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Found 653 results

  1. Hi Guys, Need your inputs and thoughts of this product that is micmicking Spoon's Rigid Collar. Do you think this is a good add-on regardless of either Stiff Ring or Rigid Collar? Quote : Stiff Ring Stiff Ring, aka anti-vibration washer, is made of special formula aluminium. It is used to correct the car body basic geometry by filling the gap between the subframe bolts, subframe and the car chassis bolt hole. Thus, by correcting the geometry setup with Stiff Ring, the car handling will be improved significantly. Rigid Collar - Youtube video
  2. For me....its used to be online gaming (like 6-7 years ago)
  3. RadX

    CS Mid year bonus 2020

    Zero bonus...it's the right thing to do.. Superscale clawback https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/civil-servants-bonus-public-service-government-salary-12848560?cid=FBcna&fbclid=IwAR3YmdeRCtu6vMOjrQ_UQAnbuxzHzT9Qqi6EqhtAHCuyCNmB3rz72JASf2g
  4. Please share for interest sake. The job can be dirty (literally or metaphorically), uncommon, interesting, or just plain weird.
  5. Hi! I realised used cars now have SKB, SKC....new registration plates. Is it because they bought a new 10 year COE or they just prefer new number? They can still use the old number that came with the car right?
  6. I am watching the television now....Channel 8....I saw an advert for a variety show which the chef move to some ulu place for cooking...then I thought didn't I saw something similar done by the koreans recently on out free to air channel as well ???? we really having a brain drain that we almost copying all the variety show from other countries???? sad
  7. ...during ur childhood? very soon... they will be gone in our ever-changing nation.. only 5 left in Singapore... link: http://www.cnngo.com/singapore/play/singap...esterday-483500
  8. do you have one? where to buy? roughly what price?
  9. Guyver

    Allergy - Do you have it?

    Dear all, I just watch a movie and the daughter got breathless when she ate some stuffs that has nuts. Does any of you here got allergy like this?
  10. Goop

    Cree Leds.... Sg have?

    Hi all, looking for local shop selling cree led buls for cars. Wanna see for myself the difference, whether worth buying. If no than got to get it from ebay.
  11. I know I complain about laws not being enforced here in Singapore. We do take it easy on a lot of things compared to other places. My bro visited me from Australia last week and he was astonished that I didn't insist on seat belts for the 2nd row for my wife and mum (the kids on the 3rd row were fastened though). Guilty on that count I guess. But I say, with our (relatively) low speeds, we're get away with slack enforcements that are absolutely necessary in other places. Case in point... what do you think this girl should have got for the stunt she pulled in Dubai? Silly girl in Dubai does 170km/h with kids dangling out of the window Five girls dangled out of car as it clocked 170 km/h Woman caught racing and performing dangerous stunts By Habiba Ahmed Abd Elaziz , Staff ReporterPublished: 23:04 October 17, 2012 Dubai: Dubai Police have impounded the car of a young Emirati woman for driving at over 170 km/h with five girls between six and 14 years hanging precariously out of the SUV
  12. as shown above , thanks!
  13. Watched plenty of war movies, most famous of course was Black Hawk Down, with the ubiquitous Humvee (actual abbreviation is HMMWV for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) seen all over the battlefield as the basic utility jeep for the US forces and then I saw this at a car park: Sua ku never seen this HUMMER H3 before but know that it was made by the same company that churns out the Humvees. From One Motoring website, read that this is a 3.653L monster jeep with a maximum laden weight of 2660 kg and unladen weight of 2231 kg. A petrol guzzler yes? Wonder what is its present OMV...
  14. Hi ppl How many of you , dog owners have sent your dogs for licencsing with AVA? I read on the paper today , not many are doing it because of the fees ($70) involved , or fear of being slapped with a heavy fine ($5000) , if the pet is found with no license . Because of this , some have even abandoned their pets!!! I have two dogs with no licenses now , and want to apply license for them ...but defintely dun want to be slapped with 10k fine
  15. CNA news report : NDP 2012 to reflect Singaporeans' love for country By Joanne Chan | Posted: 25 April 2012 1648 hrs SINGAPORE: This year's National Day Parade (NDP) hopes to be a time for Singaporeans to reflect on their love for the country, with the theme "Loving Singapore, Our Home" . And this year's organisers hope to get Singaporeans to express their love for the country, through video or photo contests. The man tasked with running the parade smoothly certainly knows the theme well. The parade's executive committee chairman, Colonel Desmond Tan, said: "From the smallest thing like having a nice breakfast with my family, to the moments I stepped down from a long flight and coming home to Changi Airport, these are the moments I cherish. "But most of all, Singapore is where I'm born, and where I grew up and where I lived out my dreams and this is where my family and friends are." Singapore's 47th birthday celebration promises to be a visual treat, bringing back old favourites, such as the combined school choir, last seen two years ago. Other crowd favourites include the marching contingents, the flag fly-past and the Red Lions freefall display. The parade will also feature a salute to 45 years of National Service. I used to be proud of Singapore, serve my NS with pride, endure all tough training whether in rain or shine, whether chiong 'Peng Kang Hill' or Marsiling Hills, going weeks without bath. Nowadays, hot or rainy weather, training cancelled... So proud to own a 5 rooms HDB flat back in the 80's but now, I am worried for my children whether they can affort a 3 ~ 4 rooms HDB flats, So proud to own a 7 seater car years back but now, feel sad when my oversea friends ask me why the piece of 'Paper' value could have fetch them 2 or 3 2000cc cars in their coutries. A less than 1.5cc car cost almost S$90K ??? Quote what Colonel Desmond Tan, said: "From the smallest thing like having a nice breakfast with my family, to the moments I stepped down from a long flight and coming home to Changi Airport, these are the moments I cherish. "But most of all, Singapore is where I'm born, and where I grew up and where I lived out my dreams and this is where my family and friends are." Singapore is Where I'm born, thats a facts, Where I grew Up, no choice as not born with 'silver spoon' & have to work my way up and lastly Where I lived out my dreams, have too not where to go as I set up my family here. Am I going to get 'nightmare' instead of dreams in coming years? HDB price soars, car price soars, medical fee soars, dental fee lagi soars, food price soars, Uni fee soars, public transportations fee soars (although at a slower pace), my CPF minimum deposit also soars to $131,000/-, age to withdraw CPF going up.... The theme "Loving Singapore, Our Home" , I will try my very best, no promises...
  16. I met one this morning!! He's driving a fully laden trailer but kept to left most lane, unlike other lorry/trailer drivers who like to hog the 2nd lane from the left therefore slowing down traffic behind them even when the left most lane is empty. Nothing really wrong as they are not using the rigth most lane (illegal for trucks/trailers) but when the road/expressway is busy they should let faster traffic use other lanes they stick to left most lane. He kept to the left most and only filter out when the road reaches a Y junction and he had to take the right to continue. It took him quite a while to filter from left most to the right (at about 500m from where the Y split). Other truck/trailer drivers took the 2nd lane from the begining and slow everyone behind down to 'save' themselves the hassle of having to 'struggling' to filter before the Y split...
  17. Probe launched after China pilots falsified records: govt AFP - Tuesday, September 7Send IM Story Print BEIJING, Sept 6, 2010 (AFP)
  18. Does anyone here know about or own Hyundai Verna 1.4A, from the 2005/2006 model? I'm considering getting one and am interested to know whether it has ABS. Is the car ok, for simple day-to-day use, and does it have any major or common problem? tks.
  19. Little_prince

    Teacher have sex with student!!!!

    http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking...ry_608565.html A TEACHER was charged on Monday with two counts of having sex with a 15-year-old student. The 25-year-old, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the girl, allegedly had sex with the teen with her consent at a flat in the north of Singapore on May 20 and June this year. He has been suspended from teaching. His lawyer, Mr Shashi Nathan, asked for the case to be adjourned to take detailed instructions and to make representations to the Attorney-General's Chambers. His police bail was extended. The case has been fixed for a pre-trial conference on Dec 27.
  20. ok folks ! i always get these crappy nigerian scammers in my yahoo mail. not as if i am bothered by them but recently... i decided to 'play' with them... hehehe go check out the screenshots... will post when that craphead replies :smt003 the first and typical email from them... then my reply teehee... then she replied... hook, sink, bait and all :smt003 then i replied, with a bowl of popcorns on my lap and my wife laughing her arse off behind me... stay tuned folks !! :smt005
  21. When a disaster happens, I see the angmos are always very on. Regardless of where the disaster area is, their media will give heavy coverage and their celebrities will donate money or organize fundraisers. Asian countries (expect maybe Japan) will bochup unless the disaster happens in their vicinity. Why is this so?
  22. Albeniz

    Have you dialed 999 before?

    Since young, we have been warned never to press these three numbers. Have you dialed 999 before? If you did, what was that situation which made you dialed these three numbers?
  23. Darthrevan

    Causes of Food poisoning

    It might be safer to give the right amount of money to food sellers, and not get back any change from them. A local study has found two types of bacteria on currency notes and coins obtained from a local canteen. The bacteria found are of the S. aureus and B. cereus species, which are among the most common bacteria types that lead to food poisoning. The canteen cannot be named due to an agreement it has with the researchers. Ten two-dollar notes, five one-dollar coins and five 10-cent coins were acquired from the canteen on a day in July for the Lifebuoy Germ Protection Study. Conducted by an independent microbiology laboratory, it found both the notes and coins had bacteria, though the amount was not measured. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...-study-20121013
  24. I was inside my car after parking it in a proper lot. Off the engine and opened the door while I gathered my things. And out of no where, a lady said "how can he open the doors like that this is a walkway". I turned back and looked, she was walking to the next space looking frustrated and kept staring at me like I did something wrong to her. All these while I was sitting in the drivers seat. She looked 30+ with a 6+ year old girl. And then I thought to myself, this is a walkway? I got out and look, ok, it was a walkway behind my car. I just continued gathering my things, closed the door and went on my way. Look at the pics, I don't know what u guys will think. But to me, no big deal to just cross at the next car right? And I also did not know there is a walkway behind. So in your opinion, do u think I've done something wrong?