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Found 181 results

  1. Maybe they were in a rush or had some emergency to attend to? But no matter what it is, there is still almost no excuse to cross the road when the lights tell you not to. 2 young teens were knocked down by a taxi along Paya Lebar road on 1st of Oct 2020 as they crossed the road while the light wasn't in their favour. The 17 year-old female pedestrian was conscious when taken to Raffles Hospital while the male refused to be taken to hospital according to The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). He seemed to suffer from some bleeding from his knee but was still able to move around on his own. Investigations into the incident are ongoing, said the police. Check out the various angles of the accident video on SG Road Vigilante.
  2. In the midst of all the negative news, this is one piece of beautiful news... literally https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/covid-19-singapore-airlines-care-ambassadors-hospital-manpower-12608118 Oh my... Can you imagine... If I'm an inpatient and I'm expecting the rubbish food given to me, and along comes the Singapore Girl, and says: "Hello!" Today, we offer these uncooked toufu and eggs or the overfried chicken, served with plain water... Suddenly everything will taste better! Wooo... Or get them to teach you to wear a mask ... like putting on the life vest 🙂 Or better yet, teach HCW to wear the PPE... A patient's quarantine pr NCID stay just got sweeter... hmm.... 😉 Their roles can be extended.. As for social distancing... I can imagine even those old chaps at the hawker centre will obey them when they ask them too The only side effect? Well they might move further from others, but they might have trouble maintaining social distance from these lovely ladies... Brilliant idea...
  3. Wondering why nobody posted this interesting article. 😁 I never imagine we have such interests group in Singapore. Is it all have vested interests haha? 🤣 https://www.msn.com/en-sg/news/singapore/telegram-group-with-40kplus-members-outed-for-sharing-nudes-of-singaporean-women/ar-AAI6Jpw?ocid=spartanntp
  4. https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=351168979094837&_rdr He called the police so no reason to post this on FB. Poor girl. I would have paid for her and gave her my contact to return the money. Many uncles here would do the same hor.......
  5. Finally. A major milestone in vaccination... Actually boys will also benefit from reduction of sexually transmitted warts etc, but i guess the cost vs benefit ratio is not there. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/sec-1-female-students-free-hpv-vaccine-against-cervical-cancer-11316882
  6. mobile phones again .... Six-year-old girl dies after near-drowning in pool with lifeguards, swimming instructor distracted The state coroner criticised two lifeguards and a swimming instructor after a six-year-old girl, who did not know how to float or swim independently without support, died following a near-drowning at Kallang Basin Swimming Complex. On Dec 20, 2017, little Sherlyn Ler was left to fend for herself for at least four minutes as she swam using a swimming board. Her instructor, Mr Yeo Chwee Chuan, had led her to the pool's mid-point during her 7pm lesson before allowing the girl to swim to the edge. But he then turned away to focus on his other students, aged six to eight years old. Of the two lifeguards near the teaching pool, one was busy on his mobile phone while the other spent time arranging chairs. In an inquiry into her death on Tuesday (April 2), State Coroner Kamala Ponnampalam said: "The lifeguard should not be distracted by the use of his personal devices or idle chit-chat. "He should never leave his post unguarded. Drowning is known to occur quickly and quietly between 20 and 60 seconds." She also noted several lapses in Mr Yeo's management of his lesson, saying his class formation was "poor". "At several points in time, more than one student was out of his line of sight... Ideally, the child, especially one who is not an independent swimmer, should be within arm's reach," added the state coroner, who found Sherlyn's death a tragic misadventure. Although the girl's mother was seated on a nearby platform to keep an eye on her daughter, she too became distracted by her phone and when she turned to speak to other people. Moments after Mr Yeo turned his back, the 1.11m tall Sherlyn went under in a pool where the water's depth was between 0.8m and 1m. She died in hospital on Jan 9 last year from a lack of oxygen and blood flowing to the brain following the near-drowning. The Straits Times understands that Mr Yeo's coaching licence has been suspended by Sport SG and Mr Firdaus Rajatmarican and Mr Law Kum Wah, who left the pool unattended for at least four minutes, are no longer lifeguards. It emerged at the hearing that at 7.05pm, Mr Firdaus, who had been watching over the training pool, asked Mr Law to take over his duty as he needed to use the washroom. The state coroner said that closed-circuit television footage showed Mr Firdaus looking at his phone while Mr Law was arranging some chairs in the area. At about 7.15pm, two girls in the pool noticed Sherlyn floating face up and alerted Mr Law. Mr Law and Mr Yeo swam towards the girl and cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed on her. Paramedics arrived at the swimming complex at around 7.30pm and she was rushed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, before being transferred to KK Women's and Children's Hospital the next day. State Coroner Kamala said that according to Mr Garett Lim, who is a trainer of the Swimsafer programme at Sport SG, Sherlyn should not have been left to swim alone. She was about 10m from her coach when the incident happened. Mr Lim also said the swimming board is a poor flotation device which is not stable and may float away, leaving the child unaided. The state coroner added: "Children, in particular, need constant supervision around water which cannot be done if the coach is not able to see them." Sherlyn's family members were in court on Tuesday but they declined to comment.
  7. Ongoing saga... This sg couple famous liao. This couple is damn cruel and evil The young woman give birth in a Taiwan hotel last week, then dump the newborn baby in a rubbish bin in Ximending and then returned to Singapore on the same day. The Taiwanese police managed to track the couple and collected DNA samples from the couple's room to determine whether they are related to the dead infant. Taiwan police just announced blood samples found in hotel room match the newborn's DNA. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/baby-dumped-by-spore-couple-in-taiwan-blood-samples-found-in-hotel-room-match-newborns-dna
  8. LONDON: Shamima Begum, a teenager who left London when she was aged 15 to join Islamic State in Syria, has had her British citizenship revoked, according to a letter sent to her family published by ITV News on Tuesday (Feb 19). Begum, who gave birth to a son at the weekend, was discovered in a refugee camp in Syria by a London Times journalist earlier this month. Now aged 19, she has told reporters she wants to return to Britain. A debate has broken out about whether Ms Begum, who travelled to Syria in 2015 aged 15, should be allowed to return to Britain having joined Isis, which has claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks on the UK. The Manchester Arena attack in May 2017 killed 22 people after a suicide bomber detonated a device packed with shrapnel at the end of a pop concert. In the latest of a series of interviews she has given while in the camp, Ms Begum told the BBC she had regrets about the Manchester attack: “I do feel that is wrong. Innocent people did get killed,” she said. “It’s one thing to kill a soldier – it’s fine, it’s self-defence. But to kill people like women and children – just like the women and children in Baghuz who are being killed right now unjustly by the bombings – it’s a two-way thing, really.” She continued: “This is kind of retaliation. Their justification was that it was retaliation so I thought that is a fair justification.” “That was unfair on them … They weren’t fighting anyone. They weren’t causing any harm. But neither was I and neither [were the] other women who are being killed right now back in Baghuz.” if you have been following the news, you'd be aware of all interviews the girl had done showing no remorse or whatsoever. She has even gone on to say that if her first baby had survived, she would have wanted him to become a ISIS fighter too. now the QN is, if one day a fellow brother or sister from Sg joins a terrorist group too but years later,regrets doing so and wish to return to sg, what would we do? what would our government do? do we let him/her return? should we risk it all? we dont know how damaged their minds would be then. should we let them return, jail them for an un-determined no of yearS? How many years is enough? how do we determine they are safe to be integrated bk to our society again after that? lets leave all sensitive matters pertaining religion out of this discussion. this is a fight against terrorist and not against our muslim brothers and sisters. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/teenager-who-joined-islamic-state-group-in-syria-to-lose-uk-11260642?cid=FBcna&fbclid=IwAR1qrf4Uhy4FG7Lt1Q1caTnbVaH8ceVDViV6TOiArCGYYQfGsMC4ODJVQWA
  9. Jin scary, pushed down by school trainer as part of some disaster management training. I've never heard of such training, making people jump down from a school building. Parents must be devastated. Other students watching will require psychological counseling. RIP. Watch video at your own discretion. -------------------------------------------------------- https://deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/130718/19-yr-old-girl-dies-disaster-preparedness-drill-coimbatore-n-logeswari.html Coimbatore: A 19-year-old undergraduate student died when she jumped off the second floor of her college building during a disaster preparedness drill in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu on Thursday evening. N Logeswari was a second year student pursuing Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) course at Kovai Kalaimagal College of Arts and Science at Narasipuram. Around 4 pm on Thursday, students of the college were being shown how to escape if disaster struck. A video of the training session showed Lokeswari perched on the sunshade of the second floor balcony, when the trainer Arumugan, standing next to her, was telling her to jump. Eyewitnesses say Logeswari was reluctant and did not want to but was prompted repeatedly by the trainer. After a while, the trainer pushed her and she tumbled down hitting her head on the sunshade of the first floor. Though students standing on the ground were holding a net for Logeshwari to land safely, she crashed to the ground after hitting the sunshade. According to reports, Logeswari was rushed to a private hospital in Thondamuthur, where she was administered first aid. She was referred to the state-run Coimbatore Medical College Hospital, where she was declared "brought dead". The police have sent the body for postmortem and the family has been informed. Trainer Arumugan has been taken into custody by the police and a case for causing death due to negligence has been filed against him. College authorities told the police that the drill was conducted by the National Disaster Management Authority of India (NDMAI). Meanwhile, NDMA has clarified that Arumugam was not authorised to conduct such a drill.
  10. Dermocyma

    Lobang to get sia girl uniform

    any bro knows where to buy or get the official sia girl uniform? not those tourist type but the real thing.
  11. OK folks I dun usually watch korean drama but I find this plot quite amazing. It's about the story of a girl who has a special ability to see the lifespan of everyone including herself. So she knows how long more u have to live right up till the last seconds. In the drama, she only has 100+ days left to live. It's just been released in Korea on 21st May 2018. I find it interesting because if u have such an ability, what would u do? Try to play God? What would u do if you see the stranger right next to u with 1 min of her life left? Watch it if u have 5 mins of time to spare. It's a short "trailer"/footage from the drama. https://www.facebook.com/Dramamazing/videos/1806430732754253/UzpfSTYyODk1NTM1OToxMDE2MDUzNDkwOTEwMDM2MA/
  12. should the agencies have flexibility toward these people? i can't find the old thread on the news few years back
  13. i think this is the most sickening news i've heard in singapore.... 7 years is a fair sentence.
  14. kobayashiGT

    AMA imma a real girl

    @chryst you can own this thread! Open for you alrd! @tianmo @kdash @theoldjaffa come! haha.
  15. I know I complain about laws not being enforced here in Singapore. We do take it easy on a lot of things compared to other places. My bro visited me from Australia last week and he was astonished that I didn't insist on seat belts for the 2nd row for my wife and mum (the kids on the 3rd row were fastened though). Guilty on that count I guess. But I say, with our (relatively) low speeds, we're get away with slack enforcements that are absolutely necessary in other places. Case in point... what do you think this girl should have got for the stunt she pulled in Dubai? Silly girl in Dubai does 170km/h with kids dangling out of the window Five girls dangled out of car as it clocked 170 km/h Woman caught racing and performing dangerous stunts By Habiba Ahmed Abd Elaziz , Staff ReporterPublished: 23:04 October 17, 2012 Dubai: Dubai Police have impounded the car of a young Emirati woman for driving at over 170 km/h with five girls between six and 14 years hanging precariously out of the SUV
  16. Yattokame

    Remember this girl Pei Shan?

    http://www.tnp.sg/content/our-tiny-teenage-miracle Pei Shan (above) turns 15 on Aug 5. But for all intents and purposes, she is stuck in a baby’s body – baby fat is still present on her limbs, and she wears a diaper. She can’t walk or breathe on her own. And till today, doctors have yet to diagnose her exact medical condition. Pei Shan's parents share the chequered medical history of the girl who has looked death in the eye many times and survived. ================================================================================ Hi guys. I happen to read about pei shan on TNP over the weekend. I do not watch TV so I had no idea previously. I got in touch with Maureen, the correspondent who did the story, and managed to get details for donations to help the family. You can email to Maureen of TNP directly (maureenk@sph.com.sg) for the details; or PM me if you feel comfortable (some people may think this is a fraud). Her birthday is round the corner, so a couple of my friends are getting some presents for her. From what I understand from Maureen, they need: 1) Mamy Poko Diapers XL girls 2) NTUC vouchers 3) food vouchers (she loves to eat!) 4) mothercare / kiddy palace vouchers You can get in touch with Maureen on how to pass the family these items - she will be meeting the family this thurs. Please do not ask me to buy the items for you and pass me cash or whatever - I NEVER receive/relay cash for all the volunteer work and charity I do. I hope little pei shan will have a nice birthday coming up Thank you for your kindness and godspeed. Edit: the family has gone bankrupt because of the medical bills...... really hope more people can chip in to help. No amount is too small. Thanks!
  17. TAIPEI - A 33-year-old man was arrested in Taiwan on Monday (March 28) for allegedly chopping off the head of a four-year-old girl, reports said. The suspect, who reportedly has a history of mental illness, attacked the young girl at a Taipei suburb on Monday at about 11am, Focus Taiwan said. The attack happened right in front of her mother. Her grieving mother, Mrs Liu, told Apple Daily that she was about one metre away from her daughter, but could not stop the killer. The girl was going upslope on a strider bike when the suspect approached her from behind. She and her mother were on their way to a train station to meet her grandfather and her younger siblings. Thinking that the suspect was trying to help push her daughter up the slope, Mrs Liu did not attempt to stop him. Instead, he pulled out a chopper and brought it down on the little girl's neck, the newspaper said. When she realised what was happening, Mrs Liu tried to hold the killer back, but was not strong enough to stop him. Passers-by then helped to subdue the attacker, but by then, he had decapitated the victim. A blood-stained chopper was found near the crime scene, said Focus Taiwan. "I could not believe it. How can something so cruel happen?" the girl's grandmother sobbed as she told TVBS in Mandarin. The victim, nicknamed "Little Lightbulb", is the second of four children in her family. Her father works in the IT industry, and her mother is a housewife. She has a nine-year-old sister and a younger brother and sister who are two-year-old twins. A photo of the suspect, his face splattered with blood as he was brought in by the police, was published by Taiwanese media. The suspect, surnamed Wang, is said to be unemployed, and has a history of mental illness and drug offences. The case has shocked Taiwanese. In response, President Ma Ying-jeou said: "Today, I heard about the four-year-old girl's "Little Lightbulb's" misfortune. All of us feel shock and pain. The child is so adorable, and the killer so cruel; I have ordered a full investigation. Justice must be served." President-elect Tsai Ing-wen also issued a statement expressing her sorrow, and promising help to the family. The Government has a duty to strengthen public order, to prevent such crimes from happening again, she said. http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/knife-wielding-attacker-chops-off-head-of-4-year-old-girl-in-taipei
  18. Girl Narrowly Escapes as Escalator Floor Breaks Open Another escalator malfunction in China . A Chinese girl escaped unhurt as an escalator malfunctioned on Sunday at a shopping mall in Shenyang, northeast China's Liaoning Province. The girl, believed to be in her 20s, stepped onto a panel of flooring at the top of the escalator when it suddenly gave way. Staff at the mall soon shut down the escalator, and no one was injured. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtbdrIMa-Wo
  19. http://mitsueki.wordpress.com/2013/03/29/p...nocked-her-down LTA AND TRAFFIC MATA - PLS WAKE UP
  20. Duckduck

    Japanese school girl simulator

    kawaii jap schoolgirl murder simulator!!! so des nee.....
  21. Mother in tears after seeing her baby's severe burns from being left on heat packs When she saw her baby in pain with a large part of her back burned pink and raw, all Madam Farah (not her real name) could do, was to bawl her eyes out. According to a report in The Straits Times, on Oct 31, 2011, the toddler, Alya (not her real name) was at her babysitter Madam Mardianah
  22. This 17 year old girl did the unimaginable one day after her prom.....Got to watch the video and feel it for yourselves. http://edumatters.sg/teenage-girl-shows-the-world-how-to-make-it-a-better-place/
  23. Duckduck

    Golfer girl