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  1. Restricted area cos State property . A sign outside says no Trespassing, but there are quite a few GCBs inside there as part of Hume Height Estate. It is next to Bukit Batok Nature Park, not Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.......
  2. stirling and gomez got some old bad blood?
  3. Best part is, they will have to be 4th for two long weeks......😁
  4. For once, it is nice to see Brendan and Lampard above Pep in the table.
  5. I didn't even think it was lucky. Clearly it wasn't a handball.
  6. Ball was a rebound from the knee before brushing the hand. Clearly it wasn't deliberate or even a 50-50 decision.
  7. 2nd half, bring in Ox and continue to press forward. That's the best form of defence against City Hope Pool don't sit back during 2nd half.
  8. After his article is out, I hope he will get offers for interview at least.
  9. I think it will be a debate of art vs technology. Actors and hard core movie fans will always look at acting as an art. To them, it is a skillset and talent that they are proud of. Now, we are trying to employ technology to bring a decease person back alive and act as good as a real person and more so as one of the main role in the movie. Film purist will not like it, but for the rest, I think most won't care as long they enjoy the movie.
  10. I feel that the authorities has been "slow" in recent years in tackling some of our road issues. First we had the bike sharing scheme which went into many troubles and eventually gone due to unsustainability. Then we now have this PMD saga. What happen to the foresight and swift actions that was the trademark of our governance? Look at chewing gum........very swift as they anticipated that people is going to stick them onto MRT doors and so on...so whether you like it or not, they are going to ban it. Or ban all dialects from our TV decades ago. I seriously hope that the authorities, while embracing new technology, need to put a better study on our current society behaviour and infrastructure to see if certain new disruptions can be supported or not. It looks bad when they try to adopt it, then later need to modify polices, then later find that they have to ban it afterall. When things go this route, it clearly tells me that nobody dares to make a decision, so they let things roll out and let the results make decision for itself. This is not an example of a strong management.
  11. Icedbs

    Gf assaulted by doctor bf

    This kind of news will not go onto the 1st page of straits times. Neither reported on TV prime time news. Even for the 2 dentist recently who was charged for cheating CHAS, it was not reported on TV prime news. But when property agents/insurance agents kena fine/suspended, it will always be prime time news and first page of every papers. Double standard.
  12. Icedbs

    Mercs: property news & updates

    The above is very true. A lot of people think that for Spore property, you just buy any and keep it for long and sure make money. That's complete nonsense. For new launches, buyers need to be even more careful. The problem with today's valuation is that everyone just look at the transacted prices of that particular condo itself. So if a resale condo is transacting at average $1200psf (for e.g) , a buyer would think that if he is paying around there, then he is fine. Or if a new launch is average at $1700psf (like this Sengkang Grand) then if the buyer pays around that range, then he thinks he is ok. Nothing is further from the truth. Let me ask this question to every buyer out there. When you eventually sell (that's when profit or loss is manifested), does your unit compete with the units in your condo only or does it compete with similar units and similar age condos in the vicinity? Obviously the answer is the latter, so why on earth does every buyer only look at the $psf of the condo itself when they are buying? Does it even make sense? In my consulting work, I look at other numbers, but I am always stumped when I look at Edgeprop top 10 losses every week and realise that most of those losing deals could have been avoided if the buyer had done a bit more due diligence that look beyond just the transacted $psf at the time when they buy
  13. Icedbs

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    Well, I think the videoing is part of the process where the security guards need to protect themselves against accusations later. But I think what they didn't expect is that it gets uploaded by somebody. I do not think it is the guard who uploaded it.