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  1. PMA spotted in Sengkang West https://www.8world.com/singapore/pma-speeds-on-road-1778241 电动轮椅公路上飙车送餐 时速疑高达50公里 一名身穿 GrabFood T恤的男子被拍到骑着电动轮椅,背着绿色热食袋,沿着盛港西大道高速行驶,时速疑似一度高达50公里。 SG Road Vigilante的Facebook页面上载的行车记录器视频显示,昨天(10日)晚上10点05分左右,有一辆相信是电动轮椅的个人行动辅助工具(Personal Mobility Aid)正沿着盛港西大道高速行驶。电动轮椅由一名男子驾驶,他穿着绿色的GrabFood T恤,但没有佩戴头盔, 而电动轮椅也只有一个闪烁的车灯,没有刹车灯。 视频帖文表示,当时设置行车记录器的车辆车速约为 每小时50 公里。 视频中可见,电动轮椅的左边是一辆公共汽车,前面则是一辆罗厘。电动轮椅起初在中间车道,朝着惹兰加由( Jalan Kayu) 的方向行驶。后来,设置行车记录器的车辆亮起了远光灯,似乎在警告电动轮椅的男子停止占用车道并离开道路时,电动轮椅不但没有换到左边的慢车道,反而切换到右边的快车道。 盛港西大道的限速为每小时60公里,路段之间还有交通警察的测速摄像头。 陆路交通管理局的官网表示,当局不允许电动轮椅等个人行动辅助工具在公路行驶。 活跃通勤咨询小组主席的交通部高级政务次长马炎庆早前接受《8视界新闻网》访问时表示,有居民反映,最近出现滥用个人行动辅助工具的趋势,活跃通勤咨询小组下来会探讨有关的条例。
  2. Lai Lai...1st pagers....continue here: PRevious thread link: https://www.mycarforum.com/forums/topic/2721547-singapore-reckless-drivers-xiii/
  3. https://mothership.sg/2023/06/east-coast-hood-jump-charged/?fbclid=IwAR33euXHT1wcjDs6f8NYEh88Jmod4GsRhJu9rXuILdLKIwX_nFfQ_Jzzgbo&mibextid=Zxz2cZ East Coast cyclist jumps on car bonnet: Cyclist, 31, & driver, 49, both charged for rash acts endangering others Both women said they intend to engage lawyers. The 49-year-old car driver, Elaine Michele Ow, faces one charge of rashly endangering the personal safety of others for driving forward while someone lay on the bonnet of her vehicle. The 31-year-old cyclist Nicolette Tan Shi-en faces a charge of rashly endangering the personal safety of others by laying on the bonnet of a vehicle while in the middle of the road and obstructing the driver’s view. Tan, who was seen standing on the road in the way of Ow's car, also faces another charge of obstructing others in a public way by blocking a vehicle from moving forward. Didn’t know got this charge. Should charge more cyclists with this. Some are really pests.
  4. The cyclist desperately needs some IMH help.
  5. Her linkedin gone she must be damn ugly from the picture.... 男不男,女不女。 i wonder what she/he is All cyclist should wear camera over their helmet and report anything which endanger their lives rather confronting and start jumping over bonnet and later play scare/victim card. If only car driver wouldn't been arse while reaching left turn and allow her safe passage then this shouldn't be an issue, but I could be wrong (as cyclist seems think this world revolve around her, she could have taken picture and called police rather holding her and then jumping over bonnet). Both looking aggressive but it seems cam car is going to eat bigger pie of this shyt, she was keep saying she is rushing for some class (yoga class)? She should know better that after playing this stunt Righteous crowd ain't going to let her go till they get their justice by showing their support to that poor yellow clad women who was high and mighty few seconds ago but then become like she just saw some ghost after 5 second ride on bonnet 👻
  6. Volvo is pretty renowned for how safe their cars are. The brand’s models qualify for the highest possible safety rating from the IIHS (International Institute for Highway Safety) and there's tons of airbags to protect the car's occupants no matter the point of impact. Nonetheless, this driver’s behaviour still isn’t advisable. What happened? On 1st May at Thomson Road, a camcar was minding their own business when a Volvo V40 tried to merge from a minor road to the major road that the cam car is on. It is unclear what was the Volvo driver’s thinking process but it had to be influenced by something (probably starting with A) in order to think this was a good idea. The Volvo driver went across not one, not two, but three lanes before stopping just in time to avoid kissing the wall and expensive repairs. According to the Facebook post, a bus also needed to jam brakes along with the camcar. It’s a shame there’s no audio in the footage because I know it’d be colorful. The Volvo then drove off without a word, but likely with stained pants. Online chatter Once again, the standards of our driving school are called into question. Others asked if the driver had a license at all. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  7. TL;DR - Singapore Traffic Police crack down on Lalamove’s dangerous driving and wreaking havoc on the streets Toyota Hiace driver's reckless drive land him in a joyous ride to the police station Watch this 2 minute video of the driver getting nabbed (and his partner just randomly laying on the ground). What happened? A Toyota Hiace driver was recently arrested by the Traffic Police after crashing into a walkway along Jalan Sultan *school zone*. The incident caused damage to both the vehicle and the surrounding area. The driver was allegedly speeding when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the walkway. The impact was so severe that it caused the steel railing to fall off onto the ground. The Singapore Traffic Police were alerted to the incident and arrived on the scene shortly after. The driver was immediately arrested with handcuffs. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of accidents caused by reckless driving, particularly among younger drivers. The authorities have responded by stepping up enforcement efforts and implementing tougher penalties for offenders. The consequences of reckless driving can be severe, both for the driver and for innocent bystanders. Not only can it result in injury or death, but it can also lead to legal and financial repercussions, such as fines, demerit points, and even imprisonment. Online Chat If I may ask, what is the guy lying down on the ground for...? Do you think the driver was under the influence of drugs/alcohol or do you think he was just simply a reckless driver, driving without due care? Comment down below! Takeaway The incident serves as a reminder of the dangers of reckless driving and the importance of obeying traffic laws. Singapore has some of the strictest traffic regulations in the world, and the authorities are very, very quick to take action against anyone who flouts the rules. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  8. 🤣Police chase. Most probably in Johor or Malaysia. Happy ending!🤣 Police chasing motorcycle in Malaysia, happy ending, 3oct2022.mp4
  9. TL;DR - An accident involving a Ferrari with a Singapore-registered licence plate and a Toyota Altis occurred in Muar, Malaysia recently. The result of letting a 22 year old drive a ferrari… Here’s some pictures of a $600k supercar losing the entirety of its value in different angles. And a beyond damage Altis. What Happened? An accident happened after its driver failed to control the vehicle while on Kilometer 144 North-South Highway northbound, this morning. Muar District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Raiz Mukhliz Azman Aziz said, in the incident at 7.25 a.m., a Ferrari driven by a youth from Singapore had rammed into the back of a Toyota Altis ridden by four local men in their 50s. "The accident is believed to have occurred when a luxury car driven by a 22-year-old Singaporean that was on its way to Kuala Lumpur crashed into the back of the victim's car which was in the right lane. "As a result of the accident, both vehicles have crashed to the right of the road and resulted in all Toyota Altis passengers suffering minor injuries," he said when called. According to him, the case is being investigated by the Assistant Investigation Officer from the Bukit. (Source: SGRV) Online Chatter ‘Satki’ 22 year old Ferrari driver becomes ‘xiasuey’... Dad… Can buy me new car? ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  10. TL;DR - A jaywalker dashes across the road without checking for incoming vehicles and almost getting rammed by cam car. Watch this 40-second clip of a blur 'sotong' getting the shock of her life after a near-accident she caused herself. What happened? In the video, you can see a jaywalker making a run along the busy Balestier Road and almost getting knocked down by the cam car. This lady almost couldn’t celebrate this Chinese New Year. Thankfully the fast reflexes of the cam car driver saved her life, as the driver, too, e-braked in the nick of time. If you’ve been out and about Singapore, you would know that roads in Balestier, Geylang, Little India and Serangoon often see the most jaywalkers, as the traffic lights are usually far apart from one another. So here’s a cautionary reminder to watch out for cars when you cross the road. And also to not jaywalk. Let’s see what the netizens have to say about this: The comments lambasted the lady for not checking for incoming vehicles before she jaywalked. Many of them also commented on how good the e-brakes of her legs were. Pretty sick. Takeaway Pedestrians are a vulnerable group of road users. Therefore, we can all do our parts by walking a few hundred meters to the traffic light and guess what! You also get to clock in your 10,000 steps - a win-win situation. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  11. TL;DR - A speeding Audi A4 driver knocks down a motorcyclist and pillion before driving away. The driver eventually gets arrested for suspected drink driving. Drink-driving cases in Singapore are on the rise after our nations battle with Covid-19. Source: Singapore Police Force PDF report While people are getting more brazen post-covid, it takes a very special kind of human to speed, hit another vehicle and run away... WHILE DRUNK (at friggin 8am in the morning) Watch this 47-second shocker of a video. So what happened? The cam car caught the A4 speeding (way over the limit, that’s for sure) and colliding into a motorcyclist and pillion, sending them off the bike. Several road users rushed to help the injured but the culprit did not bother to stop and instead, fled the scene. According to the caption, the driver was eventually apprehended and arrested for suspected drink driving. Drink driving carries a heavy penalty in Singapore. In fact, to deter anyone else from drink driving, we even have a colleague who got caught drink driving and wrote about his experience! The consequence doesn't sound fun at all. With my civic duty done, let's look at some nasty comments shall we? Online Chatter Lots of nasty and angry comments made as expected. Folks, always remember: No matter how good your alcohol tolerance is, the immediate effect makes it extremely dangerous to engage in any activity requiring skill, attention and coordinated movements. That includes driving! Don’t put the lives of yourself and others in danger by drink-driving. Call a cab or a valet and get home safe. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  12. Singapore Reckless Drivers Part XI - General Car Discussion - MyCarForum https://www.mycarforum.com/forums/topic/2720393-singapore-reckless-drivers-part-xi/#comments Continue here!
  13. Why sports/performance cars are called sports/performance cars is pretty self-explanatory — they are either fast on a straight line or possess superb handling abilities. And these cars are pretty impressive...until a d0uchebag driver gets behind the wheel of one of these cars. Watch it here: What Happened? The driver of a Mercedes-Benz CLS63 thought it was a good idea to cut into the path of a heavy vehicle while joining into the main road. And he did so by literally "crawling" into the truck's path. As the German coupe was in the truck's blindspot, the truck almost t-boned the coupe if not for the kind cam car driver who intervened by alerting the truck driver with a honk. Immediately after hearing the honk, the truck driver slammed onto his brakes, came to an abrupt halt, and avoided colliding with the CLS63 by inches. The Middle Finger It was apparent that the Mercedes knew what he did was wrong and decided to test his luck by entering the main road despite oncoming traffic. After the cam car sounded his honk, the Mercedes coupe stopped in the middle of the road and pointed a big fat middle finger out his driver's side window. NGL, that's a unique way of "thanking" someone🥴 Netizens' Comments LOL FACTS. Yes, not all honks are aggressive/bad. Sometimes it's just a friendly honk or a honk to warn you/others of the surrounding. Yessir, the cam car driver definitely dropped this 👑 ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  14. Changing lanes can be a risky manoeuvre, especially with oncoming traffic behind you - That is why: (1) Our vehicles come with side mirrors; and (2) We must check our blind spots before performing a lane change. However, a BMW 520i driver does the unthinkable despite oncoming traffic approaching from behind: What Happened? After exiting the infamous Newton Circus Roundabout, a BMW 520i found himself stuck behind a Mercedes-Benz B-Class in a "go straight or right turn" lane. At that point, the traffic light signal for going straight was green, while the right turn arrow was red. After realising that the Mercedes-Benz intended to turn right (Yes, the Mercedes-Benz did not signal his intention), the BMW driver decided to perform an abrupt lane change to a "go straight only" lane. The BMW driver immediately changed his lane after signalling, cutting off the cam bike approaching him...RIGHT IN FRONT of a Traffic Police (TP) officer. After witnessing the BMW's reckless act, the TP officer did not hesitate to pull him over. It remains unclear whether the TP took enforcement actions against the BMW driver or if the BMW driver was let off with a stern warning. A Sight To See NGL, it is quite comforting to know that there are TPs on our road to ensure that actions are taken against errant motorists. Kudos to the TP officer in the video for his swiftness and for upholding road safety for us all! Netizens' Comments Use signal but never check mirrors or blind spot = Still a d0uche driver. This netizen finally got it off his chest! I hope he realised it and picked it up before leaving the scene... ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  15. TL;DR – A cam car driver took to social media to shame a Subaru WRX for playing a brake check game with it. The driver even noted down the number (7 times) of brake checks performed by the WRX. Plot twist, the cam car driver isn’t so innocent either. The Facebook Post on SGRV Upon watching the video and reading the caption, one cannot help but think negatively of the Subaru WRX. Then you watch the video again, and you realise there’s more to it than what you see at face value. Here’s the video. The spark that fueled the fire Upon realising it was on a right-turn only lane, the cam car driver cut into the path of the WRX. Perhaps cam car didn’t signal its intention? Perhaps cam car did an abrupt lane change? Perhaps cam car was too near the WRX? Could be a myriad of reasons. But we can conclude that it triggered the WRX to act. Not just once, but SEVEN times On Count 7, cam car pretends to drive on a right-turn-only lane to throw the WRX off and changes lane at the last minute, but the WRX was ready for it and abruptly changed lane too. Online Chatter Sounds legit. Yes, both of them were driving recklessly. No argument about it. Schooled by a WRX. Naise. Very close. But, while most people would honk at cam car and calm their inner beast, the WRX driver went another way. When you post a video as a victim, but people call you out as one of the culprits. That’s golden. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  16. I don't even know which is worse - the fact that the cyclist caused the collision or that he didn't check on the rider after the crash. In a video posted on Facebook just yesterday (29 March), an accident along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 shocks several netizens. In the video, the cam car driver merges towards the middle lane in the darkness of the morning hours. Despite it being a little after 6 in the morning, the dark roads were illuminated by streetlights and the cam car's headlights. Just up ahead, a cyclist on the outermost lane notices the cam car's presence and starts switching lanes. With his bicycle dancing between lanes, it became clear that the cyclist had recklessly switched lanes without checking. At this moment, a motorcycle travelling in the same lane came into view. Due to the cyclist's sudden lane change, the rider did not have enough time to react accordingly, resulting in a rather nasty collision. The impact threw the cyclist off his bicycle while the heavy motorcycle flew across the road. With his path blocked, the cam car slows down and stops beside the cyclist, who immediately stands up with his helmet and bag still intact and attached to his body. After dusting himself off, he gingerly walks to his mauled ride. While attempting to pick it up, the cyclist blocks the path of an oncoming white van. On the other hand, after being thrown off his own vehicle, the rider sits up as he surveys his surroundings. While it is not clear if there were any serious injuries, the rider remains seated for the rest of the video. Netizens' reactions The video shocked many netizens, most of whom could not believe that the cyclist did not check on the potentially injured rider after causing the reckless accident. Yes, there is a difference between making a little mistake and causing an accident that might kill you and others. Note: This comment was in response to the post's description, which reads "Careless cyclist did not check clear, filtered towards first lane and got hit by motorcyclist. Accident happened at Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 (Beside Gain City) at 0640H on 29 Mar 2022. Speedy recovery to both parties.". Even if the cyclist was in a state of shock, it is just disappointing to see this behaviour from him. Where did all of his compassion and empathy go? Although I don't subscribe to the feud between drivers and cyclists, I have to admit that this incident reflects the inadequacy of cyclists to ride safely on the road. Having strict regulations is not the answer when cyclists defy the rules that lay the foundation for a safe and peaceful drive. ======== Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news, and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  17. Because there’s nothing more Christmas-sy than getting a surprise visit from the TP. In a video posted on Christmas Day, a reckless Honda Civic driver decided to make his own Fast and Furious sequel on the TPE. With the cam car travelling in the middle lane, the driver caught the white Honda Civic dashing through the (snow) roads on the first lane. The white car swiftly overtook its left silver taxi, squeezing itself just in front of the cam car. The driver then recklessly cut in front of the taxi and sped up, with its left indicator shining strongly in the night. The Honda’s crazy antics led to a few drivers slowing down on the middle lane. Surprisingly, the taxi didn’t waver once throughout the whole ordeal. Speeding and overtaking on the left? All jokes aside, the way this Honda Civic driver drove on the expressway is perilous and reckless. In Singapore, the speed limit for expressways and tunnels ranges from 80 to 90 km/h. Judging from the video, it looks like the Civic was doing more than the limit. Drivers who exceed the speed limit by 40km/h or less will be issued a fine ranging from $130 to $170 and up to 8 demerit points. On the other hand, drivers who exceed the speed limit by more than 40 km/h will have to be prosecuted in court. They will also be issued up to 24 demerit points. While overtaking on the left is not illegal, it is not recommended unless a road hog blocks the rightmost lane. Even so, overtaking on the left requires the middle and left lanes to be mostly unoccupied. Switching lanes and slotting yourself in spaces between two lanes is unsafe and could result in an accident if other drivers are not alert enough. Netizens’ reactions ======= Receive a $10 PayNow for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  18. Boy Trespasses Into Rhino Enclosure & Does Backflip For TikTok Video, S’pore Zoo Says It’s Reckless & Dangerous source: https://mustsharenews.com/boy-rhino-backflip/ WRS Condemns Boy Who Did Backflip In White Rhino Enclosure In light of Covid-19 travel restrictions, many of us are ‘turning inwards’ during the December holidays, revisiting many of our local attractions. The Singapore Zoo is naturally one of the most popular sites to visit. Recently, a video was shared on TikTok showing a boy trespassing into a Rhino enclosure at the Singapore Zoo and doing a backflip inside. In response, Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) said that such behaviour is reckless and irresponsible. Boy does backflip in white rhino enclosure The TikTok video – re-shared on Twitter on Thursday (17 Dec) – starts off with a guy on what appears to be a tram at the Singapore Zoo. The clip then cuts to footage of the teenager running into the White Rhino exhibit, with a few of the horned creature in the background. Without warning, he then does a backflip while inside the muddy enclosure. After which, he promptly ran out of the enclosure and jumped over the fence. WRS says its reckless and dangerous behaviour On Friday (18 Dec), WRS took to Instagram to address the matter. Acknowledging that the boy had trespassed and encroached into the White Rhino exhibit, they described it as being a “reckless and mindless act”. The whole video. They condemned the boy’s behaviour, saying that it is not only socially irresponsible but also very dangerous. At the end of the day, it is also a display of disrespect to the animals. WRS then asked the public not to encourage such acts as they put lives in danger. Be a responsible citizen Many youths today seem emboldened and go to great extents for clout on social media. While we’re glad that the boy managed to come out of this incident unscathed, this might not always be the case. Hopefully, it’s a lesson for everyone to be responsible in public spaces and to think carefully before committing such dangerous acts.
  19. Continue PArt X here: PRev thread: Singapore Reckless Drivers Part IX - Page 410 - General Car Discussion - MyCarForum https://www.mycarforum.com/forums/topic/2719051-singapore-reckless-drivers-part-ix/?page=410&tab=comments#comment-7078917
  20. Karma hits a reckless Audi A5 driver in the form of a car crash after causing a long list of various traffic infringements over the course of 5 days. Timeline Here's an official timeline of all of the incidents featured in the video compilation above. 14th September We start off with the driver performing a reckless lane change along the expressway on the 14th. The video shows the Audi zooming in from the left of the camcar, as the driver speeds up and places himself in the middle lane despite the car's presence. 17th September The second incident features the same Audi performing another reckless lane change a few days later. Like the first time, the car zooms in from the motorcyclist's right and dangerously tailgates the car in front of it. The motorcyclist shakes his head in disbelief as the driver quickly drifts into the middle lane. 18th September On the day of the crash, the Audi driver performs a series of reckless driving stunts a few hours before. At 1:05 p.m., the car is seen parked at the side of the road in front of a second vehicle after it had caused an accident. A few minutes later, the driver performs a reckless lane change. The car almost hits the other drivers on the road as it quickly swerves from left to right and back. Finally, at 5:19 p.m., the Audi performs another reckless lane change on the expressway as it zooms past a silver car in the right lane. The car suddenly switches into the middle lane, cutting in front of a large white bus before quickly switching back to the right. However, the A5 driver fails to notice that there is already a parked car in the right lane from an earlier accident. The driver causes a chain collision as he suddenly slows down, hitting the parked car in front of him and causing the silver car behind him to crash as well. Netizens' reactions Honestly, the Audi A5 driver got what he deserved. This just shows that no matter how great your car is, a reckless driver is never a safe driver. --- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  21. It is always good practice to wear protective gear whenever you are cycling. However, being decked out in protective gear doesn't grant you superpowers or special protection against other road users/vehicles. Watch this short clip and find out what I mean: This incident occurred at a junction along Hougang Avenue 9. A blatant disregard for traffic law The traffic lights were green, which permitted the cam car and Bus 109 (travelling in the opposite direction) to proceed. Despite having the right of way, the bus driver could be seen giving way to a pedestrian dressed in a white t-shirt before moving off. As the bus driver moves off, a cyclist riding from the pavement sped across the pedestrian crossing. This "genius" did not conform to the red man signal and ended up getting hit by the bus. Clearly in the bus driver's blindspot It is necessary to state that it is NOT easy driving such big vehicles (Eg. buses, trucks). Although it may be easier for others to spot these larger vehicles, amplifying their road presence, this also means that these larger vehicles will have an increased number of blind spots which prevent their driver from having a clear view of his surrounding. Netizens' comments I hope this incident does not break the bus driver's rice bowl tho. Agreed, a very challenging but necessary change to the system. Any cycling community willing to defend this stupid cyclist, please step up now. Public Service Announcement to the cycling/fixed gear community --- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  22. Received this through WhatsApp. Currently on CTE. CTE towards SLE Cairnhill closed. VID-20210723-WA0015.mp4
  23. Our paper generals battle rethink 3:1 tactic... 😅
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