly.
  13. Hi all , How do you know that battery going to be flat ? When the car starts , it prompt you "switch to economy mode " . Can this be 1 of the symptoms that battery is weak too ? Cranking sound . Usually it took me 1 crank to start the engine . But yesterday the cranking sound is long before engine start , can this also telling you that battery going to be flat soon ? Pls advise
  14. A HDB flat in Woodlands is suspected to have been transformed from a brothel to hotel. From the usual occurrences of having more than 10 male strangers visiting the flat, it has transformed itself into a short-term stay hotel, charging visitors at $100 per day. According to the media report last week, Police conducted island-wide anti-vice operations in 6 housing estates Sembawang, Woodlands, Jurong West, Sengkang, Chinatown and River Valley. 34 prostitutes and 2 pimps were arrested. The HDB flats involved serving as brothel may be confiscated. After the report last week, Chinese media received a tip-off that this former whorehouse has re-surfaced in Woodlands. The unit is located at Blk 686C, Woodlands Dr 73. It was rented out to a Filipino family. About 3 to 4 months ago, it was sublet to one PRC woman. One of the residents in the block told the reporter that after the new tenant moved in, everyday from morning to night, there would be many unknown men aged between 30 to 50 yrs old, constantly streaming in and out of the said unit. She said, They start to appear in the morning about 11am, one after another. Usually after one left, another will turn up about 2 to 3 hours later. There would be more than 10 of them in a single day. She added that these men usually would behave surreptitiously, looking around at the corridor. They seemed to be searching for the correct unit. Once they found the right unit, someone hidden behind the unit door would open it for them. Thereafter, it would be silent without movement. The door of the unit is always closed. Also, we hardly see any of the occupants coming out from the unit. The last time was on Sunday when two women and one man came out to throw rubbish, she said. Another resident revealed that earlier, different unknown men would come to the unit even at 11 plus in the night. Usually, they would make a call after coming out from the lift to ask for the correct unit number. Upon confirmation, they would proceed to the said unit to look for someone. HDB flat turned into a hotel But, according to an insiders tip-off, the unit has actually been transformed into a hotel recently. It was found on WeChat that someone was advertising the flat for short-term rental of rooms at a rate of $50 for 5 hours or less or $70 per night. The pictures of the rooms were also uploaded. Other residents confirmed that they saw people going into the unit with luggage. The reporter called the advertised number on WeChat to test. A lady answered the call and confirmed that there are rooms for rental at $100 per day. Later, the reporter made a second call to enquire. This time round, no one answers the call. The reporter then made a visit to the said unit, but no one responded. Tenant and sub-tenant dispute One of the residents revealed that last Saturday at about 3pm, two policemen appeared at the said unit. They left after talking to the occupants. However, it was not known what actually transpired. According to some sources, the dispute arose between the tenant and sub-tenant over the contractual agreement. The argument became very heated and someone called the police for assistance. Police confirmed the incident and replied that both parties have been advised to settle the matter amicably and they complied. The enforcement actions from the authorities and the publicity from the media have proven that they do not deter foreigners bent on making money illegally in Singapore. Indeed, it appears that our enforcement units are no match to the multi-faceted talents exhibited by the foreigners that PM Lee likes to welcome into our little island with open arms. Singapore belongs to everyone Last year, during a grassroots event in Ang Mo Kio in celebration of the Indian New Year [Link], Mr Lee was reported to have said that the event was an embodiment of the theme as well as on a larger scale where everyone participates as one big Singapore family and that Singapore was a place where we all celebrate one anothers festivals and happy events together. He added that Singapore belongs to all of us, which he said included Singaporeans, new arrivals, people who are on permanent residence here, people who are on employment pass here. Many foreigners are just taking the opportunity given by Mr Lees magnanimous attitude towards foreigners, to make a quick Singapore buck here. And many from third world countries couldnt care less about following the rules and order in Singapore because back in their own countries, they view that rules are meant to be bent. As stated by the new Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say, Singapore is still welcoming FTs at a rate of about 30,000 per year, not including the undisclosed numbers on short-term visits seeking employment here. Can our enforcement units cope with the creativity and entrepreneurship of FTs who couldnt care less about our rules and regulations?
  15. Ongoing argument about whether Singaporeans really own their HDB flats, or whether they're just renting them on a lease. One thing that tips the balance in favour of the latter argument is the fact that the HDB has the right to confiscate or repossess your flat if you do something unacceptable in the eyes of HDB, the Big Brother. http://www.asiaone.com/business/what-actually-happens-when-hdb-confiscates-your-flat?xtor=EREC-16-4[Emarsys_Newsletter]-20180102&extid=6934d0cfb7b252f1ae9f0dbddf5ff88ca8637e77
  16. 19岁少女疑走不出情伤,清晨约见前男友后坠下丧命。父亲受访感叹说:“养了女儿19年,就这样没了,她太傻了……” 这起悲剧发生在昨天(11月5日)清晨5时许,地点是大巴窑8巷第225座组屋。死者是19岁的少女何倩宜。 据了解,死者与前男友清晨5点约谈后,不知何故想不开,从11楼坠下丧命。《新明日报》记者走访时,居民纷纷表示,清晨时分听见一声巨响,之后还传来了阵阵的嘶喊声,不少人因此被惊醒。 More at http://www.zaobao.com.sg/znews/singapore/story20171106-808844
  17. Wanted to get one cause will be ferrying four persons quite frequently. Don't want the middle person at the back to feel uncomfortable, therefore looking for ones which have flat floor. So far the ones i know are Honda civic and the new vios. Anymore? Thanks for sharing.
  18. hi, i have a few questions that needed your advice. 1. what is the max age allowed to get HDB loan? 60? 65? 2. i own a 4 room HDB flat in Tampines, outstanding loan is $100k. monthly payment is about $1000. my loan amunt then was $250k. how much cash could i get back should i sold my flat at $480k? 3. i'm looking at a resales unit with 4 bedrooms selling at $690k. how much could i loan from HDB and what is my monthly repayment and years of loan be allowed from HDB? lastly, what is the best price can i fetch for my 4 rooms in Tampines st 22, high floor unblocked, corner, lift landing upgraded, 12 mins walking to Tampines MRT and Simei MRT, 10 mins driving to major PIE / ECP / TPE highway. Thank you.
  19. Spot some super cars in my HDB carpark, these Cars are confirmed more expensive than car owners' HDB flat, don't understand as a sane person why to stay HDB flat but buy this redicules expensive car ? Audi RS5, list price $500K Maserati, list price $530k
  20. Neutrino

    HDB flat window film

    We've been in our new flat for 4 years. All has been well with fabulous views up in to Malaysia, some mountains 60km away, when there's no haze. But now another HDB block has been built not only blocking views but allowing us to see into their rooms and them to see into our rooms. Don't really want to have to continually draw curtains as it cut down on the breeze through the flat. We looked at window films when we moved in but they didn't appear dark enough and we wondered about them peeling off the glass. Any suggestions from you guys for good films to apply and do the sellers apply them as well. I suppose with all the car window films around these days there should be a lot of choice.
  21. I am changing my iron gate for my flat unit and looking for good and tough padlock. I don't mind paying more as it is for home safety and security.Which brands are the good and realiable? Where can I get it for reasonable price? Thanks for any advices.
  22. DavidLee

    Moving to a new flat

    anybody bros here have anything special like prayers by monk or priest before moving in to have good luck advice needed thanks
  23. source: http://www.tremeritus.com/2015/07/02/writ-of-possession-issued-against-man-with-terminal-cancer/ Not sure how accurate this story is .. but seems such a sad case. Sell house but cannot get money to treat his cancer. Is it that difficult to touch the CPF even if may die before reaching 65?