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Found 261 results

  1. Now this is an interesting sight. As we have mentioned before in previous blog posts, the COVD-19 pandemic has somewhat influenced many who are forced to stay home to start working out as an excuse to head out. Hence, when we went into Phrase 2, there was a noticeable increase in traffic at our parks as many still continued to enjoy exercising, leading to some to come up with new ideas to move away from the overcrowding in parks. Check out this clip which has been shared by SG Road Vigilante, whereby the camera car chanced upon this public outdoor carpark at Fort Canning on the 9th of September which has been 'converted' into an outdoor gym. With the carpark almost full, we bet the sight of those using the carpark as a workout area annoyed the camera car driver. What do you guys reckon? Cool or not cool? Let us know!
  2. A little surprised that car horns can break down. I mean, my Sylphy is coming to 9 years old only. I was told by the workshop that it is a common problem to Nissan cars. It's not the horn but the contact on the steering wheel that's worn. Appreciate fellow motorists in this forum can advise where to find distributors who supply the "pad" (to be mounted on steering wheel) for the horn. Perhaps, what is a reasonable price to replace the horn? Thanks! Also, looking for manual air horn to save cost. Hahaha!
  3. saw some ultrasonic electronic mosquito repellent at homefix. looks like a good idea but does this device work? anyone tried them? seems made in UK so wondering if it works for local mosquito. thanks.
  4. Another shocking news..... MML just said the retirement age will be 67 in future and later on, it will be case by case basic with the employers... If you can still work at 67, just accept any jobs and dont be choosy. If MML is still wanted by the team thunder, he will still work too... Aiyo, he and us differnet leh... He at 67 working and sitting with aircon on and receiving with a VERY WELL TO DO pay... how to complain.. Us.. working like s--t, and by 50 if u are still around in the company, u should thank yor lucky star... Most I see, by 60, already working as cleaners, guards etc... Even if u want to work at labor jobs, also no one wants u... For those towkays, no need to say lah... u want until the company goes down also no problems... just normal folks like us will suffer. I already give up on my CPF withdrawal...
  5. Duckduck

    Debt collectors at work

    https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=636895009758897&set=vb.487870694661330&type=2&theater hohoho
  6. Just joined a new team. This senior like to stand too close when he talk. When I back off, he close the distance. Got any polite way to handle? Might be a little sensitive to tell him directly. Advice appreciated. Kum Siah.
  7. Recently been doing appraisals for my guys and this question came up. People always like to ask why i promote this guy and not them. caused quite a bit of unhappiness. i guess it's quite normal. Then i came across this article. found it a very good read. hopefully it will help you guys in your career moving forward. Food for thought on a weekend!
  8. after 6pm, says Amazon's India chief. Personally, I try not to work after office hours unless it's absolutely necessary. That's why bosses are important. I know of some managers who ask their subordinates to do PowerPoint slides for them even during CNY Day 2. Such bosses don't understand work is never ending. It's hard to strike a balance, but we must try. ********** https://www.todayonline.com/world/log-get-life-and-stop-responding-work-emails-or-calls-after-6pm-amazons-india-chief-tells BANGALORE — The head of Amazon.com’s India business has a radical idea for his troops: Log off, get a life. In an memo to his team this month, Mr Amit Agarwal counselled colleagues to stop responding to emails or work calls between 6 pm and 8 am in the interest of “work-life harmony". He also talked about the importance of work discipline and how to draw the line. The leaked note has broken through the sleep-deprived haze in the technology hub of Bangalore to set off heated discussions on social networks and WhatsApp chat groups. Mr Agarwal is a senior vice president at the Seattle-based retail behemoth, which has a reputation of fostering a cutthroat work culture and driving employees to burnout. Many in India wondered if this represented a softer turn for the company. Mr Agarwal has previously served as an executive assistant to Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos, who is often painted as a demanding boss. An Amazon representative in India declined to comment on the email. India, with its more than 1.3 billion people, has become a fierce battleground for Amazon.com, and the company has committed some US$5.5 billion to building up its network there. Recently Amazon lost out to Walmart in a bid to buy Flipkart Online Services, India’s leading e-commerce operator. While the demands of technology on workers has become a topic of debate around the world, work-life balance is severely off kilter in Bangalore, India’s third-largest city, where a significant portion of the one million workers employed in the outsourcing business cater to global customers and often work late into the night. It’s even more lopsided in the up-and-coming startup industry, where late-night meetings and weekend calls are the norm. Psychologists, sleep laboratories and fertility clinics have raised concerns about the mental and physical toll wrought by the frenetic work schedule. Insomnia, depression and suicidal tendencies are rampant symptoms, said Dr S Kalyanasundaram, a well-known psychiatrist who sees many technology workers in his thriving south Bangalore practice. “These days I see many 25- and 28-year-olds suffering heart attacks, something I haven’t seen in my four decades in this field,” he said. The doctor said all of his Saturday appointments are reserved for tech workers and often booked months in advance. “For many, there’s only one life and that’s the work life,” Dr Kalyanasundaram said. “It’s a disaster; it’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.” In startups from Bangalore to Delhi, founders and top executives lead the gruelling pace by example. Mr Ritesh Agarwal, the founder of the travel unicorn OYO Rooms and unrelated to the Amazon executive, said he gets minimal sleep during the work week. To catch up, he goes to sleep early on Saturday night and wakes up at midday on Sunday. In Bangalore, Mr Byju Raveendran, founder and chief executive officer of the education tech startup BYJU’s said he and his teammates leave recreation to late night hours, sometimes starting football games at midnight and ending as late at 2 am. Businesses from food delivery startups to late-night sports arenas cater to the insomniac workers. Mr Dilip Vamanan, founder of an e-commerce data analytics startup called SellerApp, that helps merchants sell on Amazon, said he clocks 14 hours a day in the office. After that, he takes calls and responds to emails at home. His colleagues complain of back aches, insomnia and stress. Amazon’s Mr Agarwal, may have an inspired idea, but it may be harder to implement than it would seem. “Indian startups have a lot to prove,” said Mr Vamanan. “They are nowhere near a scale where founders can step back and turn on the auto mode.” BLOOMBERG
  9. Been trying to find some quality fragance oil for the home that works with reed diffuser. Places like Robinsons has them but I think for sure such thing can be purchased below 50$ somewhere.. I bought a few to try from Lazada and shipped from Korea but the smell cannot be detected even with brand new reed. Is there such thing as value-for-money home fragrance ?
  10. commonjunks

    So how these marking on road work?

    Do a person waiting in lane 1 have access to all 1,2,3 lane on straight road? I was in lane 2 while turning right, but when i try filtering in lane 3 this bike standing in lane 1 want to get in lane 3 and start showing me gestures like i should have gone in lane 4. After he filtering in 3rd lane, he went back to lane 1 to get in MBFC car park.
  11. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/grab-driver-challenges-himself-24-030321825.html A Grab driver who goes by the name of Sonic (gotta go fast after all) recounted on Facebook his experience in pushing himself to work for 24 hours as a personal challenge — an ordeal that earned him $912 in total from the 59 jobs he took. Wanting to prove that it is actually possible to rake in close to $1,000 on a weekday, the Grab driver embarked on his quest on Monday, when the clock struck midnight. The man even uploaded video logs of his 24-hour work day on the ProDriver IncGrab driver community page on Facebook to show his progress. In the first clip, he mentioned that he would begin the shift at Changi Airport, acknowledging that it would be pretty hard to get many passengers on a Monday. “I strongly advise against driving such long hours because it’s actually very dangerous for yourself and the rider,” he urged. “Rest assured that I will stop if I feel too tired, but I’m very well rested over the weekend”. Grab driver challenges himself to work 24 hours. just how safe is it to drive 24 hours a day? thought commercial drivers got limitations to the number of hours they can drive a day? or not applicable to grab drivers? endangering other road users also.
  12. Ysc3

    Threatened at work ?

    anyone kenah threaten at work before ? by outsider some more ? how would you react ? how would YOUR COMPANY react ? anyway, this happened over the weekend ... as you know, I am in warehousing and we are all manual laborers working with other manual laborers. so last week we were very packed and truckers making deliveries to our whse had to wait much longer than usual ... so came one guy who drove a 40' trailer and decided to cut que and asked my staff to unload just one piece of cargo for him. my staff simply told him to go back and join the que and the guy refuted my staff saying he was rude and unhelpful. as he was leaving, another staff who just returned from the toilet told him to use the walkway and not the forklift ramp and the guy snapped and walked up the forklift ramp and threatened staff to "put location !" my staff sensed that the guy was a bit "high" and just kept quiet and the guy then went back down using the ramp. subsequently another staff from another section unloaded the guy's cargo after a few mins. I told me staff if this kind of thing were to happen again, just ignore such ppl and then get the security to remove them and don't even bother with the goods he is carrying. however, I do not know if my employer(customer) will share the same sentiment. **btw, I already went home when it happened ... was only reported to me the next day.
  13. S’porean freelancer’s 4-month ordeal trying to work in China with no salary & winning S$1,000 compensation A Singaporean woman has taken to Facebook to share her infuriating ordeal of having to move to China on short notice after taking up a job offer via a Singapore company, not having the proper documentation done for her by the company that engaged her, and eventually, not getting paid at all. InfuriatingHer story is all the more infuriating as she is a Malay woman who would obviously face a language barrier in China, but not much was done to help her along the way, according to her post. Not only did the company in Singapore not take precautions to ensure she was protected and taken care of, it strung her along for several months without paying her a salary and repeatedly broke agreements, until she demanded compensation by going to the Small Claims Tribunal. Although the story she shared ends on a positive note and talked about the issue as a major learning experience for her about the realities of working abroad and dealing with unscrupulous entities, the details are anything but. She also said she is sharing her story as a cautionary tale for would-be freelancers and contract workers in Singapore, who need to learn how to take the necessary steps to protect themselves. 1. Going to China as an educatorHer story began in November 2017. She was hired as a drama consultant by a company in Singapore. Her job is contract work, and she was to go to China to join a sister company to facilitate the English drama curriculum. The arrangement was for her to enter China on a business visa. But she would first fly in on a tourist visa instead, as this was her first trip in. She was told she would be allowed to stay in China for 30 days, before flying back to Singapore to get the paper work for her business visa. On Nov. 1, 2017, she was made to sign the contract, and on the same day, fly off to China. This to her was a red flag as she had just 12 hours to pack, with her flight information provided on the same day, but she chose to take the chance and went along. She was then given two contracts to sign: A Singapore contract and a China contract. Her salary was stated as S$3,000 per month. The China company was supposed to pay her — when she received her working visa. She pointed out the discrepancy as she was then only on tourist visa, but was assured by the Singapore company project manager the contracts were just a formality and things would work out. 2. First time in China and something amissOn the 13th day of her stay in China, she got suspicious and checked and found out her tourist visa entitled her to only 15 days in the country. She panicked. She demanded to fly back to Singapore, which she did on the 14th day. She wrote in her post that she wondered what would have happened if she overstayed in China and couldn’t communicate with immigration. She requested for her salary from the China company, but was told they couldn’t disburse it as it was the Singapore company who had to pay her before she got her business visa. Another red flag. 3. Two-month wait back in SingaporeAnd when she returned, she waited two months before her Singapore company did the paperwork to process her business visa. But she ended up doing the paperwork herself as it was faster and more efficient. The Singapore company then got a travel agent here to expedite the process and she got her flight itinerary to go back to China. 4. Fake itineraryOn the day she was due to fly back to China, the airline check-in staff told her there was no booking made under her name. It turned out that the flight itinerary was a fake one. It was submitted so that the China visa centre would approve of her business visa. The Singapore company explained that there was some issue between it and the China company. She then laid out two conditions for her to go back to China: She would get her own classroom to run her lesson there and the CEO of the company will settle her salary as she wasn’t paid yet. 5. Fake agreementShe made it back to China and was given a dance studio as her classroom. She personally paid for and brought over 24kg worth of teaching materials from Singapore. While setting up for her drama class, the principal from the China company started scolding her in Mandarin, saying that she was not supposed to use the space as a classroom and the talk of her having a classroom was just a fake agreement that the Singapore and China company made up for her to agree to go back to China. The Singapore company then placated her by saying the CEO will meet her in three days’ time on Friday. She didn’t have to do anything in the meantime. On Friday, the meeting with the CEO got cancelled. 6. Savings depletedFurious, she was looking to get the next plane back to Singapore. At that point in time, she had not been paid in two months and her savings were depleted from having to pay for rental and buying materials. The project manager from the Singapore company told her to stay on for one week while the issues were sorted out. She waited and continued teaching classes. However, it was a demeaning period for her as the China company made her stand in front of the school every morning in cold weather just to greet the children and parents in English. She was reassured that her salary would be paid. She just needed to stay another week in China without working, while they transferred her to another school there. A week went by and she was sent back to Singapore. The other school in China could not afford to pay for a teacher. 7. CEO kept changing the meeting datesBack in Singapore, all seven meetings scheduled on different dates to meet the Singapore company’s board of directors were cancelled. The excuses given were the same, that the CEO wasn’t in Singapore. At that point in time, four months had passed and she still wasn’t paid. 8. Sought legal adviceShe was alerted to Singapore Law Society’s pro bono services and sought free legal advice. The lawyer advised her to file a claim in the Small Claims Tribunal against the Singapore company. However, he said the Singapore company might want to get away on a technicality in her contract: It was stated that she is a “Contractor” and not an “Employee”. 9. Sought S$10,000 compensationShe filed a claim for S$10,000 against the Singapore company. That amount was the most a claimant could file for. Her justification: The company owed her three months of salary worth S$9,000 and she asked for an additional S$1,000 as opportunity costs. She had missed out on other employment opportunities in the four months she waited and shuttled to and fro from Singapore to China and back. 10. Company tried to settle with S$250One night before the consultation in the State Courts, a human resource personnel from the Singapore company called her to settle for S$250. She told the personnel to bugger off. 11. How she won S$1,000 compensationDuring consultation, the referee told her the Small Claims Tribunal has no jurisdiction for compensation. The HR manager from the Singapore company was smug about that. But she brought up the issues with the Singapore company’s malpractices and unethical business transactions to the referee. In response, the HR manager then agreed to pay her S$500 as compensation for the three months of non-payment of salary. She said no, and told the referee she was not leaving with less than S$10,000. The referee asked her on what grounds and she brought up the Singapore company’s negligence in informing her about her 15-day tourist visa to China initially. The HR manager then raised the compensation to S$700. Again she said she was not leaving with less than S$10,000. The referee asked her on what grounds, and she said she left her stable full-time job and another promising job opportunity. The HR manager than agreed to give her S$950 in compensation. Again, she said no. She said in the post it felt like she was playing The Price Is Right. Again, the referee asked her on what grounds she should be compensated S$10,000, and she turned to HR manager and said: “On grounds that it is illegal to send me to China to work on a tourist visa.” There was silence in the room. So, she turned to the HR manager and said: “If you can’t settle with my request, we can always proceed to hearing.” According to her, she had nothing to lose if the case proceeded to a hearing, as it would be disadvantageous for the Singapore company to do so, given how more details about their working relationship could be revealed. Advice for othersThe woman’s post ends with practical advice for freelancers stuck in a similar predicament, as well as a warning to those who intend on embarking on the same kind of journey by working in a foreign country but do not have the prior experience of how ti works. She also wrote about the lack of protection for freelancers and contract workers in Singapore who are not classified as employees. This is a pressing concern, as those who are not employees are usually unsure of their employment rights as contractors and have inadequate knowledge of measures to protect themselves. You can read her full post here.
  14. No vampires or zombies, but plenty of sun, sand, and sea... And food galore too.. Being a seaside place, you can expect good seafood, but I also saw a few type of food that I have never seen before.. This one left the greatest impression! Looks like... well I will let you guys use your imaginations Of course, there's more regular stuff..
  15. Discoburg

    Self induced stress at work

    Being in the sales line and new to the company since Jan 2017, i constantly give myself the pressure to bring in more new accounts. Maybe its due to me being let go by my previous company. Had a tough time looking for job in June 2016 till Aug 2017. Found a job in an Italian company (same trade) but they expect results in eastern malaysia within the 3-4 months i was with them. Luckily my current company, used to be my customer, asked me to join them. Had some result within the first year of joining them but now seems not so smooth. Sigh, guess not everyday is smooth sailing.
  16. Hi, My company is looking for the above for a 2-3 weeks assignment at a construction site in the east. The job is to be present on-site during the operation of a gondola to install a fixture on a 9 storey building. PM me your costs, $$$ and we can discuss from there. Thanks
  17. This is what i was trying to stress in previous thread, many of us can choose to slow down, but if the whole country is slowing down to have the work-life balance, who is going to cheong out there to make sure the economy continue to perform and sustain? Fortunately there are still ambitious young graduates (despite some strawberry) who are hardworking. On the other hand, we also see many members acknowledge the trade off (income vs time) at personal level, but at the national level, things will not be good. Dun turn this into bashing, we can discuss about your personal choice and the trade off.
  18. Health is important. All MCF members do take care Women who work nights face higher cancer risk: study http://www.asiaone.com/health/women-who-work-nights-face-higher-cancer-risk-study?xtor=EREC-16-4[Emarsys_Newsletter]-20180109&extid=6934d0cfb7b252f1ae9f0dbddf5ff88ca8637e77 Women who regularly work the night shift in Europe and North America may face a 19 per cent higher risk of cancer than those who work during the day, said a study Monday. These heightened risks were not apparent among female night-shift workers in Australia and Asia, said the meta-analysis in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention. "Our study indicates that night shift work serves as a risk factor for common cancers in women," said study author Xuelei Ma, an oncologist at the West China Medical Center of Sichuan University in Chengdu, China. "We were surprised to see the association between night shift work and breast cancer risk only among women in North America and Europe," he added. "It is possible that women in these locations have higher sex hormone levels, which have been positively associated with hormone-related cancers such as breast cancer." The review incorporated 61 previously published studies on the topic, spanning 3.9 million participants from North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia and more than 110,000 cancers. One drawback to the study was that the different definitions of long-term night shift work -- with some of the papers describing it as "working during the night" and others saying "working at least three nights per month." But the association was stark. While overall long-term night shift work increased the risk of cancer by 19 per cent, the risk of certain cancers were even higher. Female night shift workers saw a 41 per cent increased risk of skin cancer and a 32 per cent higher risk of breast cancer. The risk of gastrointestinal cancer was 18 per cent higher than in women who did not perform long-term night shift work. A subset of female nurses was also highlighted in the study, which showed "those who worked the night shift had an increased risk of breast (58 per cent), gastrointestinal (35 per cent), and lung cancer (28 per cent) compared with those that did not work night shifts." Ma noted it was possible that nurses might be more likely to undergo screening, since they work in the medical profession. "Another possible explanation for the increased cancer risk in this population may relate to the job requirements of night shift nursing, such as more intensive shifts." When it came specifically to breast cancer, the risk rose by 3.3 per cent for every five years of night shift work, said the study. Previous research has shown that nighttime work can disrupt the body's circadian rhythms, causing hormonal and metabolic changes that may boost the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity and depression. "The results of this research suggest the need for health protection programs for long-term female night shift workers," said Ma. "Long-term night shift workers should have regular physical examinations and cancer screenings."
  19. How does GPS is work in cars if internet system is not working. And where to buy and install GPS system online.
  20. Dedicated to porker!! http://www.collegehumor.com/post/6959407/please-dont-stick-stuff-up-your-butt-16-strange-x-rays-of-things-people-have-put-up-there
  21. Anti-Bardahl Asia Pacific I'm a business man also a victim for selling Bardahl Asia Pacific' s Products, in the past 10 years my company have trading with Bardahl Asia Pacific (BAP). Till now, I have found out something strange and make me feel sad about doing business with BAP. Everyone need to know about it and be careful. First off, BAP's Products and sales service is bad. We have some oil burning issues with a lot of car and they just push all the responsibility to us. they said that the oil burning problem only happen in our place we need to figure it out by ourselves. secondly, we hear the conversation between BAP and different suppliers. BAP sent out a low-price quote to every suppliers and ask them to produce what BAP need with the suppliers standard. That's mean the only standard is cost. Moreover, they are not the real Bardahl branch in Asia and owned by Bardahl Mfg. Co.(BMC) as they told everyone. BAP just an agent under Eric H. Fletcher (another agent appointed by BMC). Please let me to explain to everyone below. In 2015, Bardahl India(http://www.elvibardahl.com/) independent from BAP. I feel a bit weird about how can a distributor go deal with the headquarter and kick BAP out. They should be in the same system and no conflict. Thus, I go to check on the website and did a company search about BAP. In the report, we saw BAP capital is only Singapore Dollar 50K and without any investment from BMC. BAP Shareholders is all individual with ID no. that mean BAP and BMC is not the real relationship as they said. (See Below) BAP have not own any oil factory or warehouse in Singapore, BAP is a trading company only and they trade with everyone without principles. BAP have not got the right to produce oil and additives, they can do trade with imports, exports and local sales only. (See Below) And we did another company search for BMC. We can only see there is a person call Eric Nicolaysen, the COO in BMC. Eric H.Fletcher said he is the the managing director have not showed anywhere in the report, he is cheating us. BMCs' division showed in the report is OCD Nederland B.V.(Bardahl Euro). That's mean BAP is also laying to everyone about they are BMC division and owned by BMC. BAP is not the one they said. BAP and Eric H.Fletcher cheat everyone in Asia. They can cheat everyone for a while but they can't cheat us forever. It is too late for me to knew this fact. My sales manager has betrayed me and take everything from the company to join BAP. BAP have contact my sales manager to offer him a better salary to take over everything. After everything they have done to me and BAP sent me a message that their business principles is 'I want everything from you.' Everyone who dealing with BAP, they will take all your investment in Bardahl. BAP is a trading company only. And they do not sign any contract with everyone, even they have sign something. They will overthrow what they sign and make a lot of argue to deny everything they said. These things are not happening in me only. In Asia, BAP is doing now to everyone. In Philippines, BAP open two distributor and make them imports stock from BAP as much as they can. When the two distributors cannot import any more, BAP will appoint another distributor again and repeat the same things to them. In Taiwan, I knew there is a same case. Taiwan distributor worked for BAP around 10 years and kicked out by his sales manager Mr. Tang, BAP using a similar method to cooperate with Mr. Tang and takeover the market that the original Taiwan distributor have developed. BAP afraid their lies will be expose. Thus, BAP need to keep changing distributor and setting unreasonable target to distributor to ensure their lies would not be expose. In the right timing, BAP will get into that market when it is well developed. Original Taiwan distributor with red and the new one in yellow is the sales manager under the original. Photo took in Phuket Retreat 2013 We can see BAP take over Taiwan and dealing with the sales manager in 2016. I have find out the original distributor are noticed by BAP that BMC(Eric Hoy Fletcher) need to change the distributor based on their work is not doing well but no details. We can also see thing was happened in Korean. Above are the original distributors in Korean in 2014. However, BAP was selling expensive products and pushing them to keep importing oil. After a year, Korean distributor have a lot of stock with high cost. They cannot sell it based on the cost of imports is the retail price in Korean, then BAP ask them to quit and handover all the market with no cost to the new distributor(see below) in 2016. BAP also promise the original distributor will give him back the profit after they sold the products. But the result end up that Korean distributor haven’t got his money back. I know it now that is happening in China right now. Since 2014, Singapore open a joint venture with a Chinese company and make them invest 2 million US dollar. China market have developing normal in these 3 years. Because of BAP keep interfere the business in China. BAP appoint 3 to 4 national distributors and selling to them directly from Singapore and ask the joint venture to bear the cost and support them for developing China Market. BAP promise for 15% Profit to the joint venture when BAP selling to different national distributor. 3 Years ago, BAP use the power in the joint venture and keep stocking for the national distributor. But none of them buy from the joint venture, BAP selling them directly from Singapore. Furthermore, there is an additives national distributor open by BAP. BAP sold him 2 containers of additives and they cannot sell it out based on the cost, BAP would like to disqualify their national distributor without helping them to recover their investment. When BSZ want to help them to clean up his additives to recover some of his investment. BAP just stop BSZ and tell BSZ that BAP and BSZ have no responsibility to help anyone sell their stock. In 2017, BAP ask the joint venture to transfer all the assets to BAP and close the joint venture based on the order of Eric H. Fletcher and BMC. BAP said everyone should following the order from Americans. Otherwise BAP will ask their lawyer team to take everything from the joint venture. Bardahl Shenzhen(BSZ) haven’t surrender and following the contract they have sign with BAP, so BAP open another company in Guangzhou (BGZ) and ignore the contract they have signed and producing everything locally. BAP and BGZ keep telling everyone BSZ is no longer exist and BSZ have compensate a few millions dollar to BMC for their action to confuse who dealing with BSZ. We are not a fool, this world is fair enough for everyone to do business by following the rules. BAP want to take everything from you and your friend, the examples above has showed how BAP cheat people and We should stand up for anything unfair nowadays, fight for the right. We know BAP haven’t got their word, we are not the one who need to obey Americans order as a slave. We are organizing more group to stand up for these. So please pay attention for this and stop buying product from Bardahl Asia Pacific.
  22. What kind of weekender are you? 1. Go out on Saturdays and stay at home on Sundays. These people will continue to have fun after a 5 day work week and continue their surging energies into the Saturday. They will go out the whole day on Saturdays until late night since Sunday no work (or work half day and go out till night) and then rest the whole day on Sundays at home to prepare for Monday, e.g. sleep, spend time at home with family and hobby. 2. Stay at home on Saturdays and go out at Sundays. These people will rest, sleep, stay at home with family on Saturdays (or go home straight after half day work) and recharge after a hectic work week. They will go out on Sundays for some fun and return home early to get ready for Monday. 3. Work on Saturdays and Sundays or either one. These people have to work full days on weekends. Either whole weekend burnt for work or only have one day of weekend for rest or fun. 4. Go out on both Saturdays and Sundays. These people either have that energies or have only these 2 days for family and friends, so they make full use of it, like driving around exploring places, meet up with their wide circles of friends, movie marathons, etc. Each day is precious to them and they don't waste time at home sleeping. 5. Stay at home on both Saturdays and Sundays. These people are too tired to go anywhere after a hectic work week or want to save money after spending a lot during working days. They rather stay at home to recharge for the new working week, than going out because it is too tiring to go out, too expensive to spend on weekends, too crowded and boring to go anywhere during weekends. They prefer to stay at home, sleep, surf net, play with kids, cook and eat, watch TV, etc
  23. Babyt

    Does glucosamine cream work?

    Does glucosamine cream work?
  24. Hi, I would like to check if it was due to site constrain and the job nature (to dismantle the existing aircon ducting), in order for my workers to move the scaffold to underneath the aircon ducting so just to enable to cut and remove the existing ducting, our workers needed to remove the obstructing railing from the highest platform on the scaffold. However, to prevent falls, our falls prevention measured was to make sure our men's PPE hooks are secured to the scaffold and suspended rod above. my question are, could the above be acceptable as an excuse for removing parts from an approved scaffold? did i violated any rules? TIA
  25. Some of us probably know we strive really hard and for long hours but to know that we beat Japan in this aspect and even earned the world's longest hours worked title is rather mind-boggling... From asiaone: S'poreans work the longest hours in the world The Star/Asia News Network Saturday, Oct 19, 2013 Singaporeans work the longest hours in the world, reported Nanyang Siang Pau on a study by Taiwan's China Times newspaper. They worked an average of 2,402.4 hours a year, higher than Taiwan's 2,140.8 hours. Workers in East Asian countries seemed to work longer hours than their Western counterparts, from between 2,090 and 2,402 hours in Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong. Those in Japan worked 1,745.2 hours, while those in the United States, Canada and Britain worked between 1,654 and 1,790 hours. (Source: http://news.asiaone.com/news/business/sporeans-work-longest-hours-world )