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  1. Yeobh

    Disc brakes vs Drum brakes

    Modifications to brake system may result in handling and braking problems and therefore is unacceptable under the vehicle road worthiness test and inspections rules, I understand the modifications can only be approved by LTA unless it is certified by an approved person. An inspector can easily inspect the the vehicle undercarriage including the brake assembly when the vehicle is driven over to the inspection pit . Maybe due to lack of infos the inspector may not be able to decide whether the vehicle comes originally with drum of disc brakes. Good luck to those who modified their vehicle brake system, so long as they do not meet an accident due to brake performance.
  2. Yeobh

    Replace spark plugs

    Most Diyer's when come to changing spark plugs , have a lot of reservations on how tight should one tighten the spark plugs. Insufficient torquing will cause compression gas leakage and misfiring, over tighten will create difficulties in removing in yr next replacement cycle. The best solution is to purchase a torque wrench but most quality wrench do not come cheap. To reduce cost for DIYer's and professional mechanics , one innovative tool maker has come with a idea to built-in a torque limiting device to a spark plug wrench. It will automatically trip ( free turning ) when reaching the desired torque. It prevents over tightening and resulting in stripped threads. No need to have the hand tightening feeling!! Hope this helps
  3. Yeobh

    LTA Vehicle Inspection

    Side slip is actually wheel tracking side way, the tolerance is 5m/km , any wheel side tracking or lateral pulling more than that is unsafe for driving. To overcome wheel side slip (on assumption yr car camber setting is set correctly , for most Asian cars they use fix angle type ) normally a very minute adjustments are need on the toe angle of both wheels. You can have yr wheels toe angle set as per spec on expensive computerised wheel aligner but that does mean you can pass side slip test, because wheels on aligner angle is set on static position whereas side slip testing is done in motion.
  4. Yeobh

    2016 Hyundai Elantra / Avante

    Just hard to believe that you need not have to change yr auto transmission ATF. When the auto transmission is in actions , there is a tendency to breath in dirt into the system because the auto transmission is NOT 100% seal.
  5. Yeobh

    Question on brakes for Toyota

    Brake bleeding for ABS system for some high end continental and some Asian cars are not so straight forward as commonly done by just vacuuming at the bleed screw or just pressuring the system with 10 to 15psi forces ( for those who still use leg power to bleed the system, it is time for them to retire for good) To get the best result it is best for the mech to check the procedure for the respective make and model of car service manuals ( service manuals are not easily available and prices are that cheap ) From time to time you get comments from mech that such and such make and model are difficult to bleed and they general will assume that is the way the cat brake system is designed. Some will try to recommend to change the system components to improve the braking force. Whenever you need to bleed yr car brake system, go to shops that are knowledgeable and have the right skills and tools to undertake the task. DO NOT endanger yr life by going for the cheapest and fastest service.
  6. Yeobh

    Disc brakes vs Drum brakes

    Brake testing is one of the major test component in vehicle mandatory inspections. Brake testis conducted via a brake roller tester and consists of wheel bearing resistant running test, left right brake forces different test, Brake force test and hand brake test. The vehicle inspector has no control over the overall result, the final decision is a compute base decision. Failing brake test , means a overall fail inspection result and the vehicle owner will have to service the brake system and return for another test and if pass, a full pass certificate will be issued
  7. Yeobh

    Removing very old sticky residue

    Use a Professional Razor Scraper - Ideal for removing stickers, glue etc
  8. Yeobh

    Removing very old sticky residue

    Baking powder and vinegar will do the work
  9. Yeobh

    Removing very old sticky residue

    The fastest way to remove sticker and decals - use Eraser Stripe Off Disc. Widely used by auto panel / paint spraying companies. " Removing the unwanted markings is fast, time saving and clean without causing any damage to the original paint surfaces. The original paint surfaces will be free from marks and remain as good as it is."
  10. Yeobh

    Question on brakes for Toyota

    Pressure test the whole brake system is the only way to systematically narrow down the source of the problem. Do a visual inspection and using a small tapping hammer to tap on the brake pipes and joints/fittings hopefully to detect minute cracks on the pipes ( normally caused by "flying" stones or heavy materials while driving at high speed. ) Another possibility may one of the bleed screw has cross threaded and overtime allow minute air to enter into the system when the brake pedal is released Hope this helps
  11. Yeobh

    A new tire size calculator

    Yr car front wheels may have excess camber or castor angle
  12. Yeobh

    Question on brakes for Toyota

    Modern car undercarriages are now very congested and with catalytic converter high exhaust temperature is transmitted to the surrounding. With the little free spaces, the brake pipes will have to run with many bends. Under such conditons, the chance of air bubbles being trapped at "high spots" cannot be ruled out. The traditional way of brake bleeding, with "leg power", is questionable and not 100% perfect especially so for the European makes. So to get the best bleeding result, go and hunt for a shop that has a vacuum or pressure, brake bleeder.
  13. Just out from tool maker, spark plug socket Spark Plug Socket c\w Torque Limiting device. Time saver - no need to use torque wrench.
  14. For those that are difficult to pull out especially like those VAG spark plug coils, you will need to use specially designed pullers.
  15. Yeobh

    Cleaning the catalytic converter?

    If you are in the business of selling chemical detergent, I need your advice regarding chemical detergent for cleaning thee way catalytic convertors via the O2 sensor opening. Pl pm me so that I can pass the infos to my workshop contacts