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  1. I'll start the ball rolling... http://www.cctv.com/tvonline/special/C18031/01/index.shtml Reached CPF-withdrawal age liao but still highly desirable !
  2. Received an e-mail from friend and read it with about the different between margarine & butter. Don't know whether it is true or not but no harm reading it. "Margarine was originally manufactured to fatten turkeys. When it killed the turkeys, the people who had put all the money into the research wanted a payback so they put their heads together to figure out what to do with this product to get their money back. It was a white substance with no food appeal so they added the yellow colouring and sold it to people to use in place of butter. How do you like it? They have come out with some clever new flavourings. DO YOU KNOW..the difference between margarine and butter? Read on to the end...gets very interesting! Both have the same amount of calories. Butter is slightly higher in saturated fats at 8 grams compared to 5 grams. Eating margarine can increase heart disease in women by 53% over eating the same amount of butter, according to a recent Harvard Medical Study. Eating butter increases the absorption of many other nutrients in other foods. Butter has many nutritional benefits where margarine has a few only because they are added! Butter tastes much better than margarine and it can enhance the flavours of other foods. Butter has been around for centuries where margarine has been around for less than 100 years. And now, for Margarine. Very high in trans fatty acids. Triple risk of coronary heart disease. Increases total cholesterol and LDL (this is the bad cholesterol) and lowers HDL cholesterol, (the good cholesterol) Increases the risk of cancers up to five fold. Lowers quality of breast milk. Decreases immune response. Decreases insulin response. And here's the most disturbing fact... HERE IS THE PART THAT IS VERY INTERESTING! Margarine is but ONE MOLECULE away from being PLASTIC.. This fact alone was enough to have me avoiding margarine for life and anything else that is hydrogenated (this means hydrogen is added, changing the molecular structure of the substance). You can try this yourself: Purchase a tub of margarine and leave it in your garage or shaded area. Within a couple of days you will note a couple of things: * no flies, not even those pesky fruit flies will go near it (that should tell you something) * it does not rot or smell differently because it has no nutritional value; nothing will grow on it Even those teeny weeny microorganisms will not find a home to grow. Why? Because it is nearly plastic. Would you melt your Tupperware and spread that on your toast?" Chinese
  3. Yeah it's me again. Let's see who has the largest and nicest rims!
  4. Hi guys. I always have a habit of throwing used socks n clothes in the car for weeks and now even I removed them it smells not very pleasant. I've tried Airwick gel totally no use. What air fresherner do you guys use and is effective? Tks!
  5. As above. would u: 1) talk and ask her the reason(s) 2) divorce her? 3) look for ONS/sex worker? To Mr Mod: If this thread is rude or offensive, pls delete them.
  6. Hi all, I think many know that Scoot does not allow cancellations or refunds. However, apparently they have a partnership with ChangeYourFlight.com that allows some flexibility in this aspect. Anyone tried using before? I attached a screenshot of the options presented to me. Apparently I can request different amount of refund, with a decreasing probability of success. Anyone tried to request max before and succeeded? https://www.flyscoot.com/en/fly-scoot/before-you-fly/change-your-flight
  7. home drink alone to enjoy or coffee shop or bar or
  8. good people, I was goign through my insurance renewal when a particular clause strikes me, its says it includes insuring the COE & PARF value, and there is a tick for me to OPT OUT. My question now is, isn't COEs & PARF value guaranteed? Meaning, if in the event of total wreck or lost of vehicles, my remaining COE & eligible parf will be paid for by the governemnt? OR am I missing the point totally?
  9. sometimes, its quite fun looking at others username and Im always wondering whether there is any meaning behind it... for me, tigershark is a direct translation from a character name in a chinese comic called 海虎... and 1976 is the year I was born... what about yours?
  10. Hi Guys This is for those whom had not already known. Grandisan would be participating in the Annual Charity Fair by Children Charities' Association (CCA). There are more than 80 stalls of F&B, handicrafts, souvenirs, toys and games stalls to keep your family entertained for the whole day! Details as follows :- What: Colours of the World Charity Fair 2004 When: 28 Nov 04, 10:00am to 6:00pm Where: Ngee Ann City, Civic Plaza Grandisan's Booths: H29 & H30 (near games' stalls) Items For Sale at Grandisan's Booths: 1. Sunshades (for front windscreen) 2. Aluminum water bottles (I love this!) 3. Plastic water bottles (Your kids will love this!) 4. Lanyard / dog tags (for hanging hp, passes, etc) 5. Hotstuff magazines (latest issues) 6. STEER magazines (latest issues) 7. SPAWN toy figurines (limited edition) Services For Sale: 1. Balloon-scruplturing (for kids!) Products and services are generously sponsored by YHI Corp P/L, MMXPL Co and kind forum donors respectively. All proceedings would be FULLY donated to CCA. There would also be a registration desk for new members, so if you have a shy Grandis owner wanting to join us, bring him/her down! Hope to see you there! Sincerely Yours, Administrator for GRANDISAN: The Grandis People http://www.grandisan.com
  11. Just curious, does any of you grease your door hinges ? Or just some WD40 regularly will do ?
  12. used to drive a concerto (fuel injection), when i pump to the brim, it will give me 500over km. if i do some hard driving also got 400plus. Car was more than 15yrs old. i could do a century sprint in 10sec with a good launch in dry conditions. no fuel enhancer, just a good 100% synthetic oil and engine treatment. open pod stainless steel. straight through exhaust. spark enhancer. NOBODY believed me... (cars in the 90s had great improvments with juz an open pod and straight through exhaust, cant say the same for modern cars now) so i checked my car specs... oil tank was 50L... most model cars now are 40L? and my rims were 16inch 45s... but not sure if original was 14inch 65s... so maybe my tyres were to big hence the extra reading in my distance... hmmmm.. dont know leh... cause i had a friend who drove an EG 2-dr and he clocked 500km on his full tank too (note that i am NOT referring to highway figures) but he had 2 carbon seats, carbon doors, boot bonnet.. used 15inch 55s. hmmmmm........ is 500km really not possible on a full tank of petrol in petrol driven cars? i thought that the city n jazz DSI versions also were very furl efficent?
  13. I've not been shopping in local shopping centre for a long time. But I visited the central mall recently and realized that it probably has the most number of restaurants and makan places than any shopping centres. I think a good shopping centre must have varities, family friendly, a big size supermarket and most importantly, ample resting areas! Regards,
  14. christmas is coming ... what xmas presents do you intend to buy for yr loved ones ?
  15. JeepChee

    Hi all

    testing all
  16. here is mine.... colour combination of my 3 decals goes very well....
  17. I came across this website that can tell you the manufacture year, and most cases, month, of your Japan made cars. Find it very useful and just to share with MCF : http://www.japan-partner.com/check-manufacture-year.php
  18. LEARN TO SURVIVE HIGHWAY THUGS Experts provide tips on how to protect yourself while driving up North By Tan Mae Lynn June 04, 2007 YOU are driving in Malaysia and have to make a pit stop along the highway. A man walks to your car, brandishes a knife and orders you to open the door. What should you do? Judging from the reaction of Singapore motorists involved in recent crimes, few know how to react when faced with such scenarios. Recently, a Malaysian woman, whose husband works in Singapore, opened the car door to an armed man while her husband was at the washroom of a petrol station in Tampoi, Johor. The assailant drove off with her and her young son in the car to a secluded spot where he and an accomplice took turns to rape the 28-year-old pregnant woman. In other cases, Singaporeans were accosted by robbers. Said Mr Lionel de Souza, a former police officer: 'If you're on a highway and being pursued, try and make a dash for a police station or a crowded area. 'If you're outnumbered, just give them what they want. It doesn't feel good to lose something, but your life is more important. You can always earn money back.' He also suggested driving to Malaysia in a convoy. 'At least if one is hijacked, the others can get help,' he said. 'And don't drive a flashy car.' Professional race driver Denis Lian, 35, who drives into Malaysia quite frequently, said the last thing motorists should do is open the door to strangers. He said: 'When you open your car door, or when you just step into your car, you're at your most vulnerable. CHECK MIRROR 'Before you come to a stop, look in your mirrors and see who's around or approaching. If you see anyone around who looks suspicious, or hovering around, or anyone who just makes you feel uncomfortable, drive off.' And never, ever get out of your car when faced with a suspicious situation. 'Your car is your weapon and your only defence. 'It's much safer behind the glass window... It's unlikely the person will smash the window - it's very difficult to do that.' Agreeing, Mr Tan Teng Lip, president of the Singapore Motorsports Association, added: 'Make sure you car is locked from the inside. Never wind down the window to speak to strangers. If you sense trouble, sound your horn to attract attention.' AVOID STOPPING As many Singapore families are expected to head north during the current school holidays, it may be prudent for them to be prepared for overseas road trips. Chief editor of Wheels Asia magazine, Mr Mazlan Samad, advised that even when someone bumps into the back of your car or causes you to hit into their car by braking suddenly, you shouldn't stop the car. He cited these as some of the common tactics robbers use to get motorists to stop their vehicles. 'If you're in foreign territory, alone or don't feel safe enough, take note of the car number but don't get off. Just drive to the nearest police post or petrol station to get help.' He also advised that it would be prudent to note down the telephone number of the traffic police or traffic emergency services in whichever country you'll be driving in. General manager of the Automobile Association of Malaysia, Mr Samuel Saik, added: 'If there's an accident, there's not much you can do anyway. It's better to make the call for the person than to put yourself at risk by getting out of the car.' Also, always keep to the main road and never stop at secluded spots for rest or toilet breaks, especially when driving alone and at night. 'Even Malaysians don't do that,' he said. source: http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,...,132157,00.html?
  19. How do you know, if your car is struck by lightning during a heavy downpour ? will car just stall or will you fell anything, like being electrocuted ? Is it dangerous ?
  20. Hi all, I have a good laugh yesterday (Saturday) at Tesco TC! . My rear passenger seat glass was smashed in the late afternoon at the open car park near one of the entrance to Tesco. So are two other cars near me. My alarm was activated but by the time I reached my car, the glass was smashe. Nothing was stolen, GPS, Portable DVD player and things that are removable still incontact except a bag containing water bottles. Called up a friend in JB, immediately bring me to this shop: DR. CERMIN SDN. BHD. Lot 1084, Batu 9 1/2, Jalan Skudai, 81300, Johor. Tel: 07-5546257 H/p: 016-7661990 They're a specialist in all type of car windscreen and also ISO certified. Reached there at around 7:45pm and the job was done swee swee in an hour. The foreman was an ex-SIA Airplane Mechanic. Paid around RM300. So, in case you need to get your windscreen replaced quickly in JB during a weekend, give them a call. By the way, must say 1st that I have nothing to do with the shop. The foreman told me there is an obvious increase in such theft case lately, Thanks to the economic downturn. He also told me one of the shopping centre was reported to have 15 cars' windscreens smashed at one go recently. From this experience, I only have myself to be blamed for exposing my portable items. Must be getting complacent . Anyway, no more open car park for me in JB shopping centre liao. Will still go Tesco but look for a better parking lot. Good luck to all . Happy JB shopping . Regards,
  21. Well, It took me a week to decide that I should share this with other parents here. It is no big deal, but I must say I am proud of him, and I want to remind other parents to listen and pay attention to your child. You will be surprise...LOL My boy came to on Wed a week ago in the evening after school. Our conversation was a simple one on the subject. Boy : " Daddy, I need a shelf to keep my rubix's cubes and kentama. This is what I need." ( and he went on to explain to me what he wanted) Me: " OK, can you draw it out and explain to me again?" Boy : " Ok, do you want a 2D or 3D drawing?" Me : " Give me both." ( But seriously, in my mind I was like WTF, how are you going to do a 3D drawing. He is only 11 years old, with no technical background, I don't even know if I can read and understand his drawing when it is done...LOL) He left to his room, came back to me in 15 min, and this is what he drew. Engineers please don't laugh at him, he is a P5, 11 years old boy. We then went into his room and had a discussion on where he wanted it install. Weekend came, father and son went on a material purchase trip after breakfast, grab everything we need, came back and started on the job. It was a simple 10 min job for me, but to see him eagerly involved running around taking tools and throwing away rubbish was fun. It was more than father and son bonding, it was more like "2 men working on a project". He was not only happy, he was proud of the work. A simple job, but it was his idea, his creative, and it became reality. With this, I am sure he will come to his dad with more projects and ideas, and I look forward to having such "2 men working on a project" kind of weekends...LOL Guys, so if your child come running to you with an idea to do up his/her room, or asking you to build something with him/her, don't brush them away, listen to them. It may sound simple and not worth the while for us to do it, but it is something great to the child, something he/she can be proud of. A way to build his/her confident, encourage creativity, stronger the bond, and a great way to spend that weekend away from hp and Pc...LOL You may be surprise what else their little brain can come out with. Here is the finished product...LOL
  22. This should be a sticky. Any mods with powers here can do it. Prepare thyself! 1. Distilled water. Lots of it. Maybe 20-30L if you are anal. If not, tap water will do. 2. Soft Nylon brushes. 3. Readily available tap and hose. 4. Low bucket. 5. Wear a long-sleeved workshirt or if you can, have a special heat resistant gloves that extend up to the entire length of your lower arm. Cleaning the radiator system 1. With the hose connected to a tap, spray water onto the radiator and the fans. Don't worry the system can be wet. Some dead bugs and stones might be stuck on it. Remove them with the soft nylon brushes. 2. You might like to use a bucket of soapy water. Engine bay degreaser might help too. Draining the system 1. Firstly locate the petc0ck. Some are the most difficult positions to reach. Make sure you are wearing long-sleeved T-shirt or something. Your arms don't need Shaolin temple dragon scars. 2. Open the radiator pressure cap. For some cars, the pressure cap is the expansion tank cap. 3. Place a low bucket that can fit under the petc0ck position. Open it and let the coolant leak out. Dispose the coolant down a toilet bowl. Do not pour it down any drain. 4. Remove the expansion tank and empty it of coolant. Wash it and reinstall it back to the system. Rinsing the radiator 1. Close the petc0ck. Fill the radiator with water. Distilled or tap depends on your anality. 2. Once filled. Place the low bucket under the petc0ck position. Open the petc0ck and drain. Discard this waste down the toilet bowl as above. 3. Repeat the above steps 3 more times. You can let the waste be dumped into the drain this time. Rinsing the engine block 1. Close the petc0ck. Fill the radiator with water. Again, distilled or tap depends on your anality. Leave the radiator pressure cap off. 2. Start the engine to bleed the system. Let it run until it reaches operating temperature (when fan kicks in). 3. Turn on your heater and set temperature control to hot. This will circulate the water to the heater core. 4. You will notice that the coolant level has dropped. Don't worry about this. Stop the engine. 5. Place low bucket below the petc0ck position. Drain and discard down the toilet bowl. 6. Repeat the above steps 3 more times. You can let the waste be dumped into the drain this time. Filling and bleeding the system 1. After the last drain from the engine block rinse, close the petc0ck and fill the system with 1/2 the total volume with 100% antifreeze. 2. Start the engine to bleed the system. Let it run until it reaches operating temperature (when fan kicks in). 3. Turn on your heater and set temperature control to hot. This will circulate the water to the heater core. 4. You will notice that the coolant level has dropped. This means the air has bled out of the system. New cars have self-bleeding cooling systems. Fill with water until full. 5. Replace the pressure cap tightly.
  23. Three Boeing 747-200F waiting to be claimed at KLIA. Yahoo : To whom it may concern: please claim your Boeing 747s Still puzzled by the mystery of missing flight MH370, Malaysian airport authorities now have the opposite problem: three Boeing 747 planes left unclaimed at the country's main airport. The operators of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) have placed a bizarre advertisement in a Malaysian newspaper seeking the owners of three 747-200F aircraft apparently abandoned there. "If you fail to collect the aircraft within 14 days of the date of this notice, we reserve the right to sell or otherwise dispose of the aircraft" under Malaysian regulations, said the ad which ran in Monday's edition of The Star. The notice was addressed to the "untraceable owner" of the planes. Zainol Mohd Isa, general manager of Malaysia Airports (Sepang), which operates the facility, said the airport had been trying to contact the planes' last known owners. He said they were "international" and not Malaysian, but declined to give further details. "I don’t know why they are not responding. There could be many reasons. Sometimes it could be because they have no money to continue operations," Zainol said. In addition to wanting the planes to be claimed, he said the airport is seeking payment from the owners for landing, parking and other charges. If no payment is received by December 21, the planes will be auctioned or sold for scrap to recoup the outstanding charges. The notice gave the planes' registration numbers as TF-ARM, TF-ARN, and TF-ARH. Zainol said two are passenger aircraft and one is a cargo plane. It is not the first time this has happened at the airport, Zainol added. In the past decade a few other planes, mostly smaller aircraft, were abandoned. He said an aircraft that was abandoned in the 1990s was eventually bought and turned into a restaurant in a Kuala Lumpur suburb. KLIA was the origin of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared after taking off on March 8, 2014 with 239 passengers and crew aboard in what remains one of aviation's greatest mysteries. Malaysia earlier this year confirmed that a wing part found on the French island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean was from the plane. But no further wreckage has been found despite an intensive Australian-led oceanic search. Link : https://sg.news.yahoo.com/whom-may-concern-please-claim-boeing-747s-112803957.html Hmmmmmmm ....... now I know where the 2.6 billion ringgit gone. Ahjib kor bought 3 Boeing 747s ?
  24. Come share with us your experience on the above topic
  25. Hi all Is there a proper way to adjust our car seat to get the best driving position? Can share what you know and what you do? Nowadays cars come with telescopic steering wheel. My ride is equipped with it but I never adjust it all.
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