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  1. Cheap sia. Mercedes' insurance so low ah?
  2. Being careful doesn't mean no accident. Have you heard of the driver who was so afraid that someone will hit him from the behind that he keeps checking his rearview mirror and was being very careful. Guess what happened? ... He hit another car in front. Heard of another case where the driver is so protective of his car that he swerved his car to avoid accident and hit the pedestrains on the pathway? Have to be sharp and practice safe driving. Safe means humans life first, vehicle second.
  3. Can claim. But you need proof. Someone rear-end my car and refused to claim liability. He never report accident or insurance. The physical damage wasn't much (minor scratches and slightly dent and drop) but since he refused to pay, I report to insurance. He thought without a camera, I could not show proof. Unbeknowst to him, I have the conversation of us recorded. He got OWNED and now his insurance has claimed 100% liability (Otherwise, I would report to police). He has to pay higher insurance premium for the next 3 to 5 years and these thoughts will continue to linger in him.
  4. https://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_overview.php?CarCode=11503 Like take Honda Vezel. Does the $92k include COE? What are the other costs we need to look out for in a new car purchase?
  5. Or the buyer just has the Balls to buy when many people do not dare to buy.
  6. Actually buy OPC best la. Save $17000 and then use the $17000 to buy e-day licence @ $20 each. Can last 850 days.
  7. Should cyclists be banned/fined on the road given that the Park Connector is just beside the road? So many millions have been spent on Park Connectors to bring safety to cyclists and yet some still cycle on the road.
  8. Hyruga

    Lexus CT Hybrid

    https://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_overview.php?CarCode=11936 1) Anyone buy? 2) What are the pros? 3) and the cons?
  9. Bus lanes should be abolished from 5pm to 8pm. Reasons 1) It jammed up the other lanes as we are forced to drive with one fewer lane. 2) The bus lanes are under utilized by buses anyway. Or at least allow some other vehicles like vans carrying goods or trucks to drive on bus lanes. 3) Due to different work nature and conditions now, there are people who finish work at 1pm to 4pm. There are also many people who ends work late: 8pm to midnight so bus lanes from 5pm to 8pm is kind of redundant now.
  10. Hyruga

    Upgrade to EC

    Huat ar. Happy new year.
  11. Hyruga

    Upgrade to EC

    Cashback or vouchers (not coupons)
  12. Hyruga

    Upgrade to EC

    If you are looking to buy an EC or condo and are looking for more perks and gifts, pls message me.
  13. Hyruga

    $10k depreciate for AE86???

    Fujiwara Takumi - Initial D - AE86 Toyota Trueno
  14. Honda vezel will be top for 2017 too.
  15. Got so cheap ah? Did you count in coe for new car? I dunno the price of these cars.