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Found 322 results

  1. ComfortDelGro buys four buses with collision-prevention system source: https://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/comfortdelgro-buys-four-buses-collision-prevention-system Transport operator ComfortDelGro has bought four Volvo buses fitted with collision warning and automatic emergency braking. The buses, the first of their kind here, will start plying routes from Sunday as part of ComfortDelGro Bus' unscheduled bus services. The Volvo B8R 49-seaters are equipped to brake automatically and come to a stop if they ''sense'' a collision is about to take place. A radar-based sensor and a camera are activated once the bus accelerates past 15kmh. When a potential collision with another vehicle is detected, the system alerts the driver through a blinking red light on the dashboard and a beeping sound. If the driver still does not respond, the system immediately initiates soft braking before applying full braking power to bring the bus to a complete stop before any collision happens. The system also comes with a lane-keeping assist function that alerts the driver when the bus veers into other lanes. Such safety systems are increasingly common in passenger cars but are making their way into heavy vehicles now. Mr Pang Weng Heng, chief executive of ComfortDelGro Bus, said the system is a ''safety enhancement that will help our bus drivers avoid critical situations and accidents''. ComfortDelGro Bus plans to buy more of such buses over the next two years. Six of its drivers have undergone training to familiarise themselves with the new safety feature. On the latest purchase, ComfortDel- Gro spokesman Tammy Tan said the features cost $5,000 to $8,000 a bus, or roughly 1 per cent of its cost. ''There are plans to purchase 11 more of such buses over the next two years,'' she added, noting the Volvos are also equipped with reverse proximity sensors and reverse cameras. ComfortDelGro Bus tested the buses for a month and will deploy them as part of a shuttle service. Ms Tan said no special skills are required to drive them, but drivers need to familiarise themselves with the system and the alerts. When asked if it plans to equip public buses with similar features, the Land Transport Authority, which owns all public buses here, said up to 400 of its buses are likely to have some form of collision warning system by 2040. That is less than 10 per cent of the current fleet of public buses here.
  2. Atrecord

    Volvo 1 for 1

    Anyone wants Volvo? Buy one get one free.
  3. Lchong

    Volvo 1 for 1

    From now till 11.11, buy a Volvo and receive a pre-owned car for free. Choose from a limited selection of hand-picked, pre-owned cars. Includes various makes. Applicable to new Volvos purchased only. On a first-come first-served basis, while stocks last. Terms and conditions: - The pre-owned vehicle is purchased based on an "As is" condition. It is deemed that the Buyer has checked, is fully aware and agreeable to the pre-owned vehicle's condition on the date of purchase. - The booking for the pre-owned vehicle is non-cancellable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable in cash or kind, for any reason whatsoever. - The pre-owned vehicle will be delivered together with the new Volvo purchased, latest by 31 December 2019. - The Buyer can nominate a third party to purchase the pre-owned vehicle, but both vehicle purchases need to be completed at the same time. ttps://www.volvocars.com/sg/sales-offers Anyone here went down to enquire about the promo? Can't find any T&C on it
  4. Miles

    Volvo XC60 II

    Anyone going for the soft launch on 31st Aug? http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/volvo/xc60/100434/volvo-xc60-vs-audi-q5-vs-mercedes-glc?_mout=1&utm_campaign=autoexpress_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter
  5. Carbon82

    2017 Volvo XC40

    Volvo 40.1 Concept (XC40) Volvo 40.2 Concept (S40) 40.1 and 40.2 concepts are built on Volvo’s CMA platform After showing teasers on Snapchat, Volvo has now officially revealed two new concept cars. Dubbed 40.1 and 40.2, the cars preview new Volvo 40 Series models and are most likely a hint as to the design of the next Volvo S40 and XC40. Both the concepts pick up design cues seen on the Volvo XC90, S90, and V90, starting with the “Thor’s Hammer” running lights and wide-mouth grille with Volvo’s Iron Mark emblem. The 40.1 is a crossover design with high ground clearance, black fender cladding, and darkened pillars and a black roof. Taut lines define the bodywork, while the sloped rear window is bookended by L-shaped taillights. The 40.2, meanwhile, is a lower and more sedan-like car, with its C-shaped taillights that more closely match the design of the new S90 sedan. As with the 40.1, the 40.2 concept rides relatively high on its large alloy wheels, with black cladding around the fender recalling the tough, high-riding stance of the S60 Cross Country. The Volvo 40 cars will be the first to ride on the company’s new CMA modular platform. Smaller than the SPA platform used for the XC90/S90/V90, CMA will also accommodate a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, in this case called T5 Twin Engine. That powertrain will incorporate a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and a three-cylinder gasoline engine, as well as electric motors. The CMA platform will also add an all-electric model, though it won’t arrive until sometime after Volvo’s larger, SPA-based EV debuts in 2019. The 40.1 and 40.2 concepts represent Volvo’s contention that the global appetite for “premium small cars” will continue to grow over the coming years. “CMA has helped us to capture something special, something youthful in our new concept cars,” Volvo Car Group senior vice president of design Thomas Ingelath said in a statement. “They have an energy, a disruptive and engaging urban character that makes them stand out amongst the crowd. This is the flavor of small Volvos to come.” The first production models from Volvo’s new 40 Series range will debut in 2017, potentially with styling not too far removed from these concepts.
  6. Scheduled to be unveiled in Sweden on 21 Feb. I personally think Volvo has another winner in it stable! [thumbsup]
  7. Ralliart99

    BMW 320i ED or Volvo S60 T5

    hi all, have narrowed my choices to these 2 cars there are probably other better cars out there but would like to hear regarding these 2 need a second opinion here which one will you choose and why ? many thanks !
  8. Gregwoon

    Volvo Servicing

    Any Volvo drivers with a workshop to recommend other than SM Motors? Appreciate your sharing/input. Thanks
  9. Norman

    Good workshop for Volvo

    Posting this qs on behalf of a friend who wants to find out if there are any good Volvo workshops/mechanics in SG besides SM Motors. She is driving an S60. TIA.
  10. Gildor8

    Old Volvo S80/S60

    Hi all, Thinking of getting an old S80 or S60 because the price seems reasonable. Like your advise whether this move is a lousy one and the maintenance will kill. thanks in advance.
  11. Hello everyone, I am starting a AMA thread just for discussion purposes.Possibly to help answer some comparison questions between cars I have driven before, from my individual perspective. (Not a show-off thread - as I am not financially strong enough to own a car). A bit of background, I been a seasoned driver, been driving regularly for the past decade. I have never owned a car before, but I am blessed to have the opportunities to drive my friends and relatives' cars on a regular basis, or sometimes. I also took some time off to test drive some sedans recently as I am contemplating on getting one. So far, I have driven the following models regularly before: Kia Cerato Forte SX 1.6L 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer GLX 1.6L Toyota Wish AE10 1.8L Toyota Camry Prestige XV40 2.0L BMW 216i Gran Tourer Diesel-powered BMW 316i F30 BMW 520i E60 XL BMW 523i F30 Audi Q5 8R 2.0T 2019 Mazda 6 2.0L Standard 2018 Mazda CX-5 2.0L Premium I have already managed to clock limited miles on the following cars: 2019 Kia Cerato Forte SX Honda Civic 10-Gen 1.6NA Hyundai Avante S 2019 Mazda 3 HB 1.5L Premium Volvo S90 Happy to answer any questions with respect to interior, exterior, performance and feel of these cars. Cheers.
  12. SLSAMG88

    Volvo XC90

    Hi guys, Just wondering whether there are any Volvo owners here...not just restricted to XC90. Will you buy a Volvo now, since they are owned by Geely? Any concerns about future quality of services and parts?
  13. Yahgo22

    2011 VOLVO S60

    http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/imag...=2011+volvo+s60 OH GOSH, DAMN COOL The rear lights no longer look like the ancient chinese coffin. Will this car be sold here and at what price?
  14. nazerath

    Volvo V40 Diesel

    Considering this car as my first car. any feedback on the diesel version? any promotion? read that it is now 120k.
  15. Proof that Volvo's can be tuned AF! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-7i_GZZ3Us&feature=youtu.be
  16. You probably know a bit about Polestar by now – the racing team that became Volvo’s tuning arm, that became a standalone electric performance brand in 2017. You might even have gazed longingly at the company’s first car, the Polestar 1, a 600bhp plug-in hybrid coupe costing €155,000 and limited to 1,500 units. But frankly the 1 is just eye candy - in Polestar’s masterplan, the 2 is the one that matters. This is Polestar’s Tesla Model 3 rival, and it’s not shying away from the fact either, name-checking the Model 3 in the fourth line of its press release. And why wouldn’t you? Tesla is close to selling 500,000 a year of its first, truly mass-market EV because it offers a range of over 300 miles, it’s fast, it appeals to tech lovers and it’s relatively affordable. Polestar has been taking notes. The 2 is an all-electric, 4WD, five-door saloon-shaped hatchback – or ‘fastback’ according to Polestar - with a 311-mile range from its 78kWh battery, 402bhp and a 0-62mph time of less than five seconds. By comparison the long-range, AWD Model 3 (that’s not the 444bhp M3-rivalling performance version, by the way) has a 338-mile range (the longest of any WLTP certified EV) from its 74kWh battery, 341bhp and 0-62mph in 5.1 seconds. Spot any similarities? Not that we’re complaining you understand… And then there’s the price. The launch version of the Polestar 2 (the only one available for the first year of production, which starts in early 2020) costs €59,900, although Polestar will offer a subscription-style plan (prices TBC) that includes one monthly payment to cover everything except charging. The long-range, AWD Model 3 starts at €58,800. The Model 3 looks a bit generic, the kind of car a 10-year old might doodle, the Polestar is much sharper – all taught creases and Swedish minimalism. The Volvo fans out there will have spotted this is almost identical to the Volvo 40.2 concept from 2016, except for the addition of smaller, more aero efficient, framelesss wing mirrors - a Polestar patent, no less - and a full width light bar at the back.
  17. Carbon82

    2020 Polestar 2

    Polestar has taken the next step in its development as the electric performance brand with the reveal of the new Polestar 2. Polestar 2 is the new all-electric fastback that brings electric performance cars to a broader and increasingly progressive audience. It offers avant-garde design and a unique customer experience in the premium compact electric segment. Polestar 2 is the first electric car to compete in the marketplace around the Tesla Model 3, with the range starting at a guide price of 39,900 euros. For the first 12 months of production, guide price of the launch edition is 59,900 euros. "Polestar 2 is our first fully electric car and first volume model. Everything about it has been designed and engineered with passion and dedication. As an electric performance brand, and through the forthcoming launch of a portfolio of fully electric cars, Polestar is determined to address the world's air quality challenges. Polestar delivers electric performance cars that are great to own and drive," says Thomas Ingenlath, Chief Executive Officer of Polestar. Polestar 2 is a premium five-door fastback with two electric motors and a 78 kWh battery capacity that will enable a targeted range of 500 km, based on Volvo Car Group's adaptable Compact Modular Architecture platform (CMA). The 27-module battery pack is integrated into the floor and contributes to the rigidity of the chassis as well as improves the car's noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels - road noise has been reduced by 3.7 dB compared to a traditional chassis. Polestar will answer the important question of charging Polestar 2 with a smart, convenient and extensive approach. With a connected digital solution available both in-car and on mobile devices, Polestar is setting up strategic collaborations to give Polestar 2 owners easy and hassle-free access to the world's largest public charging networks. For Polestar, performance underlies the entire driving experience. The all-wheel drive electric powertrain in Polestar 2 produces 300 kW (408 hp) and 660 Nm (487 lb-ft). This translates to a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of less than 5 seconds. The standard dynamic chassis can be enhanced by the Performance Pack that improves driving dynamics with Öhlins dampers, Brembo brakes and unique 20-inch forged wheels. Polestar's signature gold seat belts, brake callipers and valve caps complete the performance visuals. Highlighting the technology spearhead role that Polestar plays within the Volvo Car Group, Polestar 2 is one of the first cars in the world to embed an infotainment system powered by Android. The Android backbone provides a solid and adaptable digital environment for apps and vehicle functions to coexist, and brings embedded Google services to a car for the first time - including the Google Assistant, Google Maps with support for electric vehicles and the Google Play Store. Natural voice control and a new 11-inch touch screen display bring the new interface to life. Phone-as-Key technology enables car sharing and a more integrated ownership experience, as well as Polestar's connected services such as pick-up and delivery. It also allows Polestar 2 to sense the driver upon approach. Smart features like enlarged graphics in the instrument cluster allow the driver to easily see the charging status and range before entering the car. Polestar 2 can also predetermine the driver's next move to create a seamless experience with a prepared cabin and quick start sequence. Maximilian Missoni, head of Design at Polestar, comments: "We decided to bring something different to the segment. Our avant-garde design has evolved from Polestar 1 into an edgier, bolder statement. We have also designed a standard vegan interior with progressive textiles that will appeal to the forward-thinking audience who will subscribe to Polestar 2." Design-led features include Pixel LED headlights and proximity lighting which enable a unique welcome sequence, Polestar's now-signature frameless side mirrors and the unique illuminated Polestar logo, which is reflected onto the car's panoramic glass roof. In common with all Polestar cars, Polestar 2 will only be available for ordering online. The guide purchase price for the launch version of Polestar 2 is 59,900 euros with subscription pricing to follow at a later date. Pre-orders are open at polestar.com. Production of Polestar 2 begins in early 2020 in China for global markets in both left- and right-hand drive. Polestar 2 will make its first public appearance at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show in March, and then embark on a global roadshow in Europe, North America and China throughout 2019. Polestar 2 will also be available in a network of soon-to-be-opened Polestar Spaces that will provide physical viewing and test drive opportunities. Initial launch markets include China, the United States, Canada, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK. Other markets are under consideration for future expansion.
  18. Rebirth, or Looming Fizzle? The Station Wagon Had a Pretty Good Year in 2018 In the absolutely superb 1949 war film Twelve O’Clock High, a doctor stationed at a U.S. Army Air Force base in WW2 England uses an interesting comparison when describing a character’s mental breakdown. “Have you ever seen a light bulb burn out? How bright the filament gets right before it breaks?” A similar phenomenon could be at work in a certain vehicle niche, one which gets more press than actual sales warrant. The lowly, reviled, and suddenly revered station wagon, now referred to in terms meant to dispel the stodgy family hauler image of decades past. Never mind that BMW just announced its 3 Series wagon won’t make a return trip from Europe. There’s wagons aplenty these days, and it’s this writer’s firm belief that you’ll never have a better change to bring home a competent non-light truck cargo hauler. It’s now or never. While wagon variants allow automakers to rack up additional sales of a given nameplate, the wagon community remains a small one. Loyal and passionate, but small. And what room there is for growth depends on your level of optimism. As Bloomberg notes, 2018 was a great year for wagon sales, simply because consumers suddenly found themselves with choice. Buick has the new Regal TourX, Jaguar has the new XF Sportbrake, Volvo has the tony V90 and V60, Mercedes-Benz has the dignified E 450 4Matic wagon and disgruntled AMG E63 S wagon, Audi has the A4 Allroad, and Volkswagen will still gladly sell you a modest Golf SportWagen. All of this choice resulted in a bigger niche than years past. Some 212,000 wagons left U.S. dealer lots in 2018, representing a 29 percent sales increase compared to five years earlier. Still, wagons amounted to less than 2 percent of the new vehicle market last year. That’s plug-in car territory. This group of buyers, described by Buick marketing director Sam Russell as “almost violently opposed to being mainstream,” doesn’t want to be seen driving an anonymous crossover. And let’s face it, it’s easier to sculpt a sexy wagon than a high-riding, bulbous crossover. Thing is, though, wagons sales are a slim wedge of the overall volume of a particular nameplate. As sedan sales falter, wagons, despite their snob appeal, won’t pick up enough of the slack. All a wagon can do is delay a model’s discontinuation, if we’re to assume today’s market shift continues uninterrupted. If sedans disappear from our streets, so too will wagons, despite wagons being a happy middle ground between sedans and crossovers. A sad situation, if the worst-case scenario comes to pass. While Bloomberg reports Buick’s TourX sales “increased steadily” over the past 12 months, Volvo’s gorgeous V90 is now available by custom order only, and Jaguar’s XF Sportbrake, while sultry, has to contend with the fact that no one’s interested in buying Jaguar cars these days. Even the brand’s crossovers can’t keep sales in the black. Despite the recent uptick in wagon interest and availability, it’s hard not to see this phenomenon as a tired light bulb valiantly burning its way towards destruction.
  19. Carbon82

    Volvo S90 / V90

    I suspect all these "leak" are by Volvo themselve, who knows... S90 Scale Model
  20. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this short writeup are those of the one man and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of anyone else. mlmlwm. #fakeinfluencer #preasenoticemoi #noidontgetpaidforthesethings @#freepetrolthough Being a one-man driven hobby, it's not often (or ever) that I've had the chance to do a back to back comparison, but with the keys to the BMW X2 in my hands, this just had to be done. Having just driven the BMW X2 and enjoyed its engaging drive characteristics. It's not exactly what you'd call, economical, especially given its intended target audience. Of course being that it has quite a number of BMW badges on the body, it should command a premium. But this premium also means it has to square off against some very strong competition. Ladies and gents, here comes a new challenger, the Volvo XC40. And indeed it is new, the XC40 is Volvo's first foray into the now very hotly contested small luxury SUV segment. It isn't just a new car built on existing underpinnings either, the XC40 is Volvo's first car to be built the new CMA platform (To be shared by future compact Volvos, Geely and Lynk & Co models). It might seem more natural to bring an X1 to the fight, the last time we drove one was back in 2015 and it wouldn't be fair to pit a 3-year-old car up against Volvo's latest baby. And while these two are pretty much polar opposites in their approach to the baby luxury SUV market, their local selling prices tell a slightly different story because these two cars are pretty much sandwiched between each other. With the X2 coming in just above the XC40 Momentum but below the range-topping R-Design, which means cross shopping between these two is inevitable. Let's see what we've got. In the (Galvanic) yellow corner, we have the eager beaver from Bavaria, the BMW X2 sDrive20i. Weighing in at 1,535 kilos with 2 litres of turbocharged power. Enabling this X2 to pump out a cool 189 German horses coupled with a twisting force of 280Nm. And...... in the (Ice) white corner, we have Thor's very own (rather small) chariot, the Volvo XC40, also with a turbocharged 2-litre heart but Volvo has managed to kraft out quite a bit more juice. For a total of 248 Swedish Horses and 350Nm of torques. While these numbers might paint a rather unflattering picture for the BMW X2, they only really tell half the story and one only needs to drive either of these to understand why. But first, let's take a step back and marvel at what we have brought together in front of us. The BMW sits low and wide with a high shoulder line heavily tapered towards the front with a multitude of supporting elements to create a rather dynamic visual. Coupled with numerous creases to create a taut and more athletic aesthetic. The Volvo, on the other hand, is unashamedly chunky. Straight, clearly defined lines and a very clean exterior design with minimal fussiness. It is as restrained as the BMW is flash. If there was one automotive segment where Volvo's much loved "boxy" aesthetic can once again shine, the SUV demographic is it. It is a very handsome design with just the right touches to make it interesting. For those wishing to inject a bit more Scandinavian sauciness into their ride, the XC40 can be paired with a contrasting roof colour for that extra splash of contrast. My pick would have to be Tiffany colour combo of Amazon blue and white. Unfortunately for the Volvo though, what you see here is not exactly what you get when you buy an XC40. We've matched up the X2 with an XC40 Momentum spec which comes in at a slightly lower price point than the BMW and while Momentum trim allows you to choose a contrasting white roof to go with your choice of body shade, it does also come with a rather boring (ugly?) set of 18-inch wheels which let's be honest, are absolutely engulfed by the car's generous wheel arches. Should you choose to pony up the extra cash (beyond the X2's asking) for the R-Design, 19-inch rollers will come standard. But then again, in most of the promotional images, the R-Design cars wear 20s. Don't even ask us how much those options cost, it's quite mind-boggling. While most of the promotional material shows the car running on a set of cool mirror finished 19s, to have a set of those fitted from the dealer is a cool S$9,000 option. We really think not. Those fitted on this car here are a set of lovely 19s from Japanese Volvo Tuner ERST. Really sets off the car don't you think? The X2, on the other hand, is pretty much what buyers will be getting. Trick 19-inch alloys, M Sport X trim and even an additional M Sport rear roof spoiler which isn't on our test car. Aesthetically, these two really are chalk and cheese don't you think? Things start to get more interesting when we get into their interiors. The BMW, while featuring very high-quality fit and finish is once again high on flash, featuring at least 3 distinct textures in upholstery and trim. Alcantara, Fabric and Aluminium are all fighting for your attention in the cabin amidst the contrasting thread stitching and colour coded floor mat trimmings. There are of course some redemptive areas, the seats are amazingly huggy, the M Sport steering is a joy to hold and behold, and the interior lighting system is a nice touch. All switches and buttons feel good to use. There's probably an engineer somewhere in BMW measuring push buttons for weeks just to make it feel "right". Unfortunately, because the X2 was built on the underpinnings of the BMW X1, much of the basic interior layout was carried over to the newer car. And it is starting to look quite dated, this is especially apparent when we swap over to the XC40. If you only needed to know one thing about the XC40's interior. It is that it looks and feels like a car that's almost one segment above what it is competing against. It is spacious, airy, beautiful and feels like a generation ahead of every other car it is up against. With its giant touchscreen in the centre, ala Tesla, and the lovely materials used throughout, the interior of the XC40 is a fantastic place to be in. And whereas the X2 utilizes a traditional analogue instrument cluster (one that sadly no longer has BMW's trademark night-time amber lights), the XC40's readouts are clearly shown on a wide digital screen. There are of course some drawbacks, the steering wheel is not as tactile as the BMW's and some of the XC40's interior trim pieces lack the Germanic "feel" that its rival possesses. The interior cabin lighting on the XC40 also pales in comparison to the BMW X2 with only front map lights as standard equipment on the Momentum trim. In a day and age where rear cabin lights are a given, having them omitted in a car competing in the luxury segment is quite simple, a joke. Thankfully the local dealership is looking into this issue as we speak and will be offering rear cabin lights as an option. (Again, don't ask us how much THAT will be!) Space-wise it really is a no-brainer with the XC40's slightly larger footprint equating to more head and leg room overall with a larger boot space. So those needing that extra room, do take heed! On the go, once again, these two cannot be any more different. The BMW is like we mentioned earlier, an eager beaver with an engine that responds very keenly to inputs with a fantastic 7-speed dual clutch gearbox to egg punters on each time they get behind the wheel. The X2 just wants to go and progressively nudges you to take each corner quicker than the last. The official figures quote a 0-100 time of 7.7 seconds but it really does feel quicker than that. Prod the throttle in sport mode and the engine just wakes up. It's not a revvy heart though with power tapering off towards the upper regions of the rev band, but with the quick DCT gearbox shifting cogs as and when required, getting back into the torque band is just a simple paddle shift away. The best way to sum up the driving experience of the X2 sDrive20i? Think of it as a Golf GTi on stilts. The XC40 might have quite the power advantage on paper, with a cool 350Nm on tap and a quoted 0-100 time of 6.4 seconds but it actually feels slower. Perhaps this could be down to the extra weight it carries, you really can feel it or maybe, it's due to the slightly lazier Aisin 8-speed automatic mated to the engine. Either way, it just doesn't feel like it wants to be rushed. The engine is also more vocal than the X2's and not in a good way. Push it hard and it starts to sound rougher, almost agricultural, unlike the X2's rather smooth crescendo pull. The XC40 might have an extra power advantage over the BMW but it just doesn't feel like it wants to use them as often and if the roads ahead were anything other than straight or long flowy bends, a Volvo XC40 wouldn't stand a chance against the BMW. Instead, drive the Volvo sensibly and everything will start to fall into place, relax, enjoy the journey and arrive at your destination free from the stresses of attack angles and cornering lines. In the end, do we really have to choose which is better? These two cars might compete in the same segment and share the same price bracket but each marque has tackled this new category in their very own unique way that you can't help but appreciate each car for excelling at their chosen path. To arrive quicker or to enjoy the journey? That's the final question potential buyers will have to answer for themselves. I know we did. The XC40's ours.
  21. Angcheek

    2015 Volvo S60

    Anyone has tested the new S60 ? Saw the Promo price and the power looks good !
  22. While we weren't looking, Geely has come up with its next generation of products, developed with Volvo's input. This year, the Geely GC9 is being launched. The result is quite remarkable. Although things like reliability and build quality can't really be told through pictures, signs like panel gaps and plastic quality can be told. I think this is a quantum leap over the Geely CK which Singaporeans' understanding of Geely has stopped at. Click on the link to see more: http://www.autohome.com.cn/advice/201501/856244.html
  23. TedBurnings

    Volvo tuning help

    Hello there. I've been dabbling in tuning my Volvo V50 and I came across some problems all around. What would be the best option to maximize bhp without sacrificing the reliability of the car ? I found some different forums that provide different answers and I'm kind of in a hurdle to be honest. The second thing is where could I find the best part supplier ? I'm not really looking for a shop to do all the work because that really just takes out all the fun in it for me so doing the whole car by myself would be a very big accomplishment lol. I've looked on https://www.247spares.co.uk/volvo and https://www.autozone.com/ for some parts but I'm not really sure where else to look. Can I find good parts on these sites ? All help will be very appreciated because I really want to get started with my project haha. Thanks a lot!