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Found 20 results

  1. just like to know if any one has any idea on those mixed development private apartments that have retails and F&B on the ground levels and residential units on the top. I have notice that along balestier road there are abt 3 such developments popping up....wonder if these has good investment potential? hows the management fee like ?
  2. Development charge rates raised by an average of 9.8% for non-landed residential land use https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/real-estate/development-charge-rates-raised-by-an-average-of-98-for-non-landed-residential-land-use?xtor=CS3-25 New private homes to cost up to S$2,900 psf on average by 2030: DBS report https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/new-private-homes-could-cost-s2900-psf-2030-dbs-report
  3. Developing character strengths and life skills is essential to kids' overall growth and success. Traits and strategies like communication, compassion, courage, curiosity, empathy, gratitude, humility, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and teamwork help kids learn, create, and relate to other people (as well as themselves) in healthy ways.
  4. For example the small projects like Balmoral Gardens, which has only 40 units and mixed studio and normal condo units. Since such condo is so small, does the resident must go to the AGMs? Or do they have to participate in the affiars of the condo? I like a quiet life with no disturbances from others, like neighbours, or management offices, etc, just like my corner HDB unit, besides signing up electricity with PUB when I got the key I never had any interaction with any strangers and my only neighbor never comes home more than 10 days a year.
  5. Sdf4786k

    Skills development fund

    as an old man, I am keen to re skill and re learn to be prepared for the possible disruption in my job. Anyone here have taken the opportunity the govt has provided in terms of Cybersecurity and is there a list of the organisation that is keen to soak up the graduate after taking the course?
  6. Please discuss all local defence related topics here but of course be mindful of the usual OSA limitations
  7. http://green.autoblog.com/2011/10/21/malay...mport-excise-d/ Make them exempt from import and excise duties and "robust growth" will follow. That's Malaysia's hybrid and plug-in vehicle scheme. From now through December of 2013, all hybrid and plug-in vehicles sold in Malaysia will be completely exempt from import and export duties. Malaysia's finance minister, Najib Razak, says that the duty exemption is to "promote green technology and ensure sustainable development" by encouraging domestic assembly of electric vehicles and hybrids. Kavan Mukhtyar, Frost & Sullivan's transportation head for the Asia-Pacific region, says the duty exemptions will indeed encourage automakers to launch hybrids in Malaysia: This will drive robust growth in the hybrid market over the next few years. We expect hybrid volumes to exceed 10,000 units [annually] by 2013. 10,000. That's not much, is it? Well, since Toyota sold only 162 Prius hybrids in Malaysia through the first eight months of 2011, moving up to 10,000 hybrids sold there per year would be quite an achievement.
  8. Something is brewing, if allegation is true, could be big news..Follow the link below. http://forums.asiaone.com/showthread.php?t=57029
  9. can consider switching over now since early bird promotion is only valid till 31 Oct. can get 6-month bonus interest of 1% p.a. on top of the base CDA interest rate. got more info here www.posb.com.sg/cda
  10. Is there a thin line in between?? Sales job n business development jobs?? Sale job is just to sell ?? But business development job need more brains??
  11. Although GM and Ford are rivals in the automotive industry, these American car makers are collaborating to develop 9 to 10-speed automatic transmissions. This is not the first of their partnership though. In 2002, they cooperated to create a new automatic transaxle, designed for transverse engine applications in cars and light trucks. According to reports, GM will be in charge of designing a 9-speed gearbox for front-wheel drive cars while Ford will take the lead in developing a 10-speed transmission for rear-wheel drive cars such as SUVs, performance vehicles and pick-ups. Cars with a larger number of gear selections enable the engine to operate more efficiently, thus reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. GM and Ford are not alone in the quest for additional gear ratios. Hyundai is already working on a 10-speed automatic transmission that will be used on a range of Hyundai and Kia vehicles in the future, particularly luxury models. It is scheduled to hit the showroom in 2014. If the collaboration proves to be a success, GM and Ford, the world's second and fifth largest car maker respectively, will be able to enjoy great economy of scale due to the sheer volume of their annual output. According to IHS Automotive powertrain analyst, David Petrovski, GM and Ford benefit from reduced investment risk by working together. By developing their own gearbox instead of purchasing them from manufacturers such as ZF and paying license fees, a car maker can reduce their cost of production.
  12. Recently there are many mixed development; commercial units downstairs and residential upstairs. Some call this SOHO concept. Now just one question, for those residential units, do they pay commercial utility fees (electricity & water) or normal residential utility fees?
  13. Mockngbrd

    Subaru BRZ development movie

    Yea yea... i know its 190k in SG... wateva
  14. German car magazine Auto Bild is reporting in its latest issue that Mercedes-Benz is working on a superlight E-Class. The lightweight edition of the E-Class will be made of carbon fiber (with more rigidity than steel) and weigh in at around 1,300 kg (2860 lbs) - which will be 350 kg (770 lbs) less than the standard model. The superlight E-Class will also see a new design, influenced by the CLS, with engineers free to go with features such as gullwing doors or no B-pillar given the rigidity of the carbon structure. The model also seems intended to lower Mercedes-Benz's fleet fuel-economy and CO2 quotients because the automaker is considering both hydrogen fuel-cell and petrol-hybrid drivetrains for the lightweight E-Class. The superlight E-Class is due in 2015. Source: Auto Bild (German)
  15. http://www.autoblog.com/2011/10/29/lexus-d...ment/#continued
  16. It's the rumor that just refuses to die. We're not sure if that means there's a lot of truth behind it or it's just wishful thinking, but once again we're hearing that Mazda is hard at work on a new RX-7 sportscar. And while you might think such a vehicle would be as easy as adding a turbocharger to the existing Renesis-powered RX-8 and jettisoning the back seat (or pulling a Kabura with the MX-5's platform), Mazda apparently has much more grandiose intentions for its next range-topping sportscar. According to Motor Trend, Mazda's oft-talked-about 16X rotary engine is now capable of running on either gasoline or diesel with nary a difference in performance. We have to wonder about the accuracy of such claims, but if true, perhaps running on diesel or biofuels would give Mazda the eco-cred it's aiming for
  17. In traditional Yamaha fashion, the company announced a move that may finally allow it to stake a claim as the first big player in the breakout electric motorcycle category. By putting the For Sale Sign on 63.25 million corporate stock shares, the tuning fork company hopes to raise an impressive 812 million dollars that it will dedicate to a highly charged electric and hybrid engine development plan across both their two-wheeled (motorcycle and electric bicycle) as well as aquatic (boat and outboard motor) product lines. We have seen many concepts and indications of Yamaha's intent, but very little follow through up to this point. The plan seems to be part of a healing process following 2009 in which the company posted losses north of $2.3 billion. Yes folks, we said billion... ouch! Yamaha, a company that traditionally has been eager to carve its own path in the powersports segment, hopes new fuel efficient and electric designs will lead to increased popularity in developing markets that have an ever-growing importance to manufacturers industry wide. We are left holding our breaths as to when these developments will make their way into the U.S. That will, no doubt, be largely dependent upon our buying trends. In addition, the company has also pledged to make all of its offerings more competitive throughout its lineup. Most importantly, this means we will see some much needed diversity in the development of electric motorcycles. This from the company that brought us the fist modern four-stroke motocross bikes, as well as snowmobiles. We will eagerly look forward to Yamaha's new offerings, and the following jolt that it could mean for the company as a whole. Now, to figure out how to commute in the bicycle lane on our shiny new Yamaha electric motorcycle.
  18. The Honda NSX may yet surface but not as the 5.5-litre V10 rocket that it was initially supposed to be. Having shelved the project in late 2008 reports suggested that virtually nothing could be done by Honda to salvage it. That is until now. It appears that automakers are steadily shifting towards the green sports car and the NSX could be the next one on the list. A rumour has surfaced that says not only is the NSX back on track but it will now ditch the petrol V10 for a next generation "valveless throttle" 3.5-litre V6 with a hybrid system. In total the car would produce about 330kW (450PS), effectively taking it out of Nissan GT-R territory and putting it squarely against the Toyota FT-HS as well as the likes of the Audi RS 5 and the BMW M3. However the added weight of the batteries and other hybrid apparatus could negate its performance potential. So the times previously posted by the V10 at the Nurburgring might be revised. The company's SH-AWD system is to be used and placed on an aluminium platform. No launch dates are yet mentioned, but given that the original V10 car was expected to launch in 2010, the hybrid version could follow along similar lines. news link here : http://www.worldcarfans.com/109072220604/h...rts-car--report
  19. Hi all, need help from the expert from the Financial sector. As most of the older members will know, I have 4 kids, eldest son is now in P2 so do not qualify for the baby bonus, 2nd daughter is in K1 and the youngest twin boys are in playgroup So, I would like to know which one will bring out the best deal, pro and cons. 1) OCBC Bank http://www.ocbc.com/personal-banking/mightysavers/index.html 2) Standard Chartered Bank http://www.standardchartered.com.sg/cda/ ** wife is very attracted by the free gift from Standard Chartered Bank, Free Nintendo