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Found 46 results

  1. Discoburg

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    Anyone used the above mentioned on trips? Better then using the bank's credit card?
  2. how many user will go for this? sound quite convenience which i might consider.
  3. Rented out my house to a family late last year on a 2 yr lease. Payment for the month is supposed to be done on the 1st day of each month. Damn, he started delaying payment from the 3rd month onwards. At first, it was a few day, then it became few weeks. Now, I'll be lucky if he pays by the end of the month. He refuses to communicate to me. Does not answer my phone calls, refuse to meet-up. I have since sent him 2 warning letters via registered mail, and gotten a court order from the Small Claims Tribunal asking him to pay up. Problem is that we have so much of the lease to run, and I am tired chasing this f**ker for payment. This property was rented out via a property agent. Contract is also their's, so I assume that terms are pretty standard. Extracted as below. "If the rent hereby reserved shall remain unpaid for seven (7) days after its due or if there shall be a breach of any of the conditions, covenants or stipulations on the part of the Tenant herein contained, the Landlord shall be entitled to re-enter upon the said premises and thereupon this tenancy shall be absolutely determined forthwith, but without prejudice to any right of action of the Landlord for damage or otherwise in respect of any such breach or any antecedent breach." How should I go about to evict him? Any help is appreciated.
  4. Little_prince

    New bond payment for Indo Maids

    I just received MOM letter advising me of this. now headache dunno what to do. any thoughts guys?
  5. Hi all, Just wondering whats the best thing to do or rather what are my options if i have access in OA account and still servicing a HDB bank loan. Theres about enough to pay 24months of installments in my OA(cos my house is dirt cheap so installment is pretty low) Is there any way i can make advanced payments or clear my OA to decrease the total sum? If yes, is that a smart move? What else can i do with this access? Thanks in advanced guys
  6. hi just checking if you know does second hand car dealers accept credit card for payments ?
  7. Hi guys, I am getting a car from a local AD, and I am about to make the payment tomorrow. I was told that I could do an inter-bank transfer instead of cheque/cashier's order, is this a standard practice? Just want to avoid any possible traps. Thanks, 00
  8. Usually if you make payment thru internet transfer/ AXS/ Cheque on the due date itself, will be be charge a late payment fee? I've done that so many years for other bank CC but have not been charge a late payment charges, but this #%#%$ OCBC charged me for late payment even if I make the payment on the due date itself. OCBC explanation was that even if I make payment on the due date, but the fund will take 2-3working days to reach the bank. Which means I have to make the payment few days before the due date. This is so stupid! Then y not they move forward the due date and cater that allowance time on their side instead of having the customer to calculate the time needed for the fund to reach the bank?? :angry:
  9. Hi guys, I am rather new to credit cards and I am wondering is it a good idea to consolidate all the bills into one credit card on the following 2 bills 1) monthly car loan ($700) 2) monthly season parking ($90) Which card can offer the best cashback or offers?? Please enlightened newbie on cc stuff, thanks Cheers and have a great weekend everyone!
  10. what is available now, am looking to take one soon. I heard most bank is offering 1.88% but some is offering 1.68%. Anyone know the conditions for the lower interest?. Thanks.
  11. Picnic06-Biante15

    Hands-Free Payment Device

    Arrrrrrrrrrr.......................... we have a IVU (In Vehicle Unit) installed in our cars for ERP. Now a IHU (In Human Unit) device to carry for those frequent trains & buses commuters... CNA : LTA looking to develop hands-free payment on buses, trains SINGAPORE: Commuters are now a step closer to being able to board a bus or take the train without having to fumble for their fare cards, after the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Thursday (Nov 18) called a Request for Information (RFI) exercise seeking the industry’s views on a “hands free” Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system. LTA said it will use the information gathered from the exercise to develop requirements for a proof-of-concept trial by the end of next year. Based on the RFI document seen by TODAY, the LTA is considering two concepts: Walk In Walk Out which allows the presence of the commuter to be detected at the entry and exit of the system, or Be In Be Out where the presence of the commuter is tracked throughout the system to determine the fare that he has to pay. The start of the RFI exercise came about three months after LTA launched a trial - in partnership with Singtel, Sony, EZ-Link, NETS and TransitLink - where 200 participants will use a smartband encoded with a digital CEPAS card to pay for their bus and rail journey by holding their wrists to the fare card readers. Both the trial and the RFI exercise will end on Feb 29. The RFI document stated that the envisaged system will use a medium “such as a contactless media, mobile smart phone or similar device to track commuters’ movement through the rail and bus transit system”. It said the rail transit system will be gated with its barriers in “normally open state “. These will close when “an invalid or no-ticketing intrusion” is detected. On buses, alerts will be sent to the bus driver when such instances occur. Commuters TODAY spoke to welcomed the idea. Public relations associate Angeline Wong, 24, recounted how there were times when she had to miss the train because she could not get her fare card out of her bag in time. Ms Crystal Huang, a 56-year-old human resource executive, however, pointed out that the “hands free” system might result in some inconvenience. “Now I can see how much money (is left) in my EZ-Link card, but with this system, does it mean that I always have to check the stored value at the control station?,” she said. Other commuters wondered if the system could deduct money from multiple smart cards or devices which a person is carrying. “Will I be paying twice for a trip if I have my ATM card and EZ-Link card with me?” said Ms Hui Shan, a 23-year-old research assistant. Dr Walter Theseira, a senior lecturer at SIM University (UniSIM), said that a “hands free” system would be ideal for Singapore as the vast majority of commuters already pay for their trips using contactless cards. Otherwise, there will be a bottleneck at the entrance of buses with some commuters trying to pay by cash. “It’s a natural progression from the current system,” he said. Agreeing, UniSIM adjunct associate professor Park Byung-joon said the system will help to smoothen the process of boarding during the peak hours. Still, he felt it was not a development that would excite commuters. “I don’t think this is a major breakthrough to make commuters happy,” he said. Link : http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/lta-looking-to-develop/2274310.html If this carry-on IHU device have GPS capabilities, now the authority can say : "You Can Run But You Can't Hide" ... Hmmmm....... not a bad ideal, got public toilets, no need to dig for coins....
  12. Hi All, Would like to ask if it is possible to request for installment payment for outstanding traffic fines which has been referred to sub court. If possible, where can i go to to or contact, to request for installment payment? Thanks
  13. Greetings to all MCF netizens.. Im getting my car this weekend.. What will the 1st payment usually include? What i know is the, 1) Transfer fee ( $200? ) 2) First installment ( depends ) 3) Road tax ( $550 for 1600cc car ) 4) Insurance ( full payment ?? ) Is that all... ? I dont wanna get cheated into having to pay hundreds of admin fee.. btw its a used car. COE car.. buying from tagore lane.. Please do help a fellow in need..
  14. There are similar clauses for commercial insurance companies, she noted, but added: 'The relationship between the CPF Board and the CPF members, however, is not just a legal contract but... a social contract as the board has a social responsibility to manage CPF funds prudently in order to help Singaporeans meet their retirement needs.' She wanted to know what are the safeguards for protecting CPF members against the risk of the fund's insolvency.
  15. Instead of offering free ride to minimize the crowded situation. Perhaps this is a good idea to encourage some form of work out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojo9M1cPSPI http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2013/11/11/moscow-subway-ticket-machine-accepts-30-squats-as-payment/
  16. I still saw add that put this as their description?. Is that true?. Can the dealer do that?
  17. http://www.ura.gov.sg/lad/HBG/progressPayments.htm The last 2 payments are 25% and 15%. Does anyone know what the typical time between T.O.P. date and completion date?
  18. Is there a need to pay when you exiting singapore at SG custom ? How come sometime need sometimes don't need.
  19. Hi fellow bros, can anyone recommend workshops that offers reasonable price on repair jobs and do accept credit cards for payments. As you know, no one can predict happenings especially bumped into another car worse taxi which means huge amount of cash going to go off. It helps when you can go to one that accept credit cards so bros can recommend me some good ones ? Many thanks !!!!
  20. Si bei ho....i want to join civil svc Civil servants to get 2-mth year-end payment Posted: 24 November 2010 1721 hrs Photos1 of 1 Twitter Messenger SINGAPORE: Civil servants will receive a total year-end variable payment amounting to two months. This comprises the Annual Variable Component (AVC) of one month and a Non-Pensionable Annual Allowance (NPAA), also known as the 13th month payment, of one month. This is in view of the strong economic recovery. The Singapore economy has recovered strongly and expanded by 17.9% in the first half of 2010. The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) has forecast the 2010 GDP growth at around 15%. Civil servants received a mid-year AVC of 0.5 month and a one-off dollar quantum of $300 in July. Together with the year-end payment, the total variable payment for 2010 will be 2.5 months and $300. In March 2011, eligible civil servants will be paid a Special Variable Payment (SVP). The SVP, formerly known as Growth Bonus, is payable when there is exceptionally good economic growth, and the quantum varies depending on individual performance. In March 2011, good performers will receive one month of SVP and better performers will receive more, up to 1.6 months, while poor performers will not receive any SVP.
  21. SINGAPORE : Some car buyers who had ordered their vehicles just before recent jump in COE prices have ended up paying more. They had chosen the "Non-guaranteed COE", and would now have to pay an additional S$10,000. Car dealers said most buyers opted for "non-guaranteed COE" when COE prices were on a downward trend. This reversed when COE prices started climbing, with more going for "guaranteed COE", even if they had to pay S$3,000 to S$5,000 more. COE prices for small cars have nearly doubled since January. Now, COE prices for small cars stood at S$34,000, up from about S$18,000 three months ago. Some car dealers said industry players are struggling to cope with the increase. The Singapore Vehicle Traders Association (SVTA) said it is important to pick the right COE package at the time of purchase. It also warned that verbal agreements with car dealers are not enough, adding that it is best to have everything spelt out in black and white in the form of a contract. SVTA Honorary Secretary Raymond Tang said: "Some dealers say their company has never failed in bidding for a COE before, but this doesn't mean they won't fail to do so in the future." Car dealers said buyers can also ask for a refund of their deposit, but most of them have chosen to top up instead. - CNA/al source http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1051200/1/.html
  22. Hi! I am making full payment to my PI but would like to know what should be the safer and correct procedure? My options are cash, cashier order or cheque but cheque got to give 2 days earlier.. Appreciate all sharing. Thanks!
  23. I do usually read the sgcarmart under used cars to update me with the prices of cars being sold in sg what i notice that mostly the agents/companies will just put the price of the car only so i hope dear agents/companies, if you read this pls put monthly price in your advertisment to avoid customers disappointment my 2 cents tought
  24. RadX

    Modest Yr end payment....

    Still got 13 month...bah SINGAPORE: Civil servants will receive a one-off year-end payment of 0.25 month, capped at $750. This is in addition to the 13th month payment. The Public Service Division said that the one-off payment is being made as there will be no Annual Variable Component (AVC) payment for 2009. It said in a news release that rank and file staff will get the full 0.25 month payment while the $750 cap will help maintain wage restraint The PSD added that the one-off payment is in line with the call by the Tripartite Partners(employers, unions and government) to acknowledge employees
  25. I recently purchased a second hand ride and transferred owndership on 23 July 2009. Its road tax subsequently expired on 11 Sept which I duly renewed it with the required Vehicle Radio License. Just last week, I received a REMINDER notice from MDA demanding payment for Vehicle Radio License from 23 July 2009 to 11 Sept 2009. I was kinda perturbed. #1, I did not receive any prior notice and this notice is a reminder? #2, When I purchased the car with its road tax and vehicle radio license fully paid till 11 Sept, why should I pay for it again? Wouldnt it be double collection? I questioned the customer service gal at MDA and she could not respond. After a few minutes on hold, she came back tot me and said, LTA would have refunded the difference to the previous owner, so no double collection. I did not take her words as at the same time, I sold my car and paid the road tax and Vehicle Radio License till November. In so far, no refunds, nothing! Are we snooked? Are we paying double? Guys, though the amount is small, Please check before payment. I have written an official letter to MDA for their explanation.