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  1. Punggol now is already super ex! 1700psf for Sengkang Grand...I was shocked when I first heard the released prices.😳
  2. I would assume most of these pp that bought at 1m are usually pretty cash rich or cpf are pretty full. Else, it will not make sense just like what you mentioned for the interest paid...
  3. These premium flat buyers can buy for self stay for quality of life (near town & amenities) and also for good rental yield if they decide to move again after MOP. For e.g. Pinnacle can rent ~$4k. Ball-park figure, it will yield $48k/yr (4.8%) or $480k per 10 years (yes, income n property tax yet to be accounted for). After 20 yrs, the cost of flat is paid by rental. And these flat are on prime land, meaning highly likely to be Sers-ed for urban renewal and will be allocated nearby new flats. The pot of gold rolls again. I think these pp who bought 1m flat are not that stupid after all.
  4. Exactly. That explains why pp buy Pinnacle resale. It is near 3 MRT lines, CBD, 24h ntuc at tanjong pagar plaza and ntuc finest at 100AM mall, hawker centres (not 1 but 2), atas restaurants along craig road and mid priced korean restaurants at tanjong pagar road, walking distance to SGH for their eye and heart specialists. When one is old, all these comes into consideration. I know of an old folk who moved from Tiong Bahru condo to Pinnacle paying more than 1 mil.
  5. Agree...it is the quality of life and the amenities around it. I may choose a "cheap" flat in a good city area with minimal transportation times when I retire. Best if I can reach malls, airport, parks within 15min by Grab or MRT. Saves time (when one is old, the shorter the traveling time the better due to stamina), saves transportation costs (forever increasing) and high probability I will not drive if stay at fringes of city.
  6. Basically the engine is small to carry a car of its size fully loaded with 5 adults on slope. I had to switch off aircon to gain that extra bit of power. E.g. Wisma carpark at gantry: I remember I need to pull handbrake, off aircon, half clutched, ram the engine to get full biting point to successfully take off on slope. Lol.
  7. Mine too! First ride - charade 1.0 that came with renewed COE. Fond memories. 😀 Ya, had problems climbing the slope when fully loaded but hey, the space inside was better than some of the cars even today. Imho, give me a charade over a 120Y anytime then. I don't have much of a memory for 120Y.
  8. Between just the 2, it depends if you like pre-facelift or facelift. 😊 just go with ur heart - the car that puts a smile on your face everyday u walk towards it. 316/318 or 328...guarantee will see each other at next traffic light. Lol.
  9. Hahaha. I certainly hope I can forecast recession but unfortunately I do not have the crystal ball. 😆 You mentioned costs cutting and letting pp go is a prelude (leading indicator) to recession. I am merely saying it may not be. It is already happening before the trade war etc. Cost cutting roadmap has been there for the longest time I can remember for any decent company, during good n bad times. Letting pp go has been around and only more evident recently due to digitalisation as pp cannot adapt to new technology e.g. RPAs, automation in supply chain etc. Companies cannot keep these dead woods forever IF they refuse to be trained or change. Some office professionals in this era still do not know how to use excel filtering and pivot. And yes, we will get into recession faster if these pp cannot contribute to GDP. Ok back to COE!! 😊
  10. Good times or bad times, costs cutting is always there to squeeze out higher margin to announce to wall street etc. They have only changed the buzz word from retrenchment -> reorg -> restructure -> digitalisation (latest)!! Letting pp go during good n bad times is a norm. Once it is a norm, pp accepts. Life goes on. It takes a black swan event like lehman to have massive and sudden impact. Current situation is already managed and priced in by market and companies. Companies are thus making use of the situation to further costs cutting and letting go of dead woods in companies.
  11. Agree. I live near SGH and I have friend asking me if I wanna rent out my room to his cousin, a doctor. Reason: rather rent to be near work place.
  12. This does not take into account of conti ADs' overtrade. Usually their overtrade is 15k+/-. It shoots up when they need to push sales. These are effectively discounts.
  13. Whether it is worth the workshop trips, I leave it to each individual.
  14. Ya. It is the society in general - tested and proven - when I bought a 2nd hand bmw years ago, all my colleagues congratulated me. I told them it is nothing, just a 2nd hand. Their response - "It is still a bmw!" I am pretty sure I won't get the same response even I had bought a brand new 2 litre jap (Lexus is a different story) or kimchi. Sad but true.
  15. Rskc

    How problematic is VW's 7 speed DSG?

    I recently took a toyota prius cab by SMRT. The driver grew impatient behind a comfort i40 along a small road and decided to overtake it. The prius roared and struggled to accelerate! I had my balls in my mouth and my heart skipped a beat, thinking he could make it...