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  1. Kianbeng

    Bulb socket / connector, where to find?

    Hey bro, thanks. I happened to find the same item on ebay right after my last post. And actually I ordered this from ebay. But things like these.....are on economy shipping and I'm expected to wait like 1mth or so. Doesn't really feel comfortable without the left light tail light + brakelight for so long. It's supposed to be a cheap item as I found similar sockets for $3.50 but was a 2wire. So I felt the $20 for a 3wire socket was a rip off. Guess I wasn't lucky enough or hardworking enough. If I have gone to the scrap yards, probably would have found it as well but just didn't have the time. I guess that's why people are selling $20.
  2. Kianbeng

    Bulb socket / connector, where to find?

    Hi Bro, Can share where you got your bulb socket replacement? I somehow got my socket burnt. And that was with the original bulb (7443 bulb I think) which is a wedge base glass bulb. Went to several parts shop but they only have the replacement socket for Honda/Nissan...and for Toyota, they only have the signal light socket which is 2 wire. I need the 3wire version. Called up Super Modern and was shocked they quoted $20 for 1 socket. Fong Tat sells the complete wire loom with 3 sockets for $20+.... if I can't find the socket, I would go get the whole wire loom set but will need to indent in.
  3. Kianbeng

    Faint knocking sound

    Usually this kind of sound is related to the shock absorber.....even though its still providing some shock absorbing function.
  4. Kianbeng

    Copper Spark Plugs for 1NZ-FE Toyota Axio/Fielder

    Did you order the same plug? You are driving an axio / fielder as well? I found that Ric Tat carries the FK20HR-11 at $17. Its a hotter heat range but I guess it'll work since it was fitted on the first batch of Axio/Fielders. Amazon sells it at $13+ USD which after conversion is the same as Ric Tat's price leh....even if they do free shipping to Singapore.
  5. Kianbeng

    Copper Spark Plugs for 1NZ-FE Toyota Axio/Fielder

    If he carries performance plugs, he probably don't carry copper ones.....
  6. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a replacement spark plugs for my Toyota Fielder. Original plug was Denso's FK16HR11. I've checked the stockists and found that they don't carry this but do have other Iridiums/Platinums for replacement. Some of them carry FK20HR11 which I found that was the standard part for 2006-2007 Axio/Fielders. But since 2007 onwards, Toyota fitted FK16HR11 in new deliveries. I've checked the Denso catalogue for spark plugs and I didn't find the normal copper plugs equivalent. Has anyone replaced the plugs on a axio/fielder with a copper one?
  7. Kianbeng

    Knock Control CPU Faulty P1605

    I suspect you are a vendor trying to advertise your shop. Probably zero experience with car repairs and that was why you said it's diagnostic lamp fault. Thats a manufacturer specific DTC - for Nissan cars.
  8. Kianbeng

    Knock Control CPU Faulty P1605

    P1605 is a manufacturer specific fault code. You need to select the right car make. So for Toyota, its for the knock sensor.
  9. Kianbeng

    Knock Control CPU Faulty P1605

    P1605 is a manufacturer specific fault code. You need to select the right car make. So for Toyota, its for the knock sensor.
  10. Hi all, Anyone encountering this fault on a Toyota? My Toyota Fielder is occasionally giving this fault code especially when I do high speed driving on the expressway - especially so I noticed when I'm on the NS highway. When I'm back, it's very rarely giving this fault code. The CEL goes on for a while and then goes off. But when I use an ODBII reader, I can still read the stored fault code. So, my question is : should I change the Knock Sensor? I think this is the only serviceable part. I asked my workshop and he says he has not changed this before?
  11. Kianbeng

    Acceptable date of mfg

    I read a report before that it's not always true that the freshest tyres would be at it's best. I read that it's optimal if the tyres are used only after a few mths from manufacturing because some of the ingredients in the compound are not fully cured? Can't remember. But it says usually this is not an issue since the distribution logistics of tyres will usually take 2months. At the side of the tyre, you can find 4 digit number that says for example 1211. It meant week 12 of year 2011.
  12. Hi guys, I'm driving a Toyota Fielder and I've got a P2237 error which points to Bank1 sensor 1 open circuit. My mech suggested I change the rear O2 sensor at the exhaust pipe (before cat). From his experience, this is more commonly changed part than the AF sensor right after the exhaust manifold. Based on my understanding, I thought bank1 refers to the front sensor (AF) but anyway there were no stock for this part in all the stockists I checked (Min Ghee, Tye Soon, Fong Tat, Ric Tat) but I managed to find 1 last piece of the rear O2 sensor. It was quite cost but anyway since my mech says the rear sensor is more commonly changed and since my car is 140k mileage now, I decided to try it. Changed the O2 sensor but the CEL is still on, having the same P2237 error. So now I'm thinking of changing the front AF sensors since that's the only 2 so called O2 sensors in this car. I'm assuming my ECM and harness are all good (normally). The problem is that, none of the stockist carries this currently and I'm wondering if there are OEM replacements available. On google it seems Denso might have this AF sensor but I couldn't find any shops here that carries this range. Most of the shops carrying Denso products are for their AC.... Any idea from bros here if u have came across any shops selling Denso AF/O2 sensors?
  13. Kianbeng

    Spray Paint for shiny metal

    Hi guys, I've got a chandelier which is very old and I'm trying to do restoration. I've send to someone to do restoration a few years ago since the gold plating faded. But the restoration work done previously wasn't quite nice. The chandelier was spray painted in gold paint but its quite dull even when newly restored. So I don't know if its a paint problem or is there any better products out there. I've sanded/rubbed down the paint using very fine grit sandpaper, including some remnants of the gold plating, revealing a shiny base metal. Not sure what was the metal material but there are fine spots of rust/oxidation, but very minimal given that this chandelier is 20yrs old. I'm considering either 1) Applying clear coat over it and leave it as such. But I really wonder if it'll have strong adhesion since the base metal is shiny now. I am inclined to do this since it'll maintain a shiny look even though its nolonger gold colour. 2) Applying Rustoleum Metallic Pure Gold paint. Has anyone tried this before? This is expensive but I'm guessing it'll turn out better than the cheap gold paint from neighbourhood hardware shops. Also, for this Rustoleum range, I think it has a primer combined in this paint so it should last a long time. Any comments?
  14. Show some respect bro..... esp to the dead.
  15. Kianbeng

    My built-in oven trip the house power supply

    Did anyone regret installing the built in oven? I'm worried about furniture wrapping....so I want to have the oven as a separate appliance sitting on the kitchen top (can keep if seldom used). And they are quite cheap to replace the whole thing rather than having a built in oven, you'll always have to repair (costly) and since other brands might not fit in the same size ...... Any comments / experiences to share?