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Found 67 results

  1. Guys...salesman try to sell this Rainbow vacuum cleaner for $3,400. Promise to pick up dirt like nothing before from any surface and cleans your air better than any air purifier out there. Take a look : http://www.rainbowsystem.com/rainbowsystem/main/?lg=english I personally think it's ridiculous to pay $3.4k for a vacuum cleaner but what do you think? Would you pay for one?
  2. Some car workshops use the vacuum method to suck out the engine oil from the dip stick hole. Is this an effective method of removing sludge from the old engine oil? Or is the convenntional method of allowing the engine oil to drip from the undercarriage a more effective method of removing the majority of the old engine oil?
  3. Bros, anyone using one of these? Wife asked me to get one and I would like to seek some advice before spending the few hundred dollars (certainly not buying the electrolux or karcher models which cost a few thousand bucks). Which brand is good value for money? Thanks in advance
  4. RunForrest

    Vacuum Cleaner

    Hi, anybody knows which model from Black & Decker has the most suction power ? Or is there even any difference ? Thanks!
  5. hi, What's your experience with your car vacuum cleaner? pls indicate your brand and model. thanks.
  6. Anyone using or used this before? Thanks in advance.
  7. For those interested in vacuum for home or vehicle.
  8. Dear all, Was doing some clearing and realised that after vacuuming for awhile ... the dust bag inside got lots of dust. So when we throw it away, must get it replace. Then I saw this new model that don't use the bag kind but some new technology don't need to replace the dust bag and it cost $498!! So just wanna find out from here who use those type like Osim Mermaid etc .. what are the feedback?
  9. Hi, newbie here lookg 4 above. Must hv 12V power cord. Appreciate any recommendations. Also lookg for good wax to bring out the shine on bluish grey ride when he is being discharged fm workshop.
  10. During my CNY visitation, spotted a vacuum cleaner in the MSCP of hougang ave 9. $1 for 6 minutes. Hope that this will be an islandwide upgrade.
  11. pamyoung

    Vacuum for Cars & House Cleaning

    I am looking for an effective vacuum cleaner that can remove stains inside my car's mat. I've used quite a few but it's not working for me. I would prefer to have the all purpose one which can also clean carpet and things inside my house. Anyone knows what would be the ideal product to buy? Thanks!
  12. Mockngbrd

    Recommend me a good handheld vacuum

    My Dyson just spoilt... dunno what wrong... and dun wanto spend another 300 bucks on another dyson... Needs to be handheld and be powerful enough, dun need to be as strong as Dyson but something decent. was looking at a Black n Decker Flex, anyone has one of these? Or does anyone have a good one to recommend? Don't want those lousy cheapo china $10-$20 plug into cigg lighter type, used to have one of those, use a few times picha liao... and no power at all...
  13. Gary88

    Lura selling in Sim Lim Square

    Found this on Internet... www.sibeho.tumblr.com
  14. Count-Bracula

    Bagless vacuum: Any recommendations?

    Yo bros, as above. Compared to the traditional vacuums using filter bags, which is better? Is the bagless one a better sucker? Please share your views. Thanks! PS. Nowadays very hard to find replacement filter bags. Forgot to mention, no Dyson hor. Too expensive.
  15. Hi all, my friend just purchased a vacuum for $3000 plus, similar to Rainbow / Delphin that kind of machine. But few days ago he google and he saw his $3000 plus machine is being sold at 1600 Turkish lira in Turkey, that's about $1000 sg only. Do you all think these 2 machine are the same from the link, though brand names are different, I see similarity 90%. http://makinecim.com/ilan_106687_CLEANING-ROBOT-Turkey-90-212-352-29-92_en#.U2jJ8sK_mUn http://lura.sg/product-accessories.html
  16. anyone knows of any workshops that bleed the brakes using vacuum method rather than pumping brakes method? the pricing?
  17. Obscurest

    Robot vacuum cleaner

    Hi folks, Saw this in Parkway Parade booth selling this robot vacuum cleaner. Seems good... Any review and is it worth considering? Thks
  18. Idwish

    Car Vacuum Recommendation

    Looking for one...anyone can recommend one which is good and reasonable priced? Thx
  19. Micquek

    I-robot (vacuum cleaner)

    Hi all, Any users for the above? Worth buying ? Thanks
  20. OK guys, before you all start to flame me....i did use the search button and google to find out more but dun understand tons and din really find the answer. Background. Have one of those taiwan guages, "Auto garage", installed in this old mit lancer. The GLX model. Manual. 5 plus year old. Car also have those open pod air filter. When idle the needle states, slightly below 10, din fluctuate nor jump around or even wiggle. just stays there. Steps accelerator, the needle will move towards 0 and rather responsive to the pedal. Search all over, seems that the needle should be showing 14-22, but mine is below 10. And i dunno if it is because open pod air filter is affecting it. Dare not really bring to a mechanic as i dunno if there is any problem, dun have much money to pay for repairs and rather paranoid if mechanic use fear tactics on me. Please help me with some advice as to what i can do to check if anything is wrong, or if anything is wrong at all. BTW, car drives smoothly. Thank you very much.
  21. As above. How much were u able to sell them for?
  22. Jman888

    Auto car wash and vacuum station

    When i was in perth few months ago, rented a car and on the day back to airport, i need to return with the car cleaned, if not they can charge a high fee for the service. On the way to the airport, we saw a car wash station and i drove in. There were 4 washing bay, 3 manual and 1 auto, i forgot the charges think was about $7 for manual and $12 for auto (all using coin operated and the lots are separate by side wall and they are big). The auto was the same as what we had in the petrol station in the past, the manual was fun, it comes with the jetspray, soap, anything you need to wash a car. After that you can proceed to the vacuum, charge $3 and the vacuum is quite powerful and time is long enough to complete the whole car. The station is usually OMO mainly to change coin. I wonder why there is no such thing in Singapore. (i know FT is cheaper to do the job and it is HAND WASH)
  23. Hmmn... I dunno shld this be in here or in detailing. I have a old B&D Car Vaccum cleaner, its original cigartette plug was spolit, so i bought a cheapo cigarette plug (without fuse) from SLT, it worked for a yr but i feel unsafe and the connection is nt that secure. So i get another better cigarette plug from SLT again. This cigarette plug has a glass fuse rated 240v 3amp inside, but it blew once i on the vacuum. So i get a 7amp to try it and it worked. But after vacuum for ard 10min, the plug started to melt. So i wondering if anyone here do know what is the correct amp for a 12v car vacuum cleaner? Please advise me... Thank you.
  24. my favourite ben carwash at AMK Ave1 closed down liao...have to find alternative.. any one to recommend? please let me know the price also ?
  25. Green_carnation

    Hand drill.. with vacuum?

    I heard or have read somewhere that there's a vacuum function in a powered hand drill.. and that when drilling, all the dust will be vacuumed into a compartment built-in in the drill. Anyone knows and come across this kinda drill? I wanna get one.. Thanks