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Found 11 results

  1. suppose a couple has S$150k and 4 kids below 10 now, and hoping by the time the kids reach 18, to have saved at least 120k per kid for their uni education....if the kids decide to pursue such a path... (else the couple promise themselves to blow it on a fast car then). what would be a safe option for the couple? they would NOT like to consider the following: stocks - they have a reverse midas touch property - their view is its not the right time now as its peaking all suggestions are appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hi all, Needed some advices as me and my wife couldn't decide which way to go. I shall tell my story in point form. 1. Currently living in a 5 room flat in woodlands. 2. Bank loan left 8 years to clear about $52K. 3. Applied for a 4 room BTO flat and was lucky enough to have slected a flat next to Bedok Mall and opposite Bedok MRT. 4. We had paid the the $2k option fee. 5. Pending to pay $52k(10% downpayment) + $15k(3% stamp fee). These 13% going to cost us about $67K. 6. We have $50k cash on hand. Another $15k from my wife CPF. 7. Wife just became PR 2 years ago. Therefore her CPF OA was little. 8. My CPF OA was used to service the bank loan of our current flat. 9. The amount was just enough to service the monthly loan. 10. New BTO flat in Bedok TOP 2021. 11. Selling our current Woodlands flat in 2021 need to pay HDB $50k levy. 12. Expected bank loan left around $30k in 2021. 13. I am using a safe amount to calculate. Let's say we only managed to sell our Woodlands flat for $400k in 2021. Minus levy and leftover bank loan. we can get back $320k from our Woodlands flat. 14. I knew out of the $320k that i get back. About half need to goes back to my CPF OA. But these money that went back to CPF OA will be used to pay for our New Bedok flat in 2021. 15. New flat left $470k after the downpayment. HDB able to grant us about $150k loan. 16. Therefore we have no problem for the new flat. We only need to save another $50k - $70k to renovate our new flat in 2021. Option 1 1. Thinking of investing our $50k cash on hand on oversea property. Wife is from china Hainan Dao. 2. We are thinking of buying a small condo unit about 40 square meter that cost about 400k - 500k RMB. 3. Why small unit? We only have $50k SGD on hand. Plus small unit maybe easier to rent out to single professional. 4. Downpayment needed about 30%. Therefore downpayment for an average 40 square meter condo unit about 120k - 150k RMB which is about $24k - $30k SGD. Option 2 1. Shall we go ahead with the Bedok BTO flat? (We like the location very much as it is next to Bedok Mall and opposite Bedok MRT). Capital gain from the new flat will be much better as compare to other flat that is not near to mall and mrt. OPtion 3 1. Apply for another 4 room BTO in other location which cost around 280K. I believe after selling our current 5 room flat in Woodlands. We should have enough cash for other investment. Hope that the expert here will give us some advises. Thanks in advance!
  3. I heard that as little as SGD100, you can invest in ETF. Office are talking about ETF at the ATM when the Greek crisis hit and the STI goes down. Any clue what is the risk and how to spot the right time to go in?
  4. Camrysfa

    Singapore: Investing in

    Singapore Swoops In £1bn UK Airports Deal A Singaporean wealth fund is in talks to buy a stake in three of the UK's biggest regional airports, Sky News understands. http://news.sky.com/story/1346659/singapore-swoops-in-1bn-uk-airports-deal A state-backed Singaporean investment fund is poised to participate in a £1bn takeover of the UK's biggest regional airports that will be announced within days. Sky News has learnt that the Government Investment Corporation of Singapore (GIC) is expected to take a slice of the equity in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports, alongside Ferrovial, the Spanish infrastructure giant, and Macquarie, the Australian bank. GIC's involvement is understood to be in the process of being finalised although it may not be publicly named as an investor when the deal is announced early next week, according to insiders. The three airports, which collectively handle approximately 13 million passengers annually, are being sold by Heathrow Airport Holdings (HAH), the parent company of Britain's busiest airport. Sky News revealed Ferrovial's interest in buying the three airports nearly ten months ago, with HAH's board keen to offload the regional sites as it concentrates on securing backing for a third runway. The debate about Britain's aviation policy will reach a crucial stage next year, when Sir Howard Davies's commission makes a recommendation about the most appropriate location for new runway capacity. The Commission's verdict will be made after the general election, and is effectively now a two-way fight between Heathrow and Gatwick, with the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, having seen his concept of a new hub airport in the Thames Estuary rejected by Sir Howard. The three regional airports owned by HAH are the last remnants of the former BAA's monopoly over the UK's aviation infrastructure. Next week's deal has been held up because of the complexity of HAH's own shareholder structure, with Ferrovial, which took over BAA in 2006, having steadily reduced its investment in Heathrow in recent years by selling small chunks of shares to sovereign wealth funds in China, Qatar and Singapore, including GIC. Last year, the Universities Superannuation Scheme, one of the UK's biggest pension fund managers, bought an 8.65% stake in Heathrow's holding company, a move which saw Ferrovial's shareholding lowered to 25%. Shortly after Ferrovial's takeover of BAA, competition authorities ordered the company to break itself up by selling Stansted, Gatwick and either Glasgow or Edinburgh, the latter of which was offloaded two years ago. Heathrow accounts for more than 95% of HAH's annual profits, making the sale of the other regional assets "inevitable" within the next three years, said one. HAH declined to comment on Friday.
  5. Just looking for buddies to discuss and share about our collections.
  6. Without_a_car

    Investing in poor is like Nigerian scam?

  7. Hi bros/sis, Was thinking of shifting to a place within a km of a Pri Sch but all around are condos/bungalows and only a few HDB blocks. Spotted some 99-yr lease condo estates of less than 20 yrs but not sure whether they are still worth investing in. Hope to receive advice on when is a 99-yr lease condo considered 'too old' to invest in. Thanks in advance.
  8. Read in forums that people have cash and do not know where to put their $$... wondering how bros who have invested are faring, just a poll to see how they fare in their investments till date GUIDELINES 1) Looking at TOTAL returns over the past 3 years 2) Looking at LUMP sum investments or AMIP (automatic monthly investment plans) 3) Can be any form of investments, stocks, forex, futures, gold, other commodities, UT, ILP (i doubt u will earn from that) 4) Include both realized and unrealized profits/loss, looking at NETT figure 5) Minimum initial investment of $10,000 and above 5) EXCLUDE investing in property Bros and sis may like to share what instruments they are invested in Disclaimer : past returns is not indicative of future performances
  9. Hello everyone, Is gold still worth investing in? Just received a call from my relationship manager and she was introducing me to a investment product linked to gold prices. Ain't the current trend a little strange? In past, gold prices soar when USD weakens and vice versa, but this seems not to be the case now?
  10. Darth_mel

    Why investing is like sex

    The following reasons shall tell you why
  11. Hello, there's this shop near Eunos MRT that after I step in, the sales guy in there bombard me with lots of pursusive sales pitches but he seem rather honest & pro I was given a list of the products they offer and I wondering if you guys could help me decide if any of these aftermarket parts are worth it or just dead weight to my car 1) Cyclone 3 Air Intake & Exhaust 2) Cyclone Vortex Air Charger 3) RS Twin Power Intake Precision Tuning 4) Magic Jet (no idea what this is, shows an HK actor posing with it on the poster) 5)Raizin Pivot Volt Stabilizer w/ 8 points heat resist grounding cables (what do these do anyway?) 6) Xtereme Spark Plug Optimizer v3.2 7) Some Vortex metal tube like Air charger 8) Whole bunch of I.C.E but those not important to me as yet. Thanks in advance!