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  1. Garlic

    ST: Used Car dealers Slump

    Taken from http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/news/s...-slump-20130317
  2. Garlic

    Nissan Teana Experience

    Vehicle sold.
  3. Garlic

    Nissan Teana Experience

    Hi guys, Selling my Teana 350XV with panoramic roof. Owners: 1 Date of registration: 28 Nov 2008 Make: Nissan Model: TEANA 3.5 SMT ABS D/AB HID SR 2WD 4DR OMV: $36,996 COE: $13,890 Colour: Silver Full service history from Tan Chong Motors. Vehicle is in good condition, accident free and 100% stock condition. Please PM if interested. Thanks.
  4. Garlic

    Orang Utans As Pets?

    Watch too much
  5. Garlic

    M1 IT Show 2012 Promotions!

    Equipment provided by Singtel, router and modem integrated as a single unit. I'm also contemplating switch from green to red company. Singtel's MIO + fibre looks attractive, if I'm not wrong they waive subscription fee for landline number and upgrade line to digital for free out-going calls. Also, you get 10% to 25% discount on mobile subscription plan depending on how many Singtel mobile users there are at billing address.
  6. Planning to try out PU after I finish my remaining bottles of SSO. VOA and UOA looks promising.
  7. Garlic

    Duragloss Nano Clear Seal vs Optimum Opti-Guard

    OC hazes in the heat on dark colors? Interesting finding, might be worth the effort starting a discuss at OPT's tech forum.
  8. Garlic

    Duragloss Nano Clear Seal vs Optimum Opti-Guard

    My 2 cents if I may, have only used it on light colors (white and silver). Prep procedure is similar for both products. I personally find Nano Clear more user friendly as it gives more "feedback" during application, its also more forgiving. OC 1.0 cures within an hour and you discover a streak after that, the only way to remove it is to repeat prep and application procedure on entire panel. As for durability, its still too early to tell as its only been couple of weeks since I applied Nano Clear on the other car. OC 1.0 has been on my white car below for a year and water is still sheeting off surface like day one, car is parked outdoors all the tie.
  9. Garlic

    Amsoil VS Redline

    I use Amsoil SSO 0W30, its slightly more expensive than Redline but its silky smooth throughout; 10K OCI. Go to BITOG for more detailed information, lots of information on these two oils.
  10. Garlic

    Plywood supplier

    Hi guys, Appreciate if anyone can suggest a place to buy plywood shelving for my metal rack. I need 4 pieces of 4ft by 1.5ft planks. Are there any ways to make them resistant to worms? I using something similar to below pic, have disposed planks as they were infested with worms. The worms burrow into wood ply and then slowly turn them to crumble. Thanks.
  11. Garlic

    Nissan Teana Experience

    Has anyone changed CVT fluid already? How much is required for drain and fill? Owner's manual states 9 qts however workshop says one tin (4L) of Nissan NS-2 is sufficient. Thanks.
  12. Garlic

    Optimum OptiCoat Tested

    Some pics after driving through rain. Coating holding up against the elements really well after 8 months. Paint still looks "fresh" after a wash. Bonnet Roof
  13. Garlic

    Optimum OptiCoat Tested

    OptiGuard (OptiCoat 1.0) still sheeting water after 8 months. Car is parked outdoors 27/4 and paint is maintained by just washing.
  14. Remaining stock left at Loyang Shop N Save.