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  1. After watching this advert video, i do remember alot of stuffs/happenings during my younger days, and of course my family did have a KDK fan back then... Haha... i think will get 1 after my current cheapo fan up lorry, for nostalgic as well as reliability sake.
  2. Every day at some time I cannot make the connection to MCF although all my other sites work well. Unable to connect may last for an hour or so. Why is this. Does MCF carry out daily upgrades or something??
  3. Want to seek some advice from bros here who also suffer from lower back pain I am having lower back pain for few months already. Initially only pain when I do some awkward motions like twisting and bending down. But now it has worsen to constant pain/ache no matter standing or sitting, to the extend that when walking I cannot really straighten the back. Of course i had been to the doctor's several times, every time he will take an x-ray and tell me that there is no problem with the spine and bones. and there's nothing he can do except prescribing some physiotheraphy. I went fo
  4. My daughter has mild scoliosis detected during the school screening. At the HPB Student Health Centre for further investigation, X-ray shows 15 degree, they said nothing to do at the moment, just monitor till next appointment in 6 month. Are there anything like physiotherapy. Google around it seem to concur what HPB suggested. Feeling anxious to do nothing about it. Google and found one orthopedic who in his website suggest it's treatable if detect early. Quite a number of chiro treating scoliosis. Is it treatable or should we ignore the HPB advise to monitor and seek treatment if
  5. This design will encourage commuters to move to the rear. LTA to begin rolling out three-door double-deck buses in January These buses have a second staircase as well as an additional exit door at the rear, features aimed at improving the flow of commuters. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/lta-to-begin-rolling-out-three-door-double-deck-buses-in-january-13937108
  6. I want to get this off my chest. Why do people not move back in the bus? As a frequent bus traveller, I want to explain why it is not so easy to move back. If you look at the below picture, you realise this is standard for SMRT buses. So why do people not move back? 1) With no space to put the foot under the chair, it is impossible for people to stand behind the other when standing at the back. Hence, people can only stand in a single file. Unless they are very small. 2) With the upraised end at the end, people cannot stand on it safely when the bus is in motion. From the o
  7. I had a small accident today. My mazda 3 side mirror back cover is peeled off and broken. Anyone know how much does it cost to replace it? Also other than going back to Mazda, is there any alternative? I don't think this is covered by warranty right? Thanks
  8. Rebirth, or Looming Fizzle? The Station Wagon Had a Pretty Good Year in 2018 In the absolutely superb 1949 war film Twelve O’Clock High, a doctor stationed at a U.S. Army Air Force base in WW2 England uses an interesting comparison when describing a character’s mental breakdown. “Have you ever seen a light bulb burn out? How bright the filament gets right before it breaks?” A similar phenomenon could be at work in a certain vehicle niche, one which gets more press than actual sales warrant. The lowly, reviled, and suddenly revered station wagon, now referred to in terms meant to di
  9. Well atleast their HSV.... Holden Special Vehicles make it to Singapore Aussie V8 power is set to hit our roads. The first-ever HSV showroom opens this weekend..... http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...127-249565.html from asiaone......
  10. Came accross this article in Yahoo ........... Yahoo news: Dear CPF: Give Me Back My Money! Dear CPF, For years you’ve taken a cut from my paycheck under the promise of social “protection.” In a way, you’re like a very well-intentioned gangster, protecting my money from well… me right? I’m grateful though that you at least “allow” me to use some of my money towards buying a home, or to subsidise (partially) my hospital bills. I’m not going to ask what you do with my money while it’s in your hands (I’m sure it’s just sitting there untouched right?). But I do ask that you
  11. I'll be going to Genting on Thursday, 15th Mar, and back on Sat, 17th, anyone also going during this period ??? Maybe we can go together There will be a total of 3 adults (me, wife & sister) + 4 kids (my eldest 2 kids & 2 nephew)
  12. i am looking to restart my ICE DIY again... since the old ice forums sgsoundsystem die out, anyone knows if there are still any general active ICE forums in SG? or is mycarforum the only general one left? now everyone separated, so lets see if we can re-start. i know Bobcat recently appointed Emma Judge. there is still ICE competitions, but very very low key already. lets see, i got Pioneer P99RS ready for 3 way active. 3 way component speakers ??? No Dyn esotar ok, something basic to start with. maybe Rainbow 3 way my fav. 6 chn power amp ??? hmm looking at JL audio XDv2 or good ole
  13. Gonna grab half a dozen of bottles this time. mcdonalds-singapore-curry-sauce-bottle-back-11571832
  14. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/starhub-m1-announce-new-plans-for-data-hungry-consumers-9169150 Not that i use so much, but seems like they fighting off Circles.life.
  15. Extract from Sunday Times, 13 June. Fans of Texas Fried Chicken, which was here in the late 1980's, can rejoice. The chain relaunched with an outlet at the Singapore Expo on Wednesday, 9 June. Take a bite of the Original or Spicy Fried Chicken ($7.40 for a two piece combo) or the Mexicana Burger - a sandwich of chicken fillet, cheese onion and nachos ($7.40 for a combo). http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1036612/1/.html Can't wait to go this week to try! I also wan my A&W back here!!!
  16. I'm back buddy. Where are you @Dach?
  17. Hi! I've replaced my factory headunit with an aftermarket one, including new 360 degree cameras. The factory headunit reverse camera had built-in dynamic parking lines (ie. moves with the steering wheel). The after-market one does not. The installer said it's like that but didn't really explain why. My question is whether the dynamic lines are built into the camera, or if there is an additional processor somewhere in the connection between camera and head-unit. I've tried to look it up online but haven't found clear information. Most say there's a gyroscope inside the camera which p
  18. I tot they zao liao? How come last afternoon I see got one driving along clementi to commonwealth there? definitely diff from the one below
  19. Quite a healthy lifestyle, never over or under weight all my life. Don't drink or smoke and does half marathon runs weekly. Recently I had a bad issue of upper right back pain (close to spine C7 or T1) and right chest pain (close to Sternum, slightly higher than nipple). Sometimes the pain can extend all the way to the back of my upper right arm and behind the armpit. Saw 2 doctors, took Xrays of right chest and all just gave me anti inflammatory medicine and muscle rub. Breathing is painful, deep breaths are even worse. Many times the pain feels worse after waking up from sleep (w
  20. Spotted a Mini Cooper in Punggol with no car plate behind. Camo pattern paint with super dark windows. Anyone seen before?
  21. in the previous episode, house of Tan did a quick flip from 60 to 90 mil. Now I wonder how much higher it can go. But filpping and earning the profit, is it still taxable ? or once you pay the stamp duties already done deal liao ? Since you cannot happy happy redevelop , how to get more from this kind of property ? THE House of Tan Yeok Nee, a gazetted national monument alongPenang Road, is back on the market, a year after it was last transacted. Its owner, a special purpose vehicle of ERC Holdings, is believed to be looking at a price of over $100 million. It purchased
  22. https://mothership.sg/2018/10/tharman-tommy-koh-social-mobility-inequality-ips-30th-anniversary-transcript/ out-of-context screengrab from DPM Tharman
  23. Hi All, Any Civic drivers facing the same issue with water droplets in the head / back lights after rain or wash? Is it normal? My paint protection guys told me this is a defect for a new car, suspected sealant has not been done properly. But the Honda agent say it is normal
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