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Found 10 results

  1. https://mothership.sg/2018/05/married-couple-divorced-buy-hdb-flat-as-single/?nlarticleid=11561273 Husband and wife agree to a divorce of convenience A husband and wife in Singapore had apparently agreed to divorce — just so that they can each own a HDB flat. This was after they figured marriage is just a status, and by divorcing, they can unlock their Central Provident Fund monies in a different way. Wife bought another flat under singles scheme The couple originally bought a HDB flat together when they got married. It was paid for using the husband’s CPF. The husband is now a cab driver. He is likely to be 54 this year, or somewhere in his mid-fifties. He claims he cannot withdraw his CPF money by next year because it does not meet the Minimum Sum, or Retirement Sum, which is the minimum amount of money needed in your CPF account when you turn 55 before withdrawals can be made. The wife too will not be able to withdraw any CPF money in a few years’ time, since she also does not meet the minimum sum. The plan Husband and wife then divorced. On paper. But they are obviously still very much together. This frees up the wife to buy a HDB flat of her own as a single under the Single Singapore Citizen (SSC) scheme. She is able to get a housing grant for the flat as a second-timer single Singapore citizen applicant. She can pay for it with her CPF — which otherwise would be locked in once she turns 55. The man now owns the first flat as a single. Rental income Since he has lived in the house for longer than the five-year Minimum Occupation Period, he is able to rent it out. The husband then proceeds to live with his now ex-wife in the new flat, while both enjoy the passive income from the rental of the first matrimonial flat — said to be about $2,500 monthly.
  2. Reason for not want to work-> low back pain, always feel pain when sit too long in office. (good reason) I will not mind if i take home 12K but will mean living a simple life style. 12K minus monthy outgoing is good to saving for both into retirement, for me at least. What say you guys? She tried internet marketing, gave up few months cited too many following up and take long time to generate 1st income, and busy work load and work stress. Lastly... prefer her man to buy a flat and not a cent from her. and the contrasting part...She doesn't spend much, always pack lunch to office. And not keen on dress above $100 cited expensive.
  3. Jajoba123

    Going to Ukraine soon!

    more n more PRC dating and married Ukranian gals. like below maybe i will make a trip there in the near future
  4. per the question, be either the male or the female party who cannot conceive ?
  5. Rubberstamp

    Guys, will you marry "up"?

    I want to get a more dedicated response - away from the other thread. For me, i am trying my best to marry down, but alas it is so hard. But so very often, the ugly devil rears his head in my mind. Will i be so embarressed next time? I dont him to live off me.
  6. Inspired by another thread in this sub-forum...I thought it will be interesting to share about this. Will share my experience later
  7. Kelpie

    Ok to marry younger girl?

    Hi all, Not those sugar daddy type case. Just an average guy and a girl almost 18 years apart in age. The guy doesn't look his age (looks like 30s), actually somewhere mid 40s..and the girl late 20s. Do you think they can make it in life assuming financially sound ? Would such marriage create problems for both socially and the upbringing of kids? Regards,
  8. One brudder ask why not have a why you ask your wife marry you poll. so here it is. Poll away.
  9. Only for married men...
  10. Cut and Paste job from an email... A young and pretty lady posted this on a popular forum: Title: What should I do to marry a rich guy? I