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  1. hello good people of MCF, any lobang for a honest washing machine repair service? My samsung die on me after more than 5 years. Thanks.
  2. Having used top-load machine for more than 15 years, would like to try front-loading ones. I heard that front-loading machines wash clothes cleaner than top-loading units although water usage will be comparatively higher. Also aware that, in general, Asian manufacturers make better machines than European and American companies. And a couple of Asian makers have recently come up with front-loading washers. Does anyone have experiences to share about front-loading washers made by Asian manufacturers? Are they good? Otherwise, what would be a good brand from Europe? Bosch? Appreciate and thank you your contribution.
  3. Has anyone ever encountered black flakes in the drum and on your clothes for your top load washing machine after washing?
  4. When we are choosing a washing machine, we will see the machines indicated with their capacity such as for 7kg, 10kg etc. So how do I know if I have overloaded the machine w laundry? I have yet to see a machine that comes with indicator that I have overloaded it.
  5. Need to replace the door seal on my Electrolux front loader. Anyone knows of a reliable repairman who doesn't charge a bomb? Thanks.
  6. Why the f*%k they chge the MSCP washing bay tap to this kind wan?!? Wan wash car like must buy $696969 worth of hoses n couplings n connectors like that then can wash, somemore reverted back to using coins instead of cash card, damn f*%king brilliant... :angry:
  7. i was quoted, 150! is it chop carrot head price?
  8. As above....... Are they legal or illegal? Nowadays they seems to operate in a group and wash cars mostly late in the night. I feel that hiring them to try out for one month, but don't know are they working legally or not? Anyone have experience?
  9. Does washing cars considered an exercise? You tend to burn cardio by the repetitive movements of your arms, stretching of your waists and your back, because these places tends to get sore and tired after a throughout car washing, polishing and waxing, vacumming and carrying full pails. Not much for the legs, unless you use your legs to do the repetitive movements. Would it help you to keep fit wash your car weekly?
  10. Hi all, Has anyone experience using some kerosene in washing or waxing (water wax) the car? Does it really damage the plastics as well? Regards
  11. Anyone any recommendation? Thinking of getting the Meguair's Ultimate Wipe cloth.
  12. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/washing-machine-catches-fire-mother-and-daughter-flee-from-flat
  13. Is this also part of global warming? After I wash car, sure rain. No need rain dance and all, so troublesome. Got to remind myself not to wash my car during NDP next year.
  14. OK just some news for you guys and girls out there doing laundry. I have found that Cold Storage is selling Arm and Hammer brand Washing Soda. It is kind expensive at 5.35/box (1.5kg) Mustafa is selling this Brit brand called Soda Crystals washing soda. Cheaper at 1.80/kg What the hell is it? Washing soda is Sodium Carbonate. It is a cleaning booster. I'll explain. The most widely available cleaning booster now is sodium bicarbonate. Cold Storage and now even NTUC sells Arm and Hammer sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). When sodium bicarbonate is dissolved in water, the pH is around 8. You can use this directly into your washing machine. It can clean out a lot of stuff and even remove detergent buildup. This is layer 1 offensive. Now if you got some cheap bad perfume that you cannot remove from with your laundry detergent, you use baking soda. Cannot remove but don't want to use bleach? Washing soda. When washing soda is dissolved into water, it gives pH 11! Powerful stuff. Deoderizes everything. Layer 2. Since it is pH 11, it is caustic so wash your hands thoroughly if you got some on your skin. Save your money buying those stupid color bleach. Use washing soda.
  15. During my CNY visitation, spotted a vacuum cleaner in the MSCP of hougang ave 9. $1 for 6 minutes. Hope that this will be an islandwide upgrade.
  16. Hi Guys, juz wanna check how to owners with PPS Glass/Ceramic coating do their regular washing.. What products to use.. What sort of accessories to get the job done? Cheers
  17. Does anyone know of any tap connector that can fit this kind of tap?
  18. dcb

    Wash mitts

    Anyone have any good wash mitts to recommends? Best is able to get locally.
  19. Anyone know is there any car washing package? I only know have the daily car wash provided by the MSCP Indians which charging about $50/mth.
  20. hi all does anyone know where to get something like bucket dolly ... preferably those for 2 buckets. getting old and dragging a bucket around can cause backaches.. thanks a lot! attached an image from the internet for reference
  21. the only food court that i will never step in poor system, cannot attract good food store operator, poor hygiene (but i duno why most hospital appoint them as anchor tenant)..... Mercs posted this
  22. http://news.asiaone.com/news/asia/man-boasts-about-giving-dog-bath-washing-machine A man residing in Hong Kong has outraged animal lovers after he uploaded photos of a small dog being spun in a washing machine on his Facebook page. Believed to be a Chinese national, the user identified as Jacky Lo posted 11 photos of the small white dog with the caption: "How to give a dog a bath really quickly: First soaked, then washed, and spun dry. Done!". Those who saw his posts were shocked and further angered when he told a user that the dog was dead, and asked if she would like to see a photo of it. The user named Agnes warned him that animal cruelty was illegal in Hong Kong, but was greeted with indignant responses. Instead of showing remorse, he said: "Why do I have to be afraid of you?". Lo also told Agnes that he was not afraid of anything, and that he did not even consider abuse to human beings a problem. According to Apple Daily, the man made several false claims on Facebook, including the school he was from. A school in Tuen Mun was forced to release a statement clarifying that he was not related to the school after he claimed to be a student there. The Hong Kong tabloid also said that Lo had pretended to be from a rich family by posting several photos of himself posing with luxury cars. When approached, the owners of the cars told Apple Daily that they did not know Lo at all. Lo also uploaded a photo of multiple rolls of HK$100 bills, claiming that he had more than HK$10,000 to spend for just two days in Hong Kong. However, Apple Daily reported that the bills were likely to be fake as they did not have any serial numbers printed on them. An expert the Hong Kong daily spoke to said that the dog would have probably suffered broken limbs as a result of being spun around in a washing machine. An online petition calling for punishment of the teen has received 13,771 signatures so far. In his latest Facebook post, Lo shrugged off the widespread anger against him, saying that he was about to return to the mainland and could not be bothered with the criticism made against him. - See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/asia/man-boasts-about-giving-dog-bath-washing-machine#sthash.czGuKzll.dpuf
  23. Hi all, Have you ever seen car owner washing their cars just a few lots away from the destinated washing bay? They just wash their car right on the carpark lot and left behind murky water and drive off. Some are smart too, get the maid to wash the car. I've seen someone approached the maid and asked her to wash the car at designated washing bay. The maid replied: " This is not my car and I've no driving license." . Funny right? Are you one of those drivers? Regards,
  24. Wonder if any of you guys ever met such inconsiderate a--holes before. Was at one of the MSCP in Punggol going to wash car. The washing bay had only 2 lots. Upon arrival there was this old uncle washing his beat up dented delivery van. Out of courtesy I asked the dude who came same time as me to wash first while I parked my car one side and wait. Within the next 10 mins the old f*ckturd finished washing his van but insteading of driving off he continued to clean the interior, polish his rims, pack his glove compartment and cabin, spray and wipe his interior rubber trimmings etc. Another half hour passed and the a--wipe pretended not to see me. By then the other dude almost finish washing and I lost my patience. I walked up to the old man and stood there and stared at him. Just as I was about to approach him he quickly told me this, "You waiting for me is it? I see you wait until so kang kor, aiyah, let you use lah." I said, your van already dry, all these interior cleaning cum packing you can always park in another lot to clean instead of making others wait for you while you take your own sweet time hogging the bay. Sipeh no courtesy man.....if not for his age, would have f**k him upside down. So old still dunno how to think.
  25. Those washing machines always claim to be 7kg, 6.5kg, 8kg........ how we know the machine really has the capacity that it claims?
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