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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, Needed some advices as me and my wife couldn't decide which way to go. I shall tell my story in point form. 1. Currently living in a 5 room flat in woodlands. 2. Bank loan left 8 years to clear about $52K. 3. Applied for a 4 room BTO flat and was lucky enough to have slected a flat next to Bedok Mall and opposite Bedok MRT. 4. We had paid the the $2k option fee. 5. Pending to pay $52k(10% downpayment) + $15k(3% stamp fee). These 13% going to cost us about $67K. 6. We have $50k cash on hand. Another $15k from my wife CPF. 7. Wife just became PR 2 years ago. Therefore her CPF OA was little. 8. My CPF OA was used to service the bank loan of our current flat. 9. The amount was just enough to service the monthly loan. 10. New BTO flat in Bedok TOP 2021. 11. Selling our current Woodlands flat in 2021 need to pay HDB $50k levy. 12. Expected bank loan left around $30k in 2021. 13. I am using a safe amount to calculate. Let's say we only managed to sell our Woodlands flat for $400k in 2021. Minus levy and leftover bank loan. we can get back $320k from our Woodlands flat. 14. I knew out of the $320k that i get back. About half need to goes back to my CPF OA. But these money that went back to CPF OA will be used to pay for our New Bedok flat in 2021. 15. New flat left $470k after the downpayment. HDB able to grant us about $150k loan. 16. Therefore we have no problem for the new flat. We only need to save another $50k - $70k to renovate our new flat in 2021. Option 1 1. Thinking of investing our $50k cash on hand on oversea property. Wife is from china Hainan Dao. 2. We are thinking of buying a small condo unit about 40 square meter that cost about 400k - 500k RMB. 3. Why small unit? We only have $50k SGD on hand. Plus small unit maybe easier to rent out to single professional. 4. Downpayment needed about 30%. Therefore downpayment for an average 40 square meter condo unit about 120k - 150k RMB which is about $24k - $30k SGD. Option 2 1. Shall we go ahead with the Bedok BTO flat? (We like the location very much as it is next to Bedok Mall and opposite Bedok MRT). Capital gain from the new flat will be much better as compare to other flat that is not near to mall and mrt. OPtion 3 1. Apply for another 4 room BTO in other location which cost around 280K. I believe after selling our current 5 room flat in Woodlands. We should have enough cash for other investment. Hope that the expert here will give us some advises. Thanks in advance!
  2. Bluepica

    Using credit card oversea

    When you use your credit card buying something oversea, sometimes the merchant will ask do you want to charge in SGD or the local currency. Which is better??
  3. fast lane on left. blue car speed up along fast lane.White car on middle lane suddenly wanted to switch to fast lane without signal. -> BANG! please check mirror often. please signal. http://www.shockingblog.com/index.php/jack...s-chinese-girl/
  4. Thugstercena

    Importing car from oversea

    hi all, i got a question to ask. i saw on some sites that exports car. what are actually the procedures to go thru in order to have a import car into singapore? just buy online, come singapore ,pass inspection, and pay COE/RoadTax, den can on the road ardy? or is there certain tax need to pay? cos i see from some sites that bmw 3 series(2008) cost only 7000SGD. looks so tempting. thanks for reading!
  5. As above , what to look out for ?
  6. Hi guys, just to illustrate wat happen to me last nite at 230am. I received a call from an unknown oversea no asking for my dad. This guy claims that my dad owes him money and ask us to return him money, he says that he is by the name of 'ah sam' and he just came out from prison. He says that he know where we stay and managed to say out our unit number correctly, but he did not mention any blk or street name though. Then he kept telling us not to play with him, as he know where we stay and hinted that he will come our hse to disturb us. I was quite angry and scolded him in vulgarilty. And i feel that he suddenly felt abit shocked. After afew mins of arguement, he changed his statement. He said that we dont owe him any money but he wants to take some 'kopi money' from us to spend. We abruptly end the conversations by saying we have no money and wanted to hang up. Towards the end of the conversation, he ask us, " you dont even have 100-200??" we just said " no!' and hang up on him. However he still call us again after we hang up but we did not pick up. In total, he called us 3 times, once my mum pick up, 2nd time she pass to me, 3rd time we nv pick up. The whole conversation is in hokkien, but as my hokkien is not fluent and i dun understand completely, he speaked mandarin in the end as i could not make out wat he is saying. We are thinking of going to make a police report later just for safety reason. Bros out here any comments on this situation?
  7. Hi guys/gals, Where to buy durian (good & seasonable priced) + can seal airtight so I can bring overseas? Thanks.
  8. Chuapcd

    Oversea calls from US

    Can someone let me know how would I be charged if someone from US call me on my Singtel mobile (when I am in Singapore) ? Will I be charged international call rate or normal mobile rate? Thanks
  9. i going to HK from 27-29/10 planning to drive there since the taxi charge won't be cheap either with the midnite charge, have you tried?
  10. Nkps

    Oversea Posting

    hey guys, jus wanna know if you are to post oversea for at least a year or so, what will be your reaction?? say 30% increase in pay and lodging provided but meals on your own
  11. Merc and a Lambo Korea car race capture 1 Korea car race capture 2 Korea car race brand Pic of a old porsche with a back passenger Pic of a baby blue ..... for dog lovers (FYI this dog is hugh!)