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  1. Dear all MCFers Today someone hacked my credit card This is a 20 years aged card So many incurring monthly payee Actually the moment I received a OTP for online transaction I smelled a rat liao Immediately I reported to card centre Then CSO immediately blocked the card She go through all unbilled transactions with me Checking from when the card was compromised After verification she confirmed it is hacked more than a week But I don’t have sms alert for my 20 years old card So I don’t know what is happening Only OTP came...siao liao Ok this hacker got balls of steel I can say (He) used my card for all iTunes payments, Apple items, online automobile accessories and even dare to use my card to pay his mobile phone bill Do you think this hacker really no horse run? Card centre CSO also surprised that those transactions can track the hacker down Clever to hack but stupid to spend huh BTW sorry for so long winded I hope to share this so that bro and sis here can be more careful Best if some people can share more information about card security etc Thank you for reading my post PS. The troublesome part is I have to inform all payee about this and update all my new card details
  2. hello, wonder how you guys actually use your skills credits.. my existing, still got $400 and since i'm above 40.. i be given another 1k more.. so far, i have only identified a few.. my yearly WSQ courses which will give me 10 CDP points defensive driving, class 3, providers are PSA and comfort. PSA seems to be much cheaper behasa melayu, good to sign up and start learning proper melayu. 😁
  3. hi just checking if you know does second hand car dealers accept credit card for payments ?
  4. Anyone noes how much is the monthly subscription fee? i try to click on the fees on the webpage but my Internet explorer cannt display image...
  5. Wind30

    Usd debit card

    I was looking around for a way to make online purchases or sign card in usd for ages, I have some usd from my stocks and I always thought it’s stupid to Buy stuff in usd and pay in sgd. I finally found that Citibank debit master card can be linked to my usd checking account and any purchases made in usd on that card will deduct usd directly with zero exchange fee. I was asking Citibank for ages for a usd credit card and they always told me don’t have..... Hopefully this info is useful to somebody.
  6. Icu

    Credit Card Fraud

    Saw this yesterday but surprised that it's not big news since at least 3 major local banks are hit. http://m.todayonline.com/singapore/four-banks-hit-credit-card-fraud
  7. Hi, kind of sick of calling the credit card company every year to ask for a waiver and threaten to cancel. Also, I can never charge enough $$$ to get the automatic waiver for the year. Recently applied for ABN-AMRO which is free forever, but it's MASTER card. Is there any credit card that is VISA and have many years or forever fees waiver? Topics merged.... new post today starts here: http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2085531-visa-credit-cards-with-annual-fees-waiver/?p=5662317
  8. Hi, am earning around 30k per annual, but if i am interested in getting a credit card, what do you guys suggest? Basically i think it should have low/no annual fee andi feel like giving money to the bank.. Of cos it should have gd rates and more privledges. but i am not those that go for club and drinking though Feel free to post ur opinions
  9. Guys. . . . Want to check with you guys do you guys have any encounter with overspending of credit cards? I have one friend who have overspend on his credit cards and ready credit and is very stress over this issue. Is there anyway i can help him beside lending him money?
  10. Citi DIVIDEND Card Great for cashback, groceries, and causing jams at Esso stations. Petrol = 5% Petrol at Esso stations = 10% Restaurants and groceries = 2% Shopping = 0.5% Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Card Because in Manhattan, no one dares to carry actual money. $1 – $999 = 0.50% cash back $1000 – $2999 = 1% $3000 and above = 5% UOB ONE Card They forgot to set it in Landscape mode before clicking print. Rookie mistake. $301+ per month = 3.33 % $20,000+ per month = $600 (fixed maximum) Under $301 per month = Nothing Getting the Cards If you aren’t sure which card to pick, do a quick tally of your monthly expenses. If the biggest expense is: Petrol – Get the Citi Dividend card. But make sure you use Esso stations as often as possible. Movies and Clubbing – Get the Manhattan Platinum card Dining – Get the UOB One card Source: http://blog.moneysmart.sg/credit-cards/3-best-cash-back-credit-cards-in-singapore/ does anyone use OCBC Frank? How does it compare with the above?
  11. anyone currently using POSB credit card to pay for their SP Services bills on a recurring basis ? understand that can get 1% rebate every month ? question : can I use my card and pay for my parents address ? (I am not staying with my parents).
  12. I remember saw some pamphlet from some bank saying paying income tax with interest free installment but forget which bank. Anyone any idea? Don't wish to pay by GIRO.
  13. is it true that if you have a infinite card is better than a platinum card and is better than a titanum card and is better than a gold card and is better than an ordinary card better ? better protection on your purchase ? better benefits eg perks eg priority pass ? better points accumulation (faster) eg is this true and how they decide who gets what seems like there is no definite rules had dinner with a real "big" time fellow from a huge MNC and believe me he is no small fry, he carries a gold card but some office girl in my company carries a platinum or titanum card abit confuse anybody in this line can share with us thanks
  14. When you use your credit card buying something oversea, sometimes the merchant will ask do you want to charge in SGD or the local currency. Which is better??
  15. Dear All need some advise, i had make 10K downpayment using 3 diffrent card. Is it possible to stop the transaction. As now don't feel by buying Undestand if payment by cheque, can call bank, pay a fees and cancel. But wonder can credit card do the same? pls help
  16. Made mistake years ago and managed to settle all my CC bills in full in 2010. However, report today still shows that i have 4 defaults and OCBC bank put the "discount of 2K plus" under negotiated settlement. Called ocbc and ask if i can pay them the "discounted" amount so that my CBS will look slightly better... got rejected by them... call CBS. Told me no point to pay the discounted amount to OCBC. Told me to wait for 3 years for the records to be erase off.... Put up application to buy a car of $80,000, downpayment 60K, also kena rejected by Banks... is there any way to improve on my credit bureau report? p/s: And for those who is in CC debt, don't play a fool with the bank. They let you off in the early stage but come back killing you off in the later stage.
  17. there is pay cash ... and there is pay cash ... lol if i go Hour Glass and buy gold rolie with 24 months 0% interest is "unsecured credit" right? Debt-ridden borrowers given more time to repay bank loans Repayment scheme set up to help borrowers reduce unsecured debt
  18. If you have a flashpay credit card, beware. It used NFC and can be read by rogue readers and apps, just by someone standing beside you. Even mobile phone now has NFC which opens up another security concern. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKks3vfiy6Q
  19. any credit cards? use Nets only give 10%....am switching to Caltex Viewer's Choice for 14%
  20. Usually if you make payment thru internet transfer/ AXS/ Cheque on the due date itself, will be be charge a late payment fee? I've done that so many years for other bank CC but have not been charge a late payment charges, but this #%#%$ OCBC charged me for late payment even if I make the payment on the due date itself. OCBC explanation was that even if I make payment on the due date, but the fund will take 2-3working days to reach the bank. Which means I have to make the payment few days before the due date. This is so stupid! Then y not they move forward the due date and cater that allowance time on their side instead of having the customer to calculate the time needed for the fund to reach the bank?? :angry:
  21. how is he going to pay the fine? borrow from the sister?
  22. Hi, Anyone knows that any credit card that covers oversea car rental protection if you book using that card? This way can save up the daily insurance coverage for renting a car in oversea... but I don't know is it comprehensive enough or not.... any thoughts?
  23. Hi guys, I am rather new to credit cards and I am wondering is it a good idea to consolidate all the bills into one credit card on the following 2 bills 1) monthly car loan ($700) 2) monthly season parking ($90) Which card can offer the best cashback or offers?? Please enlightened newbie on cc stuff, thanks Cheers and have a great weekend everyone!
  24. Hi All, Where could you purchase parking coupons by using credit cards? Normally at the petrol kiosk the staff expect me to pay separately by Cash or NETS if I were to purchase for petrol. I wonder supermarket like Shengsiong, NTUC, Giant do they sell parking coupons & can pay by credit cards.
  25. New rule wef 14 April '13, overlimit fee of $40 will be imposed if the total o/s balance exceeds the credit limit at any time. Saw this in the "Specially for you" page which people normally don't read/pay attention to.
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