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  1. Singapore Reckless Drivers Part XI - General Car Discussion - MyCarForum https://www.mycarforum.com/forums/topic/2720393-singapore-reckless-drivers-part-xi/#comments Continue here!
  2. Changing lanes can be a risky manoeuvre, especially with oncoming traffic behind you - That is why: (1) Our vehicles come with side mirrors; and (2) We must check our blind spots before performing a lane change. However, a BMW 520i driver does the unthinkable despite oncoming traffic approaching from behind: What Happened? After exiting the infamous Newton Circus Roundabout, a BMW 520i found himself stuck behind a Mercedes-Benz B-Class in a "go straight or right turn" lane. At that point, the traffic light signal for going straight was green, while the
  3. PMA spotted in Sengkang West https://www.8world.com/singapore/pma-speeds-on-road-1778241 电动轮椅公路上飙车送餐 时速疑高达50公里 一名身穿 GrabFood T恤的男子被拍到骑着电动轮椅,背着绿色热食袋,沿着盛港西大道高速行驶,时速疑似一度高达50公里。 SG Road Vigilante的Facebook页面上载的行车记录器视频显示,昨天(10日)晚上10点05分左右,有一辆相信是电动轮椅的个人行动辅助工具(Personal Mobility Aid)正沿着盛港西大道高速行驶。电动轮椅由一名男子驾驶,他穿着绿色的GrabFood T恤,但没有佩戴头盔, 而电动轮椅也只有一个闪烁的车灯,没有刹车灯。 视频帖文表示,当时设置行车记录器的车辆车速约为 每小时50 公里。 视频中可见,电动轮椅的左边是一辆公共汽车,前面则是一辆罗厘。电动轮椅起初在中间车道,朝着惹兰加由( Jalan Kayu) 的方向行驶。后来,设置行车记录器的车辆亮起了远光灯,似乎在警告电动轮椅的男子停止占用车道并离开道路时,电动轮椅不但没有换到左边的慢车道,反而切换到右边的快车道。 盛港西大道的限速为每小时60公里,路段之间还有交通警察的测速摄像头。
  4. TL;DR – A cam car driver took to social media to shame a Subaru WRX for playing a brake check game with it. The driver even noted down the number (7 times) of brake checks performed by the WRX. Plot twist, the cam car driver isn’t so innocent either. The Facebook Post on SGRV Upon watching the video and reading the caption, one cannot help but think negatively of the Subaru WRX. Then you watch the video again, and you realise there’s more to it than what you see at face value. Here’s the video. The spark that fueled the fire Upon realising it was
  5. I don't even know which is worse - the fact that the cyclist caused the collision or that he didn't check on the rider after the crash. In a video posted on Facebook just yesterday (29 March), an accident along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 shocks several netizens. In the video, the cam car driver merges towards the middle lane in the darkness of the morning hours. Despite it being a little after 6 in the morning, the dark roads were illuminated by streetlights and the cam car's headlights. Just up ahead, a cyclist on the outermost lane notices the cam car's presence and starts
  6. Because there’s nothing more Christmas-sy than getting a surprise visit from the TP. In a video posted on Christmas Day, a reckless Honda Civic driver decided to make his own Fast and Furious sequel on the TPE. With the cam car travelling in the middle lane, the driver caught the white Honda Civic dashing through the (snow) roads on the first lane. The white car swiftly overtook its left silver taxi, squeezing itself just in front of the cam car. The driver then recklessly cut in front of the taxi and sped up, with its left indicator shining strongly in
  7. Boy Trespasses Into Rhino Enclosure & Does Backflip For TikTok Video, S’pore Zoo Says It’s Reckless & Dangerous source: https://mustsharenews.com/boy-rhino-backflip/ WRS Condemns Boy Who Did Backflip In White Rhino Enclosure In light of Covid-19 travel restrictions, many of us are ‘turning inwards’ during the December holidays, revisiting many of our local attractions. The Singapore Zoo is naturally one of the most popular sites to visit. Recently, a video was shared on TikTok showing a boy trespassing into a Rhino enclosure at the Singapore Zoo and
  8. Continue PArt X here: PRev thread: Singapore Reckless Drivers Part IX - Page 410 - General Car Discussion - MyCarForum https://www.mycarforum.com/forums/topic/2719051-singapore-reckless-drivers-part-ix/?page=410&tab=comments#comment-7078917
  9. Karma hits a reckless Audi A5 driver in the form of a car crash after causing a long list of various traffic infringements over the course of 5 days. Timeline Here's an official timeline of all of the incidents featured in the video compilation above. 14th September We start off with the driver performing a reckless lane change along the expressway on the 14th. The video shows the Audi zooming in from the left of the camcar, as the driver speeds up and places himself in the middle lane despite the car's presence. 17th September The second in
  10. It is always good practice to wear protective gear whenever you are cycling. However, being decked out in protective gear doesn't grant you superpowers or special protection against other road users/vehicles. Watch this short clip and find out what I mean: This incident occurred at a junction along Hougang Avenue 9. A blatant disregard for traffic law The traffic lights were green, which permitted the cam car and Bus 109 (travelling in the opposite direction) to proceed. Despite having the right of way, the bus driver could be seen giving way to a pede
  11. Received this through WhatsApp. Currently on CTE. CTE towards SLE Cairnhill closed. VID-20210723-WA0015.mp4
  12. Our paper generals battle rethink 3:1 tactic... 😅
  13. Does this describe you? https://www.straitstimes.com/opinion/the-seven-habits-of-the-spore-driver Speeding Overtaking Beating red lights Not giving way Potong jalan Poor Parking Not using the signal indicator
  14. Remember the black Volkswagen mk5 Golf GTI that was spotted racing on CTE at night with an Mitsubishi Evo X before causing a van to crash and flip? Here's a recent cum compilation video of the GTI causing havoc on our roads. As you guys can see these are some pretty reckless driving. A big no-no when dashcams are everywhere. And yes how could we forget the ever-increasing number of Facebook pages that shame bad drivers. Naturally, the comments section on SG Road Vigilante's page has its supporters slamming the driver. On a less serious note, the GTI is a pret
  15. With roads pretty much empty under this current semi-lockdown period, some youths have been spotted making use of the empty roads to ride their PMDs. As seen on a facebook page SG Reckless PMD Riders, three youths can be seen in the short Instagram video riding next to each other at high speed in the CTE Tunnel. Admittedly, the clip isn't of the best quality but it does seem like they were doing in excess of 40km/h, well over the speed limits of e-scooter. Of course, it doesn't matter as no one is allowed to be using their PMDs on the public road. In fact, they aren't eve
  16. When PHV is mentioned, what thoughts/feelings come to you immediately?
  17. Dare to peform reckless stunk by lane cutting without signalling but when on your side dare not look at me. Don't hide inside your "powerfull" car and act like a "man" but dare not admit your mistake. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v477/juniorsg/th_Mazda%20SKA%204309%20Z_cut_zpsyfi55pum.mp4 http://smg.photobucket.com/user/juniorsg/media/Mazda%20SKA%204309%20Z_cut_zpsyfi55pum.mp4.html Maybe I can contribute to Singapore Reckless Driving.
  18. The old thread was 9 years old already Continue here adding last reckless post This 2 year old toddler is super lucky to be alive after having 2 SUV driving over her. Can't really blame the drivers as the girl is exactly at the vehicle's blind spot. All drivers, do take note of your surrounding as much as possible. You may just save a live...
  19. I was crossing the junction at Middle Road/Queen Street towards Rochor on the pedestrian green light, and was already on the second lane when a white car came at full speed on Queen Street from Rochor and turned right without slowing or stopping into Middle Road, forcing me to jump out of the way for safety. At that point this happened there were still 20+ seconds counting down on the green pedestrian light. AFTER passing the junction, he finally reacted and slowed down when he realized that I had whipped out my handphone camera, and raised a hand out of his window. When I finally turned aro
  20. Moderators, hope its ok I create this folder. I see more and more road videos taken and posted by MCFers. Here's my contribution: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3...681920492&hl=en Title: Encounter with GT-R
  21. Hi, I urgently need to submit a video to Traffic Police for complain. How to do so? Please advise. Thanks!
  22. Early this morning, we were waiting in our car at a traffic light. The traffic light is left-turn only. When the traffic light turn green, we started to move forward slowly. We noticed from our driver's side mirror that there was a van approaching dangerously close and fast from behind on our right hand side. We brake immediately and stop completely. But the van continue moving forward dangerously close to our car and he turn left recklessly. The side of the van hit my right fender and scraped my paintwork on my bumper. Note that at this moment, our car is already at a complete sto
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