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Found 84 results

  1. Continue PArt X here: PRev thread: Singapore Reckless Drivers Part IX - Page 410 - General Car Discussion - MyCarForum https://www.mycarforum.com/forums/topic/2719051-singapore-reckless-drivers-part-ix/?page=410&tab=comments#comment-7078917
  2. Our paper generals battle rethink 3:1 tactic... 😅
  3. Boy Trespasses Into Rhino Enclosure & Does Backflip For TikTok Video, S’pore Zoo Says It’s Reckless & Dangerous source: https://mustsharenews.com/boy-rhino-backflip/ WRS Condemns Boy Who Did Backflip In White Rhino Enclosure In light of Covid-19 travel restrictions, many of us are ‘turning inwards’ during the December holidays, revisiting many of our local attractions. The Singapore Zoo is naturally one of the most popular sites to visit. Recently, a video was shared on TikTok showing a boy trespassing into a Rhino enclosure at the Singapore Zoo and doing a backflip inside. In response, Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) said that such behaviour is reckless and irresponsible. Boy does backflip in white rhino enclosure The TikTok video – re-shared on Twitter on Thursday (17 Dec) – starts off with a guy on what appears to be a tram at the Singapore Zoo. The clip then cuts to footage of the teenager running into the White Rhino exhibit, with a few of the horned creature in the background. Without warning, he then does a backflip while inside the muddy enclosure. After which, he promptly ran out of the enclosure and jumped over the fence. WRS says its reckless and dangerous behaviour On Friday (18 Dec), WRS took to Instagram to address the matter. Acknowledging that the boy had trespassed and encroached into the White Rhino exhibit, they described it as being a “reckless and mindless act”. The whole video. They condemned the boy’s behaviour, saying that it is not only socially irresponsible but also very dangerous. At the end of the day, it is also a display of disrespect to the animals. WRS then asked the public not to encourage such acts as they put lives in danger. Be a responsible citizen Many youths today seem emboldened and go to great extents for clout on social media. While we’re glad that the boy managed to come out of this incident unscathed, this might not always be the case. Hopefully, it’s a lesson for everyone to be responsible in public spaces and to think carefully before committing such dangerous acts.
  4. Does this describe you? https://www.straitstimes.com/opinion/the-seven-habits-of-the-spore-driver Speeding Overtaking Beating red lights Not giving way Potong jalan Poor Parking Not using the signal indicator
  5. Continue here: Prev thread:
  6. Remember the black Volkswagen mk5 Golf GTI that was spotted racing on CTE at night with an Mitsubishi Evo X before causing a van to crash and flip? Here's a recent cum compilation video of the GTI causing havoc on our roads. As you guys can see these are some pretty reckless driving. A big no-no when dashcams are everywhere. And yes how could we forget the ever-increasing number of Facebook pages that shame bad drivers. Naturally, the comments section on SG Road Vigilante's page has its supporters slamming the driver. On a less serious note, the GTI is a pretty good point and shoot car with its fast-acting DSG box and turbo engine eh?
  7. With roads pretty much empty under this current semi-lockdown period, some youths have been spotted making use of the empty roads to ride their PMDs. As seen on a facebook page SG Reckless PMD Riders, three youths can be seen in the short Instagram video riding next to each other at high speed in the CTE Tunnel. Admittedly, the clip isn't of the best quality but it does seem like they were doing in excess of 40km/h, well over the speed limits of e-scooter. Of course, it doesn't matter as no one is allowed to be using their PMDs on the public road. In fact, they aren't even supposed to be out of their homes at all and going for joyrides! Check out some of the comments on the page. Not suprisingly, they were not very pleasant. SG-Reckless-PMD-Riders-PMD-high-speed-at-CTE-Facebook.mp4
  8. When PHV is mentioned, what thoughts/feelings come to you immediately?
  9. Juniorsg

    SKA 4309 Z Reckless Driving

    Dare to peform reckless stunk by lane cutting without signalling but when on your side dare not look at me. Don't hide inside your "powerfull" car and act like a "man" but dare not admit your mistake. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v477/juniorsg/th_Mazda%20SKA%204309%20Z_cut_zpsyfi55pum.mp4 http://smg.photobucket.com/user/juniorsg/media/Mazda%20SKA%204309%20Z_cut_zpsyfi55pum.mp4.html Maybe I can contribute to Singapore Reckless Driving.
  10. The old thread was 9 years old already Continue here adding last reckless post This 2 year old toddler is super lucky to be alive after having 2 SUV driving over her. Can't really blame the drivers as the girl is exactly at the vehicle's blind spot. All drivers, do take note of your surrounding as much as possible. You may just save a live...
  11. I was crossing the junction at Middle Road/Queen Street towards Rochor on the pedestrian green light, and was already on the second lane when a white car came at full speed on Queen Street from Rochor and turned right without slowing or stopping into Middle Road, forcing me to jump out of the way for safety. At that point this happened there were still 20+ seconds counting down on the green pedestrian light. AFTER passing the junction, he finally reacted and slowed down when he realized that I had whipped out my handphone camera, and raised a hand out of his window. When I finally turned around and finished crossing, there were still 10+ seconds on the green pedestrian light. The car looked like a white Mitsubishi Lancer, (SGW1384_). It would be great if the cars stopped for the light on both sides of that junction had dash cams running, and could contact me so that I can submit the video together with my police report. Or even just post them to this thread.
  12. Moderators, hope its ok I create this folder. I see more and more road videos taken and posted by MCFers. Here's my contribution: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3...681920492&hl=en Title: Encounter with GT-R
  13. Hi, I urgently need to submit a video to Traffic Police for complain. How to do so? Please advise. Thanks!
  14. Early this morning, we were waiting in our car at a traffic light. The traffic light is left-turn only. When the traffic light turn green, we started to move forward slowly. We noticed from our driver's side mirror that there was a van approaching dangerously close and fast from behind on our right hand side. We brake immediately and stop completely. But the van continue moving forward dangerously close to our car and he turn left recklessly. The side of the van hit my right fender and scraped my paintwork on my bumper. Note that at this moment, our car is already at a complete stop. We wanted to settle privately with the van driver but the van driver seems unwilling to take any responsibility. He claim that we cut into his left-turning lane. The van driver looks very tired and is not concentrating at all on the road. He nearly hit another car when the moved his van to the road shoulder. He seems to be working very early in the morning doing delivery and does not looks like he slept well the night before. What should i do this this case? Should i go to my insurance and clam against him? Will i get 100% claim? Also, he is using the same insurance company as the one that i am using. Will this make the insurance company less willing to pay 100%? Please see youtube video below. From the video, it is obviously we did not cut into his lane. Any comments? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em7rQ4VlWRY&feature=youtu.be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em7rQ4VlWRY&feature=youtu.be
  15. https://youtu.be/s53mBc-pI5s Going to submit to this video Traffic Police.
  16. Scoots

    Reckless Driver - SGR7377P

    Either she (yes, it's a lady driver cos later on at a junction, she got out to inspect her car) made a boo boo and wanted to do a lane change in a junction and assumed the other car was going to turn right (even thought the right most lane is a go-straight/turn-right lane) or she was making an even bigger boo boo by wanting to turn right when she was not supposed to in the first place. Either case, we can do with less of such drivers on the roads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NA18AjmdRf8&feature=youtu.be Note: I realised I had typed the wrong car plate in the post's title (should be SDR7377P, not SGR7737P). Anyone can advise how I can get that corrected?
  17. MichelleTan_160477

    is this SGY3350E civic driver drunk or high ?

    http://roads.sg/index.php/video/357/sgy-3350e-dangerous-and-reckless-driver-what-are-you-trying-to-do?t=MTQ0NzUxNjQ5NA== what is this driver of SGY3350E trying to do ?
  18. SINGAPORE: A road safety survey released on Wednesday by insurance company, AXA, pins this irresponsible driving behaviour down to poor time management and lack of route planning. The three dangerous behaviours committed most often are going through traffic lights which have turned amber, driving speed in excess of more than 10 kilometres above the speed limit and switching lanes without signalling. Two in five drivers also admitted having answered the phone without a hands-free kit or text messaging while driving. They also confessed to tailgating. AXA said these findings strongly indicate a rising trend of irresponsible driving behaviours and habits on the roads. The survey polled over 600 car owners, taxi drivers, motorcyclists and heavy and light goods vehicle drivers. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1153024/1/.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i admit i use the horn almost everyday. just yesterday, one guy turn out from small road never slow down, i was on a 3 lane main road, (on lane 2) he turned out so fast, if keeping in lane 3, i dun mind, but becos for the fact he was fast, he swerve into my lane, then i got to swerve into 1/4 of lane 1, (split second check for car, no, then swerve) but if got motorcycle at the blind spot, i would have caused someone to be injured already. heng, no accident,
  19. Santa


    In singapore, if we do not incurr any accident, do we have the right to complain to traffic police about a particular reckless driver. On xmas eve evening at serangoon central stadium, this black toyota vios xxx7088xx was changing lane abruptly and recklessly to the right after a traffic light junction and causing a near miss accident if not for my extreme E BRAKE. He is not remorseful at all and did not apologise with a hand signal. I just wonder under such case if i bang his ass, who is at fault ??? There is no way to keep safe distance when the one decide that he own the road. Sometime i just wonder does insurance provide justice in such case - it is not alway the rear car who is at fault...
  20. Mercury1

    Reckless Scooters

    Lately I been encountering a lot of reckless scooters weaving in an out of heavy traffic. It seems most of the reckless ones are driven by Caucasians, they drive fast and weave in and out expecting cars to automatically give way. I nearly crushed one that abruptly cut into my lane when the car in front of him jam brake, lucky I also jam brake in time to avoid him otherwise he'll mess up my bumper. Do you guys encounter these idiots on the road? I work in the City which I believe has the highest density of such self indulgent wieners. Also on the rise are idiots on micro scooters on the road.
  21. This afternoon, 23 July 2015 @ 1250 hrs, was on my way back to office in Jurong Island. At the junction of Sakra Road and Jurong Island Highway, a tipper truck suddenly turned when I entered the junction. Luckily I was able to brake on time. To think I nearly died. My_Movie.wmv
  22. VIDEO FROM FACEBOOK. NOT ME. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152171116234702&set=vb.662289701&type=2&theater "SFX1034Z tried to ran me off the lane into the road divider today. Didn't even give me time to slow down, had to jam brakes before he hits my side box. Just keep coming rather than move back. Bloody idiot."
  23. Recently I see many companies chartering private buses to ferry their staffs. I see many of these mini buses driving recklessly. Which company is the one with white paint work and light blue + red strips at the bottom? Someone should warn those company who engage them that they are putting their staffs in peril everyday riding in those mini buses. Mostly are those Toyota Hi-Ace vans. Some of the daily violations I see on the road, especially around 430 - 5pm around Tuas/ Jurong area. 1) Speeding - Speed up to 100kph along 80kph stretches of PIE and AYE 2) Driving on Lane 1 3) Recklessly changing lanes 4) Failure to form up - Cutting queues 5) Turning from wrong lane The transport companies should bear more responsibilities towards their customers and road users. Even the management of the companies that uses these companies should make sure of the safety and welfare of their staffs. Otherwise, it is just an accident waiting to happen.