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  1. Dear all May I know it is worth to drive Grab or normal cab? Heard Gov let PHV drivers claimed Petrol Parking and Maintenance etc Any advice from current driver ? Thank you very much
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1HFpfupS90&ebc=ANyPxKrCfDxe4hhkvkBUqmiSY00uqJtqjclkstoIxtpI4Be8FTnNjf1vqpipGkf9bavHBjdj8X6KlL-rS75wyOsF_CekqZVdwA Just by looking at the front suspension construction and material used, we can draw very telling conclusion whether you are getting what you paid for. Quick summary for the 10 SUV car line up (for those who don't understand Chinese): Model - Front suspension setup - material - relative cost Audi Q5 - Double-wish bone - forged alloy - 4000 (yuan)
  3. http://www.aas.com.sg/ wonder what benefit of an AAS member, and is it worldwide valid?
  4. Can anyone help me to calculate if it is worth to pump in Jb. Some ppl say worth, some say not worth. Staying at Pasir ris - about 26km into JB via woodlands. Usually I can pump 35Litre, go in at half tank and pump to brim. The cost of pumping in JB: - 35 x 2.76Rm = 97RM - Msia Toll - 20rm + 3Rm - SG Toll - SGD 1 Total convert to SGD is about $42 for 35 litres of Ron 97. In Singapore, SPC Ron 95 $2.29 x 35 litres = $80 - 15% = $68. So still have a saving of $26. Am I correct?
  5. I have read many many times that human life trumps everything in many Covid19 discussion. Personally, I don't think so. To me, there is always a limit to how much economic pain, in terms of dollars before it does not make sense to save that one more life. I just want to put some numbers out there. We have almost used close to 100billion for Covid related expenses. What does 100 billion equal to???? Let me put some numbers. Our average annual income is slightly less than 70k. Assuming we work from 25 to 65, that is 40 years. So that is 2.8million per person. Assuming he work
  6. May 2008 black Toyota Vios left 3 months $8123 is a good buy for renew COE? Current to renew 10yrs $39k. Car condition is good. Each year depre $4780 for 10yrs.
  7. As above, does that like or praise really make any difference to your self worth? A good read: The Big Read: Dangers lurk in youth's chase for social media 'likes' http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/instagram-tiktok-social-media-danger-gen-z-youth-the-big-read-11760046
  8. In the beginning there is only my wife...
  9. Former RWS casino dealer stole chips worth at least S$77,000, bought branded goods Sources: https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/former-rws-casino-dealer-stole-chips-worth-least-s77000-bought-branded-goods SINGAPORE — A former dealer at the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) casino took at least S$77,000 worth of S$1,000 cash chips, asked a friend to help him cash some of them out, and used the money to buy luxury goods for himself and his girlfriend. His spending spree included a Breitling watch worth almost S$6,000, a pair of Balenciaga shoes and a pouch, and S$400 Chanel earrings. H
  10. Hello peeps, anyone here looking to buy oversea property? Or anyone buying 1 in Melbourne? I am looking to get one apartment and im looking at Melbourne as it is more of a safe haven to invest in IMO. The price is pretty steep, capital growth is not that fantastic but in long term holding, I think it should be an uptrend. Anyone has any advice of getting one in Docklands area? Is it overpriced? This one looks like it is just beside CBD wor. Any expert here with advice? https://investoprop.com/melbourne-cbd-apartments-for-sale/ This is one is the one in Docklands. https://investop
  11. Coe has been on hovering 70k plus and nobody know when it will drop and new car and used car (2L and above) price is still very expensive to certain people even for 2L and below for those who currently own a car now and the coe going to expire soon and caught in the middle of buying new or used car but if the currently own car (2L and above) is in good condition and have been service regularly, will be make sense to renew it if just paying 70k plus for the next 10 years as the new/ used car depreciation is above 10k and above for a 2L car
  12. Annyeong! MyCarForum is offering giveaways for all car grooming enthusiasts! Grooming your ride is already a tedious chore. Finding an available washing bay, then washing, claying and polishing your car in our sunny island can be quite tiring! But luckily, Bullsone has recently reached our shores and they would like to make your car grooming experience a pleasant one. Not only that, they also have a quality product that ensures your car achieves a veneer-like condition! Bullsone Singapore is giving out car care products for MCF members to give it a try! You may choose 2 out of these pro
  13. I will be spending 5 days in HongKong next month with my wife and 3 year-old. Just wondering if Disneyland is worth visiting. I have read mixed reviews on it- some say it is good, others say its overcrowded and unpleasant because of the crowds. Just wondering if anyone who's been there recently can give me some advice. Thanks.
  14. SINGAPORE - Over $35,000 worth of jewellery was stolen from a store in Yew Tee Square on Saturday afternoon (Dec 15). The police were alerted to the theft at the Choa Chu Kang Street 62 shopping centre at 4.41pm on Saturday. The Straits Times understands that the incident took place at the mall's Gold Scale Jewels jewellery store. The suspect is believed to be a young man who went to the shop asking to view different pieces of jewellery. He walked in and out of the shop several times, taking photos of the jewellery pieces and asking if he could get a discount on some of the pieces
  15. Suspected gang member taken to Toa Payoh central for crime scene visit Earlier today, 21-year-old suspected gang member Benjamin Lee was taken by CID officers to Block 177 Toa Payoh Central – where he and his other gang members had allegedly confronted a rival group to settle a dispute in the early hours of 13 September. Lee is one of 11 men who have been charged for illegal assembly with deadly weapons in relation to the incident. GVGT
  16. 1.5million per km of walkway. That's just... WOW. SINGAPORE: When it poured, some Fajar Secondary School students were late for school while waiting out the rain at void decks or at bus stops. Others turned up at school soaking wet, having run the distance that's not covered by sheltered walkways. But since sheltered walkways leading to the school gate were built this year, the school in Bukit Panjang has seen more students turning up on time on rainy days, said its vice principal. The walkways are part of 200km worth of sheltered walkways that have been built in the past fiv
  17. Don't know how much Kah charges for them but are the really necessary in Singapore where cars are mostly driven for 5 - 7 years...? These days, car bodies are already galvanized and that itself already protects against rust.. then the point of rust protection systems pitch is, you are adding protection, but as far as I know, so long as there is even a crack in the protection, rust might set in, not matter what protection you have. Any inputs? Thx.
  18. http://gizmodo.com/man-forgets-about-buying-27-of-bitcoin-is-now-worth-a-1454150399 Man Forgets About Buying $27 of Bitcoin, Is Now Worth About $1 Million 1 Four years ago, Oslo-man Christopher Koch's girlfriend scoffed at his purchase of $27-worth of Bitcoin. Chances are she was singing a decidedly different tune last April, when Koch checked back in on his investment and found out it was worth $886,000. And over a cool million today. Back in 2009, Koch was working on a thesis paper about encryption, which introduced him to the relatively unknown world of Bitcoin. On little more than a
  19. Anyone tried the Yong Tau Foo located at #01-23, Ang Mo Kio Food Centre, 724 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 ? The taste was good but the queue was bad !
  20. Do remember to enjoy the journey and treasure time with your loved ones as net worth won't buy you happiness! I remember the time when my net worth was probably 1,000 to 10,000 times lower than today. Those were actually some of the best days of my life as well. Even starting a career years ago with all the evolved challenges faced today, there were many great days I relished as well. Reflect on your changes in net worth. How have they made you feel? Although Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett is currently worth $91.1 billion, he recently said that having more money isn'
  21. Is it truely environmentally friendly? Is there saving in the long term? Can't imagine the day when one needs to change the battery? Anybody here have convinced themselves that it is time to take the plunge and switch to a hybrid? I am seriously considering replacing my old 4 wheeler that has a mine of her own with a Prius but not sure of the long term implications in terms of cost to the driver.
  22. Hi guys, any idea how much should a coe miata NA version cost in the market? The paper value is at best 2.5k X the number of years left but how much above to pay above that and the per year depreciation? Check out sgcarmart and most looking at at least 6k p.a. Many thanks.
  23. Hi guys, I drive a 2007 Honda stream RSZ. First owner from new. Current mileage at 435700km. Coe ending nov17. I have kept up with all servicing and major parts replacement at all major service milestones. So far had replaced all 4 suspension 3 times, alternator once, radiator once, air-conditioning compressor once, air conditioning internal cooling coil once, steering rack once, drive shaft 2 times, linkages replaced every 120k I'm, ATF changed with engine oil every 12k. Currently using the car to drive Uber/grab for the last 2 years liao. Thought of changing to carens diesel
  24. Join 3M™ Car Paint Protection Survey and Stand a chance to win 3M auto care products worth $30+! Hello MCF car perfectionists! Car coating protection is now almost a must-have for most car owners. From waxes to sealants, to now silica coating, the search for the perfect protection and shine for our beloved ride never ends. In light of this, 3M™ would like YOU to share more about your paint protection experience with us and tell us what you want and need in a paint protection coating. Simply fill up the survey by 24th July 2017 and stand a chance to win 3M™ auto care products worth $30
  25. Promo code: TQ4SGM There're 5 PAIR of FREE TICKETS for premium members If you're interested please PM spzen by Tuesday 8 Aug 18:00
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