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  1. For her to continue to be at her best, should try to arrange for her to train more with the Msian shuttlers. Getting a top tier coach is one thing, but need to have constant world class sparring partners.
  2. Icedbs

    NDP Rally 2019

    The only thing meaningful for me is Keppel golf will be converted to 9000 new housing units....
  3. A good example that life is all about opportunity, timing and luck.
  4. I feel for Mignolet..... Wait and wait and wait for his chance......nothing happens. The moment he left, both keepers injured......
  5. Icedbs

    Man steals basin tap from police station

    actually I am not surprise of a tap costing $170. The branded ones are easily that price. Try to change a Geberit toilet seat. It cost $240. Yes, it is just the seat and the cover.
  6. Pool midfield gone missing again.......same old problem. All chelsea did is to stop Robertson and Salah from advancing through the wings and that's it. When the ball goes back to the center, either Pedro or Kante will be there to pick it up. That's really all Chelsea did so far
  7. Icedbs

    Lying ex-wife to be and custody

    Physical abuse from her? I am not sure how serious is this, but if it causes you some injury, you can always apply for Personal Protection Order. That would put some evidence to your favour.
  8. I am not sure what tips you need, but like all exams, you just need to study real hard for it. The syllabus itself is not tough, but I feel a lot of candidates are taking this while having some other jobs and totally underestimated the paper. When I took this exam, I prepared for it full time. Memory work will not be enough to pass this exam. You can memorise the entire HDB & URA website and still fail in this paper The exam test your application knowledge and it is hard when the candidate has not even been an agent yet! So your knowledge + logical deduction & reasoning has to be very strong. The section on answering 2 case studies would probably killed a lot of candidates. The only advise I can give is practice the model exam questions like you have never done before in your entire education life. If you think you had enough of the practice, do another 50 questions more. Never underestimate this paper even if you are a lawyer or doctor. This is probably one of the toughest industry certification exam to pass today. If you are thinking of joining this line for the money, then look elsewhere. There are less agonising way to make money. You need to be really passionate about serving home-owners where their pain is your pain and their investment success is your only measurement of achievement & fulfillment. Otherwise, you will be happier with your corporate job.
  9. Why don't they ramp up their public housing?
  10. Icedbs

    Leave no dark corner

    I think it is just a way to ensure everyone is as law-abiding as much as possible. Considering they have 1.4 billion pple, I guess they really need technology to manage crime and social behaviour. Can only hope that their AI is accurate in judging the behaviours before giving out the credit score.
  11. Icedbs

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    After 54 years, the situation of the land crossing between Msia and SGP still remains as primitive as ever. It is really unacceptable that after 54 years, cars still need to stuck for hours and hours between the two countries. Pple could have fly to another part of the globe within those hours.
  12. I agree with what you say. Problem is, after seeing their parents generation making boatloads of money from their HDB, do you think it is easy for the current generation to accept that HDB is just a roof over their head and it is perfectly fine if they don't make a cent out of it? Some of my post offers insights and general observations which I see or hear everyday. They are meant to give the hard truth so that forumers know what may happen if they only see what they want now but not what could be ahead. Anyway, due to my very limited time these days, I will not be able to post as often. Those who have questions, PM me and I will answer them whenever I can. Enjoy the national day and long weekend.......will be a very busy time for me though.
  13. Was that even sales talk? Sorry I don't realise it as I am just giving honest sharing base on experience and observations. BTW I do have separate property and other investment like stocks, ILP, unit trust, etc. But I started those when I was 18. So I am not dissing other products, please don;t get me wrong because I have those as well, but from what I observe in the average consumer group, most don't because they either got burn before, or they heard of some bad experiences from friends and didnt want to dabble into it.
  14. Unfortunately, a lot of pple are not savvy in investment instruments. They know a bit about stocks, unit trust, REITs etc...but they don't have time to manage the portfolio themselves. As a result, most buy into unit trust or ILP where over time, the management fees erode their returns . Or they dwell into stocks, didn't monitor and then ended up with half of what they begin with. In the end, most average consumers conclude that either the fund managers are sneaky or other investments are simply too risky for them. Hence the only viable investment most average pple have is their home. So my take is that if the home is your only possible investment, then please make it a sound one especially when one is still young. Like all investments, younger age is a big advantage because of the long investment horizon for compounding returns. Work hard, take a bit more risk and don't settle for comfort when one is still young (early 30s). There is plenty of time for comfort and low risk investments when one is old. This is not to say all young pple must stretch their budget for their home, but they can make sacrifices for sound property investment principle. For example sacrifice space for better location. Or sacrifice space for a newer home where the chances of capital appreciation is higher. Property is the biggest investment for most pple, so whether they look at it as a roof over their head, or just a home to sleep at night, it is still their biggest spending so make it a sound one where it can grow over time.