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Found 10 results

  1. TL;DR - A jaywalker dashes across the road without checking for incoming vehicles and almost getting rammed by cam car. Watch this 40-second clip of a blur 'sotong' getting the shock of her life after a near-accident she caused herself. What happened? In the video, you can see a jaywalker making a run along the busy Balestier Road and almost getting knocked down by the cam car. This lady almost couldn’t celebrate this Chinese New Year. Thankfully the fast reflexes of the cam car driver saved her life, as the driver, too, e-braked in the nick of time. If you’ve been out and about Singapore, you would know that roads in Balestier, Geylang, Little India and Serangoon often see the most jaywalkers, as the traffic lights are usually far apart from one another. So here’s a cautionary reminder to watch out for cars when you cross the road. And also to not jaywalk. Let’s see what the netizens have to say about this: The comments lambasted the lady for not checking for incoming vehicles before she jaywalked. Many of them also commented on how good the e-brakes of her legs were. Pretty sick. Takeaway Pedestrians are a vulnerable group of road users. Therefore, we can all do our parts by walking a few hundred meters to the traffic light and guess what! You also get to clock in your 10,000 steps - a win-win situation. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  2. Hubby was driving my car. Received call from TP suddenly saying that there was a hit-and-run by my car. Finally found out that the "hit-and-run" was when hubby came out of parking lot and accidently hit the side of another car, causing the other car bumper to fall off. He was not aware that he had hit the other car. My car camera showed that his exit from parking lot was smooth and there was no sudden stop by my car. He also did not exit the car to check or anything like that. My car (Merc) showed some paint on the back passenger (right side) door. Upon some washing, all was removed and only a tiny small pen hole dent as found. Hubby then received a notice of offence from TP. 2 offences - careless driving ($200 + 6 points) and $200 for failing to stop after accident. Hubby said to just pay up and close case. But I feel its rather unfair and he should appeal. Any advice?
  3. This thread is started as a result of news such as: 1) SBS driver jailed 1 week for fatal accident 2) Walau bus driver blind or what!!!! and many more most of us may have read. It is exasperating to read news whereby drivers often get away without deterrent sentence to drive the message LOUD & CLEAR that causing deaths as a result of negligence deserves severe punishment appropriate for such accidents. Therefore, unless the system is tweaked to make jail term significantly deterrent to potential careless drivers, I don't see how drivers will change their attitude to driving more carefully than ever. Perhaps, if the required minimum jail term is made mandatory, it would help to start an aggressive campaign to educate all drivers especially those driving public buses and large vehicles; that so long as they are proven guilty of negligence, they cannot escape simply with a slap on the wrist. Such message becomes even more crucial in view of more foreign drivers being employed to operate the large vehicles and public buses on our roads. I hope the relevant authorities will do something to increase better safety on our roads for all road users before the situation gets worse. Have a nice day and do your part to make our roads safe, folks!
  4. Careless mother reveals black g-string on busy street
  5. I went to Redhill this morning and after parking my car at the MSCP, I discovered one the red lancer parked without a window lock, it's down fully and is very obvious...I try to look into the car hope to find something like namecard so that I can contact the owner and inform him abt his car...too bad i see nothing. and furthermore, i also don't dare to put my hand inside to search for it...scare later been misundertanding that am actually stealing something inside... I hope the owner of this red lancer, car plate no. SGS572*Z which parking at blk 73 MSCP, please be more cautious next time...don't invite unnecessary crime to you...or else you will be suffered...
  6. locked in car for 45 minutes Parents left key in BMW's ignition, so rescuers smashed window to save 6-month-old By Shree Ann Mathavan March 13, 2007 IT was a rescue operation that lasted less than 10 minutes. Yet, brief as it was, WO Azmi Hasan, 42, a warrant officer with the Singapore Civil Defence Force, couldn't take any chances. A witness pointing to where the locked car was parked. -- SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS The reason? The rescue operation involved a 6-month-old baby girl. She lay strapped in her baby chair on the back seat of a locked BMW car crying, while her parents haplessly looked on. They had accidentally locked the car doors with the key in the ignition and the engine running last Saturday morning, next to some shophouses along Kim Yam Road, off River Valley Road. The baby's father, who is in his late 30s, had called the police at about 11.20am that morning. The New Paper understands that he and his wife had accidentally closed the car door with the car key still in the ignition. As the vehicle has an auto-locking system, the car doors got locked with the engine and air-conditioning still running. WO Azmi told The New Paper: 'Seeing the baby trapped and crying inside, I really felt the sense of urgency to rescue her as fast as possible and get her out.' He arrived with seven officers and decided the best way to rescue the baby was to break the glass window of the driver's seat. WO Azmi explained: 'We did it because of the urgency of the situation and breaking the glass window was the fastest way possible to get the vehicle open.' He used a palm-sized seat-belt cutter with a sharp metal point, normally used to cut the seatbelts of accident victims trapped in vehicles. CORNER OF WINDOW All it took was one knock, but the blow had to be angled at the corner of the car window, instead of in the centre, so that the glass shards wouldn't spray too far away. Meanwhile, the parents looked on in anguish from the side. Said WO Azmi: 'I wasn't really afraid. 'There was a distance of about 1m from the driver's seat to where the baby lay on the left hand side of the back seat.' Once the car window was broken, SCDF officers cleared away the glass shards from the driver's seat and the floor of the car. In all, the child had spent about 45 minutes in the locked car. An SCDF spokesman said that the baby was not hurt, but as a precaution, she was taken in an ambulance to KK Women's and Children Hospital, accompanied by her mother. Seeing the baby safe and sound, WO Azmi said, was the ultimate reward for a job well done. WO Azmi, who has three daughters aged 4 to 10, understood the couple's anguish. He said it's the third time he has rescued a baby from a locked vehicle. 'It's my job, I didn't feel nervous, I just focused on getting her out to safety.' In March 2005, The Straits Times reported that a man kicked in the windscreen of his BMW, because his 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son were trapped in the car. They could not unlock the doors from inside as their ship broker father had left the car key in the boot. http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,...,124729,00.html?
  7. Yesterday morning I was making a right turn into Sims Avenue along Paya Lebar Road. Then I saw a black ody at the left slip road inching forward to filter out even it saw me moving at fast speed. Guess what - she keeps moving and moving till I have to long horn at her ... can she she was grumbling with her mouth. Cannot comprehend what she is scolding etc.. .What would you do if you were me ?
  8. So far I found the following: 1. 60 cents. 2. An ultra-plush washing cloth. 3. A bottle of leftover wiper wash. I only used the 60 cents for my own car wash. Some owners are really careless...
  9. Hi guys... I was a little careless today at a basement carpark... understeered when I was supposed to turn left, and as a result the right corner of my front bumper was scratched by the wall. Here are the pics. From what I can see, there is no dent on the bumper. Need some advice from guys here... 1) The black parts show paint scratched off. Will it rust if I don't cover it back with paint? 2) If I want to do a paint job for this, should I go back to C&C or get outside workshop to paint for me? For a job like this (right half of front bumper), how much roughly will Cycle and Carriage charge me?
  10. Very suay today... Just got hit by a careless auntie coming out of her driveway this morning. I've already horned at her but it was already too late. Think she completely didn't see me at all. Best part is, she wasn't even reversing out! Was wondering where can I get my car fixed up, and what are my options? Replace or just beat back / respray? Anyone has similiar experience, and what would be the estimate cost to do outside / go back to SA? Thanks!
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