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  1. Hi Guys! We are Battery Empire, Your Car Battery Specialist. We carry car battery brands that consist of cheap all the way to premium cost, to cater to everyone needs. When we say 'cheap', it does not mean that it is lousy. At Battery Empire, 'cheap' can mean good and valued for money as well. That being said, who's up for more discounts? We have something for everyone! Check out our Bundles Of Exclusive Promotions on https://www.batteryempire
  2. I am looking for a cordless power tool system, most likely 18v, which I can grow with. It would be for home and automotive use. For a start, I am looking at a impact wrench to remove the wheel lug nuts. I am also looking at a good impact drill for masonry work for the home. There are numerous brands of these cordless power tool system e.g. Makita, Bosch, Ryobi, Milwukee, etc. Do share your experience, please.
  3. Bros, hoping for some opinions from actual users of Milwaukee tools. Growing up, most of the power tools used in SG are Bosch or Makita, with the odd Hilti or De Walt occasionally appearing. From the US youtube videos of DIY and car repairs, most of them swear by Milwaukee tools which specializes in cordless stuff like impact wrench. I recently realized that Milwaukee now is quite widely sold and distributed in SG, but once you buy a single brand of cordless tools, I will be locked into the ecosystem as the batteries are proprietary and quite expensive. Wonder any bros have
  4. Hi Guys, anyone know who and where is the stockist for Bosch? Nobody is picking up their phone line
  5. Hi Guys, Like to find out from you guys that which battery brand is the consumer's choice. Kindly share with me the battery you are using and maybe why did you choose that battery! (:
  6. For those interested in vacuum for home or vehicle.
  7. https://www.autoblog.com/2017/11/22/boschs-new-brakes-tungsten-coated-last-longer-keep-wheels-clean-reduce-emissions/ Bosch has announced its new iDisc tungsten-coated brakes, which will reduce brake dust up to 90 percent compared to what's currently on the road. Rotors will last about twice as long, and wheels won't get as dirty, something particularly prevalent on European cars. Bosch says that braking performance is roughly the same as a carbon ceramic rotor in terms of stopping power and brake fade. These rotors won't rust, either.
  8. Hi, was thinking of getting a cordless handheld vaccum cleaner for my home... Saw 2 models from Bosch (BBMOVE2) & Electrolux (Ergorapido). I had checked & tested the weight, mobility & suction power.. they are pretty descent.. But not sure how is cordless vaccum cleaner in terms of the battery lifespan, battery holding life, durability etc... If anyone has or is using it, please do share with me... Need your review.. Thanks alot!! link as below: http://www.bosch-home.com/sg/products/smal...l?source=browse http://www.electrolux.com.sg/node38.aspx?p...263,1
  9. Has someone used the QuietCast brakepad, does it help solve the moaning sound when the brakes are released after stopping?
  10. Anyone know where to get Bosch aerotwin wipers at a good price?
  11. Hi all, We have a handful of spark plugs to give away. 1. Self collection at our office. 2. First come first serve basis. 3. Clink on link to check if it's compatible for your car at "More Info". Spark Plug - Bosch Iridium (FR7KPP332) RESERVED. Bosch order number: 0 242 235 776 Suitable Models: http://sg.bosch-automotive.com/internet/saz_sg_ap_lr/products/details/-/info/0242235776/Bosch-OE-Standard-Spark-Plug Bosch FGR5NQE04 Suitable for: Porsche 911 Porsche Boxster Porsche Cayenne Porsche Cayman Porsche Panamera Double Platinum Spark Plugs FR7NPP332 Single Bosch order number: 0 242
  12. Automotive Aftermarket Within the Automotive Technology business sector, Automotive Aftermarket manages the supply, logistics, and sales of automotive spare parts and Bosch products for retrofitting. In addition, its services include customer service for automotive products and systems. The Bosch Automotive Aftermarket headquarters is located in Karlsruhe, as is its main distribution center. One of the tasks of the distribution center is to supply Bosch customers – including car manufacturers, wholesalers, and workshops – with a wide range of spare parts, which are shipped from Karl
  13. While it is always better late than sorry, Europe has finally decided to join United States and Canada in making ESP (Electronic Stability Program) a mandatory feature in all cars that are on sale come 1st November. Any light goods vehicle that are under 3,500kg are to be sold with ESP as standard too. This is excellent news according to Bosch, who is the market leader for ESP systems in the automotive industry because the company claims to have saved an estimated 6,000 lives and 190,000 accidents since the ESP’s introduction. While the numbers might seem exaggerated, we should not doubt t
  14. Hello Members! Save the Date! Sun, 25th May 2014, Stamford Tyres & Sonax Car Clinic at Stamford Tyres HQ! Attendees will also walk away with more than a handful of FREE products (Total worth up to $1,680) We’re back! After our maiden, yet highly successful, car clinic in March, MCF is back with another one. This time, MCF is collaborating with Stamford Tyres, Bosch Singapore and Sonax Singapore to conduct another Car Clinic Session - just for our Premium Members! Stamford Tyres will share basic car maintenance tips while Sonax Singapore will be focusing on car care tips.
  15. Hello Members! Save the Date! 15 March 2014! Bosch HQ! MCF is collaborating with Bosch & Sonax to conduct a Car Clinic Session for our exclusive MCF Premium Members! Bringing the experts, Bosch will cover topics about car maintainence & Sonax will share on how to groom your car to have a brilliant shine! Bosch & Sonax will also give FREE Products to EACH participant (Total worth $254) - Sonax Xtreme BrillantShine Detailer - $28 >> http://www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=8328 - Bosch Aerotwin Wipers - $50 >> http://www.sgcarmart.com/produ
  16. After several years, I found myself waking up at the early hours of the morning. Armed with no more than a (single) handful of hours of sleep. I grabbed my red bull and took a cab down to MyCarForum’s first car clinic session held at the Bosch Headquarters together with Sonax. It was alarming to see a small number of enthusiastic forum members, including the legendary Radx (left), arriving at the venue earlier than most others. Post registration, the members were free to mingle around the reception area. With no digital interface to hide behind, the 30-odd participants were unmaske
  17. Now still able to find Bosch Copper Plugs? Those that cost only $20 for 4, or even cheaper.
  18. For the benefit of those bros and sisters looking at the original bosch aerotwin wipers (those flexible, one piece rubber type), I just found a contact selling a retrofit version (courtesy of VAGSG forum). Details of the stockist provided below. Anyway, the retrofit is suitable for those NOT looking at changing the entire wiper arm. It can be used on normal 'J' clip wiper arm. Cost me around $78+ inclusive GST. Only bad point is that the wipers comes as left-hand drive version, so the aero-spoiler is facing the wrong way. And....the retrofit attachment is quite a chunky piece, so not as sleek
  19. Just to check any brothers here using the Bosch Aero Twin Wiper? I heard the feedback from some other users from other forum that it is even quieter and smoother than the original wiper. Anyone know where to buy? Care to share?
  20. Hi guys, Just wondering where do you think is my best bet to find a 2nd hand Bosch GEX 270AE? Have tried Yahoo Classifieds and Ebay Singapore with no success leh. Need help!
  21. Sharing a deal here. Was attracted to the price until I saw the fine print, ONLY for 40ah batteries! http://deal.outlet.com.sg/thedeal/view/ind...arwarranty.html Think Honda Jazz uses 40Ah is it?? Not sure. But its really for smaller cars. And at $69, maybe only abt $10-20 cheaper than wat u can get from outside for 40Ah Amaron batteries.
  22. In conjunction with the Bosch 125th anniversary celebration, 15 MCF members will be invited to participate in Bosch Automotive Carnival @ Big Splash on 20th August 2011. All 15 members will be receiving free 15-points check by innovative Bosch Scan Tools and the following: FREE Bosch Car Service Vouchers (Worth $125) that includes - 4 litres of Amsoil Engine Oil - 4 pieces of Spark Plug - 1 Oil Filter - 6 months validity from Date of Issue Participating members will also be receiving Free Engine Flush, designed by UTS to improve fuel consumption and extend lifespan of en
  23. Garlic

    Bosch GEX 270AE

    Hi guys, Planning to dump my B&D KP600 for a better machine and I have the Bosch GEX 270AE in mind, any comments about this machine? Was told this machine cost around $150 and can be fitted with 6" pads(using the velcro system). Anyone knows where is a good place to get one? I sent Bosch an email and was told its out of stock till end of December. Any other machines to recommend? My budget is ard $200 for the machine. Tks :)
  24. Wonder if it's worth changing to Bosch Platinum IR Fusion spark plugs? Has anyone noticed significant difference using these plugs?
  25. Hey guys thinking of swapping back to bosch plugs called them but they mentioned they only have double platinium for my model no ir fusion how's the performance for bosch?
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