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Found 189 results

  1. Before renovation Master bedroom 2nd bedroom Living dining Dry kitchen kitchen
  2. Am looking for some advice: We're going to Hokkaido next month, and are looking at renting a large MPV, so hope to get some tips and information on: 1) which MPV is good/best 2) any tips on driving in winter There will be 7 of us on the trip. 6 adults/children who are 1.7-1.8 m tall, and one 6-yo kid who needs a booster seat. There will also be quite a bit of luggage, tentatively 1-2 pcs 28", 3 pcs 24", 2 pcs 20" luggages. Looking at the options for MPVs, the larger ones are either Toyota Alphard or Nissan Elgrand, followed by the slightly smaller ones of Toyota Noah or Nissan Serena. Any bigger will be the Toyota Hiace van. Is there any possibility of accommodating all 7, plus the luggages in Alphard/Elgrand, or is it necessary to go for Hiace? I vaguely remember that @Heartlander had mentioned before renting Elgrand during a Japan trip, and also owned an Alphard before here? Care to share your experience please? Anyone else with knowledge/experience of these 2 - your opinion is welcome. If we shift the 3 rows of seats to be more 'forward', will the luggage/boot space behind 3rd row seat, be sufficient for the luggages that we have? Then on #2, driving in winter/snow, apart from going slow, and avoiding icy roads, what else should we look out for? Winter tyres are standard, and there's 4WD option for the vehicles. Thanks in advance.
  3. Man Rents Out Boon Keng Condo Utility Room For $500/Month & It Resembles A Luggage Storage Space source: https://mustsharenews.com/boon-keng-utility-room/ Man Rents Out Boon Keng Utility Room At $500 A Month Singapore has limited land area and many can’t buy a flat unless they’re eligible for a BTO or they turn 35. Migrants also require accommodation when they relocate here for work or school. So, they turn to rental. One man is offering, for the small price of $500, a utility room-turned-bedroom in a condo unit in Boon Keng, a central area. $500 sounds like a good deal considering rent usually goes for higher in condos. But here’s a look at the size of the ‘room’: This reminds us of a capsule hotel room, where it’s just a bed, a socket for electrical appliances, and… that’s it. Netizens who saw the rent posting weren’t very amused. Utility room in Boon Keng condo goes for $500 monthly rent A netizen posted the advertisement in the Property/Rooms For Rent/Sale Singapore Facebook group for a room in the Eight Riversuites condo, located in Boon Keng. The room has no air-conditioning — but there’s a fan. Also, you get your own private toilet! Utility bills are included too. There’s quite literally no left-over floor space after we set out the bed, nor is there, naturally, any room for other furniture. Netizens appalled and amused at size of room Someone shared the ad on the Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers Facebook group, and the commenters were appalled and amused in equal measure. Everything has a price While some wonder if renting out such a space is even legal, the truth is that it isn’t — as long as you’re doing so for at least 3 months. Also, everything has a price, and $500 is actually on the low side for a rental room in a Singapore condominium, which is located centrally as well. Someone might well think a small room is better than none at all, although we certainly think that if there’s no floor space, it’d probably be difficult to live in for months.
  4. Hello, I'm posting a new topic to ask questions as I can't find any information about this in this forum. Hope I'm posting it in the right place. I am planning a road trip to Malaysia with extended family. There will be 7 of us. My car, being a sedan, can only take 5 at most. 7 includes 4 adults and 3 kids - for the 3 kids present, need one infant child seat (less than a year old), one toddler's child seat (2+ years old), and one full sized child seat for a 5 year old. So quite obviously I need something substantially bigger than my Sonata. So I am looking for a cost effective way to take a road trip up north - hence looking to rent a large MPV. I have in the mind the MY Hyundai Starex which I rented from Hertz MY a long time ago. In that occasion, it was rented from KLIA cos my sister's family took a flight into MY. This time, I intend to start from home here in SG. I see many of these MY Hyundai Starex coming into SG to pick up passengers into JB for day trips. Just wanted to ask if anyone here has tried something like that. I intend to rent the car for two weeks in MY. I need the car to come out to SG to pick up my family plus fit all the child seats and return us to SG. Looking to do Melaka, Ipoh, Cameron Highlands, KL & Penang. I have done this before in my own car. Any price/charges indication would be quite helpful. Also any other considerations? Insurance, legal matters, accident claims, and word of advice? I have driven the car before (the 2011 model) in the previous trip where I picked up the car at KLIA. I have also looked at some advertisements for such car rentals in Carousell. Not sure if anyone has used them before and have any experience to share? One such advertisement rent the car for S$135 for weekday, and S$145 for weekends, plus S$110 for one way shuttle to pick up from SG. Thank you very much!
  5. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/qiq-electric-microcars-last-mile-journeys-qiq-pods-13006284 Come next year, some commuters may be able to make the last-mile journey between their home and the MRT station in a small, two-seater electric car. Singapore firm QIQ Global plans to launch the microcars for hire. Dubbed the QIQ Pod, it will be no bigger than 2.4m long and 1m wide. The concept is similar to the shared electric vehicles currently offered by BlueSG, said QIQ Global chief executive and co-founder Justin Sim. Mr Sim told CNA he believes there is demand for such vehicles, especially in towns such as Punggol. “For a lot of the residents in Punggol, they are still required to take a feeder service or to walk a long distance to reach the LRT (Light Rail Transit) station,” he said, adding that there is still “a lot of inefficiency” in the town’s public transport network. QIQ Global, which operates about 400 e-bikes and e-scooters in Hanoi, had previously expressed interest in Singapore's now-suspended shared e-scooter scheme. Mr Sim said he hopes the QIQ Pod will be the company's flagship product moving forward, and plans to introduce between 300 and 600 microcars in Punggol. The company intends to launch a trial by next year, he said, adding that it is in discussions with two companies in the transportation and logistics industries. To ensure that the vehicles are used for short trips, Mr Sim said there will be geo-fencing, which uses GPS or radio frequency identification technology to create a virtual geographic boundary. Unlike BlueSG cars which need to be parked at charging stations, QIQ Global intends for its microcars to be able to autonomously direct themselves to park at the nearest charging station. "It's so easy to drive you don't even need to learn how to park the car," said Mr Sim. "When you end the ride, you leave it by the curbside and it will park by itself." It also aims to employ a method called platooning, which involves a human-driven car leading a convoy of driverless cars using wireless communications. This would cut down on the number of people needed to distribute the cars to areas where they are needed. During off-peak hours, drivers would be able to use the QIQ Pods to perform deliveries, maximising the use of these vehicles, said Mr Sim. It would likely cost S$2 for an ad hoc ride lasting 30 minutes, and between S$30 and S$50 per month to use the QIQ Pod multiple times daily, he added. Those using it for logistics purposes would have to pay a monthly fee of about S$180 to S$240, Mr Sim said.
  6. Which do you prefer? I have seen many rental bike-sharing these days , but more easily spotted near MRTs. Personally, I like oBike as they have many and need not any deposits. Seen this somewhere in the news: Ofo raises US$700m in Series E; Mobike unveils new bikes; oBike says it has local advantage. So far what have you tried and which do you prefer? Do share. Cheers and thanks
  7. Wind30

    brownish water from tap

    People, I noticed that from my 15 year old rental apartment the tap water from the 2 toilets is brownish if you don't use them for like 2 days. Basically, the first 3-5 seconds is brown but it clears up quickly and don't come back until you don't use the tap for like 2 or more days. I tried running the taps for like 5 minutes but the problem still come back. Not sure if it is because the apartment is left empty for long periods of time but I am wondering if I can fix this. Our renovation plumber say this is a common problem with old apartment and has no fix. I am hoping to fix this as I don't want to inconvenience my new tenant. Anyone have solved a similar problem before? Since it is only for like 3-5 seconds I suspect the sediments come from piping close to the tap. I am wondering if I can remove them or something... The water from the kitchen tap looks clear though.
  8. Until a few years ago, i used to rent car for msia trip. Some car rentals (pte owner or those 'company' but operate from HDB flat one) will ask u to pay extra $20 per day, for 'extra insurance' if u declare want to go msia. I never really bothered to check, just pay and go. But got once i asked, but the guy said 'its done online' so cannot show me. Anyone can shed light on this? Am just curious whether its really true got extra insurance coverage, or the rental just wanna get extra money
  9. I have college stay nearby and everyday he want a lift. I buy the car for my and family convenience. Really to much!
  10. StreetFight3r

    Goodbye Smove 2011-2020

    You will be missed Smove, 2011 – 2020 Many of you have read about Smove’s closure and we would like to take a moment to honor them. Smove was one of the pioneers of the car-sharing scene in Singapore. With the admirable ideals of a greener environment, they started audaciously with electric vehicles. Alas, their journey wasn’t as smooth as their namesake; the EV demand and infrastructure was not yet mature, and they had to pivot back to regular cars. Despite coming close to bankruptcy many times, Smove fought relentlessly and eventually made their mark by becoming the largest car-sharing operator then. Their history was remarkable. The unexpected closure of Smove definitely saddens all of us. For many Singaporeans who don't own a car, Smove was a convenient way to getaround. Many private-hire drivers also benefited from using Smove to generate a supplementary income. Their customer service was often raved about. They were a service many loved. A service that provided a sense of familiarity when we saw their iconic white Aqua with blue ears on the roads. To Tribecar, Smove was a respected competitor. We could never afford to rest on our laurels as Smove and Tribecar worked harder always to better serve the community. One feature we admired was your one-way rental, which we could not find a way to offer in a financially prudent manner. Thank you for your part in this journey. Tribecar has always shared your vision of a car-lite society and will never stop working towards it. We also love your iconic Aqua with blue ears and will continue to let it roam the roads of Singapore. You’ll be missed, Smove. Sincerely, Tribecar Ive used Smove once for their one way rental as I had the $20 referral code. Easy and convenient.. Goodbye Smove. Many other rental companies to follow next..
  11. Hi Guys, Planning to go to Perth for a free and easy trip in early december this year. Can anyone recommend me where can I book best pricing car? Preferably online. Thinking of booking a camry size car as we have 4 adult and 2 children (age 5 and 7). Will definitely travel out of Perth but not going to Albany as it's too rush for less than a week trip. Thanks.
  12. Lovethecars

    Car rental in Singapore

    Looking for car rental. wondering which company has a better fleet of cars and the rental rates isn't on the high side.... :)
  13. Good morning~~ My coll told me something about motorcycle rental recently. Back in my hell riding years of understanding that motorcycle renting is illegal. The insurance coverage used to have "any rider" and it was wrote off due to some bike shop abuse this loop hole to rent bikes to ppl. I did my search and indeed there are a few portal renting out motorcycles.. but no infor about whether it;s legal not? Any one here rented a motorcycle b4? Can shed some lights here b4 I can advise her to rent or not..
  14. I saw many ads of condo units with tenancy, it may be good to have some rental income during that interval but are there any catch with such arrangements? For example tenant spoil furniture, not willing to move out or what are the major catches one should look out for?
  15. Hello peeps, anyone here looking to buy oversea property? Or anyone buying 1 in Melbourne? I am looking to get one apartment and im looking at Melbourne as it is more of a safe haven to invest in IMO. The price is pretty steep, capital growth is not that fantastic but in long term holding, I think it should be an uptrend. Anyone has any advice of getting one in Docklands area? Is it overpriced? This one looks like it is just beside CBD wor. Any expert here with advice? https://investoprop.com/melbourne-cbd-apartments-for-sale/ This is one is the one in Docklands. https://investoprop.com/new-developments-projects-melbourne-southbank/ And this one in Southbank.
  16. Will be going to Melbourne for a week with my family this coming school holiday.... Any good lobang on which car rental to rent a car at Tullamarine airport?
  17. Today's ST shows an article on latest leasing program from Prime. Typical structure is only pay 10% dp, and pay an amount monthly, which includes Insurance, road tax. U drive for 5 years, if u don't like the car, can return to Prime and lease another new car. If u like the car, then can buy it. ST shared this customer leasing the new Honda Vezel. She paid 10% dp of its price, and monthly payment of $1688, includes insurance and road tax, for 5 years. And I think Prime also covers the regular maintenance. Is this worth? I compared this Honda vezel leasing with buying the same car. Monthly payment of Honda vezel after 50% dp is about $1100+, excluding insurance and road tax. Looks like this leasing Program is workable.
  18. Mengster

    Defender Rental ?

    Hi people, am looking for something way in advance.. but wondering if there are places that allow rental of some land rover models. like defenders perhaps? hope to hear what you guys think. or know. if there are any goodplaces for rentals etc.
  19. Rented out my house to a family late last year on a 2 yr lease. Payment for the month is supposed to be done on the 1st day of each month. Damn, he started delaying payment from the 3rd month onwards. At first, it was a few day, then it became few weeks. Now, I'll be lucky if he pays by the end of the month. He refuses to communicate to me. Does not answer my phone calls, refuse to meet-up. I have since sent him 2 warning letters via registered mail, and gotten a court order from the Small Claims Tribunal asking him to pay up. Problem is that we have so much of the lease to run, and I am tired chasing this f**ker for payment. This property was rented out via a property agent. Contract is also their's, so I assume that terms are pretty standard. Extracted as below. "If the rent hereby reserved shall remain unpaid for seven (7) days after its due or if there shall be a breach of any of the conditions, covenants or stipulations on the part of the Tenant herein contained, the Landlord shall be entitled to re-enter upon the said premises and thereupon this tenancy shall be absolutely determined forthwith, but without prejudice to any right of action of the Landlord for damage or otherwise in respect of any such breach or any antecedent breach." How should I go about to evict him? Any help is appreciated.
  20. Interesting scheme for those Itchy Backsai.... https://www.asiaone.com/lifestyle/singapore-first-netflix-cars-lets-you-switch-between-ferraris-porsches-and-maseratis
  21. Hi all, be very honest as my first thread i did not know where to position this thread but posting it here anyway. backstory, my mum drives grab part time and is returning the car to the previous rental company in less than 3 months time ( we signed 1 year ) until now , under coverage, only my mum was able to drive the car under insurance, although i still drove the car with the companies consent , they have told me that there will be next to no coverage or super high excess should anything happen to me or the car while i was driving the car anyone currently, is driving grab gojek tada , rents a car, but the company also covers another young driver (for personal use only) with less than 2 yrs exp?? we are currently looking at vezel / CHR/ ioniq hybrid or regardless what car , there was no topic whatsoever i could find on this topic thanks all !!
  22. Hi all, I am not sure if this is the right place to post, but admin you can move this post to the appropriate thread topics. but I am looking for Chrysler Jeep Wrangler or Defender for my wedding on 13th November 2016. Just 24 hours, from Saturday(12/11/2016) evening to Sunday(13/11/2016) evening This model is not widely available for rent so I am turning to this forum to hope there is a kind soul willing to rent. Please contact me at 94871986 Thank you!
  23. Hi all, I am planning a road trip up to genting and am looking at renting a car to go to Malaysia. Affordable and has good reputation is what i'm looking for. Eg. Breakdown in Malaysia, how? This is my first time going for car rental so need inputs from all the bros here. Thanks in advance! Have a great day bros :]
  24. private car rental scheme http://www.lta.gov.sg/motoring_matters/mot...mes_private.htm its legal to rent out your car ?