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    Lexus LF-LC concept headed to production

    I really like the shade of blue and this digital display looks sick! Possible new autobot?
  2. Akram_saheed

    Mercedes-Benz and MyCarForum Brunch Test Drive

    GLA looks like A-Class on platform shoes..
  3. Akram_saheed

    How does full throttle in the Porsche 918 Spyder look like (VIDEO)

    Would like to drive this car on the autobahn. Can't wait for Top Gear to do a comparison between this, the LaFerrari and McLaren P1!
  4. For the fourth consecutive year, a Ferrari engine has triumphed in two categories of the prestigious International Engine of the Year Awards - Performance Engine of the Year and the Above 4.0-litre class. The winner on this occasion is the 4.5-litre V8 engine that equips the 458 Italia, the 458 Spider and, in its most powerful guise, the new 458 Speciale. The international judging panel included journalists from 35 nations and all praised the Ferrari V8's unassailable blend of sophisticated engineering, power, efficiency and, among others, its peerless soundtrack. The V8 won both awards for two years running in 2011 and 2012. Ferrari's award count is now an impressive eight in four years, including the naturally aspirated V12 in the critically acclaimed F12berlinetta receiving the same accolade in 2013.
  5. The new Ford Focus ST made its global debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and the most advanced Focus ST yet offers new chassis control technologies, tuned suspension and steering, and bespoke tyre specification that ensure an even more responsive, balanced and refined driving experience. Also for the first time, the Focus Hot Hatch will be offered with the choice of two powerful engins powered by either petrol or diesel propellants. The first diesel Focus ST delivers the most fuel efficient and Ford performance car with the lowest emissions ever. A 2.0-litre TDCi produces 182bhp of power and 400Nm of torque from 2,000rpm to 2,750rpm, to accomplish the century sprint in 8.1 seconds and achieve a maximum speed of 217km/h. The diesel powered Focus ST returns 27.3km/L and 114g/km of CO2 emissions. The petrol power plant is no slouch either, as it is rated at 246bhp with 360Nm of torque available from 2,000rpm to 4,500rpm from the 2.0-litre EcoBoost, which accomplishes the century sprint in 6.5 seconds and maxes off at 247km/h. Both engines are married to a six-speed manual transmission and are also equipped with auto Start-Stop, for improved efficiency ratings. Ford Team RS, the award winning European arm of Ford's Global Performance Vehicle group, made improving the entire driving experience the number one objective for the new Focus ST. Additionally, Ford worked with Michelin to develop a new 19-inch tyre that complements the driving dynamics, especially maximising lateral grip. Ford has redesigned the interior for a more intuitive layout. A new, flat-base sports steering wheel with a soft-feel leather covered rim, a satin chrome-topped gear lever, and ST pedals deliver the interior that ST drivers expect. Driver assistance, convenience and connectivity technologies that will be introduced for the first time include the Ford SYNC 2 connectivity system. Available to order in Europe from autumn 2014, the first new Focus ST models are scheduled to be in dealerships from early 2015.
  6. Aston Martin is unveiling an exceptional new addition to the hugely popular PlayStation 3 exclusive racing game Gran Turismo 6 (GT6) in the shape of the Design Prototype 100 (DP-100) Vision Gran Turismo. Developed in-house by the design team and led by Design Director Marek Reichman, DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo is a new, virtual-only GT racer that will be available for GT6 owners to download in July 2014. http://dai.ly/x20ldlh Starting with nothing but the traditional 'blank sheet of paper' approach, the design team and design engineers worked for six months to create a sports car that clearly pushes the boundaries of what an Aston Martin could be. Created utilising many of the same techniques as applied in the development of Aston Martin production sports cars - hand sketches and 3D modelling, followed by full realisation in the virtual world - DP-100 provides an exceptional level of detail with a fully functioning suspension system and state-of-the-art electronics. The twin-turbo V12 mid-engined racer offers up to 800bhp, endowing it with blistering performance fully in keeping with the high octane nature of the game. As with the CC100 Speedster Concept, much of the design cues visible in DP-100 could be featured in future sports cars. http://dai.ly/x20lbn2
  7. Toyota has unveiled the production-ready hydrogen powered Fuel Cell Sedan, following the car's appearance in concept guise at last year's Tokyo Motor Show. The car will be initially launched in Japan, before next April, while preparations are in hand for launches in the U.S. and European markets in the summer of 2015. In Japan, the Fuel Cell Sedan will be priced at approximately seven million Yen (S$85,740) and sales would initially be limited to parts of the country where a hydrogen refuelling infrastructure is under development. Hydrogen has great potential as an alternative fuel as it can be produced from a wide variety of primary energy sources, including solar and wind power. Also it is easy to store and transport and when compressed, it has a higher energy density than batteries. Its use can be expanded beyond automotive and domestic use, including large scale power generation. The new Fuel Cell Sedan delivers performance and a cruising range similar to that of a petrol powered vehicle, with a refuelling time no longer than three minutes. However unlike contemporary cars, Toyota's Fuel Cell Sedan emits nothing but water vapour.
  8. It seems Kimi Raikkonen might be leaving Formula One to pursue other forms of motorsports at the end of 2015, when his current contract with Ferrari expires. Over winter last year, Raikkonen signed a two-year deal with the fabled F1 team, but unlike his team mate, Fernando Alonso, Raikkonen has struggled for results in the ongoing season with just 19 points to his name from eight races. The media quizzed the 'Iceman' if he saw himself at Ferrari for a long time, to which he replied, "Until my contract is finished and then I will probably stop. That is what I think is going to happen." Raikkonen has expressed interest in driving in other series outside of F1, although he isn't sure where he would move on to next. "You always learn when you drive different things but the problem is that the teams are scared if we get hurt so there is a big conflict on that. In the past when I was at Ferrari I was allowed to do some rallies, and I thought it was a big help and I was doing well at the same time in Formula One. But every team is different," remarked Raikkonen. Well, with strong rumours persisting Ferrari is considering a Le Mans return from 2016, could Raikkonen remain at Ferrari - just donning the red overalls in a different pedigree of motorsports?
  9. Volvo cars, in addition to more than 20 other automakers, has joined the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) - a global alliance of technology and auto industry leaders committed to bringing the Android platform to cars. The integration of Android Auto promises to add yet another dimension to the Volvo in-car experience. Android Auto brings features and services familiar to Android smartphone and tablet users directly in the car via the large centre console touch screen display. The interaction between Android Auto and Volvo's brand new user interface transforms the look and feel of a car's interior. Future Volvo cars' interiors will be characterised by their high-tech simplicity and functionality. Android Auto will provide access to Google services including, search, maps and Play Music and specially adapted third party applications, such as Spotify. All phone based applications can be controlled via voice, steering wheel controls or the touch screen interface - for a safe an easy interaction. Volvo's portrait touch screen provides users with the benefit of having both Volvo Cars and Android Auto content on the screen simultaneously, removing the need to switch between car and Android phone screens. Android Auto will be available on all new Volvo automobiles based on the new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), starting with the all new XC90, due to be publically revealed at this upcoming Paris Motor Show. In addition, Volvo will also include Apple CarPlay interoperability in all new models based on the new Scalable Product Architecture.
  10. Why does it look like the Halo Warthog with a canopy?
  11. The tradition of exclusive, performance-oriented Renaultsport models continues with the unveiling of a new limited edition Megane hot hatch - the Megane Renaultsport 275 Trophy. The chassis comes with limited slip differential as standard, while Renaultsport's engineers have managed to extract 10bhp more from its powerplant. The 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine now boasts 275bhp and a peak torque of 360Nm - available across 3,000rpm to 5,000rpm. Despite the power increase, fuel consumption and emissions have been carefully contained to stand at 16.0km/L and 174g/km of CO2 emissions respectively. The 275 Trophy is standard fitted with a light Akrapovic titanium exhaust system, which features a specific, more raucous bark that is sure to appeal to those who appreciate sporty engine notes. The limited edition car can also be specified with optional adjustable Ohlins dampers with steel springs, which allows drivers to adjust their damper settings without a fuss. Also available as an option are Michel Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres - a product of joint collaboration between Michelin and Renaultsport - specifically for the new limited edition front-wheel drive car. Inside, the drivers are settled on leather and Alcantara adorned Recaro bucket seats with red stitching. The same hue of stitching has been carried over to the rear bench seat, while the headrests feature Renaultsport badging. Other interior highlights include red stitching for the Alcantara steering wheel trim and handbrake gaiter, as well as an alloy gear lever knob. The new halo model of the Megane nameplate is set to make its U.K. debut at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed in June, before it goes on sale in 20 countries worldwide.
  12. The all new Subaru WRX STI has been awarded the well regarded 'Top Safety Pick' status by the U.S.A's Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS). The accolade is the highest possible vehicle safety ranking awarded by the IIHS, a not-for-profit organisation which is supported by car insurers there. Subjected to five different types of IIHS crash test designed to evaluate occupant protection in the event of a collision, the new Subaru WRX STI earned the top rating of 'Good' in all categories, thereby fulfilling the criteria required of any 'Top Safety Pick'. The IIHS crash tests include high-speed front and side crash tests, a rollover test, and evaluations of seat and head restraints for protection against neck injuries in rear impacts. The organisation also conducts the demanding 'small overlap front test'. The test replicates a crash, which occurs when the front corner of the drivers' side collides with another vehicle or an object like a tree or pylon at 65km/h. This is not the first time Subaru has recorded the impressive results as its other models - including the Outback and XV - were also named as 'Top Safety Picks' by the organisation.
  13. Akram_saheed

    Is this Audi's vision of a RS3 Sedan?

    Working upon the S3 Sedan and finished in Magnetic Blue, the Audi A3 clubsport quattro concept measures 4,490mm long, sits 1,856mm wide and stands 1,382mm tall - with a wheelbase of 2,631mm. The show car houses a extensively modified 2.5-litre five-cylinder TFSI engine sourced from the RS Q3. The turbocharged lump boasts an impressive 525bhp and 600Nm of torque and with a total weight of 1,527kg - corresponds to a power-to-weight ratio of 2.9kg/bhp. The lump accelerates the A3 clubsport quattro concept from nought to century mark in 3.6 seconds and continues to climb to a top speed of 310km/h. The power unit is married to a seven-speed S tronic with a tall seventh gear - to reduce fuel consumption. The automatic dual-clutch transmission can also be handled manually via the paddles on the steering wheel or the shift lever. While black is dominant throughout the interior the seat covers feature light grey piping and contrast stitching in Sepang Blue. The headlining and the pillars are covered in black Alcantara, and the decorative inlays are in brushed aluminum.
  14. Nissan debuted the 2015 Nissan 370Z Nismo at the ZDAYZ event - an annual gathering of hundreds of Nissan, Datsun and Nismo owners and enthusiasts. The most striking change is its revised exterior design. The Nissan GT-R inspired aerodynamic body pieces are both functional and fully integrated. They have been redesigned to provide an aggressive and more aerodynamic appearance, in addition to optimising front and rear downforce. Key changes include a new, deep front fascia with LED Hyper Daytime Running Lights, black headlight bezels, Nismo emblem and brand signature red stripe accent on the integrated front chin spoiler. Around the rump, the unique Nismo rear spoiler has been reshaped and downsized. Under the hood, you would find a potent 350bhp and 373Nm rated, 3.7-litre DOHC V6 engine matched to an exclusive, exhaust system to help create 18bhp more than a standard 370Z Coupe. Two transmission choices are offered for the first time on the Nismo model - a close-ratio six-speed manual with SynchroRev Match or a new refined seven-speed automatic with Downshift Rev Matching (DRM), Adaptive Shift Control and manual shift control via paddle shifters. The distinctive Nismo styled interior is further enhanced with redesigned black and red Recaro leather seats with Alcantara accents - exclusive for the 370Z Nismo. The 370Z Nismo is offered in just four exterior colours and will go on sale at Nissan dealers in the U.S.A from July 2014.
  15. Boutique American exotic car coach builder - Rezvani - unveiled the 'Beast' with design consultation by renowned and award winning automotive architect Samir Sadikhov - known for his projects such as the Ferrari Xezri and Aston Martin DBC concepts. Born on the track and designed for the road, the Rezvani Beast gives new meaning to the lightweight, high performance sports car with striking styling. Thanks to its Ariel Atom underpinnings, the Rezvani Beast is also available as an upgrade to owners of the current Ariel Atom track car. Beginning at the low-friction front fascia, the body lines extend out to create a streamlined appearance. Paired to angular rear panels, air flows over the car to provide maximum downforce at high speeds. From a six-speed manual transmission, to a rear-wheel drive layout, every inch of Beast is built with the driver in mind - raw, pure, and powerful. The Beast will also feature a fully removable windshield and a roll cage. Tipping the scales at just 703kg kerb weight, the Beast 500 can sprint from nought to century mark in 2.7 seconds powered by a 2.4-litre supercharged mid-mounted engine with up to 500bhp. The Beast 300 with 315bhp, weighs 666kg, and can hit the same mark in 2.9 seconds. Both engines are prepared by Ariel Atom specialists, DDM Works of South Carolina. Each car is made to order and delivery time is typically three to five months, depending on options and personalisation.