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Found 305 results

  1. Guys...salesman try to sell this Rainbow vacuum cleaner for $3,400. Promise to pick up dirt like nothing before from any surface and cleans your air better than any air purifier out there. Take a look : http://www.rainbowsystem.com/rainbowsystem/main/?lg=english I personally think it's ridiculous to pay $3.4k for a vacuum cleaner but what do you think? Would you pay for one?
  2. Hi all, I came across a year 2006 E200K (W211) with an extremely high mileage of around 200,000 km. The condition looks good (from the photos) but I have not test drive yet. Would like to hear from fellow bros here on your take on this. Also, any E200K owners here can advice on the likely list of wear and tear parts associated with this mileage? Thank you in advance !
  3. COE prices have made a lot of people unhappy. We all want a car and think that COE does not work and controlling usage works better than ownership. I think we can have a simple poll to see how many people will buy multiple cars and whether they see problem finding parking for their cars. Remember that the OMV of a Jap car is only around $20k.
  4. Say price notwithstanding. Would you?
  5. My stock battery died finally.. after 3 yrs ++..i was so lucky , at least , that it happened at a Shell petrol kiosk. Checked with the shell autoserve .. quoted my $180++ for amaron battery.. told me that is the mkt rate etcc.. i remembered reading some where. it probably cost around $150..i suspected they must have took advantage of my situation and quoted me a sky high price .... I rejected them and requested they jump start my car.. guess wat.. i was told they charge a flat rate of $15 and that is non negotiable.. no way i am going to give .. what the hell, $15 just for a 1 minute job and they were like giving me this heck care attitude.. I politely rejected them and went out to the petrol pumps asking for help .. and thank goodness.. a fellow motorist driving a white Toyota Wish gave me a helping hand..... ( Thank you to this gentleman who helped me on saturday morning at Shell 722 Upper Bukit Timah). I then headed to Filtec at Defu lane for a Hyundai Enercell battery which only cost me $80.25.. just want to have a show of hands.. how many of you would pay for the $15 to jump start ur car in this situation..
  6. If you were Undercharged for services/products, etc, what would you do? End of school hols coming so safe to see responses....hahahahha Will give my take on this later!
  7. AFP - Monday, April 12Send IM Story Print WASHINGTON (AFP) -
  8. Picnic06-Biante15

    This Guru Advise, I Would Not Follow !

    I will siam far far away from him ......... Yahoo news: India police probe godman over alleged castration of 400 followers Indian police said they are investigating a popular self-styled godman for allegedly encouraging 400 followers to undergo castrations at his ashram so they could get closer to god. The country's top crime fighting agency has registered a case against Gurmeet Ram Rahim, known as the "guru in bling" for his penchant for garish clothes and jewellery, over the operations in the country's north. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said in a statement late Wednesday Rahim is being investigated for criminal intimidation and causing grievous bodily hurt, saying 400 castrations were allegedly carried out. The guru, who heads the Dera Sacha Sauda organisation based in Haryana state, is already facing trial for conspiracy over the murder of a journalist in 2002 along with claims of sexually exploiting female followers. The latest case was filed after one of his devotees, Hans Raj Chauhan, lodged a complaint in court alleging he was manipulated into having the "painful" operation at the ashram. "They were told that only those who get castrated will be able to meet god," Chauhan's lawyer, Navkiran Singh, told AFP on Thursday. "We will put all the facts of the case to the court and seek compensation for the victims." He said doctors carried out the castrations over a period from 2000, but for years his client had been too scared to come forward. The court asked the CBI to undergo an investigation into the alleged castrations. Forty-seven-year-old Rahim could not immediately be contacted for comment. The Dera Sacha Sauda says it is a social welfare and spiritual organisation with millions of followers in India and abroad. On its website, the group describes Rahim as a saint as well as an author, inventor, scientist, philosopher, philanthropist, peace activist and "the ultimate humanitarian". Rahim also stars in an action movie to be released later this month called "MSG: Messenger of God" in which the guru fights criminals, sings songs and is shown dousing himself in water in slow motion after a rugby game. India has been rocked by numerous scandals involving popular godmen who are mostly Hindu ascetics claiming to possess mystical powers. In November, police arrested Baba Rampal Maharaj after a long and violent siege at his ashram in Haryana when he refused to comply with court orders in a murder case. In a bizarre case, devotees of a dead guru are fighting a court battle in Punjab state to preserve his body in a freezer, insisting he is only meditating. For many Indians, gurus play an integral role in daily life. They say they offer a pathway to enlightenment in return for spiritual devotion and often give donations to ashrams, temples and charity projects. link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/india-police-probe-godman-over-alleged-castration-400-115715089.html Poor 400 male villagers, just follow blindly ... hmmmmm............. so he got chance to get close to 400 wives of his followers ....
  9. Are we at this stage yet where this kind of public-spirited would prevail? http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...tform_gap_.html my comments: 1. Few will help as of now, the rest taking photos 2. Some will complain aiyah, train delayed 3. Those who may help, would be the bangladeshi workers or the like...i have seen w my own eyes Food for thought! these are my observations, feel free to discuss
  10. Philipkee

    Would you go JB to pump petrol

    if the petrol price in JB keeps going up? What must the cost of petrol be before you feel it is not worth going to JB? BTW, heard last night, at Caltex Ron 97 it is RM 2.4
  11. Last week I was driving along clementi with my wife and maid in the car. We were on our way home after dinner. I was driving along a small road at slow speed, maybe around 40 km/hr. suddenly an old man walked onto the road and I hit him. He fell. I came out and see how is he. He sprained his ankle and was bleeding from his abrasions on his leg. But he was generally ok. I was damn pissed, just because he anyhow walk, now I got more trouble. I was cursing abit. Anyway after checking that he is alright, I gave my IC, insurance copy and driving licence to my maid and asked her to stay with the old man while I called the ambulance and police. I wanted to rush home to watch the Chelsea and spurs match. So I told the maid to stay with the old man. And told her to tell the police that I will go down to the station a few hours later. I was pisses with the stupid old man. I also don't think I can watch the game in peace. I then drove off but my wife kept scolding me and ask me to return. In the end, I made a U turn and went back. So If I didn't go back, is it considered hit and run? I asked my maid to render assistance. I gave all my particulars to my maid. I will also go police station avert the match
  12. Altivo

    What would you do?

    This clip is going viral on FB. What would do if you witness the following incident?
  13. Simple question. LTA says What does MCFers says?? Lets vote and I will feedback this to the LTA session next week.
  14. Today at AMK Ave 3. Blk 323 food place. Melben Time 1830 hrs. There was this family of 4. Husband and wife in their mid to late 30s. 2 young girls around 4 or 5 years old. Sitting near table 1 One of the girls was playing near the table and blocked one the waitress who was walking pass The father immediately pulled her by her shirt in one hard tug towards him and shouted at her. She started crying. What shocked me was that the father kicked her quite hard on her thigh. Those kind hard enough to leave a blue black. She started crying even louder and then what shocked me even more was her father started yanking on her ear at least 4 to 5 time....very hard. I am not joking,...its those serious yank like yanking a stuck door her mother then pulled her to her chest while her daughter wailed. all this while the mother continues to message on her blackberry. I was f--king f--king pissed off....I was hot and wanted to stand up and f--k him. But I took an extra breath and cooled down a little. I already paid for my food and was leaving. I really regretted not approaching him and f--k him upside down. He was wearing a blue t shirt and spoke Cantonese. Tan abt 1.7m tall. Mother looks educated. Can I report him to police if there are witnesses? I forgot to take a photo.
  15. In view of today's high COE, for a slight higher depreciation, would you buy a pre-owned Mercedes ?
  16. Thaiyotakamli

    Would you accept?

    Hi bros, would you accept the truth that ur gf or wife is no longer virgin? How would you react when she tell you that you are not her first guy? For me maybe i will hardly accept the truth, but still eventually accept her no matter how hard the truth. I dont know to react that moment, i want to be angry but i cant cos also not her fault. To that guy who cut my queue, i dislike
  17. Came across many interesting weddings on Youtube. In SG, most wedding dinners are the same. Guest arrive, serve dinner, maybe invite a singer or play some music, speech from bride & groom, phototaking, goodbye. Would you surprise your bride to be this way? (I can't embed videos idk why so appreciate if someone could help) Basically a groom and his bros dancing Justin Bieber's Baby. Nobody likes this song but after watching this video so many times, whoever marries this man is so lucky. You could see his effort, his sincerity and as a girl, I am sold & tremendously touched! Such a fun wedding night! Other funny/interesting ones. Watch from 4:20 onwards. The bride is hot! Some people might say it's crazy and all but as long as the couple enjoys it then why not? If you can find a hubby or wifey to be as spontaneous as yourself, then most probably you have found your bestfriend, soulmate & lover for life, or at least while the moment last. Just wanted to share happy videos & hopefully weddings in SG can be as lively.
  18. Now that I have taken my Cayman, need to rid my MX-5....am thinking of the SLK for wifey...give me your HONEST answers [:p]
  19. Little_prince

    Would you buy this house?

    http://business.asiaone.com/news/property/...elow-valuation/ fengshui seems damm bad though
  20. SeriousGuy

    What 2013 Saab 9-3 would look like.

    But it will never happen.
  21. Booked in march with agency to go China Guilin in early June. But now with bird flu looming mostly affecting eastern provinces, in two minds whether to go elsewhere. Paid deposit liao for 8 people including elderly and one child. Would you go if you are in my shoes? Most likely want to play safe and go elsewhere.
  22. With Malaysia GE around the corner,would you still drive to malaysia for holiday ? reason for asking is there are concerns that there might be unrest during the period what do you think ?
  23. per the question, be either the male or the female party who cannot conceive ?
  24. Hi Folks, Thinking of spending my weekends in a more constructive way. Attending a course/training/skillset upgrade/hobbies come into my mind. It doesn't need to be something expensive, could be a few sessions at the community center too. Still looking for something worthwhile to participate. Have you attended any courses recently which you find very worthwhile? Care to share? Please don't tell me to volunteer in RC activities during the weekends.