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  1. Lamemonster

    Workshop to recommend for installing vid cam?

    Seah hin.. Pioneer in audio installation . @ no 10 enterprise road 12n Look for chong
  2. Lamemonster

    Too much oil!!!

    You checked the dip stick on cold engine or ?? Correct way of checking , must be after engine warm up.... ( radiator fan kick in ) Check again ?
  3. Lamemonster


    Not quite true .... In sgp , there is still auto enthusiastic who quit their high paying job just to Be near to their hobby. Ive a tech friend, quit his 6k per mth logistic job to persude his dream job. He's drawing only a mere 1.5k per mth now... But everytime i meet him , his full of joy and happiness.... Doing wat he most enjoyed Be it electric problem, fuel problem or chassis problem.... He'll joyfully diagnosed and rectified And yes ! He a pure Singaporean with an ITE nitec cert! He always tell me, he's near engine not engine near....! My 2cents
  4. Lamemonster

    One road rage attack every 4 days in Singapore

    Yup! Its stressful living here ...... Am considering migrating ..... Here, too... " enterprise " ,furthermore, u got to fight for ur own living rights! And thats too much....... And Humans right is not on our back also....... YOU! ARE JUST AN normal "EMPLOYYEE OF SINGA"!!!!!! U want a promotion to be with the atas !!??? Than u got to show smthing to boss!!! If not !!!! , just do wat u r instructed to do..!!!!! In another words ....We r all just puppets !!!.......
  5. Ya..... So pls dont anyhow post comment . Its a way to silence us.. Lol !
  6. Lamemonster

    Formula Drift Singapore 2013?

    Check their webby lo
  7. Lamemonster

    Alternate Workshops for Volvos

    Wrong post... Pls delete
  8. Shoul be 10a if i remembered correctly . Its not visible on sight.
  9. Confirm 100% its the fuse.... Its down under driver dashboard side. .... Find the alarm module n change the fuse 10a if im not wrong..... Ive got tat same problems years back.
  10. Lamemonster

    3rd Eye (aka Yin Yang eye)

    If eye got black/grey spot is how ah ? Curious...
  11. There's a fuse in the alarm control module. ( stock bm alarm ) Change tat.
  12. Lamemonster

    AutoSaver - Is this recommended workshop

    If its honda fit/jazz/city with cvt gb, oil change is about 20k once. Me , i change every 5k My 2 cent
  13. Just ask the workshop to by pass the compressor with a shorter belt .... But must be in the same "PK". ( same grove line) Drive the car back without the aircon on. Shorter belt sure have in jb unless they trying to be funny. My 5cents....
  14. Lamemonster

    Bkk Which Sim card to buy to call back Sin?

    there's free sim card ( truemove )at the airport. all u need is to topup at the counter. cheapest rate currently. 100baht enough for a weeks. can be topup at all convie shop