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Found 95 results

  1. Otters Crash Newton Condo Pool & Eat Koi As Residents Look On, Truly Living The High SES Life source: https://mustsharenews.com/otters-newton-condo/ Otters Enjoy Koi Feast In Newton Condominium Pool You’ve probably heard of the “5 Cs” that make an atas – or high-class – Singaporean: cash, car, club membership, credit card and of course, the ever lavish condominium. It seems like these days, it’s not just humans who want these 5 Cs — a Redditor spotted these otters living it up in a condominium’s pool as they eat koi. By koi, we mean the fish, and not the bubble tea that everyone loves. Otters ate Newton condo’s koi fish & swam in their pool It’s not clear when the otterly adorable ordeal went down, but a netizen posted the video on Reddit on Sunday (8 Mar) afternoon. The video captures the otters splashing around in the pool, looking like they’re having a whale of a time. Or an otter of a time? The otters allegedly caught some of the condominium’s decorative koi fish, and ate them in the pool. The creatures’ swift moves are hard to follow, but one of the otters is definitely holding something orange in its mouth. A koi, perhaps? While the koi fishes’ deaths were unfortunate, we have to remember that the otters were merely following their hunting instincts. With our concrete jungle taking over their natural habitats, we can’t blame them for finding alternatives. Condominium is next to a longkang Some comments on the video pointed out that the condominium that the otters visited was Park Infinia, located between Newton and Novena at 4 Lincoln Road. Upon closer inspection, it looks like the back of Park Infinia is barely 20 metres away from a longkang, or large drain. They’re separated by just a narrow road and the sidewalk. You can usually spot otters in large drains like the one near Park Infinia. It’s possible that they were swimming in the longkang and decided they needed a change of scenery. Netizens more amused than angry at otters in pool The comments left on the video showed that netizens were generally more amused than agitated at the otter situation. Some of them joked that the otters were “High SES”, or “high socio-economic status”, since they feasted on ‘koi sashimi’ while spending an afternoon in the pool. Others took the opportunity to make some otter-this-world puns: Whatever the case, this was definitely an uncommon sight for many. Hopefully, the residents weren’t too troubled by the otters’ visit, and that the pool has been cleared of any koi remnants. We can’t say that the compound was lucky to receive these otters as guests, but it definitely provided the Internet with some great entertainment.
  2. I am aware that 99 LH condos gets hard to sell due to loan restrictions after 20 years and later. How about FH units? I am not looking at en-block though. I buy to stay but in the long run I might sell out when I retire in 10 years time. I can afford 40%+ downpayment now. Will banks have problem with 20+ year old FH condos? When I sell to buyers with 20% downpayment, will the loan become an issue?
  3. Teatreeoil

    Bto vs private condo

    Dear bros, I have a question here that needs some inputs.. Currently I have a 3 room bto that is waiting to be completed. Around 2017. Thinking of getting private condo which is of bigger size which is also completing around same time. Which one will be a better choice in the future? Any opinions or comments?
  4. Mazda2gal

    Problems with new condo unit

    It's my first time buying a property, encountered problems with the defects rectification process and the mgt. Appreciate advice from experienced property buyers. Condo developer is a big established one, didn't expect the unit to be handed over in a bad and uncompleted condition. Moreover TOP of this condo has been delayed for 4 months. Among many other defects, the kitchen cabinet has many misalignments, a drawer track wasn't installed and was lying in the drawer (see pics), discoloration of cabinet surfaces, deep scratches on solid table top and stainless steel backing. Skirting missing. Chips on bathroom basin top. Marble flooring in living room was not polished and looks used. Dents on doors. After joint inspection with construction supervisor and developer Rep, I handed a key to them to do defects. Few days later I checked, nth has been done as expected. But neighbour who already moved in alerted that the workers have been entering my unit at 9+pm, wearing t-shirts and shorts, since the day I handed a key to the construction supervisor. I called defects team the next day and was advised to email my complaint. As expected, no reply nor response. Though they did a few minor defects. The big items like flooring etc all left undone. Only 2 weeks left before the one month defect rectification deadline is up, have a feeling they may tell me that those are not defects or not able to rectify. Or they may request more time though I already told them I need vacate my current residence by June. Though I can rectify the defects on my own after the one month and claim from developer, I'm not sure what complications may arise. Like developer not honouring the claim? I'm gg to meet a Rep from construction team regarding the defects. What stance should I take? Anyone with experience to advise?
  5. I saw many ads of condo units with tenancy, it may be good to have some rental income during that interval but are there any catch with such arrangements? For example tenant spoil furniture, not willing to move out or what are the major catches one should look out for?
  6. Court rejects condo MC's bid to clear shoe cabinet from corridor Source: Straits Times Article Date: 29 Oct 2019 Author: K.C. Vijayan The management corporation at The Infiniti in West Coast Park claims that the cabinet reduced the width of the common corridor available for fire escape. A shoe cabinet outside an apartment's front door is arguably a common sight in condominiums. But for the management corporation (MC) at The Infiniti in West Coast Park, it was a big no-no for one unit, with the owners taken to court for refusing to remove the cabinet. However, District Judge Lim Wen Juin ruled that it was a case of yes-and-no, making it a test case about placing personal items in a common corridor and the extent to which an MC can intervene. The judge said: Yes, placing the shoe cabinet along the common corridor broke the condo's by-law. But he added: The MC is not getting the court order that will require the unit's owner to remove the cabinet. Such an order would be a "disproportionate" response to the by-law breach, because the cabinet does not obstruct movement in the corridor nor intrude on any person's rights but to the "most negligible degree", he said. "There is no real harm caused by the presence of the cabinet and thus no real benefit to be had by anyone in its removal," he added. In decision grounds issued earlier this month, the judge also took issue with the MC's conduct, which he found "unreasonable and objectionable". The cabinet, placed beside the apartment's front door, is 1.06m long and 0.36m wide. The MC argued, among other things, that it breached two provisions of the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act as well as various by-laws prescribed in the Building Maintenance (Strata Management) Regulations 2005. It also breached additional by-laws set by the MC, it added. But its submissions and evidence failed to convince the judge. One of the MC's claims is the cabinet reduced the width of the common corridor available for fire escape. Evidence failed to bear it out. The defendants' lawyer, Mr Raymond Lye, pointed to the Singapore Civil Defence Force's practice code for fire safety precautions. It prescribed a minimum width of 1.2m for corridors in high-rise buildings. As the 0.36m-wide cabinet reduced the corridor width to no less than 1.44m, it satisfied the code. "I can think of no reason in principle why there should be different standards for public and private high-rise housing," the judge said. The case eventually turned on one issue - a broadly phrased additional by-law that prohibits storing, leaving or discarding personal belongings in common areas and staircases, regardless of the size, nature and whether the object obstructs people's path. It is so widely couched that it could be a breach to leave even small items such as a flower pot or a pair of shoes in a common corridor, the judge noted. In not giving the MC the court order it sought, the judge referenced a 2005 High Court decision and said the issue entails balancing the benefits and burdens to produce a fair result. He chided the MC for not being even-handed in enforcing its by-laws, as photographs showed many other owners had left personal belongings in the common corridor outside their units, thus breaching the same by-law. The MC said it targeted the shoe cabinet as it was the newest and largest of the offending cabinets and that it would go after the rest after it succeeded in this case. The judge said: "Even if the cabinet is the 'newest', I do not see how that is a reason to single it out - if anything, I would have thought the 'newest' object presents the least prolonged breach and hence the least compelling case for enforcement to be taken." It was "not at all obvious" the cabinet was the largest object, he added. The judge also had doubts the MC intended to take any steps against the other owners. "It seems to me that in making this application, the MC is attempting to secure the cabinet's removal without having to risk the ire of the other offending subsidiary proprietors by asserting an intention to enforce the additional by-law against them too, and I do not think it is right and proper for the MC to do that," he said, adding its conduct made it unjust to grant the order. The MC is appealing against the decision, said its lawyer Leo Cheng Suan. Meanwhile, the shoe cabinet remains outside the unit. The flat's co-owner, Mr Charles Tay, 61, told The Straits Times they contested the case with "reluctance", as they appreciated the MC members' efforts and work as volunteers in looking after the estate. Source: Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Permission required for reproduction.
  7. KiaCeratoHB

    Sell Private & Buy HDB & Private?

    Guys, I cant seem to get a definite answer on this. I'm planning to sell my existing place n move nearer to my kids' school. A friend is saying I should take the opportunity to get a HDB resale; as in my wife buy a resale HDB and I buy the condo but each of us has to finance each property individually. Is this allowed?
  8. Just curious, anyone knows which condos that are Freehold and also situated near a mrt? Let say less than 1 km. I think these condos will not depreciate even in bad economic time?
  9. Hi All, Like to check with you guys. Should you park your car in a condo car park and a light drops from the ceiling and damages the car, the condo management should be responsible and compensate for damages right? Initially the condo management said they would compensate and then proceeded to make claim with their insurer. But here is the twist, insurer contacted me saying that the condo management has done their due diligence to do regular checks to make sure the light fittings are all in good condition and so the condo management nor the insurance company is not liable. This makes totally no sense to me. Can anyone advise on this please? Thanks!
  10. I saw some condos with balcony but there is no sink holes for water to drain out. How would the owner keep the area dry when it rains? Can buyer get a renovator to install one if there are none?
  11. Were they drunk? Aftermath of the party * The damage was extensive * used paper plates and uneaten food were thrown into the pool. * The toilets were also choked and damaged. * it took the cleaners 6 hours to clean up * The family's visitors have, on occasion, parked their cars illegally, despite repeated reminders not to do so. * their $500 tenant deposit had been forfeited because of the incident. It was a poolside party that had fellow residents seeing red. MediaCorp has learnt that the management council of Mimosa Park condominium in Yio Chu Kang has banned 2006 Singapore Idol Hady Mirza and his family, who live in the development, from using its recreational facilities after a private party on Oct 2. It is understood that the council was not pleased by what it saw in the wake of that party at the condominium's poolside clubhouse. For one thing, used paper plates and uneaten food were thrown into the pool. The toilets were also choked and damaged. Cleaners had to be called in to clean up the mess to appease residents who wanted to use the facilities. The damage was extensive and it took the cleaners six hours to complete the task. This is not the first time Hady and his family of five - who have been living in a four-bedroom rented apartment in the condo for the last three years - have broken the rules, said chairman of the condominium's management council Leonard Lee. The family's visitors have, on occasion, parked their cars illegally, despite repeated reminders not to do so. As a result, the wheels of their cars have been clamped on a number of occasions, said Mr Lee. But the mess in the pool proved to be the last straw. Last week, the chairman sent a letter to the family informing them that their $500 tenant deposit had been forfeited because of the incident. The family's access passes have also been cancelled, which means they cannot use the shared facilities - the pool, gym and squash court. The ban is for a period of six months. In the strongly-worded letter, Mr Lee said the episode "has caused severe inconvenience to our residents and other users" and, as a result, "additional expenses" had to be incurred to restore the premises. He added: "We are holding you responsible for all costs ... we shall be forfeiting your tenant deposit which will be used towards the partial cost of the cleaning operations". Mr Lee did not say how much "all costs" amounted to but added the council reserved the right to recover any other costs "that may have incurred as a result of your irresponsible behaviour". When contacted, 30-year-old Hady declined to comment on the matter, saying "it's personal". However, MediaCorp understands that his mother, Madam Mardiana Ahmad, has sent a letter of apology to the management council.
  12. Fishy

    Rent out or sell

    I have a condo that I just collected the keys and I also have a fully paid HDB. I always wanted to keep the HDB but my Wife wants to move to the condo and rent out the HDB. We are both working. A Property Agent once told me it’s better to sell the HDB as I can unlock more investment potential and choices with the sales proceeds. Further there is accrued interest on the HDB that might turn my sales into a negative sales in the Long run. Need some expert advices. Keep or sell?
  13. For example the small projects like Balmoral Gardens, which has only 40 units and mixed studio and normal condo units. Since such condo is so small, does the resident must go to the AGMs? Or do they have to participate in the affiars of the condo? I like a quiet life with no disturbances from others, like neighbours, or management offices, etc, just like my corner HDB unit, besides signing up electricity with PUB when I got the key I never had any interaction with any strangers and my only neighbor never comes home more than 10 days a year.
  14. What are the considerations when buying old FH condos like Primo Residence in Kovan. I like the quiet environment and the close to parks and close to MRT. It may be nice to buy for own stay. When I look at the exterior, there are rain black stains in some units already. I heard that doing an exterior paint would cost extra money from residence rather simply using the sinking fund. Then there is repairs inside own unit due to wear and tear, mold, etc. What are the major issues which may require residence to fork out additional $? What are other considerations? Thank you!
  15. Hi, does anyone know if anything can be done to offenders who drive against traffic in a private property? Few days back, while walking across the carpark my mum got a shocked when suddenly a car appeared from the wrong side of traffic. I reported the case to our condo MA and they said they will issue a notice to the offender. The MA also shared that there have been afew other similar reports against the same car and one of the resident has also lodged a report with TP but they will not penalise the driver because it happened within a private property. Obviously this driver will continue this reckless behaviour. Is there any way we can take action against him or is there any suggestions to overcome this issue? I also notice other cars going against traffic but so far I don't bother cos they seem to move with caution... but I guess I was cant be bothered cos it did not affect me/my family till now. Any suggestions?
  16. Not sure if wols, happened yesterday in USJ One condo. The 'fighter' started to get aggressive when refused entry into the condo. Made the first move, in the end, kena taken down by the small-built guard.
  17. Just wondering , with the property going up north , at what combined income do you think an average Singapore can afford a Pte property > $1.2m comfortably ? EC > $1m for combined income of 12k is it too pushy / risky ?
  18. anybody with experiences living in ground floor unit of condo or EC? seem some bad press report about littering from the neighbours upstairs, how bout problems of insects, rats, ants etc, is it much worse than living on top floor? also privacy, is it true that anybody can just peep into your home and you are not allowed to do any unauthorise renovations such as blinds, etc on your patio? thanks for all feedback in advance.
  19. A taxi took a dive into a swimming pool at a condominium when it took a wrong turn in the heavy rain early Sunday morning. The ComfortDelgro taxi apparently plunged into the pool at about 3am. ComfortDelgro spokesperson Tammy Tan said the driver had gone to the condominium along Upper Bukit Timah Road to fulfil a booking job. As it was raining heavily, the driver could not see clearly and made a wrong turn. He thought it was to the road leading to the lobby. The 44-year-old driver managed to escape unhurt before police arrived on the scene. The vehicle was fished out after 7am. Ms Tan said, "We are relieved to learn that our cabby had escaped unhurt and we will assist him the best we can. We will also be in touch with the condominium with regards to any damage that may have resulted." Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/taxi-dives-into-condo/881512.html
  20. Looking at the resale market, and considering buying condo that is 8-9 years old this year. Is for staying and not renting. Is this a bad investment? Some people tell me never buy 99 years condo. Say next time cannot sell. Is this true? Let's say i buy a 9 years old condo $600K, and stay for 15 years. It will be 24 years old by then. Can it be sold then or too old to sell? What about the value? Will it drop significantly because it's so old and leasehold? How significant a drop, 1/2 price, 1/4 price? What if there's a property boom then, possible for it to retain it's value?
  21. this is a freaking nightmare for any home owner. luckily nobody was injured. FAQs below. Developer: MCC Land (Singapore) Pte Ltd Main Contractor: China Jingye Construction Engineering (S) Pte Ltd TOP in 2015
  22. Which new launch Condo is good for investment? Considering 1. To rent after TOP or sell at profit in few years time 2. Location like near MRT or internation sch or biz park 3. Less than $ 900 psf 4. Price less than $850K 5. 2~3 bed rooms
  23. Hi, I wil like to seek advice or if anyone has encountered this issue. I parked my car in my condo basement parking and unknowingly the pipe above my car leaked (Who would expect the pipe would leak and who would check) and now there are now stains (covers almost the entire ceiling - exterior) which cannot be washed away. I wrote to my management agent and they said they are not liable and that owners are to park their car at their own risk. ??!! I mean if they have indicated that there is a leakage and I still park there then I admit its my fault but the fact is that when I parked there, it was perfectly fine. Advise is appreciated. Thks.
  24. Prices of resale (ECs) are catching up with those of private mass market homes as the increasingly luxe features at recent ECs have boosted the profile of these homes. The price gap between resale executive condo and comparable mass market homes has narrowed to just 17.2 per cent this year, data from the Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX) found. This is a sharp fall from the previous market peak of 32.2 per cent in 2007. SRX added that the price gap has been narrowing and stabilising since then. Last year, the gap was 17.4 per cent while it was 14.5 per cent in 2010. Executive condo combine elements of private and public housing and often have premium furnishings and condo-like facilities. Experts said they are becoming more popular now as many home buyers see them as value buys, particularly those that offer innovative and high-end features. Units at new executive condominiums launches are also typically 20 per cent to 25 per cent cheaper than new mass market homes owing to Housing Board rules applying to ECs such as a household monthly income cap of $12,000. Knight Frank research head Png Poh Soon added: "As buyers' perceptions of ECs and private homes are blurred, when ECs reach that fifth and 10th year, the price gap could narrow even further provided that the quality of EC finishings and features is equivalent to (that of) private homes." PropNex chief executive Mohamed Ismail expects the gap to be "marginal and as little as 5 per cent" as more and more EC projects, especially the recently launched ones, approach their 10-year-old mark. ECs are subject to a minimum occupation period of five years. They can then be sold only to Singaporeans and permanent residents. They become private property after 10 years and can then be sold to foreigners. Recently, developers have also upped the ante at EC projects as they battle for buyers spoilt for choice owing to the flood of new home launches. Penthouses and skysuites, for instance, have become more common at executive condominium projects. Some even feature private jacuzzi pools. However, the price gap varies among the six suburban districts that have at least two EC projects eligible for resale here, SRX noted. For instance, the gap in District 19 - comprising estates like Hougang, Punggol and Sengkang - is the highest at 22.4 per cent. Resale ECs in this area include The Florida and Park Green. District 18, made up of Pasir Ris, Simei and Tampines, and District 20, including EC projects like Bishan Loft and Nuovo in Bishan and Ang Mo Kio, have the lowest price gap of just 10 per cent. Experts said this is likely due to the string of new EC launches and sites being sold in the north-eastern estates that provide stiff competition to existing ones. OrangeTee managing director Steven Tan said home buyers are willing to pay more for ECs in mature estates such as Bishan as there is a limited supply of resale and new EC projects there. Estates with resale EC projects that are more than 10 years old are also likely to see narrower price gaps as these EC projects are fully privatised. "Some new buyers or foreigners might not even know that what they are buying are actually ECs," he added. The price gap is also expected to narrow further as ECs cement their reputation as being on a par with private condos. PropNex's Mr Mohamed noted that the new EC launches have been getting a lot of hype with lifestyle elements - such as concierge services and infinity pools - taking centre stage at some projects. "There is also an increasing demand for ECs as home prices increase. The overall quantum for private homes might no longer fit the budget of a buyer and so he might turn to ECs instead as an alternative," he added. "And so as demand for ECs increases, the price gap narrows in turn." Knight Frank's Mr Png noted that the many larger ECs units at recent launches are likely to see a smaller price gap after the fifth and tenth year of completion as their higher-end offerings could appeal more to buyers. The SRX collates transactions by major property agencies, which account for more than 80 per cent of the market.