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Found 57 results

  1. As per topic title, how many of u are rescheduling or canceling holiday plans due to the virus or still proceeding? Just receive email from Scoot about rescheduling air tix. What are the airlines that are offering rebooking at no charges?
  2. Singapore Airshow 2020 Returns On 15 Feb, With Insane Flight Displays & Superhero Cameos Source: https://mustsharenews.com/singapore-airshow-2020/ Singapore Airshow 2020 Back On 15 & 16 Feb For Public Entry Every 2 years, the much-loved Singapore Airshow 2020 takes to the skies to create unforgettable memories for our young aspiring pilots. This year’s public entry dates have been announced — aka Saturday (15 Feb) & Sunday (16 Feb). Definitely a memorable day out with the kiddos, if you can snag the coveted tickets, that is. Here’s all you need to know about what’s in store for guests, before you decide if it’s worth jio-ing the fam. Insane flight displays from Korea & Singapore teams Casual fans of the Singapore’s very own Black Knights will recall iconic roaring displays in the skies during National Day. The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) team will also be putting on a 15-min aerial display — breezing through 15 daring air manoeuvres to show off the agility of F-16C & F-15SG aircrafts. If previous shows are anything to go by, you can expect everything from coloured smoke whirls in the shape of hearts, daredevil somersaults & heart-stopping, plane tumbling aerial displays. Teams from Thailand & Indonesia are expected to join in the fun, taking part in shows that occur twice daily. Do make sure that you arrive at least 15 mins before each show begins to chope a good spot in the plaza. Here’s when the shows will occur on each public day: Saturday (15 Feb): 11.30am–12.10pm & 2.30–3.10 pm Sunday (16 Feb): 11.30am–12.10pm & 2.30–3.10 pm Climb inside a viking jet at the static display section The coordinated regional flight displays may be jaw-dropping but you’ll need to find other things to do to make your the price of admission worthwhile. Taking a leisurely stroll within the expansive static display section may just do the trick. Besides rows and rows of business jets lined up along the aisles for the affluent to purchase, there’ll also be interactive experiences in store for the public. This will be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to climb into the latest Boeing 737 aircrafts or explore the inside of military jets. We hear that Canada’s famed viking jet will be making an appearance so do look out for that too. Meet superheroes, mascots & pilots IRL While touring the premises, you may notice some oddly dressed men & women in skin-tight suits making their rounds as well. That’s because the airshow invite has been extended to popular Marvel Avengers like Captain America, Hawkeye & Spider-Man. Besides superheroes, you’ll get your chance to meet heroes closer to home too. Pilots behind the insane displays will patiently await their fans at the Exhibitors Club, to strike up conversations or dish out autographs. A pair of mascots named Captain Leo & Leonette will be lying in wait for photo ops throughout the show. We expect that only the kiddos will be interested, so give this a miss if you’re not young at heart. All Meet & Greet schedules & timings will be released closer to the date of the event on their website. Journey to the East may well be worth it Changi may be every Westie’s nightmare destination but we promise that for the crazy flight displays alone, a bi-annual pilgrimage to the airshow may well be worth it. The Singapore Airshow 2020 will be held at Changi Exhibition Centre, a short ride away from Changi Airport or the Singapore Expo. Changi Exhibition Centre Address: 9 Aviation Park Road, Singapore 498760 Public Dates: 15 & 16 Feb 2020 Nearest MRT: Expo MRT Station Public Transport: Free Airshow Shuttle at Singapore Expo, Hall 7 (Foyer). 2-way service is complimentary for all visitors with valid tickets. Here’s the detailed schedule for the bus timings, which run at regular 5-min intervals. Prepare for security screenings at the shuttle bus boarding point. All guests are “advised to travel light” to “expedite” the process. You aren’t advised to drive there unless you can afford a parking pass. As per the website, it costs a whopping $140/day to park on the premises. Note that only vehicles with a valid Singapore Airshow 2020 vehicle label will be allowed access into the exhibition site. Public ticketing info & prices So how much does a day at the Singapore Airshow cost for a public visitor? Inclusive of the flight displays, static displays & convention hall exhibition with tons of free merch & badges, we think it’s pretty affordable — sans the parking fee of course. Adult – S$27 Child (3-12 years) – S$14 Group Package (4 tickets & 1 carpark label) – S$192 *Admission is free for children below 3 years of age. Please note that re-admission is not allowed. All prices are inclusive of 7% GST & a complimentary return shuttle bus service to the Expo. You can head over to their Sistic website to book your tickets now. Fastest fingers first though, they do sell out pretty fast.
  3. joSG

    Rimowa luggage

    Hi, any views on aluminum or polycarbonate?
  4. the power of fart is real... Sheep fart forced SQ7108 flight to make emergency landing in Bali, Denpasar on Oct. 26, 2015November 4, 2015 ¯\(°_o)/¯ Belmont Lay 289 3 A Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 freighter plane en-route from Sydney, Australia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was diverted to Bali Denpasar on Oct. 26, 2015. The plane, flight SQ7108, was carrying some 2,186 sheep on board and was forced to make the emergency landing some 45 minutes into its flight, after the flatulence produced by the animals was mistaken for smoke in the cargo hold. There were four crew on board. Upon landing, emergency services boarded the aircraft and reported that there was no trace of fire, heat, or smoke. According to The Aviation Herald, the smoke indication alarm sounded due to exhaust gasses and manure produced by the animals on the plane. Flight SQ7108 re-departed after the two and a half hour stop in Indonesia and reached its KL destination two and a half hours later. Via The Aviation Herald: A Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 freighter, registration 9V-SFI performing flight SQ-7108 from Sydney,NS (Australia) to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) with 4 crew and a cargo of 2,186 sheep, was enroute at FL320 about 400nm south of Denpasar (Indonesia) when the crew received a smoke indication in a cargo bay, descended the aircraft to FL250 and diverted to Bali Denpasar for a safe landing about 45 minutes later. Emergency services did not find any trace of fire, heat or smoke. The smoke indication was identified to be the result of exhaust gasses and manure produced by the sheep. The aircraft was able to depart again after about 2.5 hours on the ground in Denpasar and reached Kuala Lumpur about 2.5 hours later.
  5. Wishcumstrue

    China 歼-20 first flight new photos 

    Official maiden flight at ChengDu with presence of VIP. Photo taken by armature Chinese aviation enthusista on 11 Jan 2011 outside parameter fence. Auspicious date: 8th day of 12 month on Lunar calender
  6. Hi all, I think many know that Scoot does not allow cancellations or refunds. However, apparently they have a partnership with ChangeYourFlight.com that allows some flexibility in this aspect. Anyone tried using before? I attached a screenshot of the options presented to me. Apparently I can request different amount of refund, with a decreasing probability of success. Anyone tried to request max before and succeeded? https://www.flyscoot.com/en/fly-scoot/before-you-fly/change-your-flight
  7. We cannot make a flight on Air Asia next week for family reasons. Anyone know how to reclaim the cost of the flight?? My missus tried for a couple of hours yesterday but got nowhere.
  8. Is this considered invasion of privacy? I wonder if they inform the residents before inspecting. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/technology/heady-days-use-of-drones-to-detect-defects-on-hdb-blocks-takes-10599070
  9. emotional support? what is your emotional support? it can be a pet or just or a chao chao (smelly stuffy toy) , something that you can't live without or get into anxiety when it was gone
  10. 8 hours is a long wait for a resheduling of flight. i guess Jetstar had to clear the "bomb" rumour before they could clear the plane for takeoff. Jetstar flight delayed for 8 hours at Changi Airport after spat over phone https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/jetstar-flight-delayed-8-hours-changi-airport-after-spat-over-mobile-phone
  11. Picnic06-Biante15

    Scoot Maiden Flight Already Not So Maiden ...

    CNA reported : Scoot makes maiden flight to Sydney By Hetty Musfirah | Posted: 04 June 2012 1836 hrs SINGAPORE: Singapore's first long haul budget carrier Scoot will finally take to the skies with its inaugural flight to Sydney on Monday night. The flight is scheduled to depart from Singapore Changi Airport at 11.25pm and will arrive in Sydney at 9.20 on Tuesday morning. And it will be a full flight, with about 400 passengers onboard. The first flight comes after months of preparation, which saw the aircraft-bought from Singapore Airlines, being refitted. This meant doing away with more than two tonnes of entertainment equipment to make way for iPads. Doing so, means a lighter plane where less fuel is used. Scoot said this has been one way it's been able to save costs in view of higher fuel prices. - CNA/ck ST report : Low-cost carrier Scoot's maiden flight delayed Low-cost carrier Scoot's maiden flight to Sydney on Monday was delayed for more than an hour due to a technical fault. The Boeing 777-200 jet, with a full load of about 400 passengers, remained grounded at press-time on Monday night, as engineers tried to get it fit for take-off. The flight with paying passengers, guests and members of the media left Changi Airport Terminal 2 at 11.45pm - 20 minutes later than scheduled. But it turned back on the runway and returned to the boarding area at 12.20am. CNA & ST, different reports ... If SIA can't tidy up TigerAir, I am not taking Scoot. Already maiden flight facing problem, how to trust future destinations will not face delaying problem.... Take off at 11.45pm and returned to runway at 12.05am, after 20 minutes in the air....
  12. Ever boarded a plane to fly off and be confronted with a metal chair and a missing seat cushion? I admit this has never happened to me until our recent experience on Turkish Airlines. We were flying from Singapore to Istanbul and onward to Copenhagen. This was on the Istanbul to Copenhagen leg. We had to take an airport bus to board the plane. It was a nice and sunny morning. We got on board, walked to our seats, and were confronted with a dirty detached seat cushion on a metal seat. Not a great way to start a flight, I reckon. I first alerted a male cabin crew, who didn't seem too surprised. But he disappeared. Really! Then I alerted a female cabin crew, who said she will help sort this out. True enough, she came back within a few minutes with a new cushion and fitted it. Well done! Here is a short video clip of the dirty cushion experience. To be fair, the rest of the flight and also the earlier leg was pretty good. We were on a holiday and headed to Copenhagen. Originally we planned to book SQ for the 4 of us, but the option of Turkish Airlines came along and we could save almost $2K for the 4 of us. So we decided to give Turkish a try. Here are the videos of our experience. At Changi Airport, when we checked in, I was informed by the check-in staff that I could use the SATS Premier Lounge (even though I was flying in Economy) because I was Star Alliance Gold status. Well, I recently turned Star Gold and I don't even have my card yet, so I wasn't expecting this. Anyway, it was great, though I could only bring one guest. At the lounge entrance, I asked nicely if I could bring both my kids and the reception staff kindly agreed. My wife stayed outside though, she went shopping. Later on, I found out that SATS Premier Lounges were also Priority Pass lounges, so we could have used the lounge, albeit for a fee. Here is the video of the lounge, which is used by a good number of airlines. I guess this is called a contract lounge. They had a decent hot food selection, not as good as the SilverKris, but good enough for most. There was the signature laksa, which tasted good. Also they had 3 OSIM massage chairs at one corner. Cool!
  13. http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/world/2014/12/28/AirAsia-flight-from-Indonesia-to-Singapore-missing.html hope nothing serious............
  14. Confirmed later tonight at 2204hr (SGT) If everything goes as planned, China's 2nd prototype space station will be later crewed by 2 astronauts in Oct on a manned-vehicle launch for a 30-day mission. The fatter Tiangong-2 (TG-2) module in the top mount of Long March 2F rocket before being moved to a launch pad at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.
  15. Emirates Airlines is the largest operator of the A380 aircraft in the world. The airline flies 5 times a day from Singapore to Dubai (one flight has a stopover in Colombo, Sri Lanka). The airlines has been growing very rapidly over the years and many people have flown with Emirates before. However, for some reason, my family has never flown with Emirates, until this year, when we travelled to Europe for our year end holidays. We flew with Emirates simply because it was the cheapest fare we could find, for our requirements. The experience was very good. In some ways, their Economy class is even better than SQ. Dubai Airport is also a incredibly huge place and extremely busy. It has become such an important aviation hub, pretty much built from sand! With this type of competition, I do wonder how Singapore Changi can survive as an aviation hub, but we need to keep trying. I have made several flight review videos of my recent trip. Here are the first three. Emirates A380 Singapore to Dubai https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nXZM64tHXc Dubai International Shake Shack Burger and Airport Bus Transfer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovVNQ-FoYdQ Emirates A380 Dubai to London https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DUkv4aihuU Happy viewing.
  16. Thaiyotakamli

    Doctor Saved 3 Yr Old Boy in Flight

    Two-year old boy diverts international plane! A plane with 315 passengers on board had to do an emergency landing on its way from Amsterdam to Singapore on 3 Jan 2016.(GMT) because of a 2.5 yr old boy. My wife and I were on board KLM Flight KL835 which departed from Amsterdam to Singapore at about 10 pm on 3 Jan 2016 (GMT). We just took off at 8.50 pm (GMT) and we were barely 1.5 hr into our 12 hr flight back home when the drama unfolded. I was taking something from my bag in the overhead luggage compartment to prepare for some much needed sleep when I heard a faint voice asking if there was a doctor around. A few seats behind us, I saw an anxious mother carrying an unconscious little boy, about two and a half years old. This was like déjà vu. Am I dreaming? Mental pictures of the dramatic resuscitation of the little boy who almost drowned in Temasek Club on 8 November 2015 flashed in my mind. Mouth to mouth resuscitation? Not again! I quickly went over and told her I am a doctor. The little boy appeared limp in his mother's arms. Quickly, I took the child and laid him on his side on an open space next to the emergency exit. "What happened to him?" I asked as I bent down to hear and feel if there was any breathing. "I don't know. Suddenly, he is not responding," she answered weakly. She looked terribly worried. I checked his vital signs and they were still strong. Thank God, the boy was just unconscious. No need for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Phew! The efficient KLM crew brought the Resus Kit and we quickly administered oxygen on him. He felt warm to the touch and a reading revealed he had a high temperature of 38.6 degree Celsius. I knew I had to cool him down quickly but his thick layers of clothes weren't cooperating. " Do you mind if I cut away his shirt?" I asked. "Yes, yes, please do whatever it takes, " his mother pleaded. But what was I thinking? I realized there may not be any scissors on board. I tried again and finally managed to take off his thick clothing. The crew brought the ice cubes I requested. I proceeded to give him a tepid sponge to bring down his fever. His temperature came down after 30 min of sponging and he started to cry. A good sign. . The child probably became unconscious after throwing a febrile fit during the flight. I found a pulse oximeter in the Resus kit. It worked on my finger but it was too big for the little child. By this time, an elderly male Caucasian doctor (looking very smart in his suit) and a young Asian doctor arrived on the scene to offer assistance. The lady doctor said she is an ICU specialist. The elderly male doctor said he an Internist. I struggled to hear him with all the commotion going on. The lady doctor asked if I was a doctor and about my area of expertise. I told her I am a family doctor, a general practitioner in Singapore. "Oh, then you are the best person to handle this kind of case"' she told all the anxious onlookers. Both of them discussed the boy's condition between themselves while I continued to sponge the boy with cold wet wipes placed all over his chest, neck and forehead. The two doctors concurred that given the long flight ahead, it was best to evacuate the boy at the nearest airport. By now, the boy's temperature had subsided. He started fussing, irritated by the cold wet wipes. "Okay, mummy, you can have your son back ... but please continue to sponge him." I told his mother who looked visibly relieved at this time. The captain explained the situation and told everyone he needed to make an unscheduled landing at Bucharest airport because of the boy's condition. The plane took another 30-40 minutes to dump fuel and we finally made an emergency landing at Bucharest airport in Romania for the boy to be evacuated to the hospital. It took another 4 hours for the plane to refuel while the 315 passengers waited patiently despite the obvious inconvenience caused. Most were hungry, tired and worn but no one made a disapproving sound. 65,000 liters of fuel dumped for emergency landing. Four hours of waiting by 315 passengers. Many passengers must have missed their connecting flights. That is how much it costs if someone falls sick at the most untimely moment in the air. But what is more important than the safety and wellbeing of the little boy? The Captain kept everyone updated regularly and thankedeveryone for their patience and understanding. I must compliment him and his crew for their professionalism and KLM for putting the safety and well being of the passengers as their priority. My wife and I chased the northern light from Iceland to Tromso in Norway. What can be more exciting than catching of the elusive "green lady"? But life loves to surprise us. This 12-hour direct flight became a 17-hour medical adventure in the sky. An adventure that may have given the green lady a run for her money. We were all tired when we landed in Singapore at 7.45pm (GMT +8) but KLM crew and the captain deserved a thumb up. I wrote a few lines of feedback to show my appreciation to the passengers , the captain and especially the male crew member William during the prolonged flight. Well done KLM. Thank you to the rest of the passengers. And let's pray for the boy's speedy recovery. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/saving-lives-on-land-and-in-the-air https://www.facebook.com/DrLowLeeYong/posts/909127299122651 http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore-news/boy-3-almost-drowns-doc-saves-him-turning-him-upside-down http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/3-year-old-boy-nearly-drowns-in-pool-but-was-revived-after-doctors-perform#xtor=CS1-10 https://www.facebook.com/TheStraitsTimes/posts/10153205478852115 This doctor saved a drowning boy last year and now he saved this boy in flight. Great doctor indeed
  17. Posting some of the flight review videos I made on Singapore Airlines, Economy. SQ 305 London to Singapore - Darth Vader Cameo SQ 322 Singapore to London - Faulty Krisworld Have a great day!
  18. We flew to Hong Kong and back recently on Tiger Airways, budget carrier owned by Singapore Airlines. Based in Singapore, TigerAir operates a fleet of 25 aircraft (Airbus A320) to almost 40 destinations. This is the first time we are flying with Tigerair. Overall, the flight for 4 pax (2 adults and 2 kids) cost us SGD $530 in total including taxes, return. This is about USD 375 or US93.75 per person. The flight from SIN to HKG takes almost 4 hours and the return leg about 3.5 hours. Our departure was early morning, 0605hrs. In this video, I show you snippets of Singapore Changi Airport that morning. Changi Airport is a beautiful airport. Very proud of Changi. They take a lot of effort to make it beautiful. Changi Terminal 2, early morning. In the line to board the plane. This video shows you the flight itself. Pretty smooth. We ate breakfast before boarding the aircraft, so we did not purchase any food while on board. The flight would be quite long, almost 4 hours. So what we did was to bring pieces of bread for discreet consumption. Tigerair's policy is that they do not allow outside food but they don't really enforce. That said, I don't think we should abuse this by bringing onboard a lot of food (especially if they smell!). So we bought pieces of bread from Baker Talent and our own water. We consumed the bread shortly after take-off and after that we went to sleep. Most pax also slept since it was an early flight, 0605 hrs departure. We got up just before 4am and took a taxi to the airport. At my seat. Aisle seat towards the front of the plane. Legroom was decent for a Budget Airline. I could put my bagpack underneath in front of me and yet have enough space to stretch out my legs. Waiting for more passengers to board. Cockpit door not yet closed. I could see the pilots making preparations for the flight. This video shows you some footage post arrival at HK International. We were at a satellite terminal and we had to take an airport bus to the main terminal. It was a very bright and sunny day. From the aerobridge, here is a cool picture of the Tigerair Airbus A320 that flew us to HK this morning. Good flight! This was taken from the airport bus. Tigerair uses the satellite terminal. So we have to be bussed to the main terminal for immigration and customs clearance. Check out my video for the bus ride and walk.
  19. Ok, here is a crowd-sourcing idea I have. In my free time, I put up videos on my youtube channel. Flight review videos have garnered the most views. I can't be flying all the time. So I am looking to crowd-source video footage of your upcoming flights from fellow MCF folks. People like to watch overall flight experience, including the seats, the food, as well the In-Flight entertainment system. This is one example. I just need the raw video footage and I can do the edits and put it into a movie. I recognize we all of us want to stay anonymous, so please don't give me footage that you can be identified with (i.e. don't video your face). You can send the footage to me using a dropbox link that I will send over to you via PM. I am prepared to pay a nominal sum (in the range of $10 to $20) in appreciation for good video footage. You have to agree that once you give me the video footage, I have exclusive rights to it. If you have video footage of Business class or First class, I'd be happy to offer more. This is just a wild idea I have that hopefully will result in a win-win for everybody. You travel, do some video filming of your flight, and get some spare cash. I get more content for my youtube channel. PM me if you want to take the discussion further on this. Thanks and have a great day ahead.
  20. much closer to home this time. SINGAPORE - Passengers on a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight bound for Shanghai on Saturday had a bit of a scare when both engines experienced a temporary loss of power amid bad weather. The incident occurred at 39,000 ft about 3.5 hours after Flight SQ836, operated by an Airbus A330-300, left Changi Airport. "Both engines experienced a temporary loss of power and the pilots followed operational procedures to restore normal operation of the engines" said the airline's spokesman. The flight with 182 passengers and 12 crew on board continued to Shanghai and touched down safely at 10.56pm local time, he added. The engines were thoroughly inspected and tested upon arrival in Shanghai with no anomalies detected. SIA is reviewing the incident with engine maker, Rolls-Royce and Airbus.
  21. At least four people have been killed in a military plane crash near Seville airport in Spain. The plane, a new Airbus A400M, reportedly developed a fault just after take-off on a test flight. Local media say that those on board were Spanish Airbus employees. Two have also been seriously injured. Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has expressed his sorrow over the incident which took place about 1.6km (1 mile) away from San Pablo airport. Local media say that the plane had signalled that there was a fault with its systems just before the crash. he plane reportedly hit an electric power line as the pilots tried to make an emergency landing. The survivors have been taken to hospital by helicopter. A Spanish interior ministry spokesman told The Associated press news agency that one person had been conscious when they were taken out of the wreckage. Mr Rajoy said the government was ready to support the families of all of those involved in the accident. The accident took place in a field just north of San Pablo airport. According to local media, the crash site is close to the Airbus manufacturing plant which assembles the planes. The Airbus A400M plane model is not yet used by the Spanish military. It is a large transport aircraft that has been ordered by eight countries including Spain to replace a fleet of ageing Hercules aircraft. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-32673713
  22. Just in on CNA. Those driving in or taking 170 bus to JB for day trip how? Got exception?
  23. An Air Algerie flight travelling from Burkina Faso to Algiers has disappeared from the radar, apparently while flying above the Malian airspace. The aircraft, believed to be a Boeing 737-600, lost contact 50 minutes after the takeoff. "Air navigation services have lost contact with an Air Algerie plane Thursday flying from Ouagadougou to Algiers, 50 minutes after takeoff," said the airlines. Flight AH 5017 was not visible on Flightradar24, a live-tracking website for all the planes across the world. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/breaking-air-algerie-flight-ah-5017-disappears-radar-while-flying-over-mali-1458100 another one??
  24. TVT

    Sexy In-Flight Video

    http://news.asiaone.com/news/diva/sexy-flight-video-sparks-sexism-row Sexy in-flight video sparks sexism row The New Paper Tuesday, Feb 11, 2014 Normally, flight-safety videos can be boring. They struggle to catch the attention of passengers as cabin crew take them through the procedures. But Air New Zealand has decided to ditch those boring videos by sexing it up with bikini-clad models starring in their latest in-flight video. The models explain, in a different way, what to do in case of an emergency, the Mail Online reported. The video, posted on YouTube, was shot in the Cooks Islands in the south Pacific. Among the models is supermodel Christie Brinkley, who puts in a guest appearance. The 60-year-old did not go to the tropical resort island for the shoot, but played her role from her Los Angeles home. The other models involved were Chrissy Teigen, Ariel Meredith, Hannah Davis and Jessica Gomes - some of the biggest names in bikini modelling. The video was produced in association with Sports Illustrated to mark the 50th anniversary of the magazine's swimsuit edition. But the preview of the video has already riled feminists who slam it as "sexist", The Telegraph reported. Air New Zealand, known for producing quirky videos, has been accused of going too far with its latest "highly sexualised" offering. Dr Deborah Russell, a lecturer at New Zealand's Massey University, is livid. She told FairFax newspaper: "My concern is that as a woman, I get on a plane to go to a business meeting and I am confronted by women in bikinis in what are highly sexualised images. That jars." The airline also plans to use the video to promote its route from Auckland to Los Angeles, which offers a stop-over in the Cook Islands. An Air New Zealand spokesman said the airline was not concerned about a potential backlash from passengers over the video's portrayal of women. He said: "We have been careful to ensure 'Safety in Paradise' has been produced in a way that is tasteful. "Naturally, given this safety video celebrates 50 years of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, it made sense to feature some of the magazine's most well-known models."