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Found 139 results

  1. HI Guys, Just wanna see how you all decide on the brake pad you use on your car. Price quoted from Work shop base on Front brake pad for Toyota Vios 1) Cheap type from Malaysia, China, Vetto, Azuki, ... Around $50+ 2) Good one such as OEM,Advice Akebono from Japan ... Around $80 3) Genuine Toyota from Japan .... Around $110 Cheers
  2. I would like to ask the bro/sis here. Given a a choice. Would you prefer to work in a job you have more interest in it, knowledge but the boss is more micro manage and demanding OR a job with less interest, less knowledge in it but a reasonable and not so demanding boss. Assuming both job pay and benefit is the same. Which one u will choose and why?
  3. clarencegi75

    This is why you choose your car carefully!

    Wonder why choosing the right car is so important? The 'I LOVE SUBARU' Facebook Group page recently uploaded pictures of a totaled Subaru Forester. With the windscreen and front frame completely totaled, you would imagine that those in the car could not have left without serious injuries. But thankfully, no grisly photos of the driver follow beyond just a slightly bruised leg. Aren't modern cars a real thing of wonder? The best part of the story is in the caption: The owner of the vehicle, Mr. Jacky Yew is now fit to proceed with his wedding planned for the end of the month! Mr Yew was driving a forth generation Subaru Forester near Yong Peng, Malaysia in the extreme right lane, with two trucks which were in the adjacent lane to his left. When a tyre on the first truck burst and flew off, the second truck was forced to take evasive action. In doing so, the second truck served abruptly into Mr Yew's lane. Mr Yew could not brake in time and collided into the back of the second truck. But after suffering only minor injuries on his right leg, he has apparently walked off from the accident and into a Subaru showroom to get himself... Another Forester! Mr Yew is collecting his fifth generation Forester just one week after the accident. He says, "I may not have made it to my wedding on 30 November if I was not driving a Subaru Forester. I am glad I drive a Subaru and I am grateful it has saved my life. That is why I immediately placed an order for the new Forester, just two days after my accident." The post states that "Subaru takes tremendous pride in safety engineering. We can't predict the future, but we can be better prepared for every possible outcome." We wish Mr Yew all the best for his marriage! (Even if it already looks like he has plenty of lady luck on his side)
  4. My insurance only allow these workshops. Any recommendation among them which is the recommended one? preferably east or north area. Thanks http://www.gia.org.sg/pdfs/Industry/Motor/...apore%20Ltd.pdf
  5. I'm looking for a software solution that allows me to store information about clients of my service business such as personal details, contact details, related documents etc. It also needs export options (pdf documents or Excel spreadsheets) and backup options. Now instead of doing an unwieldy spreadsheet (Excel) and related folders of files, I would like something that is multi-user, hosted locally and has a beginner-friendly interface. Ideally it's completely free and open-source (I realize of course that this can't include any service). To that end, I have installed SuiteCRM on a local VM to test out, but I don't have the experience to know if it's right for my business/needs or if it's too feature-full and unnecessary. Your input would be appreciated.
  6. Vezel 1,5 X $108k< Qashqai 1.2 Turbo 114k< ASX 2.0 $111k< Looks like the ASX a better deal? What's your chioce?
  7. Need new tyres for vehicle, priorities are comfort and aquaplaning resistance. Have narrowed down to four choices 1) Yokohama Aspec dB 2) Toyo C1S 3) Bridgestone GR90 4) Michelin Primacy LC I like the thread design of C1S but can't find more review on it, anyone tried it before? GR90 and Primacy LC are the most expensive. C1S and Aspec dB pricing not much difference.
  8. There are four versions of VAS5054A clone for VAG diagnostics, some good and work great while some bad and fail to work. You are supposed to know all versions if you wanna have a high-quality VAS 5054A clone. Version 1: green board Version 2: green board Version 3: blue board ? ? ? ? ? ? Version 4: white board So, which one is the best quality? Version 2! it’s a Quality A+++ VAS 5054 china clone with GREEN pcb, with real amb2300 and oki The green version has made up a item number in china to subdivide the different products and qualities. It is supposed to be the best quality clone. Everything that is needed. The quality looks fine and the AMB2300 Bluetooth (AMB2300 IS THE MAIN THING!!!) as well as the OKI Chip (w/o leg cut) are on the green PCB. Practice says otherwise, different sellers have different qualities! Best advice is to be sure through clear pictures of the PCB, and even then they can send you something else. Vas 5054a clone above is verified to: Have the real AMB2300 and OKI chip. Works perfect with ODIS 4.1.3 software crack It’s OEM, so it fully supports every VAG model And it’s best for flashing Online coding service also OK Also,if you just wan an original VAS5054A, here is a how-to guide for you. You can rework the cloned vas5054a as the original. Cloned VAS 5054A PCB rework… here you go. the bluetooth module is a fake one since it has no capacitors and no resistences on the back. Open these images if you are interested and save them on your computer. Then you can zoom on them and see more clear all parts. This is the original bluetooth without shield AMB2300 and back of it. Credits to fantomel If you’re not equipped with technical knowledge and experience, better not take a risk to try it. Maybe there will be some damages on your car. VAS5054 genuine should be your best solution. But, if your budget is limited, have a try with a HQ VAS 5054 clone! Attention please! Various VAS5054A clone flood into the market, some good and some bad. You should make a decision yourself. Most VAS5054A clones are one of the biggest lottery of all. A lot of fake chips, fake amb’s , fake infineons……or missing or reinterpreted projects. As you well know prices for chips and making a pcb has evolved in – a lot and all these tools use old and cheap chips. Same as a new car has a price, has exited factory min -500 eur. In old days all tools were made at hand, now because of tech is done automatic, so less costs, same for pcb’s and funny same for old chips. Most Chinese do not want to make them proper, that is all. They all have projects and projects of projects, all remade to cut costs and sell some more reinvented stuff. SO take a good look when you buy, take a very good look at what you get when you get it and in 90% of cases you will need to do more or less rework on it. Enjoy! Cliam:this post from http://blog.obdexpress.co.uk/2017/09/11/how-to-choose-a-hq-vas5054a-clone/
  9. Butterss

    Which car to choose?

    Been thinking for a long time on which car to buy and can't arrive at a conclusion. Background: My family of 4 (including me, my wife, a toddler and an infant) is looking for a new car. I drop my toddler at school before going to work everyday. I will also fetch my parents/parents in law around maybe 2-3 times per month for outings. I drive to Malaysia (Ipoh) around 2 times per year and probably have some road trips to other places in Malaysia as well. Budget: $120k Features (good to have): Electric tailgate/boot, Keyless entry, Blindspot detection. I'm looking at only AD cars Toyota Wish, Mitsubishi Outlander and the latest Toyota Harrier Turbo (price exceeds my budget a lot but I like this car a lot and it has all the features I want) which will launch in July 2017. Not looking at Honda HRV/Vezel. 1. Toyota Wish (price is around $110k) Pros: - Spacious interior. - Fuel consumption quite ok at 12-13km/l. - Adequate power. - Budget friendly. Cons: - Dated engine. Think the Wish was last launched in 2009 or 2010 and then had a facelift 2-3 years ago. - Very basic interior. - Does not have many features. The Wish is just like a Toyota Altis with 3 rows of seats. - Does not have rear air con vents. 2. Mitsubishi Outlander (price is around $120k) Pros: - Spacious interior. - Packed with features not found in Wish. - I love driving SUV. Wife mentioned that she prefers higher cars though it's not a priority. Cons: - Bad fuel consumption. Seems like it can only achieve 8-9km/l as it's a 2.4 SUV. - Read reviews that power is lacking despite it being a 2.4 SUV. - 3rd row is not that spacious despite it being a bigger car than Wish. 3. Toyota Harrier Turbo (price is likely to be $160k) Pros: - Spacious and luxurious interior. - Powerful engine (go NSH overtaking no problem). - Fuel efficient at 10-12km/l (as achieved by Lexus NX. Harrier should get better FC). - Packed full of features which I want. - Has air con vents for 2nd row. Cons: - Burst budget big time. Will be straining my finances if I go with Harrier. - Does not have 3rd row of seats. My own thoughts so far (but welcome to have more comments and opinions): - Heart is with Toyota Harrier but wallet says no. - Wallet says go for Toyota Wish which is an outdated car with not much features. - My wife and me prefer SUV but the pricing of Wish and the interior space make us consider it. - I have been driving 2 generations of Toyota Altis (for 10 years) and 2013 Lexus RX (for 2 years) company car. Really like driving a SUV - the feel and higher driving height is really different from a sedan. - Mitsubishi Outlander seems like an in-between as it has good features but read that FC is really bad. - I intend to drive at least 5 years. If huat then change car, if bo huat then drive 10 years. What are your thoughts guys? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi Car was quite badly damaged on the front, with both front airbags deployed. But workshop say frame ok on inspection. And I'm claiming from the other party. Instead of repair, can I be compensated with the similar value of the repair quotes plus scrap value? Car just left 1+ year, and I don't feel comfortable (and safe) driving such a repaired car. Can I approach the other party's insurer and present them such a choice? Or there's no such thing in the first place. Any views? I'd never involved in such accident before so any advice would help Thanks
  11. http://cr-z.honda.com/introducing-the-cr-z...t-hybrid-coupe/ new car... hybrid... will u consider this ? the ass looks abit wierd.. mmmm the front is ok...
  12. Boringchap

    Choose Vegan - PETA

    I like to eat meat. Recently, I found out that there are very strong 'vegan' organizations around the world, and one of them is called PETA. Recently they held a 'human body' exhibition, right out in the open on the streets of London, Trafalgar square. Check out the pictures that I got from their website. http://londonproperty123.blogspot.sg/2014/11/peta-people-for-ethical-treatment-of.html Can you imagine such an 'exhibition' in Singapore?
  13. My previous AD workshop uses castrol edge which i am happy with (in fact it is the best i have used compared to idemitsu and voltonic) and the technician there are ok in attitude. what i dislike is they dun allow us to see what they do to our car and the pricing is on the high side for me. normal 10k servicing is abt $180-200. and my major servicing at 40k cost me >$600. my car is juz a stock japanese chao tee.... I have sort list a few ws which i may visit over the weekend and hope to stick to them for good. but i hope to get some feedback from you guys before i make the final decision. WS: BH Auto Services Pte Ltd EO/Price: Agip, Amsoil /$118 - $128 Pull factors: Near my house in wdls and almost all reviews are positive Still thinking: there are cheaper option and i would actually like to try out motul, ows or shogun EO. WS: E-Rev Motor Sports LLP EO/Price: Blitz, Redline, Motul, Fuchs, Cusco, Redline/$100-$170 Pull factors: Near my house in wdls and lots of options Still thinking: imo not all their goods/service are reasonably priced WS: Autoaid Pte Ltd EO/Price: Shogun/$88-$98 Pull factors: below $100 with Shogun EO. heard that shogun is solid stuff. Still thinking: the mechanics are Nissan experts. I dun own a nissan. WS: Soon Huat Tyres Pte Ltd EO/Price: Bardahl/$98 Pull factors: below $100 Still thinking: they seems to more into tyres than vehicle servicing. WS: Providence Automobile Pte Ltd EO/Price: Pennzoil, Liqui Moly, OWS/$88 Pull factors: seems to be the cheapest i can find Still thinking: a bit far from wdls and not much review on them WS: Excel Car Service Centre Pte Ltd EO/Price: Shogun/$93-$165 Pull factors: big premises with what looks like state of art facilities. using Shogun. kids facilites. aviva authorized (my car insurance co.) Still thinking: a bit far from wdls, $93 package seems like crap and the next jump is $165. not much review. all comments appreciate
  14. Donut

    How to choose your sunglasses

    Expensive or not, it's not important. It's the UV protection and optimal clarity that is most important http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/fit-to-post...-094633112.html Sunglasses may be perceived as a stylish fashion accessory, but in reality they are a key element in maintaining healthy eyes. Doctors strongly recommend both children and adults wear sunglasses whilst outdoors, to block the sun's destructive ultraviolet rays. UV rays can cause a variety of eye ailments, including cataracts, macular degeneration and even skin cancer around the eyelids. Lisa Ong, principal optometrist at Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), says it is important to invest in a good pair of sunglasses in a climate like Singapore's, as the abundant sunlight contains UV rays that damage your eyes in the long run. Factors to consider when choosing your sunglasses Here are the important factors to consider when choosing a pair of sunglasses: Darkness of the tint Colour of the tint Frame
  15. Buying washing machine also headache.... need it urgently. I have narrow down to Electrolux EWW1274, LG WD1485 and Samsung WD0804. All 3 are washer/dryer combo. Yup, I know some will say don't buy combo, but I need it because of space constraint at home. ok ok, take it that I insist want a combo, which one should I get? I'm impress with samsung what what bubble technology, but Electrolux have been a pioneer in washing machine, so quite trust worthy. LG have a better apearance. Samsung looks like a square safe-box. Both Samsung and LG have chrome door which light turn to rust (greenish bits) in times to come. Electrolux have grey paints coated door, which is nice, but the function is minimal compare to it's kim chi rival. Headache!!! Any one uses any of these?
  16. Up to 58% off Authentic CK Perfumes for Men & Women
  17. Hamburger

    Help choose big face Hp

    screen near than 4.7", which is bang for bucks?....tks price is recontracted price with basic plan SS nexus-----198 SS S3---------498 SS note-------418 HTC 1X-------468 SE ion---------318 do add other options
  18. Leijasper

    What would u choose?

    A 07' civic 1.8 or 2.0 seems to cost about the same as an Accord 2.0 or 2.4 with omv n Coe pretty similar range also. Which ride would u guys choose?
  19. From July 1, car buyers who want to buy a car model with better fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions will find it easier to do so with help from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) which is going to launch three new initiatives. In preparation for the Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle (CEV) scheme, the LTA will take over the administration of the Fuel Economy Labelling Scheme (FELS) from the National Environment Agency, a LTA spokesman said on Wednesday. The new initiatives include a fuel economy label which will highlight the model's carbon emissions per km, fuel consumption and relative carbon emission performance. The label will also show the car banding under the upcoming scheme and corresponding rebate or surcharge to encourage consumers to shift to more fuel efficient and lower carbon emission models. A new brochure on the labelling scheme, aimed at buyers on the advantages of choosing fuel efficient cars, how to read the new fuel economy label, and the CEV scheme will be available at all car showrooms. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_813047.html
  20. Just curious to know how people chose their professions 1) Because they always had a burning dersire to be a xxxxxxxxx? 2) Because they just "fell" into their jobs and grew into it? Rewind a bit to when you were in Poly / Uni, why did you enter a certain course? 1) Because of a burning desire to be a xxxxxxxx profession? 2) Because govt ra-ra certain courses? Because you think this qualification will make you rich? 3) Because your parents nagged you into it? 4) Because it was the "best course" available given your less than best results? Personally my "burning desire" is too out of reach physically and academically so I just bumbled along in other jobs.
  21. Hi guys, doing a project and would like u guys to give me your opinion on which is the car which u think is the most common car in Singapore. Your help is appreciated. Here are some basic information on the cars. Mitsubishi Lancer Nissan Sunny Toyota Altis Toyota Vios Feel free to give your comment as well if u have strong objections over my choices TY....
  22. Ahtong

    Why did you choose THE ONE?

    Is it because you two met since young, grew up together than tied the knot? Is it because you feel that sense of "electricity" when you are together? Is it because you fear being left on the shelf so just grab the next one that comes along and go queue for HDB? For those who married long long time, did your feelings grow stronger, diminish or morph into something else? Do you feel that marriage should be properly planned like discussing and settling all the the thorny issues beforehand or just do it and wing whatever comes along?
  23. Buyingacar

    How to choose a car?

    If I have a budget in mind and am considering a Jap 4 seater, what should I take into account when choosing a car? Sorry I don't know alot about cars. Thanks in advance.