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Found 127 results

  1. How I cope with WFH (Working from home) So this is how I am coping with working from home. I am not the most diligent worker you have seen. But my motto is work smart don't work hard. So my job scope is smth like a dialysis machine. . . My boss will have something that needs to improve or need to work on, then I will be the one working on it, making sure that the end products are relatable to the dealers/consumers. And of cuz, MyCarForum is my baby. So everyone here always sees me commenting, laughing, goofing around here. So you can say I am a papa-san in MCF. @RadX & @BabyBlade is still the discipline master and mistress. So, in the morning I wake up in my usual timing, I will pack my bed, do some mediation and light exercise before I wash up myself. Once, I have wash-up, I make myself a cup of oat milk. And because now my office is just like 13 steps away, I just take a slowwww walk back to my "office". I usually start my day with MCF, checking all the past replies and try to find interesting news to share inside MCF. And once I have done it, I will check on my email. replying to all the necessary correspondent. I also try to make my room as bright as possible, so that I am in the zone of working. Usually, my room is like a bat cave. I do not take naps and after a few tasks and replying on MCF, time flies. And it is time for lunch! I took my bicycle and cycle to kopitiam and dabao-ed duck rice. And I will eat at my dining table instead of my room. Just to change the environment abit. While eating, I did watch a bit of the Porsche documentary that @Mockngbrd recommend. Quite a nice documentary. TBH. I haven't finished yet thou. Then after my lunch, I rest a bit, went down and walk my dog and bring her go pee pee. Then when I am back home, I went to shower to freshen myself. Once I am done with the shower, I am back to work! Same old, same old. making sure some of my tasks is done, talking to my colleagues in teams. And usually, during the afternoon my concentration wasn't at my prime. I will "wander" off to read on some other stuff. Mainly is tech/car. (checking how to mod my car or what new stuff xiaomi come out.) Walk to the kitchen and make myself a cup of green tea, and munched on some biscuit. Chatted with my HR abit, as she is making sure we are all working at home. Then go back to work. . . My co-worker have different live thou. 😕 She just NAPPPPPPPP alll the wayyyyy! What do I think of working from home? It is definitely a good initiative at this time, as you minimise on public transport and socializing. However, the person who is working from home, must have some vigilant/discipline, if not end of the day you will be simpson-ing all the way. Here's are some of the things that I find it helpful for myself when I am working from home. Have a designated work area. (Tell yourself, when you are there, you are working.) No working at your bed. I play music while I am working so depends on your style. Separate your dining away from your work area. On aircon/shower if needed. (I tried not to on aircon during the morning, but I BTH. Once I have showered, I on air-con and work) Have a very realistic to-do list (try to strike out as many as possible, can add more list along the way too) Walk around or make urself a coffee if you are not in the zone. (same when you are in the office) So here are some of my takes for working at home. I think is doable, but the end day is still the trust between you and your employer lah. They must trust you, and you must not abuse it also. 🙂 Okay! back to work!
  2. I have changed my AGM battery after 2.5years, 70Ah Varta once Now the start/stop function fail again after 2 years, I thought AGM batteries can last longer than conventional type Does it mean now my battery is weak again presumably that's the cause for the start/stop failure recently? Ride : W205 C200 year 2014
  3. How to call for help? I called Singtel 1688. Put me to voice message and claimed to call back in 2 hours. I left 2 messages at 7pm+. No sound from them. at 830pm, called again and this time... "voice message is full. Thank you for your call!" This is customer service from SINGTEL. Home home line is not working since this afternoon. got ring if I call in but phone not ringing. But my mio TV, using the same phone link is working. So, physical line should be fine. I have 2 phones. 1 cordless and 1 analogue corded phone. Both also not ringing and no dial tone. What else could be the root cause?
  4. Relacklabrudder

    My experience working in civil service...

    i was in technical line as senior engineer, ok pay is not dat gd. but life is stable come 9am knock off 530pm. got once a yr idle trip to europe by company. then i think perhpas it is time for me to try management but current no management positions la so decide venture into civil service. the current company also not expanding in my area of work and i feel most of time not doing much or learning much, becoming very lazy. oh by the way tis company i joined since graduate for nearly 6 yrs. then there was advert for assistant director. looks damn big but not much salary increment. i got the position after 1 interview mmm...very suspicious but it was willing to wait 2mth notice. best thing is during interview they did not even say what they do. The contract offer say 1 yr contract as with all civil service and convert to perm 1 yr later if good. it is big if in fact it belong to small instituiton inside a big 'umbrella' statboard, so dificult to get info on it. i report to lady supervisor. 1st day work the director already yelling away. then from there it is down hill. the director will yell and criticise everybody in morning and run the institution like a stock exchange. he will say thing like 'give this guy the work la, he is paid $xxxx' i spoke up and the directordislike me from there on. my lady sup is so scared she will pressure me to details correcting my punctuations and spelling , grammar which i felt is totally humiliating. she dun know anything so she will major on the minor things. very sianz... needless to say after 1 yr they decide not renew my contract. so i jobless. they did not even forewarn me or even give me warnings as such , just say contratc not renew 1 month prior to end of contract and justify with lousy reasons. this even cause me to lost a job offer in between the 1 yr tenure even though lower paid as i tot i had a future in tis govt insititution, had i known i would have hop off. tis event happen few yrs ago, last i heard this stupid director was asked to step down before his retirement age due to too many complains against him liao. but still it made a mess of my life. as i think back, would i have make a different decision? i mean life is very very stale at the 1st company, but nice colleagues, ok boss but not learning much or doing much, and a management position came along....how i know it was like a 'trap' anyway manage to pick myself up and went back to technical line but was arduous journey ut dats another story.... thing is would u choose stability and monotony over change, risk taking, possible failure?
  5. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/harsher-punishment-for-security-officers-who-sleep-on-the-job-or-act-unprofessionally-from SINGAPORE - Private security officers who slack off, sleep on the job or come to work drunk can face tougher punishment from next year, as the police strengthen penalties for errant behaviour to boost the industry's professionalism and bolster Singapore's defences. From Jan 1, officers who display errant behaviour can be punished by a fine not exceeding $2,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months, or both, The Straits Times has learnt. ***** Would it not applied to the SMRT to "cure" the deep-seated cultural extraction? Have become so intolerant of the security or has the security becoming so blatant that this has become law?
  6. Memo to boss: 11-hour days are bad for the heart By Ben Hirschler LONDON - People working 10 or 11 hours a day are more likely to suffer serious heart problems, including heart attacks, than those clocking off after seven hours, researchers said on Tuesday. The finding, from an 11-year study of 6,000 British civil servants, does not provide definitive proof that long hours cause coronary heart disease but it does show a clear link, which experts said may be due to stress. In all, there were 369 cases of death due to heart disease, non-fatal heart attacks and angina among the London-based study group -- and the risk of having an adverse event was 60 percent higher for those who worked three to four hours overtime. Working an extra one to two hours beyond a normal seven-hour day was not associated with increased risk. "It seems there might a threshold, so it is not so bad if you work another hour or so more than usual," said Dr Marianna Virtanen, an epidemiologist at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and University College London. The higher incidence of heart problems among those working overtime was independent of a range of other risk factors including smoking, being overweight or having high cholesterol. But Virtanen said it was possible the lifestyle of people working long hours deteriorated over time, for example as a result of poor diet or increased alcohol consumption. More fundamentally, long hours may be associated with work-related stress, which interferes with metabolic processes, as well as "sickness presenteeism," whereby employees continue working when they are ill. Virtanen and colleagues published their findings in the European Heart Journal. Commenting on the study, Gordon McInnes, professor of clinical pharmacology at the University of Glasgow's Western Infirmary, said the findings could have widespread implications for doctors assessing patients' heart risks. "If the effect is truly causal, the importance is much greater than commonly recognized. Overtime-induced work stress might contribute to a substantial proportion of cardiovascular disease," he said. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/rtrs/20100511/tbs...me-7318940.html
  7. Hi all, Just graduated from TED Automotive Diploma and interested in applying for jobs. But im not sure what i have to do or look out for with regards to CV or applying for job as have no prior job experience before as i am a fresh grad. Want to apply at Nissan but they dont have a specific job opening, they just say to email resume to them. So not sure what to say when emailing them. Has anyone applied for or working at car companies at the moment? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi all, driving a CS3, IU still working this morning, but now there is no display and no green light. Anyone know where the fuse is? IF IU is faulty, where to get it fix? LTA? LTA open in weekend???
  9. Any one know? how much is the market rate for monetary per month to be justifiable for a engineer working in SA?
  10. Hshs

    IU not working

    Check LTA website, none of the IU service centre opening at this hour(8pm). I need to enter my house car park by using cash card. Mean I need to pay until tomorrow morning until I send my IU for repair. Is this the only way?
  11. as above. any contribution is much appreciated.
  12. Reason for not want to work-> low back pain, always feel pain when sit too long in office. (good reason) I will not mind if i take home 12K but will mean living a simple life style. 12K minus monthy outgoing is good to saving for both into retirement, for me at least. What say you guys? She tried internet marketing, gave up few months cited too many following up and take long time to generate 1st income, and busy work load and work stress. Lastly... prefer her man to buy a flat and not a cent from her. and the contrasting part...She doesn't spend much, always pack lunch to office. And not keen on dress above $100 cited expensive.
  13. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/chaos-at-yio-chu-kang-road-junction-on-sunday-afternoon-as-traffic-lights-stop?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&xtor=CS1-10#link_time=1479638548 If ever met with such situation, what should driver do? or can driver do anything abt it? Encountered once before, but is a T Junction. although jammed,but motorist from minor rd is able to slowly move out, not as bad as YCK.
  14. Hi, My power window is not functioning as it should. Have changed the switch and checked but the problem returns. Please advise where/who can get it fixed. Ride: NC Thanks in advance.
  15. Dear fellow drivers, As our vehicles age, due to high COE + due to 40% DP required + etc, please ensure that your tail lights and at least 2 of your your brake lights are working! Just these few days alone, I have come across more than 10 cars with 2 or ALL brake lights not working. I have already tried my best to inform these drivers when we stopped along side at junctions. But there is only so much I can do. Please, check your brake lights. This is how you can check your tail lights and brake lights by yourself if you have no one else to check for you. 1) When reverse-parked in front of a wall, off your lights and observe the wall behind. Switch on your headlights and check your side mirrors. The 2 corners of your car rear should have red light casted on the wall. To check your brake lights, switch off your headlights. Step on the brake and check the side mirrors to see there is red light casted on the wall. 2) When stopped in front of buses (and some big lorries/truck), check your rearview mirror and look at the reflection of your car rear on the windscreen of the bus behind. You can see if your brake lights are working. Please ensure your tail lights and brake lights are working. This is for your safety and for others safety as well!
  16. I notice those videos using [youtube ] are not turning out properly. But those [media ] are alright. e.g http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2698834-nice-english-songsvideo-to-share/page-84?do=findComment&comment=5901809
  17. Thaiyotakamli

    France Made Working After 6pm Illegal

    When? Tell me when Our beloved gahmen pass this law instead of squeezing lemons??? More information: http://www.theguardian.com/money/shortcuts/2014/apr/09/french-6pm-labour-agreement-work-emails-out-of-office
  18. as per title. doesnt matter if single or double din as long as working (can read and play dvd) anyone scraping or selling their cars with dvd? I have the roof mount monitor but the dvd player cannot read anymore. if anyone has, can sell me? I will bear the swapping charges. cheap2 one those below $100 preferably as I only left about 7 mths to scrap. thanks
  19. Lycanthrope

    Working and staying in Qingdao, China

    as above .. any people experience before ? especially in shipyard / fabrication yard sector ? is it easy to deal with the local chinese ? and how is qingdao ? liveable ?
  20. Dumb

    Immigration not working?

    Yesterday the jam at both causeways started to build up. When I went to bed at 2.30am, there jam was still there. When I woke up this morning at 5.30am, the jam at both causeway was still there. Now nearly 11 am jam is even worst. It's so bad before the customs. It's even worst especially at the tuas link where the jam from JB customs kick back to Sg customs. Wanted to go in for breakfast. But now almost lunch.
  21. A 23 year-old working male's 90-second rant: Must-watch if you're a young adult! 顺水 Xu Bin is reprimanded by his father for trying to convince an old neighbour to sell his flat. This is his defense. 你以为着急赚钱的人只有我一个吗? 你去问一下其他的年轻人,有谁不着急? 服完兵役,念完大学23,24岁,一转眼30岁就到了。 在这短短几年时间,要结婚,要买房子,要生孩子,没钱行吗? 现在一间组屋至少30,40万。就拿最基本的开销来说,如果你在市区工作,一天来回地铁两三趟,偶尔赶时间搭个德士 ,光是交通费每天就要$6 - $7块钱 。吃顿午餐,最省最省$5-$6块钱。去个连锁咖啡店喝杯咖啡$6-$7块钱,$6、$7块。 这还不说,为了响应政府号召,早结婚、早生孩子,那我得赶紧去交个女朋友。如果不陪吃、陪喝、陪看戏、偶尔陪出国,外加送一点名牌礼物,就算我长一副明星脸也未必有女孩子要跟我。 有一些人还要读大学,贷款、分担家里的开销呢?等到要结婚的时候,摆一桌酒席$1000块开始起跳,拍个婚纱特辑$3000-$4000块钱,这都是钱钱钱啊! 我们这代年轻人不追求什么生活品质,就算是维持最起码的生活,不去赚一点钱行吗?你们也不想养一个儿子,等到结婚的时候跟你要钱摆喜酒,等要建立家庭的时候跟你们要钱买房子。 是,我承认我的手法是有一点极端,我有错,但是我的错是因为这个社会造成的! Taken from Ep 15 of 118, Channel 8's 7.30pm drama!
  22. was quoted $240 by Shell Autoserv. Anyone who have repaired this part before was quoted cheaper? driving honda airwave now
  23. My car cigarette lighter socket is not working. There is no electricity when i plug in my electronics. What could have caused this? Is it due to the fuse and if yes, how much will it caused to change the fuse. Also, any other possible reasons as to why the car cigarette lighter socket is not working?
  24. And he proudly shares it on facebook... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=555315377912494&id=266048183505883
  25. i realised that my ciggy slot is not working. I used it to charge my car cam recorder through usb charger. recently it's not charging at all. I tried couple of brand new usb chargers, also not working. I also tried my unused Garmin GPS ciggy charger, also not working. Any one can advise on what might be the problem? fuse blow? wire loose inside? Will a dying car battery caused this too? My car batt is about 2.5 years old.