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Found 37 results

  1. A man believed to be in his 30s was found dead in front of the Swissotel The Stamford at Raffles City on Tuesday afternoon. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it received a call at 12.40pm and sent an ambulance to the scene. The man, who is believed to have plunged from a height, was pronounced dead at the scene. Foldable screens were set up to obscure the gruesome scene, where at least four areas were covered with white plastic sheets. The man's body which lay nearby was covered with a blue police tent. One of the hotel's restaurants on the ground floor, Introbar, was also temporarily closed, with foldable screens set up to cover its full-length glass windows which faced the walkway outside. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/man-found-dead-outside-the-swissotel-the-stamford-hotel-20131029
  2. Guys,just like to warn bros out there about this shop located at stamford tyres. I am a hobbyist groomer and am very careful with the washing and grooming techniques when washing or polishing my car. But as all would know,swirls marks are inevitable. Paint condition of my car is still very new since my car is only about 1 year old. So when i came across this deal at deal.com.sg : http://deal.com.sg/recent-deals/40-sonax-c...minor-scratches I thought i could give it a try since Sonax is pretty well known and there was a 40% saving. Enquired before purchasing the package and was confirmed that the package does defect remover. So took the plunge and bought the package in January 2011 as i wanted to remove the swirl marks on my ride. Sent my car down on march for the grooming.Initially was told that it would require 6 hours for it,but car was done in less than 3 hours. Suspected something was not right,i asked the worker there and they told me that they did only hand polish. Unhappy with it,i called the boss up. He insisted that they did machine polishing until i told him that the worker has already confessed that they did hand polish only. Only then that he admitted it, told me that i should have told them that i wanted swirl remover and that the lighting condition there made it difficult for them to detect the swirls.I told him off straight,they are the professionals and should know how to inspect the paint condition instead of waiting for customers to tell them.Furthermore,the package is a full complete car grooming which was supposed to be sold at $230.Will anyone pay $230 for hand polishing? In the end,the boss agreed to compensate me with a swirl remover session.I reluctantly accepted the offer. Sent my car down last week for the swirl remover session.Took only 2 hours for the whole session as they only did the exterior.I was there when they started to polish my car,only after confirming that the workers used machine polish did i left the place.When collecting the car,it was raining so did not really check the car condition. The next morning under sunlight,to my horror not only did they not remove swirl marks,they inflicted holograms on the whole car.Really give up on the groomer so decided not to pursue the matter further.Just my luck!
  3. Hello Members! Save the Date! Sun, 25th May 2014, Stamford Tyres & Sonax Car Clinic at Stamford Tyres HQ! Attendees will also walk away with more than a handful of FREE products (Total worth up to $1,680) We’re back! After our maiden, yet highly successful, car clinic in March, MCF is back with another one. This time, MCF is collaborating with Stamford Tyres, Bosch Singapore and Sonax Singapore to conduct another Car Clinic Session - just for our Premium Members! Stamford Tyres will share basic car maintenance tips while Sonax Singapore will be focusing on car care tips. Also the, event will see the debut of new Continental MC5 (18-inch and above) in addition to Continental CC5 (16-inch to 18-inch) tyres. Sonax Singapore will also introduce the Sonax Xtreme Protect + Shine Hybird NPT. Free Products that you will bring away: Check the spoiler! · Shell Engine Oil Servicing Package - $138 · Bosch Aerotwin Wipers - $50 >> www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=8614 · Bosch Platinum Iridium Fusion Spark Plugs (Must be installed during the event day) - $70 >> www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=3843 · Sonax Xtreme BrillantShine Detailer - $28 >> www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=8328 · Sonax Xtreme Wheel Cleaner - $24 >> http://www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=6893 · Sonax Microfiber Cloth - $12 >> www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=8428 Event programme (09.00am – 09.30am) Registration & Breakfast. (09.30 am – 10.30am) Continental tyres Car Clinic & basic maintenance of a car, conducted by specialist from Stamford Tyres. (10.30am – 12.00pm) Servicing and Installation of the Bosch Platinum Iridium Fusion Spark plugs & Bosch Aerotwin Wipers (12.00pm – 12.30pm) Light Refreshment (12.30 am – 13.00pm) Sonax Car Clinic (13.00pm – 13.30pm) Wrap-up + Lunch (Retail Sales, Q&A, Photo taking session with members, collection of sponsor products) Who qualifies to join: - 2nd gear and above - A Premium member (if not, upgrade for FREE by hitting the link >> http://www.mycarforu...remiumbenefits) - Only the first 40 members who make payment before the 14th of May will be entitled to a spot Registration Fee: - One Pax - $12 - One Pax + Partner - $14 (Partners will not get the free items) To Register: 1. Submit the payment. >> http://www.mycarforu...ection=mcfevent 2. Write your nick below + wheel size 3. Make sure all your details in your personal profile page are correct. We will use the contact information from there. Registration closes on 14th May Terms & Conditions 1. It is a requirement for the participants to support the sponsors by writing reviews of the products you receive. Instructions will be provided during and after the event 2. Bosch Platinum Iridium Spark Plugs needs to be installed on the day itself for product review purpose. Participants who do not wish to install you are not entitled to the Spark Plugs Venue: Stamford Tyres HQ. 19 Lok Yang Way Singapore 628635 So what are you waiting for, register now! Places are limited to the first 40 premium members only! Hurry!
  4. Pratakosong

    SSW Rims from Stamford Tyres

    Anyone used SSW rims from Stamford Tyres before? How's the build quality and handling? Was quoted $340 for a set of 4 (15inch x 6.5) matt black rims. The picture and specs of the rims are in the link below. Was told that i could buy a set of 4 x Continental Premium Contact 195/55-R15 at $145 per tyre too if i'm interested. http://www.stamfordwheels.com/products_detail.php?id=346
  5. Roverboy

    Stamford tyres sales

    Any good buy from there?
  6. Anyone strongly think that I should go somewhere else? I have tried AS and HL. Both got some problems.
  7. hi all, i stay in the west and want to seek some professional advise buying on cleaning and polishing and waxing items to give my car a cleanup. buy i only know of autobac and Stamford where there will be ppl to serve me.... if there any where else i can go and which store offer an better price?
  8. With the drifting season (for Singapore) still about three months away, our local drifters Jansen Tan, Adam Toh and Felix Wee of Team Falken Stamford are keeping themselves active with other forms of motorsports, in particular go-karting. Taking part in a two-hour kart endurance race organised by leading local automotive company HKS Garage R at Kartright Speedway, the trio coolly and calmly wrapped up the race ahead of nine other teams. In addition, Jansen clinched the prize for the Fastest Time of the Day with his best lap time of 46.566 seconds! The evening started with practice, qualifying and then the two-hour endurance race. Each team was to complete six stints of 20 minutes, so for most teams which only had three drivers, each driver had to go out twice. Team Falken Stamford was assigned kart No. 3 and was running in third initially, behind Team No. 5 (consisting of Garage R's MD Lawrence Lee, avid cyclist Yusoff and Super Taikyu racer Andy Han) and Team No. 2 (Chew Hock Ngee, Cheng You Zhi and Jeffrey Sim) who were using this as an opportunity to train for the OCBC Corporate Karting Challenge. Team No. 2 was leading the race when a one-minute penalty was dealt to them for speeding in the pit lane and an incident with the tyre wall slowed them down some too, giving Team No. 5 the chance to take the lead. Team No. 3 was steadily in third place but caught up to second and then took the lead when Jansen went out. Fastest driver of Team No. 5 was Lawrence, whose best time was 47.2 seconds, and he chose to take the last stint so he could chase race leader Jansen. Things were getting more exciting as the race end drew near. Lawrence only had one thing on his mind - to catch Jansen. He was closing in on Jansen when misfortune struck. The right front wheel axle of the kart broke! Crawling back into the pit lane, Lawrence switched to another kart but precious time was lost and Team No. 5 was dropped out of the title chase. Team No. 2 was fervently hunting down Team No. 3 but Jansen was simply too fast and brought home the kart first. Who says drifters are only fast sideways? ;) The top three winning teams earned a cute trophy for themselves as well as vouchers from Garage R. Althought it was only a two-hour endurance race, it was enough to see how crucial strategy and also luck is in racing. Team No. 2 were the fastest for sure, but incidents and penalties brought them down. Team No. 5 had a good chance too, but a kart mishap killed their chance. Hence it was Team No. 3 who never gave up and continued chasing. The question on everyone's mind was - When's the next race? For more photos, view them on my Facebook album here.
  9. any one tried starblack car servicing before? http://www.starblack.com.sg/maintenance_services.php http://intune.stamfordtyres.com/workshop_and_services.aspx appreciate all feedback
  10. Not sure if this has been mentioned but I received this in my email:
  11. Ad taken from 04/11/2010 issue of ST.
  12. Latzu

    K&N Filter @ Stamford Tyres

    Stamford tyres was having some kinda carnival yesterday and they're selling their K&N filters at a 15% discount. If you sign up for their free membership, you'll get another 5% discount. The model for the Octavia was retailing at $120 less 20% = $96. Bought a filter for my dad's A4 which came up to $80. Called Servotronics up and they quoted me $110. Wow man! That was a whopping $30 savings! What's more, they would install it for you on the spot FOC. There were 2 pieces left for the Octavia left. I they run out of stock or if they don't have the model you want, they'd order it for you if you make payment. You can then collect it when the stocks come in. The filter cleaner was going for $23 less 20% = $18.40. If you need help, you can speak to Simon upstairs. Tried to look for some rims for my car but couldn't find any nice ones. They only had an ugly looking TSW. All in all, it was quite fun. Free food, drinks, and ice-cream plus balloons for the kids. The service was also very good. Two thumbs up!
  13. Dragos

    Stamford Tyres

    Bros, which br has more selection?
  14. Does anyone know where the mechanic Yau has gone to?? if you have information or even his telephone number can PM me.. was looking forwards to my servicing there today, but it was closed down liao.. thank you
  15. Hi all, I was in Stamford, Loyang during my lunch hour and I noticed some HEPA air filters for the Aveo. They cost $48/-. The lady in the counter offered me an opened one from a customer who she claimed bought model, well anyway she offered it to me for $36/- what I steal, I thought and I bought it. Well, I could not install it into my Aveo as this filter had hard plastic grid frame and it was not flexible. There was no spoonge around the edges (to keep it air tight)and it had no pull out thingy. I tried and tried, I could not get it in as there was a plastic bar across the glove compartment. I was on my knees on the road trying to get the damn thing in. I wasted my lunch hour and have sore knees. I went to return it, dirty and a bit warped. The cashier called the supplier and he spoke to me, " same size what..." I said it cannot go in. So they called a mechanic to install it, he also cannot. At last I got my $36/- back. Luckily I did not break anything trying to get this stupid filter in. The HEPA filter they have is cut to size, and there is no spoonge around the filter and no pullout plastic to make removal easy. In my opinion the filter the sell is crap. But then again they refunded my money, phew! I bought an original for $20/- and installed in about 15 minutes. Please buy orginal parts and save yourself grief!
  16. Kazuo

    Stamford Tyres Rims

    I chance upon this shop few days ago and went in window shop. Came upon the rims section and saw the price tags, $500++, $700++ etc Does anyone knows is the price stated per piece or per set of 4?
  17. Receive the brochure today... Buy 2 Falken ZE-512 Tyres, get another 2 free...
  18. Alamark.... when there to do lotation for tieyar but gate closed, shop inside kosong peng... Simi Taji? renovation soon or closed for guud? Annie wan know?
  19. Have anyone installed their brake kits at Stamford? Which branch was it done? Can share your experience and what to watch out for? Thanks....
  20. Stamford Changi is selling the above micro-fiber wash sponge for S$3.50, cheap and good!
  21. Have you read the letter in the Forum Page about this customer who went to Stamford Tyres for tyre replacement and in the end was convinced to change the front pair. In the course of the replacement, he found to his horror that the screws were not securely tightened. While driving away, he felt the steering wheel shaking. When he returned to Stamford Tyres, he was told that this is a small matter. His passenger were upset as a result.
  22. Any1 heard tat Stamford tyres going to offer a new offer for rims at buy 2 get 2 free. Tink its applicable to 16" and above. Believe its targetted for the purpose of clearing old stocks of imported rims. Heard tis from colleauge. Damn I dont use 16" if not it would be a good bargain
  23. Kaiserdome

    Sale @ Stamford Tyres

    Today past by Stamford Tyres Jurong, they having a sales, 20% off most items. I got myself some detailing stuff FYI
  24. Saw this @ Stamford tyres selling @ $89(B4 20%???). Is this thing really work???
  25. Anybody have feedback on the following ENKEI rim ? OZ rim ?? SSW forged rim ???