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Found 13 results

  1. SIA ditches ‘flight to nowhere’ idea, rolls out A380 restaurant, delivery menu and training facilities tour Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/sia-ditches-flight-nowhere-idea-rolls-out-a380-restaurant-delivery-menu-and-training SIA will be offering lunch to customers on board a parked superjumbo A380 at Changi Airport on two afternoons in October The airline abandoned the flight to nowhere idea after a review and has no plans to revive it From Oct 5, customers can order SIA’s First Class and Business Class food for a home dining experience with amenities intended to recreate the flight experience A behind-the-scenes tour of SIA’s training facility will be held over two November school holiday weekends and includes access to its flight simulator, a grooming workshop and wine tasting Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/sia-ditches-flight-nowhere-idea-rolls-out-a380-restaurant-delivery-menu-and-training SINGAPORE — Customers of Singapore Airlines (SIA) will soon be able to dine and explore one of its Airbus A380s on Oct 24 and 25 while the aircraft remains parked at Changi Airport, SIA said in a statement on Tuesday (Sept 29). Its initial idea for a short tour flight, or a “flight to nowhere”, was jettisoned after the airlines conducted a market study and a review, taking into account factors such as environmental implications and financial viability. “We currently have no plans to revive the idea,” a spokesman said in response to TODAY’s queries. In recent weeks, the idea attracted flak from people who were concerned about the carbon impact created by these flights, while others defended such flights — which a few airlines are pursuing — as a way to help the ailing national carrier cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. Mr Goh Choon Phong, SIA chief executive officer, said: “There has been a lot of interest in our customer engagement initiatives over the last few weeks, and I would like to thank everyone for their great ideas and suggestions. We are very encouraged by and grateful for the enthusiasm and passion that we have seen.” The latest Restaurant A380 @ Changi idea is part of a “suite of experiences” meant for SIA’s Singapore customers and fans over the next few weeks. These include a tour of its training facilities and a chance to enjoy SIA’s in-flight meals at home. Customers will be served lunch in a cabin of their choice on the double-decker superjumbo aircraft. An SIA spokesman said the aircraft will be parked and linked to a gatehold room, with diners entering the A380 via the aerobridge. SIA will also be applying for airport passes on behalf of the diners since the activity will be in a restricted area. Diners can choose from SIA’s signature international cuisine as well as from a special Peranakan menu designed by Singaporean chef Shermay Lee. Customers will also be given a showcase of its cabin crew uniform over the years and customers who turn up in traditional heritage wear, such as a sarong kebaya, cheongsam, saree, batik shirt or a kilt, will receive a special gift. Bookings for Restaurant A380 will begin on Oct 12 on SIA’s KrisShop website. Limited spots for a 15-minute tour of the A380’s interiors and private access areas are also available on a first come, first served basis. The statement said all health and safety measures will be put in place including thorough cleaning of the aircraft. Diners will be seated in groups of no more than five people with safe distancing between them. “We will be following restaurant rules for Restaurant A380 @ Changi so the number of diners allowed in (the aircraft) is dynamic at this point in time. We will be observing safe distancing between groups of diners, so that will be taken into account as well,” said its spokesman. SIA @ HOME For Oct 5, customers can order a meal from a range of 10 menus to be delivered to their homes. The menus were designed for its First Class and Business Class customers by four world-renowned chefs on SIA’s International Culinary Panel — Chef Georges Blanc of France, Chef Matt Moran of Australia, Chef Yoshihiro Murata of Japan and Chef Sanjeev Kapoor of India. SIA will also provide a First Class or Business Class amenity kit based on a package of their choice and customers get to keep limited edition dining ware and amenities such as crystal glasses, tableware sets and sleeper suits. A digital guide on how to heat and plate the dishes will be provided. Customers can “recreate the SIA onboard experience at home” by watching aircraft cabin videos and listening to a specially curated playlist. “Those who are looking to bring their SIA experience to the next level also have the option to Book-the-Chef through our cabin crew concierge, to enjoy the services of a private chef who will reheat, plate and serve the meal for customers in their homes,” said SIA. INSIDE SINGAPORE AIRLINES For two weekends during the November school holidays, in a rare move, SIA will also be opening up its training facilities to the public. “Perfect for kids and families, this is a rare opportunity to find out from our pilots and cabin crew what it takes to fly and serve in the skies. The tour will feature our latest cabin products and a look at where training on our flight simulators is conducted,” said SIA. Visitors can also pay for additional experiences — aviation enthusiasts can experience the training SIA pilots receive on its flight simulator, children can dress up as junior cabin crew for a day and keep their SIA uniforms, wine fans can learn about SIA’s wines from its air sommeliers, and customers can learn how to achieve the Singapore Girl look in a guided grooming workshop. They can also dine at the SIA canteen which will be serving in-flight cuisines for a fee. If visitors use SIA’s contactless payment app KrisPay, they can also earn air miles for these meals or if they buy merchandise at the tour. The tour dates are set for Nov 21, 22, 28 and 29, and bookings commence from Nov 1. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE When asked if there are other initiatives in the pipeline, the spokesman said it will make an announcement at the appropriate time. Mr Goh said SIA came up with these activities to engage with its fans and customers at a time when Covid-19 has drastically reduced the number of flights operated by SIA Group. “These experiences offer something for everyone – from frequent flyers who miss our world-class in-cabin products and service, to couples and families who want an exclusive dining experience, and parents who are after an enjoyable activity-filled day with their children during the school holidays,” said Mr Goh. Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/sia-ditches-flight-nowhere-idea-rolls-out-a380-restaurant-delivery-menu-and-training
  2. https://mothership.sg/2020/09/singapore-airlines-flights-to-nowhere/ No destination The flights will be for domestic passengers and will have no destination. They will depart from and land in Changi Airport. Each flight will take about three hours, reported ST. A spokesman told ST that SIA is considering several initiatives to engage its customers and members of the public. It is apparently looking to explore a partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), allowing passengers to partially pay for such flights with tourism credits that will be given out by the government. Finally our very own fly to nowhere flights! How desperate are you to fly again that you'll pay a few hundred bucks just to experience waiting at the boarding gate, getting into an aircraft, having an on board meal, and hearing the announcement from the pilot 'Welcome home (to Singapore)'? Always a nice feeling to touchdown at Changi after a vacation no matter how much I "hated" ending my trip. How much will you fork out for flights to nowhere? Before bashing this initiative as a waste of time and money, yes kinda but in such difficult times, think about it, whatever it takes to cut some losses for the airlines, and also provide some relief and hope for our air crew whom have not been able to fly for many months. If you have the spare cash, why not?
  3. In the midst of all the negative news, this is one piece of beautiful news... literally https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/covid-19-singapore-airlines-care-ambassadors-hospital-manpower-12608118 Oh my... Can you imagine... If I'm an inpatient and I'm expecting the rubbish food given to me, and along comes the Singapore Girl, and says: "Hello!" Today, we offer these uncooked toufu and eggs or the overfried chicken, served with plain water... Suddenly everything will taste better! Wooo... Or get them to teach you to wear a mask ... like putting on the life vest 🙂 Or better yet, teach HCW to wear the PPE... A patient's quarantine pr NCID stay just got sweeter... hmm.... 😉 Their roles can be extended.. As for social distancing... I can imagine even those old chaps at the hawker centre will obey them when they ask them too The only side effect? Well they might move further from others, but they might have trouble maintaining social distance from these lovely ladies... Brilliant idea...
  4. https://mothership.sg/2020/05/sia-planes-alice-springs/?fbclid=IwAR1gbL-oN9oyI181CubCTTQrspN0A1U3wJs8WOULNqh5_ajjFZVnr9DxxB8 SIA planes fly to Australia to park at Alice Springs for at least a few months Singapore Airlines, Scoot and SilkAir planes have flown to Alice Springs, Australia and they will remain parked in the desert airport for the next few months. News of the temporary relocation was reported in the last week of April 2020. A total of 17 aircraft across the three group airlines will be in long-term storage. They started making their way to Alice Springs Airport as early as April 25. Both Scoot and SilkAir are subsidiaries of SIA. At least four massive Airbus 380s have landed in Alice Springs, as well as three SIA Boeing 777-200ERs, two Scoot A320s, and six SilkAir Boeing 737 MAX 8s. The locals in Alice Springs greeted the unusual arrival with anticipation. It has been predicted the planes will be out of action for at least three to four months minimum. The number of A380s in Alice Springs reportedly amount to a 20 per cent cut in SIA's operational A380 fleet. Why Alice Springs? Alice Springs Airport is home to the region’s only long-term aircraft storage facility. A dry desert climate is essential for preserving aircraft in long-term storage. The planes would otherwise fare poorly if they are left continuously unused in humid environments like Singapore's. If business there is thriving, it is a harbinger of bad news for the aviation industry. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-28/during-coronavirus-pandemic-planes-parked-in-alice-springs/12189856?fbclid=IwAR0hwuvI_9Q9fLb9YnjDQC_gDZPlY33Kzga7O18_8sdC9-CI64VLM_GlaT0 It is the first time an Airbus A380 has landed in the Red Centre. The A380s are the latest planes to be mothballed in Alice Springs after six Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes — the model grounded globally after two crashes which killed a total of 346 people — touched down at the airport last year. The 580-tonne machines caught the eyes of many locals as they flew in for their Central Australian holiday on Sunday, in a rare direct flight from Singapore. With no word on when international travel will resume, the A380s might not be the last planes with a parking space in Alice Springs. And it isn't just residents who are excited by this chapter in aviation history. The latest batch of aircraft arrivals is another coup for the new Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage (APAS) facility in Alice Springs, which is spruiking the Red Centre as a leading storage port for airlines across the region. "Obviously it's not the ideal circumstances around the current situation with COVID-19, however this is a great opportunity for Alice Springs," he said.
  5. RickyWee

    SIA volunteer at CC

    https://mothership.sg/2020/04/sia-flight-attendant-offers-to-volunteer-at-cc-to-help-punggol-residents-garners-praise-from-sun-xueling/ The airline industry has been hit incredibly hard by Covid-19. And while there are measures being implemented to help the industry — and more importantly the employees — through this tough time, there is no escaping the sacrifices airline staff have had to make. It speaks volumes that even in this tough time, at least one flight attendant is thinking about how to help her fellow residents. Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC Member of Parliament Sun Xueling shared one such example in a Facebook post on Apr. 3, 2020. In it she shared a message by a flight attendant who had been adversely affected by Covid-19, but still volunteered to help out at Punggol CC. The impetus for that gracious offer came about after she queued for the temporary relief fund. She had observed that an extra pair of hands would have made the process smoother. And thus, she decided to offer her help. Here is the message: Which earned rave reviews from Sun. “Thank you dear Resident of Punggol. You don’t know how much it means to receive an email like this. SQ may be down but the Singapore spirit flies high. This is our “Singapore Girl” at its best. There are good kind-hearted people out there. And we must have faith. Together we can overcome!”
  6. Singapore Airlines grounds two Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner jets due to engine issues SINGAPORE: Singapore Airlines (SIA) has removed two SIA 787-10 Dreamliner planes from service after routine inspections revealed issues with the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 TEN engines, the carrier said in a statement on Tuesday (Apr 2). “During recent routine inspections of Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 TEN engines on Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 787-10 fleet, premature blade deterioration was found on some engines," SIA said. "As safety is our top priority, the SIA Group, in consultation with Rolls-Royce, proactively identified other Trent 1000 TEN engines in the Group’s 787 fleet to undergo precautionary inspections." The airline added: "All of these engine inspections on SIA’s 787-10 fleet have now been completed, and a remaining check will be completed on a Scoot 787-9 by Apr 3. "However, as capacity may be lower on replacement aircraft, some customers may be affected and they will be contacted accordingly," said SIA. "We regret the inconvenience caused and sincerely apologise to customers whose travel plans are affected, and seek their understanding." SIA said it is working closely with Rolls-Royce, as well as relevant authorities for additional follow-up actions and precautionary measures that may be required going forward. SIA first took delivery of the first of its 49 Boeing 787-10 aircraft in March 2018. The aircraft entered commercial service in April 2018, with SIA saying that it was investing S$458 million to introduce new cabin products for the first 20 aircraft. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-airlines-grounds-two-boeing-787-10-dreamliner-jets-due-11403920 That's why I don't buy Rolls Royce cars ...
  7. Neutrino

    Singapore Airlines pricing error

    About 900 long haul Business Class tickets were sold online in Australia for Economy Class prices. That's an error costing around 3 million dollars. Now SIA are trying to recover this money through Travel Agents or directly from the people who bought the tickets. Apparently according to Australian law SIA haven't got a leg to stand on. Why don't SIA just accept the error and not cause major problems with their standing as a 'great airline'. Also with the major fall in oil prices has anyone noticed any drop in airline ticket price here?
  8. much closer to home this time. SINGAPORE - Passengers on a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight bound for Shanghai on Saturday had a bit of a scare when both engines experienced a temporary loss of power amid bad weather. The incident occurred at 39,000 ft about 3.5 hours after Flight SQ836, operated by an Airbus A330-300, left Changi Airport. "Both engines experienced a temporary loss of power and the pilots followed operational procedures to restore normal operation of the engines" said the airline's spokesman. The flight with 182 passengers and 12 crew on board continued to Shanghai and touched down safely at 10.56pm local time, he added. The engines were thoroughly inspected and tested upon arrival in Shanghai with no anomalies detected. SIA is reviewing the incident with engine maker, Rolls-Royce and Airbus.
  9. Came across this on another forum and on FB Source: https://www.facebook.com/singaporeair/posts/10153047708683679 So, this cork missed a flight because he was shopping at DFS and expected the entire plane with the rest of the passengers to wait for him. Is there any worse reason he could give? Really? I think SIA would be better off not having a customer like him. =D Thin out the herd a little, and leave the considerate flyers in.
  10. Singapore Airlines crew injured in New Zealand car crash http://singapore.coconuts.co/2014/10/01/video-singapore-airlines-crew-injured-new-zealand-car-crash A road accident that occurred Wednesday morning in Canterbury, Christchurch, is said to have involved five Singapore Airlines (SIA) crew. In a statement to Yahoo! Singapore, a SIA spokesperson revealed that two of them are seriously injured and another is in critical condition. All five are receiving treatment in the hospital. “Our immediate concern is for the welfare of our staff and we shall accord them and their families the highest standard of care and assistance," the spokesperson said. According to The New Zealand Herald, the car they were in had crashed into another that was towing a horse float. The horse is said to have escaped injury. The newspaper also reported today that Canterbury police is reminding road users to exercise caution, in light of the recent accidents in the area. Watch a video of the rescue efforts at the accident site here.
  11. The Formula One Singapore Grand Prix is set to soar to new heights, with Singapore Airlines (SIA) coming on board as its new title sponsor. In an announcement made at its Training Centre along Upper Changi Road East on Tuesday morning, the national carrier confirmed the two-year naming rights deal that will run through the 2015 race. Said Singapore Airlines CEO Mr Goh Choon Phong: "We are thrilled to be taking up the title sponsorship of one of the most exciting races on the F1 calendar, and we are especially pleased to be doing so in the lead up to Singapore's 50th birthday next year. "Singapore Airlines has always supported the development of both sports and tourism. Through our involvement with the world's first F1 night race we will be able to enhance both for the benefit of Singaporeans and visitors alike." Added Formula One Group CEO Mr Bernie Ecclestone: "We are very happy to have Singapore Airlines join the Formula One family by becoming the title sponsor of the extremely popular Formula One Singapore Grand Prix... and demonstrates Singapore's forward thinking, an attribute Singapore Airlines has always achieved." The deal sees SIA take over naming rights of the sport's first night race from SingTel. Since its inaugural 2008 edition, the Singapore Grand Prix has come under the title sponsorship of the local telco, who paid a reported US$10 million (S$12.47 million) each year for the privilege. Singapore forks out approximately $150 million to host each edition of the race - 40 per cent of which is borne by organiser Singapore GP, while the Government co-funds the remaining 60 per cent. In return, the Republic earns an average of $150 million in incremental tourism receipts annually. This year's race - the seventh under the lights of the Marina Bay Street Circuit - will be held from Sept 19-21.
  12. I hope I didn't disappoint you! https://www.facebook.com/AllSingaporeStuff/photos/a.493799937401739.1073741828.487870694661330/529198457195220