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Jaywalker dashes across Balestier road and almost becomes roadkill

Jaywalker dashes across Balestier road and almost becomes roadkill



TL;DR - A jaywalker dashes across the road without checking for incoming vehicles and almost getting rammed by cam car. 

Watch this 40-second clip of a blur 'sotong' getting the shock of her life after a near-accident she caused herself.

What happened?

In the video, you can see a jaywalker making a run along the busy Balestier Road and almost getting knocked down by the cam car. This lady almost couldn’t celebrate this Chinese New Year.

Thankfully the fast reflexes of the cam car driver saved her life, as the driver, too, e-braked in the nick of time. 

If you’ve been out and about Singapore, you would know that roads in Balestier, Geylang, Little India and Serangoon often see the most jaywalkers, as the traffic lights are usually far apart from one another. 

So here’s a cautionary reminder to watch out for cars when you cross the road. And also to not jaywalk.

Let’s see what the netizens have to say about this:


The comments lambasted the lady for not checking for incoming vehicles before she jaywalked. Many of them also commented on how good the e-brakes of her legs were. Pretty sick. 



Pedestrians are a vulnerable group of road users. Therefore, we can all do our parts by walking a few hundred meters to the traffic light and guess what! You also get to clock in your 10,000 steps - a win-win situation. 



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Her T-shirt says I image.png.b27c719be6f13d3e512f8e80bebec183.png U.
I supposed it is to express her gratitude towards whoever driver not running her down.

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They never learn. One Indian tourist was run over by a bus on opp side of that stretch several years ago.

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