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    What is the purpose of coolant

    Here are some useful info on ethylene and propylene glycol coolant. Always use distilled water as pipe water contains cholride 50/50 mixture - the coolant will boil at 107 deg C (228deg F) and freeze at -37deg C (-34deg F) 70/30 mixture - the coolant will boil at 135 deg C (276deg F) and freeze at -64deg C (-84deg F) Solution with more than 70% antifreeze will give less protection. To check coolant mixture use special designed ethylene or propylene coolant hydrometer .
  2. P0420 code means that yr cat convertor is chocked with carbon. The quick solution is to pump in detergent via the O2 sensor opening and allow the cleaning agent to soak up the carbon. The next action is to start and rev up the engine to above 2500 rpm.
  3. Yeobh

    Replace spark plugs

    Thin wall spark plug sockets especially 14mm 12points drive are difficult to locate in Singapore. Attached newly design thin wall spark plug socket with torque limiting device from Taiwan tool maker. Designed to help mechanics save time and to prevent over tightening.
  4. Go to a shop that has air powered oil/fluid extractor , DIY type using hand pump are rather weak in the extraction volume and speed
  5. Tku for yr adv, I was trained as a heavy diesel engine mechanic in the later 1960's and spend than 6 yrs as trainer / lecturer. By the way I am already near to 70yrs old. If I have offend you pl accept by apology. Have a nice day.
  6. Diesel engines are subjected to very high compression pressure ( 10 x more than petrol engines), temp and with high rotating forces , the bearing are again subject to more twisting forces. So the lub must be replaced as when the time it up so as to prevent excessive overhaul repair cost.
  7. To save time, tyre man will set the air wrench torque setting to low so as to be able to run the lug nut into position. Once all the lug nuts are in , the final tigthening will be with a torque wrench.
  8. You will be surprise many shops still use cheap "DIY $8.00 " oil filter wrench to work on all makes and model of cars - be it cartridge or canister / paper filter type. I just unable to figure our how they manage to survive and keep on going on to service all the lastest models that call for the use of specialty tools.
  9. To DIY Auto transmission oil drain and replacement of fresh oil, is no easy task unless one have access to use of vehicle lift and ATF dispenser. Most professional mechs will drop the transmission oil pan to drain, do cleaning and replace the filter. Replacing the new ATF into the transmission ( most of the filling plug is located at the lower side of the AT ) must be carried out with pressure dispenser and with the correct adapter screwed into position to prevent oil flow-out.. This hydraulic-tight arrange will allow the AT to be filled to the desired level. Mechanics without proper tools , the chance of introducing dirt into the AT is high and the high possibility of not filling up to the desired volume.
  10. Most of the cars you still need to go under to remove the oil filter.
  11. With the right carbon cleaning detergent and this simple tool, shops should be able to do a reasonable good work in improving engines performance.
  12. With this type of info , even the experts are unable to narrow down the cause(s) , let alone those DIYsers in this forum.
  13. Yeobh

    Reliable Mobile Mechanic for Servicing?

    They use oil extractor , very fast and clean.
  14. Welcome, pl ask more questions on repairs and services, apparently we the forum is highly out of focus.
  15. Chances the the car starter overrun clutch is not functioning properly due to ageing.