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    Forex Trading

    I think the spread is better for the major pairs.
  2. Icedbs

    Forex Trading

    I have Phillips Future, but they only have MT5 I trade forex using Expert Advisors so I need MT4 as well. So planning to start Oanda. In anycase, all these SGP regulated brokers had such poor leverage of 1:20. Anyone has experience with IC markets regulated by Australia?
  3. I don't believe it either when I was young, but as I grew older, I realised that the 1 million and one things that have to happen to create a universe and a solar system that provide life to Earth cannot happen by chance. Even looking only at how the human body operates is amazing.......how all the organs work together, the complexity of the brain and then smartly added in an immunity system that could self repair. Till today, after million of years, humans or scientist are not capable of creating a machine that could self re-generate or self repair. Heck, they cannot even explain half of how the brain works. I was told we only know how to use 10% of our brain. I am still waiting for Sky-net...... So no, I have not seen God....., but I believe all these life, plants, animals, humans and their supporting elements like water, oxygen, heat, etc have to be designed for. Whether is it God or Superman I am not sure.....but it has to be someone that sees all and know all
  4. Good advert for Novena Healthcity that is being constructed now and all the properties in Novena/Balestier area? 😁
  5. Very generous of Changi Airport. 50% is a lot.......and I think it is the gov. way of discouraging these retailers from retrenching their workers during this difficult period.
  6. Well, finally a pro-active step rather than a reactive step of telling people to use mask only when they are sick so as to save mask supplies for other groups. Honestly, is it that hard to setup a mask factory or incentivise some suppliers to modify their factory line to make mask in one corner of their factory? It is not a rocket science product.
  7. Basically Pool has been naive... they play right into AM hands. it is very clear that the 2nd half strategy from AM is to break Pool's momentum by falling down easily, waiting for Pool to shackle them, etc, get some free kick ...just to start-stop-start-stop the game and spoil the flow. Every AM player falls like they have been kick on their face, but the moment the free kick is given, they stand up and walk away like nothing happen. Pool allows them to do so because Pool passing was really slow and predictable. Two AM players will go for each Pool player because Pool gave them time to do so. They need to release the ball faster because it is pointless to divert two players only to end up two-vs-one fight with them, which obviously, one AM player will fall and get a free kick. AM is not really even that good.....but they play with brains knowing they don't have the brawn to match pace for pace. They are just like a lower rank EPL team but with a clear strategy to kill the rhythm and flow.
  8. I think his intention and message is correct, but he needs to speak with more tact and thoughtfulness, knowing that he is a Minister that not only local people look up to, but also foreign investors and politicians. I don't think HK is amused by what he said about them. Granted, perhaps by talking that way could connect him with the locals, but it is still a formal event despite being a close door one. By talking that way, people may listen to you because you are the leader, but whether will they respect you is another question. But I am sure he will learn along the way...
  9. Pretty sure we can get over it.......only question is when. If we are pro-active by doing more than we should in protecting ownself and others, the faster it will end. If we have to wait for "evidence that it is airborne" or have a "wait and see" strategy, then we will always be a step behind the virus and this will inevitably drag on.
  10. I think H1N1 mortality rate was very low, and during 2009, headline news was sub prime, Lehman brothers, stock market crash, great recession and massive lay offs. Nobody has time to worry H1N1 when they r more worried about getting retrenched.
  11. Considering how scary this virus to Sporeans, I don't think most bosses will mind even MC of 14 days, but please get the job done at home and attend con-calls please........
  12. I remember a small bottle of Evian water cost approx. SGD$5 while I was there. But it is all for the experience.....money can always earn back.
  13. No idea where he got the virus..... https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/coronavirus-i-am-just-unlucky-says-anaesthesiologist-singapores-first-healthcare-worker-to SINGAPORE - The day before he had a fever, the general anaesthesiologist was working in an operating theatre and was feeling perfectly well. So it came as a shock when the doctor was told a few days later that he had been diagnosed with the coronavirus disease, Covid-19. The 61-year-old is the first medical professional in Singapore to be infected with the virus. On Friday (Feb 14), the Ministry of Health said that a 61-year-old male Singaporean was among nine new cases confirmed. The doctor is case 59. In a phone interview on Friday afternoon with The Straits Times from his hospital bed at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID), the doctor, who works in a private hospital and asked not to be named, said he had a fever last Friday. He had no other symptoms such as a cough or sore throat. Asked if he was worried that the disease could spread to others, including his patients, he said: "After the fever, I had stayed home all the time. On the 6th (Thursday), I was well and I was working." The fever persisted and on Feb 9, he went to the emergency care clinic at Farrer Park Hospital. He had thought it was a case of dengue because two neighbours were down with dengue during Chinese New Year, his wife told The Straits Times. "He went to hospital on Sunday and did a dengue test. The result came back on Monday and it was negative," said the wife. By Wednesday, his temperature was still high and he went to see an infectious disease specialist in Mount Elizabeth Hospital. A swab test was done and sent for testing. On Thursday (Feb 13) morning, he was told by his doctor that he had the virus, he said, and was sent from his home in Wilkinson Road to NCID in an ambulance. "I am just unlucky. That's all I can say," he said. Asked how he thinks he could have gotten the virus, he said: "I don't know. No idea at all." His wife said he has not been to China for more than a year. He also has no known interactions with past cases. He added that hospitals have all the precautionary measures in place and he does not think he had a higher chance of contacting the virus just because he works in a hospital. "There are temperature screenings at hospitals. Those who enter are supposed to be screened already. We check our temperature every day," he said. He added: "The contact tracing is always complicated. It's very tedious. This disease is of course worrying. We are also worried about people at home. Nowadays we don't really know where the virus is from. I didn't expect to get it." The wife said she and all other family members did the swab test on Thursday and have been quarantining themselves at home since. "Everyone in the family went for the test and the result came out negative for all of us. But we will still quarantine ourselves. "It's a social responsibility. We will do the test again in one week's time." She said her children have been working from home and she does not need to go out to buy food as her family usually does the grocery shopping once a week. "All the family members sleep in separate rooms, we also eat at different times. At the moment we have enough food to last for one week," she said.
  14. Should also stop all religious gatherings........ And stop telling everyone that there is no evidence this virus is not airborne. Evidence is not important......common sense is. Downplaying it is not going to help.