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Found 489 results

  1. Freeman

    Does haze affect GPS signal?

    Notice yesterday & today that my GPS got problem getting signal. Wonder if it has anything to do with the haze or just my device problem. Anybody has the same problem?
  2. utterly disappointed with HDB (whats new?!) Long story short: collected BTO flat keys Feb 2016, punggol along waterway area recently spotted master bedroom toilet door starting to split at the edges from the bottom. first noticed in July 2017. called HDB and was informed past warranty period. nothing can be done. gave me contractor's contact for quote, contractor bo huh me. fine few days ago, spotted common toilet door starting to split at the edges from the top. emailed into HDB feedback. received call from the same officer who spoke to me the first time and regurgitated the same "out of warranty" story. when i refused to budge, another lady spoke to me and said it may be due to the owners not doing proper maintenance and due to usage issues. seriously? how to use until the edges split? bang the door daily as a hobby? if its only one door, fine, i suay. now its both doors. obviously its quality issues! we topup for optional components for inferior products! kaos. (no idea why after attaching the picture was rotated) any bros encountered anything similar and managed to get HDB do something about the issue? can share? im so sorry for starting in the wrong section.. how can i move it to non-car related! sorry!!
  3. Hi Guys, Am driving a Manual Kia Rio. Just would like to check, while car at stationary, and i pull up the handbrake lever, will the brake lights comes on? I've check on my car, and the brake light doesn't come on, so wondering whats the norm or it needs some attention. Thanks for giving me some advice on what's observed on your car even if its not a Kia.
  4. Singapore has BIG refine oil industry. I guess it may be a BIG money reason why Singapore Government did not support renewable energy such as win energy, solar energy, sea wave energy and EV. Because of this BIG money reason, Singaporeans have to use petrol cars and have to pay for petrol tax + carbon/environment taxes while using petrol cars. Double wins for Singapore Government, double losses for Singaporeans and environment.
  5. It doesnt surprise me at all. Read The New Paper.
  6. https://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_overview.php?CarCode=11503 Like take Honda Vezel. Does the $92k include COE? What are the other costs we need to look out for in a new car purchase?
  7. saw some ultrasonic electronic mosquito repellent at homefix. looks like a good idea but does this device work? anyone tried them? seems made in UK so wondering if it works for local mosquito. thanks.
  8. good people, I was goign through my insurance renewal when a particular clause strikes me, its says it includes insuring the COE & PARF value, and there is a tick for me to OPT OUT. My question now is, isn't COEs & PARF value guaranteed? Meaning, if in the event of total wreck or lost of vehicles, my remaining COE & eligible parf will be paid for by the governemnt? OR am I missing the point totally?
  9. Just want to pose the above question to all the drivers out there, feedback is appreciated. Before I start, let me give some info on my current car. Driving a SUV now. Stock wheels were 235/65 R17. A few months back, the tyres were getting bald and needs a change. I have long been a fan of huge chrome deepdish rims. Since it needed a tyre change, I reckon I will go for the full package. After asking around, most of my friends or shop owners will say that 'your FC is going to be super jialat, furthermore with such big rims'. I thought, what the heck, it is not everytime I get to have a car to be able to be fitted with big rims. I went ahead and got a R22 rims with 265/35. The overall diameter is still withn 1% of my stock wheels. I must say, I did not regret my decision. Full chrome with a 3" lips. Before changing wheels, FC was approx 7.8 - 8 km / L. After changing rims, I monitored for 2 months and most of the time, it is quite constant. Many who have seen my rims were WOW, your FC must be crazy. I just told them it is ok, still acceptable to me. Question to the bros and sis here, be it either you have experience with rims upsizing or you hearsay from others, what do you think my FC is currently. I did not purposely change my driving style before or after, style and attitude still remained the same.
  10. Metalbone

    Double rainbow...what does it mean?

  11. Unbeliveable when I saw the post here: http://www.limsimi.com/johor-bahru-others/...mp-more-petrol/
  12. Since @kdash requested this topic 2 days ago, I shall open a new thread for this topic. Recently there has been a discussion about certain colors describing the demographics of the drivers. It has been perceived that colors like gold, champagne, etc are associated with ah peks or old uncles these days. Colors like white are more popular than black these days, unlike in the past, people prefer black than white because black is easier to maintain. What do you think? What colors these days are really associated with: ah peks? - gold, champagne - black - beige - maroon ah bengs? - yellow - blue with gold rims - black - red And which other groups of people?
  13. Was chatting with a fellow brother and we were arguing about how having turbo will contribute to FC. I was on the camp that having turbo, FC friendliness will only be achieved if the required gear-ratio vs RPM is achieved. He was on the camp that turbo is FC friendly regardless, only the max BHP is the difference at the correct gear-ratio vs RPM. so, just to generate some chit chat. i am bored. share your views.
  14. I saw him driving along Bukit Timah road today....answer to be revealed soon....
  15. Is it a free market or cornered market? Isn’t it good for a consumer to pay cheaper car prices? Why would it raise concerns? See news article
  16. Hi bros, can i check how long does it take to inspect the IU? Thinking of going down during lunchtime...
  17. This topic was discussed before but I cant seems to find it. Any comments on hw much a new car salesman can earn? Any salesman wants to share his/her pay scale?
  18. How does GPS is work in cars if internet system is not working. And where to buy and install GPS system online.
  19. minyoro

    Where does the smoke come from?

    where does the smoke come from? [:p] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32xV_ArlvP8
  20. Of late, I have seen many HDB 's owner dumping unwanted stuff along lift-lobby. We can understand during peak season like CNY, HRP, Deepavali or X'mas season. 2day, I saw a 70% used tyre dumped along side the lift lobby, if the owner can be bothered to bring it downstair, at least have the courtesy to carry to the rubbish chute behind, should we start a thread to shame this dumper or educate them proper, cast your vote. Kam xia lu ! what have fellow MCF seen of late/ recently duped items a) Sofa set, old furnitures b)
  21. Lmws214

    Does boredom lead to trouble?

    Some sharing. These days, I have seen that people are bored and often get himself/herself into trouble of some sorts. Is it true? I may be wrong. I sat at the coffee shop once for some while and have observed that this teenager was feeling so bored that he started to use a penknife to slice the table to make scratch marks. He seemed to be waiting for his friend and while waiting he decided to do what he did. Then I approached him to ask him to stop. He was not happy and showed me that face" mind your own business!". Then he walked away. What are your views on this ? Do share if you seen or know of people. Cheers and thank you.
  22. Can count w one hand the number of times i used it. Anyone else think its a waste of time esp in SG start stop traffic?
  23. As Topic... I remember I used up all my monie when MR in 2006. Today went to E-mart with my collegue, suprise to know I still have $99 in the account...
  24. http://www.mycarforum.com/blog/12/entry-3811-car-sharing-does-not-reduce-road-use/ Car-sharing does not reduce road use By ST_Opinion on 15 Dec 2014 in Engine, Hybrid/electric cars, Motoring, Discussions, Singapore car news, Other News, Other blogs, ST Opinion How would an electric car- sharing scheme further our ambition to be "car-lite"? In short, it does not. Car-sharing schemes, electric or otherwise, will actually lead to higher utilisation of road space, not less. And as the whole purpose of going "car-lite" is to put a cap on congestion, car-sharing does not quite serve the cause. Former Transport Minister Raymond Lim told Parliament in 2010: "From an overall transport perspective, more people sharing a car in effect increases the use of that car." Furthermore, Singapore already has an absolute cap on its car population, via the vehicle quota system. In countries where there is no such control, a car-sharing scheme might conceivably reduce overall car demand marginally. Not so in Singapore, where the quota system has been in place since 1990. In Singapore, car-sharing schemes will only lead to a greater demand for road space. If the end goal is to reduce demand for road space, then we need to ramp up our public transport system, improve how our taxis are deployed, and make it easier for people to share rides. Ride-sharing - or car-pooling as it is more commonly called - reduces demand for road space. So, why are we launching an electric car-sharing scheme? One theory is that it is another way for us to assess the viability of electric cars here. The first $20 million "test-bed" led by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) ended with pretty watery findings. Examples include:Electric vehicles are "technically feasible" in Singapore, because the average distance clocked in the trial was 46km a day. This is less than the national average of 50km for a conventional passenger car, and much lower than the manufacturers' declared range of 120-160km per charge. (The average distance clocked by car owners is a long known fact, and there is no reason to doubt an electric car owner would behave differently.)High purchase price was the top inhibiting factor cited by consumers. (There has already been clear evidence of this in other markets.)Range anxiety was the next major concern. (Another well-documented fact.)Electric cars are expensive compared to conventional cars primarily because of their high open market value. (Yet another known fact.)A cost-benefit analysis showed that the health-care savings arising from the clean mode of transport would not be sufficient to offset the high cost of electric cars. (This is probably the most interesting finding, but the EMA did not elaborate despite repeated requests.)Another $75 million in tax dollars have been set aside to put more than 1,200 green vehicles on the road. Sources say the electric car-sharing scheme would account for the bulk of the budget. But despite having been on the drawing board for over a year, the initiative is still stuck in neutral gear. Life! understands that the Land Transport Authority and Economic Development Board - which will be spearheading the plan - have not yet called for an RFI (request for information). As such, the scheme is unlikely to take off anytime soon. According to industry players, one of the stumbling blocks is the different charging cables used by various manufacturers from China, Europe and the United States. This makes setting up a public charging infrastructure that can be used by one and all a costly affair. Even if Singapore were to adopt the latest European convention, the new cable is different from those used by cars involved in the first test-bed. That might render an entire network of three-year-old charging stations obsolete. One view is that Singapore should forget about setting up a public charging infrastructure. As the first trial showed, the average driving distance for an electric car is less than half the range of a fully charged vehicle. The Government should just leave it to the private sector to decide how it wants to provide charging facilities to customers. And instead of another tax-funded trial to see if electric vehicles are viable, the carbon emissions-based vehicle scheme (CEVS) should be enhanced to give due recognition to cars with substantial environmental and health contributions. Today, CEVS rebates are granted too freely. Having said all that, car-sharing still has a role here. Not so much as a transport solution, but a social one. Car- sharing indirectly placates the person who is priced out of the car market. But the way we have been operating car-sharing thus far is inefficient. In Europe, car-sharing plans rely on smartphone apps that tell users at a glance the availability of cars in the vicinity. Users can then book an available car with a touch of the screen. There is no need for designated parking spaces and other logistical requirements. In Singapore, where carpark spaces are as precious as road space, reserving lots for car-sharing schemes is just not possible. -- PHOTO: BLOOMBERG by Christopher Tan how come never sexplain why car sharing will increase road use?
  25. Guys, please help advice! I am purchasing a used vehicle from Company A, but on the vehicle log card, the owner of the car is NOT company A but another company. (Let's call it company B) When I ask company A to give me the full UEN of the company that own the car, they refuse to give me. They explain that the reason why the car ownership is company B, is because they not enough cash to purchase the car from the seller previously, so they borrow money from company B. So company B keep the ownership of car to be safe. So should I still purchase this car from company A? Is it safe? Please advice! xoxo