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Found 16 results

  1. I remember saw some pamphlet from some bank saying paying income tax with interest free installment but forget which bank. Anyone any idea? Don't wish to pay by GIRO.
  2. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...199&DL=2199 Was looking at the civic above, and the description says $753 monthly installment. However, the DBS loan below based on 1.88% is $981 monthly installment? Can someone enlighten me on this on why there is such a large difference? Are there any significant additional purchase cost involved before i get this car?
  3. Hi all ...dad driving full time taxi and no longer and rarely used car. Looking for carry on installment. Pay insurance and road tax. expiring in feb.
  4. Hi All, Would like to ask if it is possible to request for installment payment for outstanding traffic fines which has been referred to sub court. If possible, where can i go to to or contact, to request for installment payment? Thanks
  5. Part of our 2014 NDP funpack, to promote: Now you can buy puppies in S’pore like furniture with 0% installment plan http://mothership.sg/2014/08/now-you-can-buy-puppies-in-spore-like-furniture-with-0-installment-plan/ Yes, I am a dog lover, and this is really WTF.
  6. always see gain city advertise about their installment plans. anyone knows if they go through banks or is it their own in house finance house? how about courts? in house or bank?
  7. Hi all, Heard on the radio this morning that MINI brand is offering $688 monthly installment. Anyone knows what is the catch if any? Or anyone who has been to the showroom to enquire on this offer? Thanks.
  8. Yest collect my car. Now I realised that the DBS car loan have yet to undergo any Giro. So how the installment goging to be paid ?
  9. Thug

    HDB Installment Calculation

    A friend just bought a 1st hand flat. HDB sent her the monthly payment of $1,800. She checked HDB webby and got to know its 2.6% But...if work backward on the sums. Its impossible to be 2.6% Any bros here can enlightened me on this? How HDB calculate their interest rate? Price of Flat: $484,000 Down 10% : $48,400 Loan Period: 30 years Monthly Instal: $1,800 Should the loan amount be after less 10% down. Its $435,600 Thanks in Advance
  10. hi all, as above any body which company providing this service? thanks
  11. Hullo guys, Anyone using the DBS Interest Free Road Tax Installment for their road tax? Any catch to it other than taking up your credit limit and imposing a 0.2% service charge on monthly repayment? The 0.2% service charge works out to be arnd 14 cents for my 1.6L road tax. I'll put my savings for road tax into Maybank for 1.68% pa and earn around $14 Am I on the right track?
  12. Carfreakz

    0% interest installment

    hi, any bros out there know which tyre shop tat carry federal,kumho,yoko or toyo tyres allows credit card 0% interest free installment plan.... thks......tight tis few months..but tyres bald liao.....LL hv 2 change
  13. for dbs credit cards: Autobacs Venture Singapore Paya Lebar Road, Tel: +65 6749 5600 Autotrend Enterprise Toa Payoh, Tel: +65 6253 3333 Comfort Automotive Services Loyang Drive, Tel: +65 6548 8488 Pandan Road, Tel: +65 6338 8778 Senoko Loop, Tel: +65 6752 5506 Sin Ming Drive, Tel: +65 6553 0400 Ubi Road 3, Tel: +65 6746 0666 Chuan Sing Auto Accessories Sin Ming Road, Tel: +65 6457 0279 Express Motion Hougang, Tel: +65 6386 6900 Farle Enterprise Owen Road, Tel: +65 6293 0428 Glory Motor Trading Co Telok Kurau, Tel: +65 6345 0248 Hai Wee Enterprise Bukit Batok, Tel: +65 6566 5983 Hock Hin Engineering Jalan Bukit Merah, Tel: +65 6272 2290 King's Way Auto Accessories Eunos, Tel: +65 6743 9993 Mova Automotive Bukit Merah, Tel: +65 6270 7022 Nam Huat Auto Accessories Jurong East Street 31, Tel: +65 6566 2080 New Concord Auto Parts Trading Changi Road, Tel: +65 6745 5389 Pin Liang Enterprises Zion Road, Tel: +65 6733 6433 Poon Poong Motors Sim Min Drive #05-14/15, Tel: +65 6453 2235 Sin Hoe Whatt Auto Upper Paya Lebar Road, Tel: +65 6288 7580 Specialists Auto Access Bukit Merah, Tel: +65 6273 5096 Stamford Tyres International Pte Ltd Stamford Mega Mart Jurong, Tel: +65 6262 3355 Macpherson, Tel: +65 6841 3355 Bukit Batok, Tel: +65 6261 3355 Stamford Tyre Mart Balestier, Tel: +65 6256 3337 Simon Road, Tel: +65 6283 9697 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Tel: +65 6262 0487 Dunearn Road, Tel: +65 6251 6055 Guillemard, Tel: +65 6846 0252 East Coast, Tel: +65 6342 0981 Thomson, Tel: +65 6752 8769 Tomo Auto Leather Pte Ltd (Motorcar Seat Covers, Tops & Upholstery) 6 Kampong Ampat, Tel: +65 6383 3800 Tong Lee Way Auto Supply Bukit Timah Road, Tel: +65 6468 1922 Wee Heng Auto Air-Con & Accessories Upper Serangoon Road, Tel: +65 6281 6739
  14. how many of u pay ur rd tax via installment? i just gotta know that Diners club has this offer...
  15. Kazuo

    Road Tax and Installment

    Just wondering how much you bros are paying for road tax and installment per mth? Road tax should be more or less the same ya? My family's starlet mthly installment is abt $420, which I think abit more can pay for a saloon already, newer and bigger. This result in a dilemma on whether to continue to drive this little car or change a "new" car. Older car alot more problems leh.. repair itself also add up the expenses. Any advises or views?
  16. Hi, Need some advise on how to calculate the monthly installment of owning a car. Assuming: 1) June 2000 register car 2) Value quoted by dealer = $55K 3) 10% downpayment = $5.5K 4) Loan amount = $49.5K 5) No. or Loan yr = 7 yrs = 84mths 6) Interest rate = 3.5%? How to calculate monthly installment? Thank you