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Found 94 results

  1. Kianbeng

    Coffee Machine repair

    Hi, Does anyone knows where I can find a generic coffee machine repair shop? I've got a Breville Coffee machine that has the common problem of water not flowing through the "shower screen". I believe it needs a standard servicing + changing of gasket. I believe I should be able to DIY but given the time on hands + 3 kids....these repair jobs are no longer possible. I've got tons of things at home waiting for me to lay my hands on for repair. Even my kids call me "Handy Manny" (if you watch the kids TV cartoon) Let me know if anyone knows where to get this done ok! Thanks!
  2. Having used top-load machine for more than 15 years, would like to try front-loading ones. I heard that front-loading machines wash clothes cleaner than top-loading units although water usage will be comparatively higher. Also aware that, in general, Asian manufacturers make better machines than European and American companies. And a couple of Asian makers have recently come up with front-loading washers. Does anyone have experiences to share about front-loading washers made by Asian manufacturers? Are they good? Otherwise, what would be a good brand from Europe? Bosch? Appreciate and thank you your contribution.
  3. Hamburger

    Washing machine repair

    hello good people of MCF, any lobang for a honest washing machine repair service? My samsung die on me after more than 5 years. Thanks.
  4. Need to replace the door seal on my Electrolux front loader. Anyone knows of a reliable repairman who doesn't charge a bomb? Thanks.
  5. SGCMmaomao

    Need to fing waffle maker machine

    Hello.. Got any idea where can i find those waffle machine similar to prima deli type de? where and how much it will cost me?
  6. MacDuck

    Cleaning Nespresso machine

    Hi all, Been using a Nespresso Krups machine for about 1 year now and its flow rate is getting slower. Been advised to flush and descale the machine, will any type of descaling solution work or must I use a Nespresso descaling kit? Thanks.
  7. Money-changing goes high-tech with an ATM SINGAPORE: Tasked to go on a last-minute overseas trip, former bank executive Andy Tang tried to find a money changer that was open and near his home late at night, but was unable to do so. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/money-changing-high-tech-atm-heartlands-kovan-fx-buddy-11477902 Any one here tried exchanging $$$ at this ATM?
  8. Was driving to town early in the morning, then realize that when i passed through the gantry there no deduction. Some more i have to went through 3 before reaching my destination. Is there anyway for me to void the payment? like maybe i could explain to them what happen and hopefully they would not fine me? By the way, first time encounter this problem... any workshops that help to repair the machine? perfer some where near to AMK? and roughy how much is it to repair it? Dun really know the exact price for that, if not later kenna "chop" i also dunno... Thank..
  9. Hi all, wanna do my white ride before CNY, not very good condition although i DIY groom my car, got scratches and all, would machine polishing help? Dun have a polishing machine, wanna get one but afraid would screw things up, any to recommend? Mine is a kim chi white ride, if not convenient can PM me...
  10. zipping

    Samsung Washing Machine

  11. What do you think of such concept? personally i think is a flop.
  12. Anyone use the AXS machine to pay for your Malaysia fine before? I just discover few days ago that I got a fine for speeding back in 2001 and they only just update it on their website. I don't want to drive in and pay as I don't know how long more again they need to update their record and I don't want to "chong" with them. So i prefer to pay thru the AXS machine is possible....
  13. Kb27

    Nice box machine

    Hope you enjoy: https://youtu.be/UmQ5LsNMXZ4
  14. Boringchap

    Osim uCozy Hypnosis Machine

    I don't think Osim designed this product to be used as a hypnosis machine, but it sure does seem like a good hypnosis device!! Just for laughs.
  15. Bros, Any shops to recommend for the above stuff? Perhaps you can also include the purchase price as well Thanks
  16. Desperately trying to find this mini claw arcade machine. Online site prices seems a bit steep. Anybody seen this around any shops here?
  17. Picnic06-Biante15

    Low Tech Ingenious Outwits High Tech Machine

    High tech machines unable to stop Low tech ingenious....... Yahoo news: Philippine thieves use jackfruit sap to rob cash machines Philippine thieves have been using low-tech sticky tree sap to rob high-tech cash dispenser machines in banks, police said Tuesday. Jackfruit sap is daubed on a metal bar that thieves insert into the card slot of automated teller machines, said a suburban Manila police spokesman Inspector Edwin Malabanan. Whenever a person tried to withdraw cash, the bills would stick onto the bar inside the machine, which thieves would retrieve once the the disappointed customer had left. "The sap is really sticky. It was really clever of them to think of it," Malabanan told AFP. Customers of several banks complaining of losses prompted the police to look into the matter and one of two thieves was arrested last week thanks to closed circuit TV footage of a bank ATM, he said. Police do not know how many other thieves have used this method, he added. Malabanan said police charged the suspect under a law punishing tampering of electronic devices for theft, but it was thrown out since he had used a non-electronic tool. The suspect will now be charged with simple theft which carries a lesser penalty of up to six years in prison instead of up to 20 years in jail under the electronic devices law. link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/philippine-thieves-jackfruit-sap-rob-cash-machines-095737740.html
  18. http://news.asiaone.com/news/asia/man-boasts-about-giving-dog-bath-washing-machine A man residing in Hong Kong has outraged animal lovers after he uploaded photos of a small dog being spun in a washing machine on his Facebook page. Believed to be a Chinese national, the user identified as Jacky Lo posted 11 photos of the small white dog with the caption: "How to give a dog a bath really quickly: First soaked, then washed, and spun dry. Done!". Those who saw his posts were shocked and further angered when he told a user that the dog was dead, and asked if she would like to see a photo of it. The user named Agnes warned him that animal cruelty was illegal in Hong Kong, but was greeted with indignant responses. Instead of showing remorse, he said: "Why do I have to be afraid of you?". Lo also told Agnes that he was not afraid of anything, and that he did not even consider abuse to human beings a problem. According to Apple Daily, the man made several false claims on Facebook, including the school he was from. A school in Tuen Mun was forced to release a statement clarifying that he was not related to the school after he claimed to be a student there. The Hong Kong tabloid also said that Lo had pretended to be from a rich family by posting several photos of himself posing with luxury cars. When approached, the owners of the cars told Apple Daily that they did not know Lo at all. Lo also uploaded a photo of multiple rolls of HK$100 bills, claiming that he had more than HK$10,000 to spend for just two days in Hong Kong. However, Apple Daily reported that the bills were likely to be fake as they did not have any serial numbers printed on them. An expert the Hong Kong daily spoke to said that the dog would have probably suffered broken limbs as a result of being spun around in a washing machine. An online petition calling for punishment of the teen has received 13,771 signatures so far. In his latest Facebook post, Lo shrugged off the widespread anger against him, saying that he was about to return to the mainland and could not be bothered with the criticism made against him. - See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/asia/man-boasts-about-giving-dog-bath-washing-machine#sthash.czGuKzll.dpuf
  19. Why now singapore no longer have such machine anymore???
  20. Instead of offering free ride to minimize the crowded situation. Perhaps this is a good idea to encourage some form of work out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojo9M1cPSPI http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/11/11/moscow-subway-ticket-machine-accepts-30-squats-as-payment/
  21. Can I chk with DIY groomers on wat kind of polishing machine groomers here use? Do you use those amatuer cig lighter socker plug in types or thoses AC powered professional grinders? My experience with a cheapo <$50 buffing machine was that the speed was not fast enough and the machine did not last (Think used less than 30 hours and the machine died) Oso where to buy those polishing compounds and wax in bigger bottles???
  22. Any thought on this? Bosch is selling theirs for 999 in all the major appliance stores. It is a made in Germany model. http://www.bosch-home.com.sg/products/dish...SMS50E82EU.html We are cooking everyday. Dishes need to be done. I rather a machine do it. Stuff it in, turn it on after dinner. Next morning just take them out. I don't intend to put it in the kitchen. It will share the service balcony with the washer, gas dryer and gas powered water heater. I have no idea why they are selling it so cheap. 999 is a bargain. It is rated A+, uses only 10L of water. The rest out there are all rated only A. Haven't seen an A+ dishwasher model so far.
  23. Ody_2004

    AXS machine

    Hi, If i use the AXS machine to renew road tax can i pay the radio license as well? If not what other alternative i have? Other online payment?
  24. Nic_low

    Face-off at Spa-Francorchamps

    The BAC Mono is probably one of the most fun-to-drive track car of recent. It is likely to be one of the fastest too. Fans of Top Gear would especially find it familiar - the car was presented recently and stole the limelight when it propelled itself to the second top spot on the lap times chart. So what is the BAC Mono all about? Built by the Cheshire-born brothers - Neill and Ian Briggs - the BAC Mono was conceived with car enthusiasts in mind. Mono (short for monoposto or single seat) was designed to provide formula race car levels of handling and performance - hence an equivalent level of thrill. At 520bhp/tonne, the Mono has a power to weight ratio that supercedes that of the Bugatti Veyron. The result is a 0-96km/h in a mere 2.8 seconds and onto 160km/h in just 6.7 seconds. As with any track racers, sheer straight-line speed is not everything. But worry not, the Mono has the Briggs brothers' expertise to take care of things. All in all, 15 years of experience in the industry. To ensure that the Mono is a bang-on hit, the brothers sought the expertise of others. For instance, the aerodynamics were optimised with help from Stuttgart University. The car is constructed out of carbon fibre, with a turbular steel safety cell for the driver - a concept similar to that of a DTM race car. Then, there is the 2.3-litre unit from Cosworth, mounted longitudinally for better weight distribution. Suspension is rose-jointed, aero profiled push rod, with adjustable dampler from Sachs Racing. Brakes are courtesy of AP Racing. The list goes on. To us, the functional design of the Mono is simply stunning to look at. While we can't say an absolute no, there is a very slim chance that we'll ever get to try it. So to top it all off, a little competition is always interesting and exciting. Jump to the video below to see two drivers pit their skills in the Mono. P.S.: not just any driver - Ron Simons is a driving instructor at the Nurburgring; Sabine Schmitz a German professional racing driver, who is widely known as 'Queen of the Ring' with her two-time overall victories at the 24 Hr of Nurburgring in a BMW. http://dai.ly/x128g8e
  25. Any lobang or leads to get one? Just one. Does it require any form of license to get one? Please advise.